Customer Service Practice Self-Identification Sample

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Practice is the best way for students to contact the society, understand the society, serve the society, and use the knowledge they have learned.The ability to solve problems and solve problems. It has laid a good foundation for understanding society, understanding society, and stepping into society. At the same time, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge in future studies, enrich ourselves with books, and lay a stronger foundation for serving the society in the future.Basis. I have benefited a lot from the internship of the unit customer representative of XX Logistics.

After a month of internship, I feel quite a lot. Being a customer service representative is actually not a simple, easy or no-brainer. In this month, I deeply felt that being a customer service representative not only tests your patience, but alsoTo test your flexibility of hands and feet and the flexibility of thinking. Sometimes when encountering calls from unreasonable customers, our customer service can neither refute the customer nor hang up the other party's phone. Sometimes I really feel wronged, butThere is no way, our responsibility is to solve problems for customers. In addition, we are new Graduation The student just came out to work and couldn't adapt to this fast-paced lifestyle for a while. We received training in the first week. The main training was that our eyes were fast, our hands were fast, our brains turned fast, and we also coded our backs.I felt very pressured, but slowly accepted such high-frequency days. Director XX was right. The days are not so easy to mix. If you want to catch the pace of the times, you must change yourself, or you will be affected by society.Eliminated. Being a customer service is my first job in the society, it gave me the first lesson before leaving campus, this lesson has benefited me a lot, it can also be said that it gave me job horrorIn short, this internship is painful, tired and fun, the most important thing is what kind of mentality do you experience!

At present, what we lack is not mainly knowledge, but the ability to combine knowledge with practice. What we learn in the classroom is not the same as what we encounter in practice, and it often has insignificantCharacteristics, which requires us to continuously gain experience in practice in order to solve various problems. Social Practice It's not long, but it made me realize that in a person's life, the campus is not a permanent school, there is only one real school, that is society.

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