Secondary junior high school self-identification model text

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The first semester of the third grade of junior high school is over. In this semester, the teacher has put a lot of effort into our study and growth, and I have also worked hard for my studies.

In the past six months, I paid attention to summing up and thinking, reading books seriously, making timely previews, and summarizing problems I did not understand in a timely manner. In daily life, I paid attention to unite my classmates, respect teachers, take care of public property, and actively clean up., Actively participate in activities organized by various schools.

For the past six months, I have continued to think of contributing to the country. Study hard, exercise actively, and lay the foundation of knowledge and body for the new school year that I will start. But I need to better motivate myself and participate in gloryAfter the Chinese Communist Youth League, I strengthened my ideological foundation!

Summarizing the study of this semester, there are mainly the following aspects.

I. The learning attitude is relatively correct

Able to listen carefully in class, speak positively, consciously observe classroom discipline, do not talk to classmates, and do not make small moves; do homework assigned by the teacher carefully; actively ask classmates and teachers for questions that they do not understand

Second, do a good job of pre-class review and after-class review

In class, if you have questions that you do n’t understand and do n’t understand, dare to raise your hand to ask questions; if you encounter mistakes and do n’t know what to do when you do homework, let the parents talk about it; often take out the questions you did wrong before and review them untilFigure it out.

III. Do not relax after class

After finishing homework every day, as long as I have time, I will take the initiative to read extracurricular books and read a few Composition Or do some math problems.

It is self-evident that my mind has changed a lot during these processes. In order to improve my overall quality, I have read many biographies of celebrities, gained nutrients from the experiences of great people, and furtherEnrich myself. I have also learned the ethical philosophy of life in order to improve my moral cultivation. All this makes me feel more and more deeply the meaning of life pursuit. In the journey of life, I began to learn to evaluate myself correctly and learnLook at the problem in two ways and learn to define your own life goals.

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