[Required] Five Collections of Undergraduate Graduation Self-Identification Model Essays

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Self-identification It is a self-summary of a person's performance of study, work and life in a certain period of time. It can give people the motivation to work hard. Let's go back and analyze and summarize the work carried out carefully and write a copySelf-assessment. But I do n’t know what to write. The following is about undergraduate. Graduation 5 self-assessments, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Undergraduate Self-Identification 1

Looking back on four years of college campus life and Social Practice Life, desire, pursuit, success, and failure, I tirelessly, constantly challenge myself, enrich myself, and lay a solid foundation for realizing the value of life. Through four years of college life, I have grown a lot. In the comingWhen I graduated, I made a summary of what I have learned and felt over the past four years and used it as a guide for my future actions.

Ideologically motivated, courageous to criticize and self-criticize, and established a correct outlook on life and values. With a good moral culture and a firm political direction, I actively approached party organizations and sought to be pragmatic.Participate in the school's public welfare and patriotic activities.

Strictly require myself in my studies, work hard to learn professional knowledge, and have won school scholarships and national bursaries many times. I also use my spare time to study knowledge outside the major, and I can easily operate a variety of network and office software, and I believe in future theoriesIt can be greatly improved in combination with reality.

In life, he is enthusiastic, honest, trustworthy, helpful, and has good organizational skills. He can live in harmony with his classmates. He has the courage to challenge himself and actively participate in various extracurricular activities, so as to continuously enrich his experience andWon several awards in various cultural and sports activities.

In social practice, work has collapsed, I have to work hard and complain, and I have a strong sense of responsibility. I joined the campus radio station from the freshman year, and actively participated in various cultural and sports activities of the school, and was named the "Top Ten Columns of the School League Committee."

As a recent undergraduate computer major graduate, what I have is young and knowledgeable, and I will meet new challenges with full enthusiasm, firm confidence, and a high sense of responsibility. But youth also means experienceIt ’s easy to learn with an open mind. At the same time, I also know that graduation is only a small step in studying, and society is a real university.

Undergraduate Self-Identification 2

Looking back on the two years of learning history, I feel quite a lot. In the network + face-to-face teaching method adopted by the school, we have experienced a variety of teaching methods, and TVU has fully considered the inconvenience of our work while studying, so thatWe can adjust according to our situation and gain knowledge in various ways.

1. Overcoming difficulties

TVU's amateur study conditions are difficult, and I have overcome many difficulties, one by one: the first is low wages. Family The economic foundation is not good, but we are very economical and pay all the tuition fees during the study period; the second is the high work pressure, but I correctly handle the contradiction between work and study, and I have class on time and complete all the assignments on time;It is to properly handle the relationship between study and family, to do my parents' work well when the family does not agree, and to win support from my family, which has become my motivation to complete my studies.

two, study hard

TVU learning is different from off-the-job learning. It takes less time to teach face-to-face. Most of the time depends on our self-study. In order to learn all the subjects, I listen carefully during the class, and promptly highlight the difficulties and difficulties that the teacher said;I often check the relevant information on the Internet, enter the TVU website to do related exercises, and communicate with my classmates through the communication platform, ask the teacher by phone, QQ, etc. to complete the assignments in high quality, Investigation report and graduation thesis.

III. Internalization

Because I am newly serving as the Deputy Director of the Teaching Office and lack of experience in managing the school, it is necessary to continuously enrich myself. Therefore, I choose this major. In my usual study, I have combined theory with practice, and often use learningI have encountered the problems and contradictions in the theoretical knowledge research and analysis, and sought to resolve the contradictions. In this way, I have internalized the learned knowledge and applied the learned knowledge to my own teaching practice and management practice, improving my management.Ability and quality.

IV. Success

However, at present, I still lack in computer applications, and need to be further improved. I will continue to use the teacher's learning method and continue to improve my computer application level. At the same time, I will continue to study management.Knowledge can better meet the rapid development of society.

Undergraduate Self-Identification Chapter 3

After more than three years of study, I have systematically mastered economic management related theories such as finance, economic writing, and management.I have also mastered computer knowledge such as computer applications and databases, and have focused on the application in practice.Scholarships for outstanding student cadres; more importantly, the rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude have shaped my simple, steady and flexible personality.

For three years in college, my grades have always been in the top ten in the class. I have worked very hard to strengthen professional learning, and strictly required myself to learn all kinds of professional knowledge and related basic knowledge in the financial field, and continuously improve the practical skills to obtainIn order to achieve better learning results, I passed the National Computer Level Two Examination with excellent grades, and mastered the basic skills of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I usually pay attention to asking teachers and classmates about academic problems, and study carefully and steadily.

Today's society requires high-quality, complex talents, so I always pay attention to my overall improvement and establish a reasonable knowledge structure. As a student, I not only focus on social practice, but also focus on social practice.Combining practice with theory, giving play to the strengths of individuals' strong organizational, communication and coordination capabilities, has been fully demonstrated in social practice.

I can quickly adapt to the working environment, and continue to learn in actual work, constantly improve myself, and do my job well. I sincerely hope that the enthusiasm will be favored by your unit! I believe that enthusiasm and cheerfulness will accompany continuous lifeForge ahead, it will be more and more exciting!

Time is fleeting. When you have the opportunity to realize your value, try to make your life more fulfilling and meaningful. The effort is obvious, the harvest is always subtle, but as long as you are willing to fight for the goalI believe that the gain is definitely far greater than the effort!

Undergraduate self-identification 4

I am a fresh graduate of pre-school education major of xx Radio and TV University.

Four years at university is a hard-won learning opportunity. In this great time, I have learned the major, expanded the knowledge as much as possible, and strengthened the ability to exercise. I have learned a lot of knowledge and exercised my own skills.I have worked hard to study the basic courses, deepen my professional knowledge, and have achieved excellent results. I have been among the best for many times, and I have been awarded scholarships for years. I have systematically studied pedagogy, psychology, general psychology, and human anatomy and physiology in several years., Educational Sociology, Vocal Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Preschool Pedagogy, Early Childhood Psychology, Early Childhood Psychology, Early Childhood Health Studies, Early Childhood Education Research Methods, etc.

After several years of study, I have the following knowledge and abilities :

1. Master the basic theories and basic knowledge of pre-school education, infant psychology, the design and implementation of the same curriculum for infants, and research methods for infant education.

2. Grasp the basic abilities of observing and analyzing young children, and the skills of childcare and education for young children.

3, have the initial ability to prepare specific education programs and implement them.

4, Familiar with national, local and early childhood education policies, policies and regulations.

5, understand the development of preschool education theory.

6. Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, with preliminary scientific research and practical working ability.

While studying at school, consciously abide by national laws and school discipline.

In school, I actively participate in various collective activities from class to department and school, and contribute ideas to the collective. I always care about my classmates and have a good relationship with everyone. As a class cadre, I work hard to serve my classmates and actively assist the teacherWork, carry out various forms of activities, coordinate the relationship between students and the collective, and make our class a vibrant and energetic class collective.

In my extra-curricular life, I also insist on cultivating my wide range of hobbies and physical exercises to keep myself in the state. In order to improve my ability of social interaction and the use of knowledge in all aspects, I actively participate in social practice. Three yearsIn China, I joined youth volunteers and participated in school party school training. These experiences not only enhanced my ability to endure hardships and stand hard work and take care of myself, but also improved my ability to cooperate and interact with others.

I am an outgoing person, cheerful and lively, enthusiastic and generous in dealing with people, positive attitude in life, open-minded and positive, and can quickly accept new things. My characteristics are: enthusiastic, honest and trustworthy, innovative and pioneeringConsciousness and the courage to challenge myself. In the world of being a person, I insist on being strict with the law and being tolerant of others.I have a great relationship with my classmates.

The world is big and the world is endless. In the past four years, I have accumulated a lot and made a qualitative leap in all aspects, but I know that in addition to my theoretical knowledge, my experience and experience are still shallow. ReadThousands of books, travelling thousands of miles, these still need me to continue to improve in future practical work and study! I am convinced that opportunities will favor those who are prepared, I look forward to a bright future, always ready!

Undergraduate Self-Identification 5

The confidence in the self-study exam is sufficient. Under the gaze of others, with the persuasion of a friend in good faith, in the days when I was sick in bed, I did not give up the pursuit of life and insisted on taking each exam. Because I firmly believe: As long as you work hard, you will get rewards, and as long as you give, you will get success; even if your memory goes down, you must succeed.

The days for self-study exams are fulfilling. For several years, I have been working hard and studying hard. I have not relaxed the requirements for work because of the stress of the exam, and I have not given up the self-study exam because of the busy work. During the day, I am at schoolWorking, loving and dedicated, selfless dedication, tutoring students in need, carefully marking homework, and completing the English teaching work of the two graduation classes each year. At night, I studied hard under the lamp and studied and understood chapter by chapter according to the syllabus requirements.One month before I arrived, I reasonably allocated the review time, read early in the morning, and memorized the key content; I practiced at night, answered thinking questions, did simulation training, and my work paper was filled with hard sweat. Looking back, I ca n’t forget every examThe tension in the past, the anxiety after the exam and the excitement of getting a single certificate, I can't forget the scene of studying hard and silent day and night. This is the best memory and the most memorable experience in my life.

The results of the self-study exam are rich. It has hone my will and gave me the courage to overcome difficulties. I have integrated the theoretical knowledge into my daily work flexibly and adhered to the theory to guide the practice; I have put the self-study spirit into my work.The work has been praised, and the final grades of each teaching class have been among the best. The study of theoretical books has improved my political literacy and ideological awareness, and deepened my understanding of the party's guidelines and policies; and the preparation and defense of the graduation thesis has also made myselfHe was sublimated in theory, and finally he finished the self-study with a good result.

Recalling the two years of taking the self-study exam, I feel the course of each self-study from hardship to success. From this university without a campus, I really understand the meaning of the four words of self-study exam.

Since I participated in the self-study exam in XX, on this road, I have deeply realized that Shushan has a road to work and learns the sea without limits. During the two years of study, I have mastered my studies.Method, became the master of learning, exercised their perseverance, cultivated their hard-working qualities, and laid the foundation for my life-long learning. I unknowingly developed a strong interest in my chosen major. At the same time, thisThe two years of study also improved my quality in personal cultivation. The study of the basic courses of this major prepared me to study and study deeper knowledge of the major in the future. Through my studies, I have been engaged in high-levelAbility and ability to work at one level. The professional knowledge learned in the past two years will surely be applied to future work, and work ability will be improved through learning. In addition to improving work, perseverance training, and more importantly for future lifeProvides rich nutrition, molds itself into useful talents, gives full play to personal roles, and effectively serves society.

I know that college graduation is not the end and there is still a long way to go. I will not stop the pace of learning, and will continue to study undergraduate and graduate. I will always maintain an optimistic and progressive spirit, continue to struggle and give play to my intelligenceIngenuity and strive to realize the value of my life; I will be proud of being a self-study candidate.

Finally, I would like to say that the self-study exam has hone my will, enriched my knowledge, improved my ability, and chose to take the self-test without complaints!

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