Business Management Self-Evaluation Model

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After nearly three years of business administration professional study, I have greatly improved my knowledge of business management, society Investigation report It is how to use the learned knowledge to analyze various practical problems and find a solution to the problem.

When investigating related enterprises, I visited the competent department, targeted questions, collected relevant materials, and strived to be fully prepared. Some targeted to lay the foundation for the accuracy and thoroughness of the contents of the investigation report. The process of the investigation and interview also trainedThe ability to analyze and solve problems independently, so that you understand that to understand the nature of an event, to see more information through phenomena, you must fully understand the cause and process of things, of course, it is also inseparable from the cooperation of relevant unitsAnd the patient guidance of the instructor, deepened the understanding of the theoretical knowledge through the writing of the survey report, and provided a good help for the future learning.

Due to the impact of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River shipping, the ** railway branch office located in the middle and upper reaches provided a good opportunity to strive to divert water transport goods.The detailed analysis was put forward, and the viewpoint that railway enterprises should reform and improve from the aspects of system and foreign services in order to respond to market competition can be developed based on the market.

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