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[Required] 3 articles of kindergarten personal work plan

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Unconsciously, we know it later, and we will usher in a new round of hard work. We might as well plan the next stage of work and strive for another success! Work plan What should be written to be correct? The following are 3 articles about the personal work plan of the kindergarten, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read.

Kindergarten Personal Work Plan 1

The teaching and research work of the last semester was led by the principal, and the teachers actively cooperated to develop steadily. The education and guarantee work has basically entered the right track. In the colorful teaching and research activities, the teacher's education and teaching level has improved significantly.In particular, the application of electrification education in kindergarten activities has been praised by district leaders for many times. However, teachers' professional theoretical quality and educational practice ability are far from modern educational thoughts and educational concepts. The understanding of the "Outline"The application needs to be continuously explored. Teachers' research consciousness still lacks enthusiasm and initiative. In research activities, innovation and exploration must be strengthened. In the arrangement of activities, it is necessary to explore the integration of the content of the sub-sector activities and the theme activities.

Aiming at the problems existing in teaching and research work in the last semester, determine the guiding ideology of teaching and research work in this semester :

Taking the "Rules" and "Outline" as guidance, taking human-oriented management as the guidance, strengthening the management of teaching and research work, increasing the enthusiasm of teachers to participate in teaching and research, cultivating research-oriented teachers, promoting the professional growth of teachers with teaching and research activities, and comprehensively improving the kindergarten'sQuality of education work.

Specific measures :

I. Strengthen theoretical learning.

Seriously study the implementation details of the "Outline", combine learning with subject research, use the spirit of the "Outline" to solve problems in practice, find support for educational theory, explore educational strategies, improve the shortcomings in education, and summarize creative ideas.Educational experience.

Key learning this semester :

January and September: Studying "Evaluation of Kindergarten Education Evaluation" Kindergarten Guidance Outline, page 230 and "Kindergarten Guidance Outline Implementation Rules" pages 51 and 66 are mainly self-study.

1 Seminar: Educational evaluation methods suitable for children in this class.

2 After the seminar, the security instructors of each class will develop an education evaluation plan suitable for the class, in duplicate. Submit one to the kindergarten.

February and October: Studying "How to Construct Active and Effective Teacher-Child Interaction" Kindergarten Guidance Outline, pages 157-170 focuses on self-study and group learning.

1 Through learning, each person writes a study note in combination with daily work, and everyone exchanges experiences.

2 Research lessons: how to construct active and effective teacher-child interaction in education and teaching activities. Teachers will take care of them, and other teachers will listen to and evaluate lessons, and jointly find bright spots and deficiencies. Re-educate for deficiencies.

March, November, learning the new "Outline" on the professional quality of preschool teachers. Guideline outline 171-178

Mainly self-study. After the study, each person prepares an article, posts it in the forum, and talks to everyone about their experience.

Learning the new "Outline" and the professional quality of preschool teachers in April and December Guideline Outline 179-188

Teaching and research collective learning, post-school discussion on the importance of “improving professionalism”

II. Teaching and research work.

1. Each teacher in this semester will make a draft of teaching and research topics based on the situation of the "Electrification Education in Education and Teaching". Each class will be submitted at the end of September.

2. Mobilize the enthusiasm of all members to participate in kindergarten teaching and research management, boldly explore and practice, and jointly participate in the formulation of goals in various areas of the class, so that the teaching and maintenance work is carried out in an orderly manner. One class for each kindergarten

3. Rely on the training in the park and carry out various teaching and research activities in the park.

1 Carry out teaching seminars. One or more teachers conduct multiple practical researches on the content of the unified activities in the park. In the research, compare different teaching strategies, teaching methods, organizational forms, and value orientations to children's development.In the process of learning, doing, researching, thinking, relearning, doing again, researching, and rethinking, we find the educational value implied in educational activities.

2 Self-recommended course evaluation activities, everyone listens together and evaluates after listening, so that the teacher understands how valuable educational activities should be organized. The leaders of the park listened to the lectures and evaluated them.The activity provides specific and direct guidance to effectively improve the teacher's educational ability and educational effectiveness. Each teacher recommends lessons once a month, and the class leader and key teachers must take the lead.

3 Each teacher takes at least one report lesson per semester, and invites leaders of the central school and teachers at the village level to participate.

4 Garden-based lectures. Each teacher should organize at least one garden-based training per semester. Key teachers and monitors should be no less than two times. They are ready to report to the kindergarten to arrange the time.Participants and training content are sent to the school-based school-based training version.

4. Strengthen teachers' reflective ability, build a reflective teacher role, learn in practice, and improve in reflection.

Reflection before practice, what should I do, why, and what kind of results will I have?

Reflect in practice, review your teaching behaviors at any time, test the feasibility of predetermined measures, and adjust strategies.

Reflection after practice, based on your own reflection, record in time, put forward suggestions for improvement. Communicate through the teaching and research group.

At the end of the semester, each person submits 2-3 high-quality reflection notes, and the park evaluates excellent reflection notes.

5. Carry out teaching and guidance activities, and key teachers will teach each person finds a mutual aid object, uses his spare time to help teach, speed up the pace of progress, and form a common learning atmosphere.

III. Carry out a series of activities to "strengthen the professional construction of teachers".

September: Playing with teaching aids. There are no less than 3 classes per class.

October: Case Analysis Exchange Teacher organizes, analyzes, and proposes educational strategies for individual children in a semester.

November: Teacher Basic Skills Competition.

November-December: appraisal of multimedia courseware in educational activities.

Fourth, strengthen the writing and exchange of teacher education experience.

Teachers should pay attention to the continuous accumulation of education and teaching experience in daily work, and write higher-quality education and teaching papers and cases at the end of the period.

The new outline poses huge challenges to teachers' ideas and educational skills, so we must stand firmly at the forefront of the times and work hard to create a new situation for our Bohai kindergarten.

Kindergarten Personal Work Plan 2

I. Guiding ideology

According to the Education Bureau's opinions on early childhood education work, combined with the actual situation of the park, try our best to let the concept and spirit of the "Outline" implement our park's education management and the first line of education, so that children can have fun playing and learning in the park, Give the kindergarten's teaching team a new vitality, and better promote the development of children's personality.

two, the main goal of kindergarten education

Implement a new system of conventional education and education, focusing on the quantification of assessment; standardize one-day education and education activities, and attach equal importance to education and education; carry out teaching and research around practical issues to strengthen the leadership of teaching and research; close home contact to foster young children; increase external publicity efforts; Improve the comprehensive ability of teachers, train a multi-functional teacher; and cultivate the development of children with personality.

III. Specific goals and measures :

I Implement the new system of conventional education and education, and promote the development of education and education standards.

A good system is a guarantee to ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. The old system of child care and education in the kindergarten has promoted the improvement of the quality of child care and education to some extent, but there are also certain problems. Therefore, we will implement a new system this semester.The conventional system of guaranteeing education and education, with a view to further implementing and promoting the work of nursery education in kindergartens.

The new system strives to focus attention on all aspects of children's day-to-day life, concentrated education activities, game education activities, and learning and daily work routines of kindergarten teachers. Kindergartens look forward to guiding everyone's attention through the guidance of this conventional system.Implementing the one-day childcare policy, focusing on improving education and teaching ability, and focusing on children's game teaching, so that the childcare education in kindergartens can be truly implemented. Clarify job responsibilities and adhere to both childcare and education. The younger the child, the more we need to take care of itAs teachers, we must insist on treating children with care and patience, and placing childcare work in an important position, especially in elementary and middle school nurses.

Under the premise of good conservation, the improvement of educational ability can promote the all-round development of children. Therefore, teachers must consciously take the initiative to find time to strengthen learning in accordance with their teaching field, and establish and implement the correct outlook on education, children, and development, Constant reflection, so as to fundamentally ensure the improvement of education and teaching ability, and train children.

Managers must implement Baotou management according to the plan. Managers must make early arrangements, combining specific issues on the frontline of Baotou, and often * frontline, observe activities, and implement the Baotou management in a timely and effective manner, focusing on mutual help, mutual learning, guidance, and support.Pay equal attention to discussing the teaching process and one-day guarantee education activities, thinking and putting forward appropriate opinions and suggestions. In the management, we focus on quantitative assessment, pay attention to strictness, fairness, and timeliness, and effectively serve the frontline of guarantee education.

The head of each class should pay attention to the combination of kindergarten sex work and the work of the class, attach importance to the connection work of the child care teacher, the transfer work between teachers and teachers, and the child care teacher requires the three teachers to communicate frequently.Pay attention to the consistency of education. The main class should regularly analyze the current status of the class work and manage the class work.

2 Conduct teaching and research around practical problems.

In the last semester, kindergartens carried out teaching and research in different fields. Most teachers are willing to participate in this form of teaching and research activities and have a lot of gains. Teaching and research have solved some of the problems we encountered in the teaching and maintenance work. This semester, we will continue to carry outTeaching and research by field.

The focus of the teaching and research work in this issue is to continue to carry out teaching and research around some practical problems encountered by the teaching staff in the teaching and maintenance work. The teaching and research team leader should give full play to the role of demonstration and lead to improve the effectiveness of teaching and research. Each teaching and research team leader must demonstrate, lead and exchangeAnd discussions to build a platform for the growth of new and old teachers. We hope that through teaching and research, we can train a multi-functional teacher, train new key teachers, and explore some methods of teaching and research to improve the quality of teaching and research.And can improve the quality of education and teaching through research, to achieve the purpose of promoting teaching with research.

3 Close contact with homes, the general principles of the "Outline" of educating young children pointed out that kindergartens should be with Family , the community cooperates closely with the primary school, comprehensively utilizes various educational resources, and jointly creates good conditions for the development of children. Home cooperation has become an important factor in the success or failure of education, especially in rural child education. Parents' consciousness sometimesCan control kindergarten education. Therefore, in order to get a good education for rural children, it is necessary to pay attention to guiding parents to establish a correct outlook on education and children. In this issue of home liaison work, teachers must actively promote everything we do and let parents* Understand our work. Kindergartens should use examples to promote the correct view of children in parent conferences and publicity columns, and guide parents to establish the correct view of childcare.

September :

1. Formulate various work plans for this semester, and complete the classroom layout and environment creation of each class.

2. Teacher skills training and assessment.

3. Welcome new students and stabilize the emotions of new students; take the first lesson of safety and conduct regular education for young children.

4. In-class listening, various routine inspections of teaching. Teaching links, teacher preparation, lesson plans, educational essays, morning activities, etc.

5, finishing of health, happiness, development theme activity materials.

October :

1, enrich the corner material of the activity room, and provide opportunities for children to take the initiative to operate.

2. Organize collective lesson preparation, take the grade group as the unit, select the theme, and determine the main lesson preparer.

3. Teaching routine inspection.

4. Health, happiness, development theme Summary of activities .

November :

1. Observation activities of teaching activities in each class

2. Carry out routine education and drill activities for children's safety, self-help and self-care.

December :

1. Mutual listening activities require teachers to keep a record of lectures and assessment.

2. Teachers' garden-based training. Learning of the "Outline", "Rules" and "Guide".

3. Training of teachers' skills, creation of rhythmic activities.

4, hold a series of activities to celebrate the New Year's Day and New Year.

January :

1. Exchange of class teacher's work experience.

2. Do a good job of evaluating the development of children at the end of the period, and checking the "Children's Home Contact Manual".

3, each class do a good job in the second half of 20xx Work Summary , collect and organize various teaching materials.

4. For young children Winter Holiday Safety education.

Personal Work Plan for Kindergarten 3

I. Ideological work

The new semester is about to start again. The small class I took this semester. Here we welcome a group of innocent and lovely children. We will let young children learn in happiness, develop in happiness, play in middle school,And develop in a healthy and comprehensive way in the collective life. Everything for the child and for the child, it is our action to keep the child's safety and warmth in mind. I will work together to do all the work in the class and make the child's routineGet faster development. The following work plan will now be developed :

II. Capability Development

Last semester, due to my personal problems and special emotions, I did not go to work seriously, especially I did not pay attention to those small details, and because of various reasons at home, I went downhill at work. Actually, I amI had all kinds of dissatisfaction last semester, so I plan to work hard from this semester, because I know that I do n’t work hard, I am nothing. After all, I am still very young, I work hard to do my job, and assist the Lord.The class and life teachers do the work in this class well, unite and move forward. Complete every task assigned by the leader on time, take a good attitude, learn and communicate with an experienced teacher with an open mind, and ask if you do n’t understand and learn more.There is you on the road of growth, accompanied by children, and there is me on the road of children's growth. My followers, I grow up with children, will be caring and responsible for the children! Strictly ask yourself, step by step, and work hard to achievebetter.

III. Direction of effort

Much more exchanges and kind-hearted learning with kindergarten xx directors and experienced teachers in the park, strengthen communication and learning, and improve teaching quality.

four, attendance

In terms of attendance, I will be very strict with myself, no leave without major accidents!

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