Writing good words and sentences

good word

The storm blows the spring wind, the sway of the winter wind, the breeze and the smooth wind and the hula, the hurricane wind, the monsoon gold wind

Hurricane, hurricane, cold wind, cool wind hunting VV 凛冽 South wind, headwind, roar, warm wind, fluttering, fluttering, flickering

Fluttering, fluttering, fluttering, strong wind, breeze, hot wind, and rustling rustling wind

Downwind, typhoon, breeze, warm, whining, westerly wind, summer wind, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao, whirlwind

Light breeze, calm wind, calm waves, calm wind, rain downwind, sunny day, and breeze spring breeze to send warm smokey wind

North wind, howling storm, wind, wind, residual cloud, wind, spring, wind, spring, gentle, autumn, wind

Autumn wind Xiaosuo Hefeng drizzle Spring breeze full of autumn wind gusts of cold wind 凛冽 Breeze Xulai cold wind drizzle

good sentence

1. The cold wind is flying like a sharp sword in the night sky, blowing leaves, making a sharp cry.

2, Spring breeze is like a cleaner, sweeping the dust with a magic broom, and decorating the city beautifully and cleanly!

3, the wind of autumn is the messenger of autumn girl, she is cool and beautiful, taking light steps, quietly bringing autumn!

4. The northwest wind is like a drunk man, wandering on the snowy field and in front of each house in the town, sometimes letting out a throat and roaring angrily, and sometimes seems to be out of breath.

5. The breeze touches the face, that hand-like touch brings us unlimited reveries, is it a mother? Or a lover? It just feels the warmth and coziness of the remaining thoughts.

The breeze in May and May, the clear fragrance of Huaihua on the side of the road, gently blowing passersby's cheeks and buns, blowing people's minds, gentle soothing, like the hands of a loving mother.

7. The wind of autumn awakened the sweet-scented osmanthus tree. Clusters of silvery-white yellow osmanthus resemble spherical perfume bottles, exuding a strong scent, and issued an autumn invitation to insect friends.

8. Sometimes the wind is a mood, a lost mood, like the bitterness in the wind, sometimes the wind is a mood, after the wind blows, it may leave a little trace, and the pain will alsoStay in my heart.

9, the wind of spring is gentle, like a pair of tender hands, gently stroking your face, slowly passing across your face, mixed with the aroma of peach blossom, and the breath of the sun,It feels warm and comfortable.

10. The wind caresses the crop, sometimes blowing it up, sometimes raising it up, as if the earth is breathing rhythmically, the file of naive wheat also has life, and the wind comes from there.There was a whisper between the ears of wheat.

11. Gradually, the wind was tired, it stopped venting. Suddenly, it found that people were sweeping the fallen leaves and sweeping the dirt and dust from it, so Feng An closed his eyes,Waiting, waiting for the new year.

12. There is a magic wand in the autumn wind. It came to the orchard and filled the fruit tree with fragrant and sweet fruits. Red apples, yellow pears, purple grapes, orange persimmons. ReallyWant people to pick it up quickly!

13. The maple leaf was blown down by the wind and fell on the lake surface. The maple leaf was blown down by the wind and fell on the lake surface, causing ripples. The maple leaves turned a few times before they floated quietly on the water., Along the lake, slowly follow the wind to another place.

14. The rain silk dancing by the breeze is sprinkled with the swaying trees, flowers and green hills and green fields. Bit by bit, bit by bit, they come together, and diffuse again, forming a rain and mist, being breeze.Bring it together, flip the misty, picturesque, like a fairyland.

15. Overnight, the spring breeze came. Suddenly, from the Cangcang grassland outside the plug, reckless desert, came rolling. From outside the pass across the mountain, across the mountain beam, inserted into the ravine, irrigate the mountain pass, humming, trumpetingHowling, flying sand and stones, flinging on the window, Sarah Sarah, flinging on the face, like countless needles.

16. The breeze coming in touched the three of them like a caress. It was a soft, warm, calm breeze, a spring breeze saturated by the fragrant and intoxicating flowers and trees growing on the coast.We can tell that there is a strong taste of turpentine and a spicy smell of eucalyptus leaves.

17. The most beautiful wind should be the summer wind, without the lingering of spring and the sternness of autumn, not the roar of winter. The summer wind is the lovers touching your face, warm and smooth; it is the child on your backItching, warm and soothing; just took a sip of cold beer and refreshed it all over the body ...

18, From the distant north, there is a gust of wind sandwiched by sand. Immediately, the high, blue, late autumn day becomes a grayish yellow color. All the scenery has changed color, and the little shadow that the sun avoids alsoI can't see it. The sky above the head seems to gradually become heavy, and it will be pressed down to rest on the head of the person.

19. Gradually, the weather is getting colder and the wind is getting colder. The cold wind blowing in the morning is blowing like a knife on my face, the poplar branches on the road are dancing in the wind, the dry branches,From time to time, the sound of rattling and rattling. The withered grass on the side of the road pulled his head listlessly, shuddering in the wind, making a rustling sound.

20, the summer breeze is the messenger of life. It blows away the lotus, and the lotus emits an intoxicating fragrance as the reward for blowing the summer breeze. It blows away the jasmine, with its whiteness and beautiful beauty."For Xia Feng to blow away its reward. It awakened and knew that she used her sweet voice to sing the first song for Xia Feng.

21, at noon, the sun is like a fire, and there is a fire in the air. The grass is scratching, and the branches are pulling their heads. The peasants working in the fields are sweating and breathing heavily. How much they need at this timeWind! At this moment, the wind is here, and the Buddha is over everything, and it comes gently, like a refreshing heart of the sweet dew.

22, On the way to school, waves of wind hit people's faces, and it was painful. It was cold and cold. And it was big and small. When it was big, it was a piece of paper and dust was flying everywhere. When it was smallPedestrians in the past also had to twist their faces to avoid. Some pedestrians on the road narrowed their necks into their collars, and some with their sleeves facing their faces, hurried away.

23, The wind of autumn, like colorful dreams, brings infinite reveries. People bring the joy of harvest, thinking about the harvest and hope of the coming year. The autumn wind, like the kind of hope, gives me a struggleI also have new gains in upward power. The autumn wind brings all the good things to the earth and people.

24. Hurricane is the god of life. He was drunk and confused by his own evil. It turned into a whirlwind. This is blindly creating nights. Some storms went mad, and crazy went up into the sky.The top of the head. The sky is also frightened, and I have to answer it with a thunder. There is nothing more terrible than this. This is really the most vicious moment.

25. The spring girl loves her spring breeze most. Let the spring breeze gently blow over the grass for a while, let the spring breeze blow our red scarf. I love the spring breeze. It blows when we raise the national flag against the rising sun.Passing over our heads, let our mouth grin into a flower; it surrounds us at our sweaty sports meeting, giving me a burst of coolness.

26. Wind, feeding the things on the ground, things in the sky, but living longer than those things. From the swaying of wild flowers, wheat, corn, and branches, I review the shape of the wind. From the flag, the warIn the fluttering of flags, skirts, long hair and hyenas, I capture the tenderness of the wind. It is the whip of the wind that turns the clouds into a howling sheep and the waves into a roaring leopard.

27. Qiu Lin stops, the autumn wind is like a magic brush, which paints the colorful colors of mountains and dense forests. In the sound of autumn leaves, the faint scent of incense is accompanied by the cool wind, rubbing your face,Stroking your shoulders and waists, washing your lungs, this simple breath is endlessly pleasant. No wonder Mr. Ge Hong chants "Fang Lan's fragrant martial arts, also the wind's power", Gain's place of loveCome, feel it!

28. Suddenly, I felt the wind. It was passing by me, so light. Although I couldn't see it, I seemed to see a dancer dancing, and the arrival of it caused people to lift the original pullHead. People become more greedy and want to feel some refreshing wind. After a while, the wind gets stronger and stronger. It changes from cool wind to turbid wind. Because it completely rolled up the dust on the ground, flying across the sky.

29, the wind of spring, it swept across the bare land, leaving green grass all over the ground, swaying its slender waist in the spring breeze; it brushed the frozen lake surface, making ripples, as if risingIt lifted its clear skirt corner; it passed over the withered branches, and the branches pulled out a little bud, and slowly stretched its lazy waist with the spring breeze. The wind of spring, like a fresh and refined music, carried hope and evokedSleeping life.

30. The summer wind is jumping, playing, and flying high and low at times. It plays for the lovely leaves, dances for the quiet grass, and for the hard-working farmers in the field.Come to cool and refreshing, to erase the troubles and impatience. It breaks into the heart of everything and adds a lot of fun to this lively and extraordinary world. The summer wind, like the kind hands of mother, contains the tenderness to remove all the restlessness of the world.

31. The new green willow tree appearing in the park seems to have some disadvantages, I also feel it, it is motionless there, as if nailed there. Oh! It is dance! It turns out that what willow branches lack is dance! NoKnowing when there was a spring breeze, blowing the half-asleep willow branches, the willow branches immediately danced, wearing that green evening dress swinging on the spring dance floor. Only I knew that the partner of the willow branches wasMy favorite and most beautiful spring breeze.