Excerpt of good words and sentences describing summer

A good word for summer :

In early summer, early summer, summer solstice, early summer, midsummer, midsummer, summer, summer

Summer, summer dress, summer night, hot, hot, hot, hot, stuffy

Summer Seeds, Summer Harvest, Severe Heat, Sultry, Hot, Dry Heat, Summer Shut, Summer Shut

Three volts, three summers, cool, cool, cool, hot waves, hot wind, humid

Late spring and early summer, the time is midsummer, it is midsummer, the summer sun is hot, the sun is hot

It's hot summer, it's hot summer, high summer season, high summer season, high summer day

High Summer Festival, Hot Summer Season, Hot Summer High Summer, Hot Summer Hot Summer, Hot Summer Hot Summer

Summer summer, hot summer, May and June, June is 3, and is 3 volts

Hot in San Fu, San Fu in summer, San Fu in summer, San Fu in summer, great heat is cool

End of the ridge, it's late summer, rainy season, rainy season, summer harvest season

Spring crop summer harvest, summer harvest summer crop, summer harvest busy, summer hot summer, hot summer

Summer Summer, Fearful Summer, Summer Heat, Summer Consciousness, Summer Mountain Rubi

A good sentence for summer :

July, the blue sky, the sun like a fireball hanging, the clouds seem to have been burned by the sun, and disappeared without a trace.

Spring is gone with the falling flowers, and the green leaves in the summer are jumping in the warm wind.

Early summer sunlight is transmitted through the dense branches and leaves, and the ground is covered with sparkling spots the size of copper coins.

The wind is blowing with a slight warmth, and the cuckoo call is sent from time to time, it is telling us: "Spring is back."

Green grass, reeds, and red, white, and purple wild flowers are steamed by a fiery sun hanging high in the sky, and the air is full of sweet drunkenness.

In the early summer season, all kinds of wild flowers are blooming, red, purple, pink, and yellow, like brilliant spots embroidered on a large green carpet; swarms of bees are busy in the flowers, sucking on the stamens, and working hardFly around.

In the summer, the sky is so hot that even the dragonfly dares to fly against the shade of the tree, as if it is afraid that the sun will hurt its wings.

There is no cloud in the air, no wind, and a scorching sun overhead, and all the trees are standing there lazily and lazily.

In mid-July, there is no cloud in the blue sky. The fiery sun burns the ground, the water in the river is hot, and the soil in the ground is smoking.

When the sun is clear, on both sides of the road, mature grains are bent down and their heads are hot. Grasshoppers are like grass leaves, wheat and rye fields, wheat and rye fields, and reeds on the shore, Making a faint and noisy sound.

The sun is like a boss fireball, the light is burning, the highway is hot from the hot sun, and you step on a bunch of white smoke.

The weather is so sultry that there is no thick air in the wind, and it seems to be frozen.

The entire city looks like a brick kiln that has been burnt out, making people breathless. The dog lays out a bright red tongue, and the horse ’s nostrils are particularly wide.

The sun is like a boss fireball, the light is burning, the highway is hot from the hot sun, and you step on a bunch of white smoke.

Willow leaves are curled, small flowers and grass are lowering their heads, the ground is hot, the lake is hot, the dragonfly is flying low on the lake, and it is reporting to the fish: good news --- it is necessaryIt's raining,!

The evening breeze in the early summer, with the fragrance of jujube and rose flowers, floats into this simple and comfortable living room.

One night in summer, the stars in the sky flickered, and a gust of cool wind dissipated the heat of the day, and the earth was silent.

Lin Yin trees beside the road are lush, and the cicadas sing in unison, they seem to boast of their season.

During the summer, the rain was drizzling, and the green stalks drank the rain, and the grass was full of colorful wild flowers.

It was a long dry and rainless summer. The old loach in the fields was turned white by the hot sun. The creek at the village and the stream were a few inches lower. The stones exposed on the water suddenly changed.Big.

In the early summer, the pomegranate flower gradually opened, and the green leaves were lined with red flowers, which was very beautiful. From afar, it looked like a burning fire, and like the red and red sunset rising at dusk.

The south wind in late summer and early autumn brought the aroma of new wheat and the smell of wormwood.

The summer sky is unpredictable, sometimes cloudy, and sometimes the clouds are low, as if it is a command to urge people; sometimes the sun is direct.

Summer in my hometown is quiet, verdant, beautiful, and colorful.

It was mid-summer, the breeze was blowing slowly, and the moon rose to Dongshan. Although there is no babies on the old locust tree, but it keeps chanting when I know it. The frogs in the pond are loud ...

Although I was dizzy in the early summer, but there were also beautiful flowers in the early summer, such as Erythrina and Phoenixwood, which brought another kind of natural beauty.

Ah, I love the starry sky on summer night, because it is so colorful, so beautiful and so mysterious!