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Safety self-check report 1

Safe Production Leading Group: After self-examination, we believe that the Finance Department can continue to maintain the safety first, prevention-oriented approach, and implement the system carefully, from thinking to action, strict management, strict execution, precise operation, and layers of audits, To ensure the safety of financial work. The specific performance is in the following aspects :

1. Carry out various rules and regulations without any "three violations".

2. The safety responsibility is assigned to each position.

3. The posts are set reasonably and the internal control mechanism is perfect.

4. It can guarantee the necessary safety management funds and ensure the normal operation of our important safety facilities.

5. Norm of bank account management, all funds are earmarked.

6. Before leaving work, make sure there is no large amount of cash in the safe and no special circumstances. The cash in stock does not exceed 500 yuan. You can deposit excess cash to the bank in time every day, and the daily settlement is achieved.

7. Make sure the safe, door and window are locked and power off when you are off duty.

8. Can organize the personnel of this department to conduct safety learning according to the plan, strengthen ideological education and improve safety awareness.

9. The management standard of financial file data can be bound and sorted according to the requirements, used standardly, without loss, damage, etc.

10. The server and the computer are operating normally, each computer system is installed with anti-virus software and anti-theft software, and the data of the financial account set is backed up every day to ensure the security of the system data.

11. The computer internal and external networks are physically separated, the storage equipment and printing equipment are dedicated to the internal and external networks, and the confidentiality work is effectively done without incidents of leakage. In addition, in conjunction with the safety inspection of the company during the safety production month, we check the financial room, computer room, archives,The implementation of the internal control system has been carefully checked. One of the security problems is that the use of the dedicated financial server has not been able to meet the needs of current data storage. It has a certain impact on financial data backup and there are certain security risks.

In the future, we will continue to strengthen safety management, increase vigilance, strictly implement the system to ensure that there are no safety accidents and errors in the year

Finance Department

July 10, 20XX

Self-check report 2

Winter is coming, the weather is dry and dry, and it is a season of frequent fires. In order to effectively strengthen the winter construction safety production of our project department, curb the occurrence of safety accidents, establish the "people-oriented" safety production management concept, and fully understand the winter construction safety production workImportance, our project department conducts self-inspection of fire safety, and the hidden safety hazards in the self-inspection process are changed with the inspection to prevent accidents.

I. Set up a winter fire safety leading group

Winter fire safety leading group members :

Team leader :

Deputy leader :

Team members :

2. Construction site :

1. Material stacking: Since the main body has been capped, the outer frame has been removed, and there are no rack boards, formwork and wood on the site. All waste wood is stacked on the open field on the northernmost side of the site, and the materials department is notified to dispose of it as soon as possible.Materials are stacked reasonably, and a fire escape channel is reserved.

2. Room for on-site facilities :

① There is a person in the material warehouse to take care of it. It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive materials, and put fire extinguishing equipment at the same time.

② Power distribution room: The electrician is the first person in charge. The door of the power distribution room must be locked, fire extinguishing equipment is placed at the door, and fire sand is set.

③ Cement warehouse: Because the moisture-proof layer under the cement warehouse is a shelf plate and waste formwork, the top is a shelf plate protection, and is close to the mortar mixing station, so the water pipe and water tank can be used here.

④ Office and dormitory: On-site office heating uses air conditioning, and dormitory heating uses electric mattresses. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire facilities such as electric stoves and iodine-tungsten lamps. At the same time, stove heating is prohibited according to site conditions. All heating facilities must be turned off by people.Establish awareness of energy saving and fire safety.

⑤ Construction elevator: The operator is the first person in charge. The heater is used for heating in winter, and other heating facilities are prohibited to prevent fire, electric shock and burns.

3. Construction site :

① Fire extinguishers are installed on the floor, and the interior is thoroughly cleaned up. The indoor waste wood, safety nets, shelf boards and other flammable materials are cleaned downstairs and stacked together.

② Strengthen the management of the office and dormitory, where the heating facilities are set up by special personnel. It is strictly forbidden to open fire to heat, pull and connect electrical appliances randomly, and strictly prevent the occurrence of poisoning and suffocation, fire and electric shock accidents.

③ Reasonably plan the layout of the site, set up fire water tanks, reserve fire safety channels, and ensure the smooth flow of fire safety channels.

④ Hot work must be applied for hot work at the construction site. Hot work is strictly prohibited without approval.

⑤ Outdoor operations should be stopped in bad weather such as high winds, fog, rain, snow, etc. indoors depend on the situation, and open flame heating is prohibited at the same time, timely remove the accumulated water and snow on the construction site, and take effective anti-freezing and anti-skidOnly after measures can normal construction be carried out.

Three, employee education :

① Personnel entering the construction site are prohibited from smoking. Actively promote publicity so that smokers are conscious, self-love, and self-prevention, and be alert to fires caused by smoking.

② Strengthen the safety education and prevention consciousness of safe electricity usage and winter fire prevention for workers. Make employees consciously abide by the safety regulations and rules on the construction site.

③ Use pre-school education to strengthen the “four preventions” safety awareness education for employees. Make employees understand the importance of fire protection, anti-freezing, anti-skid, and electric shock prevention in winter construction, and improve their self-protection awareness and safe operation skills.

4. Self-check and self-check :

① Self-examination of the fire-fighting equipment at the construction site, check the configuration and usage, etc.

② Self-examination of the electrical equipment on the construction site, check the wiring conditions, usage conditions, etc.

③ Fire safety layout on the construction site.

④ Fire safety education of workers.

After the self-inspection and self-inspection of winter fire safety by our project department, the safety hazards have been rectified in time.

Safety self-check report 3

According to the spirit of the safety work of the Education Bureau, strengthen the awareness of consciousness and responsibility, and do a good job of school safety. According to the deployment and regulations of the higher authorities, our school quickly carried out a major safety work inspection.The situation is reported as follows :

1. Strengthen leadership and implement responsibilities.

Creating a safe and stable good education and teaching environment is a prerequisite for ensuring the normal teaching order of the school. In order to better create this condition, the school has established a safety work leadership group with a principal as the group leader and a director in charge as the deputy group leader.Each room bears the responsibility and the class teacher is a group member. Seriously formulate plans and implement them in detail. Effectively strengthen the leadership of campus comprehensive governance and safety creation work. Attach great importance to school safety work and include it on the school ’s important agenda,As a major event for the school. Adhere to the principle of "who is in charge of who is responsible", at the beginning of the school, the principal and the head teacher of each class signed a letter of responsibility for the creation of safety, and truly achieved leadership attention, system implementation, and effective measures.

Second, check in time to find hidden dangers.

On August 29, under the leadership of the principal, the school safety work leading group carried out in-depth and meticulous self-financing from seven places including fire safety, traffic safety, food safety, environmental safety, activity safety, flood control safety, physical and mental safety, etc.check.

1. Fire safety place: There is an emergency evacuation channel in the school dormitory, the fire fighting facilities in each room are in compliance with the regulations, and the use of water dispensers and other electrical equipment.

2. Traffic Safety: A striking "School in front, vehicles moving slowly" sign was set up on the road near the school. The traffic safety education was given to students at the opening ceremony on September 1.

Educate students to improve traffic safety awareness, do not take unlicensed vehicles and agricultural vehicles, do not play on the road, chase and make trouble.

3. Food safety: In order to prevent infectious diseases, the cafeteria staff have been organized to study relevant documents for many times, and made clear regulations and regulations on the food purchased recently, especially for the strict control of poultry meat and eggs. School drinkingThe water source meets sanitary standards.

4. Environmental safety: there are no dangerous buildings in the school; movable appliances, railings, corridors, lighting, etc. comply with safety regulations; no corporal punishment and corporal punishment of students in disguised form by teachers; school security measures have been implemented

5. Safety of activities: The school organizes safety plans for going out or group activities, and strictly implements the approval system; the school stipulates that students participate in related activities on holidays and weekends and adheres to the principle of voluntariness, and keeps the relevant certificates of parental consent; school rest timeAdjusting and temporarily changing the time students go to and from school can inform parents in advance. Of course, we also found some problems in the self-examination.

3. Existing problems and corrective measures

1. School corridors, stairs and other places are slippery. Students run when they go to the special classroom and back to the classroom from the playground, which is prone to safety accidents. Class teachers have been required to strengthen safety education for students.Running and sliding on the corridor.

2. It is found that some parents pick up and drop students to school, the traffic safety awareness is weak, and there is a phenomenon of parallel driving and chasing. The school will conduct a safety education for students who go to school by bike.

Safety self-check report 4

In order to do a good job in hospital safety, in accordance with the spirit of the hospital safety production meeting, to ensure the implementation of all work tasks of safety production, our safety production leading group carefully organizes the importance of learning safety education, conducts strict investigations according to the requirements, and solves them seriouslyExisting problems. Now the self-examination report is as follows :

I. On July 5, XXXX, the safety team of our department conducted a self-examination of the key safety requirements of the department :

1. Power supply line: Our department currently uses two white-skin wires, no ground wire, and more than 20 sets of equipment in the department, worth about 2 million yuan. These are the tools of the department. The equipment is broken down according to the use of personnel.To individuals, turn off the power of the used equipment after work and see that the power of the equipment has not been turned off to ensure the safety of the circuit. Especially the air conditioners, induction cookers, air sterilizers, large equipment in the filming room, planting room equipment, etc.

2. Water pipe facilities: turn off the valves for personal use after work, and finally the staff who walked off turn off the main valve. The leak of the roof of the disinfection room is reported to the leading office of the safety inspection of the hospital.

3. Pressure vessel sterilization pot: immediately turn off the electricity, water, gas, etc. after sterilization, after work and check the closure

4. Pressure vessel pipeline: turn off the power and the main valve of the pipeline after the air compressor is off duty.

5. Close the doors and windows after work, and check every day according to the accountability method of who opens and closes to prevent theft.

6. Periodically check the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment. Check whether the special instruments and materials for oral cavity have expired and the label is clear,

7. The use of medicines should be applied in accordance with the principles of clinical use of antibiotics, and the use of local anesthetics should be standardized.

Do not use medicines other than oral clinical pharmacology for patients.

8. Focus on medical safety. The department actively carries out medical safety special activities around the theme of "patient-centered" and "three good and one satisfaction", unifying thoughts, raising awareness, organizing and carrying out general medical quality education, raising medical safety awareness, and implementingThe medical management system and operating procedures are standardized, eliminating hidden safety hazards, and good communication between doctors and patients, providing a harmonious and safe oral diagnosis and treatment environment for the people. Preventing medical disputes and implementing dispute handling mechanisms. Checking the hospital ’s sense of management and operation to ensure that there is noCross infection occurs. Medical waste is collected and stored separately.

Also warned the staff of the department to discover the unsafe hidden dangers in the hospital and actively report to the department and the hospital safety leading group office, such as electricity in the corridor, water in the bathroom, smoke and fire in unknown places.

Second, the staff of the department carries out the special education of "fire knowledge" to improve the fire consciousness of the staff; and examines the use of fire extinguishers. The department uses the safety production self-check work as an opportunity to find hidden safety hazards in time and effectively contain the accident.

3. The layout of methods for preventing, responding to and responding to public health emergencies has been strengthened, and the drills for handling plans have been learned.

Four, serious work discipline. Strengthen the management of internship students.

Five, the 24-hour communication of the department security leading group is smooth.

Leader Weifeng Liu

Member Yan Huixin Liu Jihua Hui Hongmei Niu Yulan Yang Kai Liu Yang

July 6, 2020

Safety self-check report 5

I have participated in the tolling work till xxxx year and x month. I have been charging according to the law in my work, not selfish, self-discipline, respecting my own outlook on life and worldview.

I heard what the leaders said at the meeting, and I understand that in this society where the material civilization is higher than the spiritual civilization, these problems are often encountered at work. Some drivers do n’t give tickets or give them a dozen dollars.Do n’t just drive away and wait for the ticket. What is the temptation for our hired workers of a few hundred dollars a month? Ten yuan for one car and one hundred for ten cars, as far as the traffic flow at our station is concerned,Ten cars can't be seen. 26 days a month to work, 2600 yuan. 30,000 fast a year, this is a formal employee Family The income. However, under the same type of work, even half of the people we hired are not available. No wonder some colleagues ca n’t stand the test and stretched their hands in. The ancients said: gentlemen love money, and they have a way.In my usual work, I keep in mind that we are charging! We are not collecting money. We are fulfilling the national legal provisions and repaying loans for the country. Every penny received is to reduce the debt of the country, so I can confidently say that II haven't done this kind of thing! Whenever this kind of thing happened, I asked the driver to make up for the fare and paid the ticket, so the driver said that the driver was afraid that no one would see it, or wait for the toll booth to be withdrawn.You're still a poor ghost, and you can't even marry your wife! Yeah, I'm poor! Watching some people buy cars and houses, watching some people build a few buildings together, and then look at their hundreds of dollarsSalary, I want money too! But I know that this money cannot be taken. For every penny I take, the country has to lose dozens of dollars! This money must be.

These awakenings are inseparable from the leaders in the station, and the high-pressure management in the station is inseparable. The political study twice a month, the small meetings of the conference are kept open, and the reminders of the stationmasters and leaders at the meeting,Emphasize. With close care in life, you should always remind yourself that big mistakes are not made and small mistakes are avoided. But there are also some deficiencies in the work. As the leader said, the driver does not want to vote, and he can go out of the window and work.The attention is not long enough, the shortfall is too much, the wrong ticket is given to the driver and other shortcomings. Under the leadership of this reminder, I realize how serious these mistakes are. I must pay attention to and correct my mistakes in the future. Study the spirit of Bailu.The xxx spirit of the chairman. The toll window is built into a civilized window for drivers from all over the country.

The above are my own self-examination and self-correction. If there are any deficiencies, I hope that the leaders will point out that they will be corrected in future work.

Safety self-check report 6

Unit Self-examination report

Fixed assets inventory team :

According to the relevant systems and policies of our school's asset inventory work, our unit has completed the main work of asset inventory on time and invited the team to inspect our unit's fixed assets. The work of self-inspection of assets is now reported as follows :

1. Analysis of the overall situation of asset self-inspection work;

1 Base date for asset inventory

2 Scope of asset inventory

3 Specific implementation of asset inventory work

4 Achievements and problems in asset inventory work

2. Results of asset inventory

1 Asset loss situation detected by the unit

2 Unit's declaration plan for handling write-off losses

3. Analyze the problems and causes in the unit assets exposed by the asset inventory and propose improvement measures, etc.

1 Actual problems

2 Reason analysis

3 Improvement measures

Safety self-check report 7

Since receiving the work requirements of “Safety Self-examination” and “Safety Evaluation” issued by the Bureau of Safety Supervision, our property management organization has increased the intensity of the safety self-examination work as the work of “Safety Evaluation”Fundamental point. The purpose of safety self-inspection is to prevent accidents from self-examination and rectification of the risk factors in the safety management work of our institute.The supervision and assessment system of the team makes the safety self-inspection work a conscious daily work among the employees.The repeated corrections of violations have achieved certain results, but the hidden safety hazards still need to be rectified by all employees of our institute in future work.

1. Any good work must have correct thinking as the leading factor. I attach great importance to the safety education of employees, but some employees are still secretly doing things that violate rules and regulations, so they are kept in the libraryFor smoking in the district, we have also conducted rigorous assessments, but after reflection, this phenomenon still occurs. In response to this situation, we have strengthened the safety ideological education of the employees, and made the assessment more powerful. At the same time, we also asked the teams and groupsImplement irregular safety inspections. The recent smoking situation in the reservoir area has been stopped. This shows that the method I have implemented is correct, and it should be implemented for a long time. I hope you will supervise our work.

Second, our safety work focuses on fire prevention, theft, handling, transportation, and transportation in the reservoir area. Our firm maintains regular inspections of safety tools and fire fighting equipment. It is often done after work, butThere is no normative record of the inspection results, and there is no fundamental basis for self-inspection work. For this reason, our institute has developed a special inspection form for fire prevention equipment, alarm equipment and vehicle management. The requirements for teams and various inspection personnel must be checked every time.After the inspection of the firefighting facilities and vehicles, the records shall be recorded timely and truthfully according to the table. Now the inspection record system has been basically improved.

3. In the early stage of this year's flood prevention and flood control work, our institute has insufficient reserves of flood control materials. Through self-examination, we have timely supplemented the reserves of flood control materials to ensure the demand for materials required during the flood season.

Fourth, in the recent "security evaluation" work carried out by the Bureau, the need for materials such as safety tools and air respirators required by physical companies, repair laboratories, and measurement stations is expected to be reported by these departments in a timely manner.The association will contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to ensure the production needs.

V. Eliminating habitual violations is the purpose of our supervision work. We will have certain lifting tasks during the storage of materials. Our corresponding lifting operators and guardians and the implementation of the training and induction system are aimed atAll kinds of personnel can better cooperate with the completion of tasks safely. We also regularly go to the site to check the work, but some employees are in the work to lead the presence and absence are two different things, there is no high awareness of their own safety interests on the team leader siteThe staff has severely criticized and evaluated, and after a period of rectification, this situation has basically been reversed.

VI. At present, there are not enough signs of fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting signs in our warehouse area. We are now preparing to add a number of customized signs. However, due to the relocation of some warehouses, we will focus on fire prevention after the warehouse is adjustedThe prohibition signs are hung on the parts. The problems in the above aspects are the key points and exposed problems of the safety self-inspection work of our property management institute. In the future work, "review" is used as a means to achieve the goal through rectification.The meaning of self-examination and evaluation is lost. For this reason, our leadership team must implement the safety spirit issued by the bureau, strengthen safety management, carry out safety work in a down-to-earth manner, and fully mobilize the participation of employees in safety thinking, so that"Long-term and daily work.

Safety self-check report 8

1. Teaching routine management

1. A detailed teaching can be formulated in accordance with the actual situation of the school Work plan The plan objectives are complete and clear, and the measures are practical and feasible.

2. All grades and disciplines strictly implement the "Course Plan", open all courses, do not randomly increase or decrease courses and class hours. Seriously implement the requirements of the activity class, be planned, have a venue, have a teacher,There is content, and it is guaranteed to be implemented.

3. Classroom teaching has standardized quality standards, such as: "teaching staff classroom routine", "student classroom routine", "teacher lesson preparation and lesson plan requirements", "teacher homework requirements", "training young teacher plan"And monthly assessment requirements, etc. The census of all teachers ’teaching plans is conducted more than five times per semester.

4. Organize monthly assessments for each grade every month, and timely convene grade-level teacher associations, student associations, parent meetings, subject leader meetings, and all teacher analysis meetings according to the situation.

5. Regularly carry out a comprehensive analysis of the teaching work, hold multiple teaching work meetings for each grade every semester, find out the problems in the teaching work, and summarize the experience. Adjust the next teaching work in time. The teaching work has clear objectives and measuresSpecifically, the job responsibilities are clear. The Academic Affairs Office of this semester is further improving and implementing the teaching inspection and assessment system. There is no loss of control and investigation in the teaching work.

6. Implement the regulations to reduce the burden of students 'overwork, and the amount of students' work is not overweight.

Second, teaching reform

1. Planned reform of classroom teaching models, methods, and means. In recent years, our school has carried out a research experiment on the national-level teaching topic "Harmonious Teaching for Cultivating Students' Four Abilities", actively exploring heuristics, discussion, and inquiryTeaching methods to cultivate students' sense of innovation.

2. Improve the design of lesson plans and strengthen lesson preparation and inspection.

3. Actively promote the application of information technology in education and teaching. Each teacher must take two audio-visual lessons every week. Teachers do class activities according to the plan every semester.

4. The students of grades 7 and 8 of this semester carried out book reading activities at noon.

5. After the mid-term examination, the teachers ’analysis meeting of all grades and the student council will be held in time to analyze and summarize the mid-term examination, and adjust the next teaching work.

6. The school can formulate a clear and brief improvement plan to promote student development based on the evaluation and examinations to help students understand themselves and build self-confidence.

7. To help the poor students in teaching, do some work, and strive to further improve.

8. There are records and implementations for teaching outstanding students who have poor grades in single subjects. Strive to make more students become excellent students.

Three, the direction of future efforts :

1. Due to various reasons, the students of our school have not met the curriculum standards or outline requirements in terms of basic knowledge and basic skills of science and culture. This semester, under the leadership of the school administration, our school has formulatedA series of policy measures have been put in. A lot of manpower and material resources have been devoted to teaching, basically getting rid of the backwardness of the last three. By the end of last semester, some of our subjects have made significant progress and have ranked among the top three in the district.We will work harder in the future.

2. The consolidation rate of our junior middle school students strives to reach 98%.

3. The school's next step is to change the method of evaluating students 'teaching is still relatively simple. It only uses monthly assessment, mid-term, and final credit system. It strives to open up ideas and innovate in reflecting the students' learning process and learning results.

4. The teaching knowledge accumulation of young teachers is not deep enough, and the teaching ability and the ability to control the classroom are poor. This is the focus of our future teaching work.

5. From next week, form a leading group for class inspection to check the teaching situation of teachers.

6. Establish and improve teacher files.

Safety self-check report 9

County Education Bureau :

After receiving the "Emergency Notice on Comprehensive Inspection of School Buildings in Primary and Secondary Schools", our school quickly organized relevant personnel to carry out a major safety inspection of the school buildings. Now the inspection situation and treatment measures are reported as follows :

I. Raise awareness and strengthen leadership

School safety is an important guarantee for the normal operation of school education and teaching. Our school has always attached great importance to the education and management of school safety work, firmly established the ideas of "safety first, prevention first", and "school safety is no small matter".The consciousness of "responsibility is more important than Mount Tai", adhere to the long-term alarm, constantly grasping, constantly raising awareness, strict management, and strict prevention.

After receiving the notice, our school took active actions, focusing on safety inspections of school-level dangerous buildings, damaged rooms, safe passages, doors and windows, etc., and proposed treatment measures in accordance with the "Baxin Middle School Safety Guarantee System" and the actual situation of the school. EstablishedSafety Leading Group :

Leader: Kong Jiangping Principal

Vice leader: Long Jiansheng Secretary, Li Zhaoping Vice President, Su Xueming Vice President

Members: Liang Jun Director of General Affairs, Li Yongzhou Deputy Director of General Affairs, He Chao Leader of Security

Second, the existing dilapidated buildings in our school

1. A D-class dangerous building, with an area of ​​575 square meters, is currently used for teachers and students. This room was built in 1974, and was identified as a D-class dangerous building by the County Security Office in January. It is recommended to stop using it for a period of three monthsDemolition, but because the school is really unable to solve the accommodation difficulties of some teachers and students, I have to find a way to maintain it year by year and continue to use it.

2. There are 3 buildings with a total area of ​​583 square meters, of which 455 square meters are located on the west and north sides of the small stadium, all of which are brick-wood structures built in the 1970s. Now the foundation is seriously subsidence, the bearing capacity is insufficient, and the wallCracked, part of the rafters collapsed, the roof tiles fell off, the rain and the rain leaked, the soil was leaked in the sunny day, the teaching staff residents were miserable. Another 128-square-meter brick and concrete building on the right side of the old gate was built in the early 1980sThe wall is severely weathered and peeled, and the mortar is powdered. It is really a dangerous building. The foundation will move and it will inevitably collapse.

3. Reasons for the formation of dilapidated buildings: The formation of dilapidated buildings in our school is mainly due to the old age and the collapse of the foundation.

Three, treatment measures

1. Leaders pay attention and strengthen education

School leaders attach importance to safety work, always put safety first in school work, strengthen publicity and education, and strengthen teachers and students' safety awareness.

2. Take precautions beforehand and implement responsibilities

The school conducts monthly safety inspections to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner. For example, if the doors and windows of the Academic Affairs Office and the studio are aging and falling off, they will be replaced in time. The semester will be repaired and responsibilities will be implemented every semester., Find problems, report and deal with them in time.

3. Actively report and ask for help

Our school has 1158 square meters of existing dilapidated buildings, and the school reports truthfully every year, asking for help to solve the accommodation difficulties of teachers and students. We have applied for the hazardous reform project in April. Please ask the superior leaders to help solve the crisis funds as soon as possible..

xx Middle School

June 11

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