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Four articles about personal work plan of kindergarten

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The years have passed, a stream of fresh water has flowed out, and we will usher in a new round of efforts. At this time, we need to plan ahead. But Work plan What content should be written to be correct? The following are 4 personal work plans for kindergarten, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read it.

Kindergarten personal work plan 1

I. Class analysis :

There are 35 children in this class, including 22 boys, 13 girls, and 5 are foreign children. After a small school year of study and exercise, each child has made some progress: some have become bold, Some can go to kindergarten happily every day, and some are sensible. The whole class has a good mental outlook, learning interest and operating routines have been greatly improved. But there are also individual children who are stubborn, like happy, Li Minghong,Boys such as Xia Xinchao still have many deficiencies in their behavior habits and rules awareness. Another example: when eating, Tao Xinke ’s children like to grab the food with their hands; Lin Xiang ’s children always eat a table full of rice grains.The bad habit of eating hands; so this semester our two teachers will focus on individual children to focus on training. In addition, because young children usually use Mandarin and do not develop the habit of speaking Mandarin, so the task of Mandarin training for young childrenIt is also very difficult. This semester, we will continue to insist on taking children as the main body, and focus on the children according to the actual situation of this class.When education and guidance, the ability to get all aspects of child maximize.

Second, work goal :

1 Thought and character

1. To educate young children to respect the teacher, respect the elders, do not lose their temper at home, do wrong things can be admitted and intentionally corrected, and be able to get along with them friendly. Be at home in the garden.

2. Observe the rules of the collective, care for the kindergarten's utensils, toys, and flowers and trees in the kindergarten, take care of food and clothing, and put the used items neatly back to the original place without picking up other people's things and picking up thingsCan be given to the teacher or lost owner.

3. Learn to do your own things and be willing to serve your peers and collectives.

4. Combined with various festivals in this semester for timely education Teacher's Day, National Day, etc.

2 Education and teaching :

1. In accordance with the work requirements of kindergarten education and teaching, carefully formulate the goals and contents of education and teaching, provide children with rich and suitable operating materials, cultivate children's practical ability, and stimulate children's interest in learning. In addition, they should be timely and scientifically prepared for childrenObservation records and activity evaluation to improve the disadvantages of teaching and improve the quality of teaching.

2. Strengthen individual education. Communicate more with young children, understand the situation and needs of young children, support and encourage young children to participate, and pay attention to positive guidance for introverted and problem children, provide them with opportunities for communication, so that they can integrate into the collectiveIn the activities, so as to cultivate a lively and cheerful personality.

3. According to the characteristics of the children in this class, our two teachers will work out their own sub-topics-"picture folder text and look at pictures", and carry out experimental activities in the class with purpose and plan. In addition,The picture-in-picture look at the picture throughout the education and teaching activities of young children, and strive to provide a relaxed and happy educational environment for young children. Using lively and interesting teaching methods and methods to stimulate children's interest in learning and cultivate children's language expression skills.

3 Environmental creation :

1. Wall decoration: Wall decoration should be a world for children to express their emotions, performance, and development. This semester, we will carefully observe the children ’s interests and needs by listening to children ’s conversations; observing children ’s behavior in activitiesEtc., collect materials together with young children, make wall decorations, so that children can truly become the masters of the environment. At the same time, we will continue to guide and inspire young children to infiltrate active activities that interact with the environment into daily life.

2. Open up the activity area: make full use of the corridor to open up the activity area and the game corner, design the content of the activity area according to the wishes of the children, mobilize the children to collect various game materials, and constantly enrich the activity area to meet the needs of children's activities.

3. Natural corner: According to the characteristics of the season, plant all kinds of plants, inspire children to observe, according to the needs of young children, add animals and plants in time, enrich the natural corner.

4 Conservation work :

1, pay attention to indoor ventilation and disinfection of indoor items to prevent the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases and infectious diseases.

2. Attach importance to the development of children's living hygiene habits. Organize young children to give their towels and cups selection marks to consolidate the children's correct methods of going to the toilet, washing their hands, eating, gargle, nap and so on.Children, we will talk to him individually and remind them often.

3. Pay attention to observation, understand the physical condition of young children, observe and record the individual sick children throughout the day, and properly give them more rest and pay attention to drinking water.

5 Parent work :

1. Through "Home and Family Education", introduce parents to some common knowledge of childcare, class work arrangements, teaching activities, etc.

2. Hold a class parent meeting to exchange information with parents.

3. Use the home contact book, notes, etc. to reflect the situation of the child in the park, and pay attention to listening to the parents' feedback.

4. In the morning reception and after school, often get in touch with parents to understand and cooperate with their homes.

5. Do a good job of home visits. The children of the whole class visit once every semester to correct some parents ’incorrect attitudes. Parents work together to educate the children.

6 Safety work :

1. Unremittingly educating young children on safety and self-protection, a safety education activity every two weeks. At the same time, teachers often check and eliminate all unsafe factors in the classroom to prevent various injuries and accidents.

2. Pay attention to the special care for the abnormal children in the class, such as the child who is weak and easily convulsed-teacher Yan Jiaming will give special care and teach the children to care about him and help him.

3. Educate young children to learn simple self-protection ability when playing slides.

3. Specific work arrangement :

September :

1. Normal educational order.

2. Organize children to arrange rhythm exercises.

3. Place regional event materials and beautify the classroom environment.

4. Preparation for National Day celebration.

October :

1. Routine training for young children.

2. Greeting the acceptance of "Jiangsu Teachers' Kindergarten".

3. Organize young children to learn 119 fire fighting knowledge.


1. Preparations for parents to open activities.

2. Little Braun series competition.

3. Launch the theme of "Autumn is Coming".


1. Launch the theme activity of "Our Animal Friends".

2. Children celebrate New Year's Day Games.

3. Teachers write reviews for children.


1. Carry out the theme activity "Baby is not afraid of cold".

2. End-of-term inspection of young children.

Four, specific measures :

1. Pay attention to random education in one-day activities. Cultivate good behaviors such as discipline, labor, respect for teachers, hygiene, and politeness throughout the day life of children.

2. Strengthen self-cultivation, actively participate in business training, and strictly demand yourself to be a role model for young children. Be good at learning, diligent, thoughtful, and do more, starting from the actual situation of the children, starting from the needs of the parents, thinking of the children, being the parentsDo it to ensure that the class work is carried out in an orderly manner.

3. By listening to children's conversations; observing the children's behaviors in activities and other methods, collecting materials with children, making wall decorations, and making children truly the masters of the environment

4. Follow the principle of combining childcare and education, reasonably arrange the children's one-day activities, so that the movements and statics alternate, and work and rest are combined.

5. Use all feasible channels to reflect the situation of the children in the garden to the parents in time, and pay attention to listening to the parents' feedback. Do the home education in a timely manner.

6. Through safety education activities every two weeks, teach children some simple self-protection knowledge. At the same time teachers often check and eliminate all unsafe factors in the classroom to prevent various injuries and accidents.

Kindergarten personal work plan 2

First, the ideological aspect :

Able to actively participate in political study, unite comrades, love the collective, obey the distribution, be serious and responsible for class work, work hard to be truthful, realistic, and innovative. Complete all tasks arranged in the garden with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.Actively participate in various activities in the park and grade-level teaching and research activities, do a good job. Love and dedication, treat each child with patience, love, fairness and respect.

Second, education :

1. In education and teaching activities, create good opportunities and conditions for children and provide sufficient operating materials. According to the age characteristics of the children in the class, fully mobilize various sensory perceptions to make them participate in the process of activities,Recognize and master the characteristics and attributes of things. In the day's activities, pay attention to teaching children a simple, simple life knowledge experience, and cultivate children's ability to solve problems independently.

2. Prepare lessons carefully in education and teaching activities, make material preparations and knowledge preparations before class. Pay attention to permeating theory in teaching practice, be good at summing up experience, write education essays every month to improve your own ability and writing ability.

3. In the teaching process, we must deal with the child ’s dominant position and the teacher ’s dominant position, guide the children to participate in activities in various forms, and take the initiative to learn.The spirit of the new "Outline".

4. Organize all links of education and teaching activities according to the weekly activity goals, content and requirements, ensure the daily play time and outdoor activities of children, provide children's activity materials, and better cultivate children's overall development ability.

3. Conservation work :

Strengthen the day-to-day routine education of children, strengthen the cultivation and training of children's various behaviors and habits, so that the children's living habits and learning habits have developed to a certain extent on the original basis, and their health and health have improved.

Four, safe work :

Safe work is one of the most important tasks. To ensure the personal safety of every child is the responsibility and responsibility of every teacher. In order to reassure parents and allow children to live and grow in a safe environment, I didThe following points :

1. Teach the children some safety knowledge, strengthen the children's safety awareness and self-care ability. Do not swallow foreign objects, do not play with fire, water, electricity, jump from high places, do not climb up high places, noEat things that are strangers, do not follow strangers, and cry out for help when dangers occur.

2. Strict morning inspection system to prevent children from bringing unsafe items into the park. Manage the medicines of sick children and avoid the children from taking the wrong medicine.

3. Strengthen the management of all aspects of one-day activities and strengthen the management of children's daily life, so that people are attentive to prevent accidents.

4. Do a good job in handover and fill in the content of the handover.

V. Parent work :

1. Actively and kindly communicate with parents. I took full advantage of the time of morning pick-up and after school to communicate with parents, so that parents can understand the situation of their children in the park.

2. Promote the tasks and science of kindergarten childcare to parents, improve the understanding and understanding of parents and society on the work of kindergarten, and cooperate with kindergartens to do a good job of childcare.

In short, although the work of this school year is very busy and tired, but I feel very comfortable. Because I enjoy the joy of harvesting in the work, I also found some existing problems. In the future work, I will saveThe standards of the first-level model kindergarten are strict with themselves, constantly learning new knowledge, striving to improve the ideological and professional qualities, and boldly innovating teaching methods. Trying to improve your work better!

Kindergarten personal work plan 3

We have the same goal: let every child live a healthy and happy life, and develop into a new generation of children who can learn, think, interact, and be creative. With "respect for children, parents, and all children's interests"Work on the principle of “priority”.

Draw up the following work plan :

First, class situation analysis and work focus

In this semester, we will focus on cultivating children's good routine habits, enhancing children's language ability, life self-care ability, and cultivating children's social communication ability and music quality. Strengthen the guidance of individual children in work, by exploring the themeThe combination of activities and daily care work will allow children to develop in all directions.

Second, child development goals

1. Health field

1 Gradually adapt to the collective life of kindergarten, the mood is basically happy.

2 With the help of adults, learn to drink water, eat meals, wash hands, go to the toilet, learn to wear and take off simple clothes and shoes.

3 Understand simple hygiene knowledge, willing to undergo health check, know the five senses and understand protection.

4 Willing to participate in sports activities with companions and develop walking, running, jumping, drilling, climbing and other actions.

2. Language field

1 Learn Mandarin, be willing to use language to express your preferences and needs, and learn to communicate with people in Mandarin.

2 Learn to listen to others quietly, understand simple language instructions and follow their actions.

3 I like to read children's songs, listen to stories, watch performances, read books, etc., and learn to express my knowledge and feelings.

3. Social field

1 Willing to go to kindergarten, able to participate in kindergarten activities, willing to be close to teachers or familiar adults.

2 I am willing to play with my companions, try to learn to share and wait, and experience the happiness.

3 Inspired by adults, learn to pay attention to the obvious emotional performance of others, learn to care for others. Be willing to greet familiar people, learn to ask for help and thank you.

4 Learn to compare yourself and others in terms of gender, appearance and other external characteristics.

5 Learn to accept the teacher's suggestions and instructions, and learn to abide by the basic rules in collective life.

4. Scientific field

1 Under the guidance of adults, learn to discover interesting things in the surrounding environment.

2 I am willing to use various senses to perceive the surrounding objects and phenomena, and understand the obvious characteristics of the objects such as color, size and shape.

3 like to operate and fiddle.

4 Get close to nature, love and learn to care for the surrounding plants.

5, art field

1 Under the guidance of adults, you can gradually pay attention to and be close to the beautiful things such as flowers, trees, small animals, etc. that are familiar with your surroundings, and produce pleasant emotions.

2 I like listening to music, and can express my feelings about works of art with the help of actions and language.

3 Try to use your favorite colors, materials and tools for art activities, and learn the skills of painting, cutting, pasting, tearing and lifting.

4 Learn to sing in a natural voice, learn to perform song performance and rhythm freely with body movements, like percussion activities, and learn to make music games with teachers and companions.

Three, education and teaching work

⒈Do a good job of emotional comfort for freshmen entering the park. Since most children enter the park for the first time, they will be crying and unwilling to come to the park. Our teachers should do the following work :

1 Do homework contact before school starts, receive children into the park, hold a parent meeting, introduce the class situation, and let parents fill in a child Family Life questionnaire, so that parents, teachers and children can get familiar with them as soon as possible, reducing the negative emotions of children coming to the garden.

(2) Provide a warm, comfortable and interesting classroom environment for children

3 Teachers treat children with kindness and gentleness to eliminate their strangeness.

⒉Cultivate children's good life routines, improve their self-care ability, and achieve an orderly life.

1 Know your mark.

2 Learn the correct way to wash your hands.

3 Can take a quiet nap without waking up others.

4 Develop good eating habits and learn to eat by yourself.

⒊Cultivate good study routines.

1 Willing to participate in various collective activities and concentrate.

2 Take care of the kindergarten toys, do not compete with others.

3 Learn to express your wishes in words and to classify toys.

4 Learn the correct way to read a book, and cultivate good pre-reading habits for young children.

⒋In-depth practice of the garden-based course, combining theme exploration activities with regional activities, starting from their interests, allowing children to learn actively, so as to gain experience in all aspects and improve comprehensive ability.

⒌Focus on the planning of activities in the activity area to achieve orderly learning. During the activities, teachers will strengthen the observation and recording of children, discover problems in time, and understand children.

⒍Enrich the day life of young children, make full use of the time of daily music activities and literary activities, and enrich the forms of music activities and language activities.

Four, health care work

Small class health care work is very important. Under the guidance of medical staff, strictly implement the various health care work in accordance with the requirements of the garden. In the work, strengthen the care of the children's life, and give top priority to the physical and mental health of the children.Provide a clean and comfortable activity environment for young children, resolutely put an end to the epidemic of infectious diseases, take good care of sick children, regularly feed children with medicine regularly, and ensure the attendance rate of class children. At the same time, insist on daily outdoor activities to create for young childrenA relaxed and pleasant environment, establish a good teacher-student relationship, combine children's physiology and psychology, and promote children's physical and mental health.

In the health work of this semester, enhance the education awareness of nurses, increase the awareness of nurses ’participation and class assignments in the day activities of young children, and truly achieve the unity of nursing and education.

V. Parent work

In the work of parents in this semester, our class focuses on the principle of "respecting parents", improving teachers' "service awareness" and strengthening communication with parents. My class will work hard to do the following :

1. Strengthen communication and communication with parents to understand the interests and hobbies of each child, as well as the needs of parents and whether they are willing to participate in the class by filling in questionnaires, home visits, appointment visits, telephone calls, conversations during transfers, etc.activity.

2. Change the content of the parent ’s garden on time, let the parents understand the content of the teaching activities of the class in time, obtain the support and cooperation of the parents, and continue to provide new preschool education information to the parents.

3. Encourage parents to actively participate in parent-child activities, participate in teaching assistants, and play the role of parents.

The above is my personal work plan for this semester. In the future work, I will work hard to strive for greater progress

Kindergarten personal work plan 4

The new semester began in a tense and orderly atmosphere. We will continue to study and implement the spirit of the "Outline" in this semester, strengthen the self-study of the "Guide to Learning and Development for Children Aged 3-6", and keep updatingEducational concept, change educational behavior. Provide children with a safe, healthy and rich living and activity environment, meet the needs of children ’s multi-faceted development, respect the characteristics and laws of children ’s physical and mental development, pay attention to individual differences, insist on equal care and ensure the health of childrengrowing up.

First, the analysis of class conditions

Through the one-year study in small classes, children have made certain progress in learning and life. Most children have developed good behavior habits, politeness and the ability to interact with people. But we also see the existence ofSome problems, children's ability to operate is still weak, and children's behavioral routines need to be strengthened. This semester, we will carefully regulate the children's daily routines, strengthen the awareness of rules, and strive to do on the basis of cultivating children's emotions of loving kindergartenGood class care work.

2. Conservation work

1. Do a good job of class hygiene, do a good job of cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating every day; prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases; strictly implement the day-to-day activities and rest system for young children, reasonably arrange the day-to-day life of young children; achieve indoor and outdoor environmentNeat and tidy, create a comfortable and healthy living and learning environment for young children. At the same time, pay attention to cultivate good living hygiene habits of young children, do not put dirty things in the mouth, in order to prevent the disease from entering the mouth. Strengthen the cultivation of children's self-care ability, learn to do somethingThings you can do. Care for the growth of young children carefully. Care for young children in daily life, especially younger children with weaker ability.

2. Optimize the class education environment and regularly provide sufficient semi-finished or non-finished materials that are of interest to children in each activity area to stimulate children ’s desire to explore and improve children ’s practical ability. According to the needs of the theme activities,Regularly change the theme and material of the activity area, and set up an art work column outside the classroom to ensure that every child has the opportunity to display and appreciate the work and cultivate the self-expression ability of the child.

3. Pay attention to the physical fitness of the children, ensure that the children can reach the amount of exercise every day; pay attention to the individual differences of the children. Provide various types of sports equipment for the children. According to the arrangement of the weekly plan activities, each week will focus on leadingToddlers perform physical exercises and give them opportunities to explore and communicate freely outdoors.

4. Carry out various forms of children's activities rich in content, enrich children's learning life, and promote the development of children in many ways.

5. Children with relatively weak abilities in all aspects of the class, timely and objectively make records and evaluations of the children's activity process, and take effective measures to help children improve their abilities.

6. Strengthen the safety education of young children, make them aware of harmful items, behaviors and dangerous places, and form a preliminary safety awareness.

Second, education and teaching work

Respecting the main position of children in learning activities, according to the interests and development goals of middle-class children, combined with our new constructive curriculum content to increase the teaching content in five major areas, formulate monthly, weekly, and daily teaching plans.The plan is organized and implemented in a purposeful way, carrying out a variety of educational and teaching activities, rationally using and integrating all resources, giving full play to the initiative of young children, conducting appreciation education, paying attention to the flash points on each young child, and giving them appropriate praiseFor those who are more introverted and quiet, they will create opportunities for them to express their performance, and they should be praised for their progress in a timely manner to enhance their self-confidence and sense of honor.

Three, safe work

Safety is the top priority in kindergarten work. This semester, we will continue to pay attention to the safety management of all aspects of children ’s day activities, such as morning safety inspection, free activities, outdoor activities, etc., to ensure that children ’s day activities do not deviate from the teacher ’s sight.At the same time intersperse safety education in daily activities, strengthen children's safety awareness, help children master some self-protection skills. Improve their responsibility, carefully remove all unsafe factors, and let children grow up in a safe environment.

Four, parent work

Do a good job of parents and improve the effect of home education.

1. Let parents know the situation of children in the garden in time.

2. Use the link of picking up and dropping off children to communicate with parents in time.

3. Maintain close contact with parents through telephone and other forms to exchange the life and learning situation of children

4. Hold parent meetings regularly and promote quality services. Try to make parents feel satisfied and at ease, so as to obtain parents' support and cooperation in class work.

In short, the two teachers in our class will continue to work hard, unite and work together to do a good job in the class and strive for better results!

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