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[Must-have] 4 kindergarten personal work plans

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Time flies so fast, never wait for others, our work will open a new chapter, it is better to plan the next stage of work now, and strive to achieve better results! But Work plan What content should be written to be correct? The following are 4 personal work plans for kindergarten, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read it.

Kindergarten personal work plan 1

Half a year has passed quietly, and the babies are growing up every day. And I grew up with the grown-up baby. At the beginning, I did not know how to take care of children, guide children, goodThe teacher ’s careful guidance to me in the class made me ask if I did n’t understand. Learning from the old teachers in the class helped me to learn from each other ’s strengths and weaknesses, which also made me have a better understanding of my work.Making changes based on my own shortcomings makes me more mature and stable. I have these points about the work plan for the new semester :

1, teaching

The new semester and new beginning must first cultivate the routines of young children and develop good behavior habits. Through daily life learning, children also have a preliminary understanding of the kindergarten life and basic self-care abilityThe child ’s growth cannot be separated from the teacher ’s careful guidance, and it also puts forward more requirements on the teacher ’s quality level. I do n’t think I ’m considered a qualified teacher. I still have a lot to learn, how to attract the child ’s attention, How to raise children's interest in teaching content, develop children's ability to speak Mandarin and hands-on skills, prepare for the content to be taught to children in advance, observe what kind of teaching model children will be interested in, and continue to ask the two teachers in the classStudy, learn from their experience, improve their own quality and self-cultivation, exercise their professional level and teaching ability, let themselves keep making progress, and do their best to do it.

2. Parent work and childcare

Learn more and see how old teachers communicate with parents, learn the methods and skills of communicating with parents. Tell parents how the children perform during school, what problems the children have in time, communicate with parents in a timely manner. Strengthen children ’s independent self-care habitsDevelop good hygiene habits for young children, such as washing hands after going to the toilet, washing hands before meals and cleaning up toys, being able to greet parents and teachers, stacking quilts, dressing, and learning to eat with chopsticks..

3. Business routine

To be an excellent kindergarten teacher is not only to do a good job in teaching and childcare, but also to enrich oneself. It has a good level of thinking, knowledge and skills, and a professional level is essential. I will have more this termLearn more by reading the book. There is a golden house in the book. In the book, you can learn a lot of knowledge combined with the actual situation to better enrich yourself. Carry out the study of the "Guide" and learn more from the "Guide". In the "Guide"》 Under the study, we implement the “Guide” through the activity area. Children choose their favorite area activities according to their own interests and abilities, experience the fun of operation and communication, and actively explore and discover.

4. Security

We are taking safety education as the top priority while conducting safety education, safety education classes, safety videos. Let children understand what to do after encountering danger.

5. Personal

In this semester, I have to establish my own goals, work towards my goals, and give myself more pressure to have more motivation, keep learning new knowledge, and improve my perseverance will do better. Do n’tYesterday ’s unpleasant emotions brought to today, every day is a new day and a new beginning.

Kindergarten personal work plan 2

I. Work Responsibilities

Serving as the class teacher and class language, social, science, mathematics, and art courses for small children.

Second, work goal

1 Class management goals :

1. Safety work is always unremitting, do morning and afternoon inspections every day to prevent dangerous goods from entering the park, conduct safety education before each activity, create a good living environment, and improve children's self-protection awareness and ability.

2. Do a good job of daily health care to ensure the healthy growth of young children.

3. Do a good job of sanitation and disinfection to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Keep the classroom ventilated to ensure that children live in a clean and bright environment.

4. Regularly take the initiative to communicate and communicate with parents in a timely manner according to the actual situation of young children, and exchange educational experiences.

5. Establishment Family The contact mechanism with the kindergarten ensures that the contact channels are unblocked and jointly handles the emergencies of children in the kindergarten.

2 Teaching goal :

1. To ensure that the pass rate of children's testing reaches 100%.

2. Early Childhood Development Goals :

Health and motor ability development goals

1 The body develops normally, basically adapts to changes in the environment and climate, and is less ill.

2 Have preliminary life hygiene habits, basically adapt to collective life.

3 Can participate in basic sports activities exercise, sports games, ball games, etc..

4 Basic movements such as walking, running, jumping and climbing.

5 will control the movement of the hand and operate simple materials and tools.

6 Several kinds of sports equipment can be used for activities.

7 Abide by the safety requirements put forward by adults.

Language and Cognitive Development Goals

1 Can understand the words of adults and companions; Can speak correctly according to the pronunciation of Mandarin; Can express his meaning in short sentences.

2 The interest in surrounding things will directly perceive and remember the common things and phenomena around with the senses, have a preliminary image thinking ability; like to learn.

3 There is interest in participating in mathematics activities; the ability to initially count, classify, and sort according to the number and characteristics of physical objects.

Ethics and social competence development goals

1 I can feel the care and love of the adults around me. I love parents and teachers, and use some polite terms.

2 With the help of adult reminders, initially abide by the rules of collective life behavior. Can play together with peers.

3 Have initial self-service ability. Can participate in simple labor and do what he can do.

4 Participate in various activities with positive emotions, and express opinions under the encouragement of teachers.

5 Willing to interact with peers.

3. Good living habits for young children, improve their self-care ability.

4. Cultivate good study routines.

1 Willing to participate in various collective activities and concentrate;

2 Take care of the kindergarten toys, do not compete with others;

3 Learn to express your wishes in words; be able to classify toys;

4 Learn the correct way to read books, and develop good pre-reading habits for young children.

Three, specific measures

1. Cultivate children's happy and stable emotions, strengthen the cultivation of children's self-care ability and hygienic habits, and make them develop physically and mentally.

2. In a day's activities, combine education with education, alternate between dynamic and static, and establish good living and learning habits.

3. Usually use morning conversations, teaching activities, and game activities to educate young children on safety and common sense, improve their safety awareness and self-protection ability. In the regular training, educate young children to observe the rules of activities and do not bring dangerous goods to participateActivities such as scissors, toys and other sharp objects, do not make dangerous moves in the game such as: sliding down the head, climbing the slide from the bottom up, not climbing, etc., not leaving the group without permission, getting along with each other in a friendly way, and humility, Do n’t squeeze and bump, do n’t beat, push, bite, grab people. Strengthen the health education of the five senses, and do a good job of the management of the weak children.

4. Fully consider the characteristics of small class children, respect the laws of physical and mental development of small class children, and provide a healthy and rich living and activity environment for children under the penetration of safety awareness.

Four, work calendar


1. Make preparations for the start of school and help young children adapt to the kindergarten environment as soon as possible.

2. Establish class routines as soon as possible and carry out orderly one-day activities.

3. Actively formulate various class work plans.

4. Hold a new semester parent meeting.


1. Launch a Thanksgiving theme activity: My good mother.


1. Carefully do the prevention and disinfection of various diseases during the season change.

2. Carry out the Qingming Festival theme activities.

3. Conscientiously do a good job of developing the behavior habits of the class baby.


1. Do intensive disinfection work in spring and summer.

2. Seriously organize young children to prepare for the kindergarten "June 1" cultural activities.

3. Organize baby to participate in kindergarten fire drill.


1. Celebrate the "1st June" parent-child activities and literary performances.

2. Do a good job in the assessment of the end of term semester.


1. Class property cleaning work.

2. Make a good class Work summary .

Kindergarten personal work plan 3

The new semester has begun, and I continue to work as a nursery in large classes. In the past semester, although some achievements have been made in the work, there are still deficiencies in the safety of young children. I will continue the good side in the new semesterTo continue to develop, we will work hard to do well. According to the goals of the new semester, the plan is as follows :

1. Do the sanitation and disinfection work in the class, and take good care of the children in the class.

With the winter and spring seasons changing, it is also the season of high incidence of infectious diseases of young children. As a nurse, you must strictly abide by the sanitation and disinfection system established by the health care doctor, and disinfect the items in contact with the children in a timely manner.Outdoor sun disinfection. Increase your sense of responsibility for your work, especially if there are children taking medicines, you should carefully check the records of taking medicines, and read the instructions repeatedly before feeding.

Second, consolidate the daily routine of young children and do routine training for new students.

Through the training of the last semester, most of the children in the class have a better day-to-day life routine, some of them are younger and have weaker abilities. Teachers are reminded that in the future work, they must continue to consolidate the life routines of children and make themDevelop good habits. Ten new children are added to this semester. Since the children have not yet adapted to the collective life of the kindergarten, as a childcare worker, they must reduce the anxiety of entering the school while patiently and meticulously training the new children.The routine of life allows them to integrate into the collective life of the kindergarten as soon as possible.

Three, strengthen outdoor activity care to ensure the safety of young children.

As the weather turns warmer, outdoor activities are prolonged, and children ’s clothes are gradually reduced. Therefore, during outdoor activities, one must take good care of the children and sweat them in time; second, prevent accidents., Before the outdoor activities, carefully check the venue, the clothes of young children, to eliminate all hidden dangers.

Four, cooperate with teachers in the class to do various activities well.

Small class children have weak self-service ability. In my usual work, in addition to completing good health work, I participate in education as much as possible to make education activities more in-depth, extend education activities to the nursery link, and fully implement them.The combination of childcare and unified education principles. In the semester, the park is preparing to carry out "My good mother", "Work is the most glorious", "I love my kindergarten" and other themed activities. During the preparation of teachers in the class, I mustTake care of the children in the class as much as possible, so that the teacher can rest assured and go all out to carry out various activities.

Five, greet the retest with a high sense of responsibility.

This semester will usher in the first re-inspection work. In my usual work, I will take every job seriously, strictly abide by the garden sanitation and disinfection system formulated by the health care doctor, eliminate the dead ends of the health, and ensure the classThe cleanliness of the environment will not discredit the kindergarten during the retest, so that the kindergarten can successfully pass the retest.

In the work of this semester, I will continually surpass myself and move towards a higher goal. Show myself on the road of work with a positive, enterprising, knowledge-seeking heart.

Kindergarten personal work plan 4

I. Analysis of class conditions

Through the one-year study in small classes, children have made certain progress in learning and life. Most children have developed good behavior habits and are polite to people; language expression ability, ability to communicate with people, and self-care abilityAs well as the hands-on operation ability, there are great developments. But we also see some problems. The children ’s susceptibility to mathematics is weak, and the children ’s behavioral routines need to be strengthened. This semester, we will train children to love the kindergarten.On the basis of it, carefully regulate the one-day routines of young children, strengthen discipline education, and strive to do a good job in class care. Further develop the self-service ability of young children and like to help others; respect the affection of teachers and peers, so that they are in their originalBased on the development.

Second, education work

According to the garden work plan, do a good job of childcare. Regulate the daily activities of children, strengthen children ’s physique, do moral education, develop children ’s intelligence, and cultivate correct aesthetics. Promote the development of children ’s physical and mental health.

Conservation work

1. Respect and care for each child, understand each child's psychological needs and changes in mood and emotion, and take timely measures to help the child.

2. Adhere to the cleanliness and hygiene system of the class, and do a small sweep every day and a big sweep every week; keep the items hygienic, tidy, and orderly, and cultivate children's good habits of placing items.

3. Play and sterilize equipment regularly; work with doctors and parents to prevent and isolate diseases.

4. Pay attention to children's diet and hygiene, cultivate children's good hygiene habits, and ensure the healthy development of children's body and mind.

Education and Teaching Work

1. Continue to strengthen the training of children's daily behavior norms this semester and cultivate children's good behavior habits.

2. We formulate the education and teaching plan for this semester based on the educational purpose of the new "Outline" of the kindergarten, combined with the actual situation of the children in the class; focusing on integrating the curriculum, and carefully formulating monthly, weekly and daily plans according to the semester planVarious activities, and in various implementations, adopt various forms of educational methods, entertain and teach according to their aptitude, and carry out various activities in a novel, intuitive and enlightening teaching method.

3. Pay attention to the observation of educational behaviors, understand the development of young children from the observation, and use the most suitable means for the development of young children to influence the young children and make them get the most improvement.

4. Carry out bilingual teaching to show the unique education of our garden.

5. Invite parents to participate and guide our educational activities to achieve the effect of home education.

6. Through open activities for parents, parents can understand our educational methods and understand our educational concepts, so that parents can more actively and actively cooperate with our work.

7. Use community resources to allow community life and environmental protection education to penetrate into our education and teaching, and expand our education resources to the society and open to the society.

Three, safe work

We always put safety first. Strengthen safety management in daily activities. Pay attention to safety management in all aspects of children's day activities, such as morning safety inspection, adherence to the use of shuttle cards, optional activities, mealsPatrol before and after meals, before and after nap, and during nap, to ensure that children's one-day activities do not deviate from the teacher's sight. Interpolate safety education in daily activities, strengthen children's safety awareness, and help children master some self-protection skills. Improve their sense of responsibility, Carefully remove all unsafe factors. We must strengthen the management of children in upper berths and help them up and down. We want to let children grow up in a safe environment.

Four, class management

1. Hold class meetings regularly every month to summarize the work situation of the previous month, discuss the difficulties encountered in their work together, and find solutions to them. Arrange the work content for this month.

2. Carefully formulate monthly, weekly, and daily plans. Carry out various activities strictly according to the plan. The day activities for young children are scientifically and rationally arranged alternately.

3. Conscientiously supervise the child care leave registration form and handover record.

4. Manage the class property, check whether the doors and windows are closed properly every day; do not let the class property be lost; pay attention to saving water and electricity to avoid unnecessary waste.

V. Parent work

Do a good job of parents and improve the effect of home education.

1. According to the specific situation of the middle class, a good home education program should be targeted to promote the knowledge of preschool education to parents in a timely manner, so that parents can keep abreast of the situation of children in the park.

2. Carefully fill in the homeland contact book so that it can fully play the role of a bridge.

3. Use the link of picking up children in the morning and evening to communicate with parents in time.

4. Maintain close contact with parents through home visits, telephone interviews and e-mails, and communicate with children about their life and learning in a timely manner, and recommend excellent websites to parents.

5. Hold parent meetings regularly and promote quality services. Try to make parents feel satisfied and at ease, so as to obtain parents' support and cooperation in class work.

6. Carry out home-school education activities. Parents are welcome to participate in the open day activities. Looking for suitable opportunities, parents should come into the classroom to achieve home-school education synchronization through various channels.

In short, the three teachers in my class will continue to work hard, unite and work together to do a good job in the class and strive for better results!

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