[Selected] 3 Learning and Educational Experiences

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When we think about it and see the problem from a different angle, we record it in Experience In, let yourself be remembered in your heart, and write your own experience. You can sort out your studies, work and life. But whenever you want to write your own experience, you do n’t know what to write. Here are 3 articles about learning and education.For reference, everyone is welcome to read.

Learning and Education Experience 1

Today's society is an information society, and the world has begun to be fully informatized and globalized. In order to keep up with the pulse of the times, I have not stopped studying for many years after participating in work, studying business knowledge, improving business capabilities, and also participated in financeProfessional self-study exam, but eventually failed to realize his university dream. The establishment of the Vosges three-dimensional automatic warehouse put forward higher requirements for in-service storage. Although I am proficient in operating the wms operating system of the three-dimensional warehouse, butBut I do n’t know much about software operating systems, and the computer, English, professional and management knowledge I have learned can not keep up with the speed of information development. The road is long and far away, and I will search up and down, Shandong organized by VosgesUniversity online education and learning provided me with an opportunity to learn. Thanks to Shandong University and thank Vosge for giving me the opportunity to add fuel, reserve energy, and constantly improve and enrich myself.

Various resources of online education have crossed the limit of spatial distance, making school education an open education. The amount of information carried is rich, the learning resources are rich, and the sharing interaction is strong. Anyone, any time, any place, from any placeBeginning of chapters, learning any course, five of them reflect the characteristics of active learning, which saves us time and allows us to go home freely to learn and communicate through the learning platform. Using the spare time, we can also learn the lessons learned and enrich them.I have broadened my knowledge. This teaching mode does not affect work, and is more suitable for those of us who are married and have children. Because we are very busy at work, we can devote less time to studying.There are few of them, using free time reasonably to achieve the purpose of learning. The learning methods of online education are mainly online learning supplemented by self-study. Open learning is our independent learning through the online platform, so in addition to the learning organized by the learning centerWe want to combine ours Family , work, etc., make a reasonable learning plan suitable for you. This will allow us to better and more effectively use our spare time to arrange our own learning in accordance with courseware. With the study plan in place, my daily life revolves aroundFollowing the theme of my online learning. I go to work every day to complete my own work, and make the most of the time I save. I listen to the information on the Internet, read the book carefully, and listen to the teacher's lecture with questions. After classOrganize the notes of each homework, and apply what I have learned to my work, and apply what I have learned.

Make full use of online learning resources to learn. The online learning platform provides us with resource types such as course introductions, teaching requirements, course explanations, text materials, FAQs, course answers, course lectures, course assignments, simulated test questions, etc. I oftenThe child and husband check these things after bedtime and in the morning, and persevere, learn the lessons that need to be remembered when they are at their best, and develop good study habits. Explore good and advanced learning methods with classmates,Persistent digestion and absorption of learning content. Choosing online education is equal to challenging yourself. After more than ten years of work, I have forgotten the previous glory. Whenever I am discouraged and retreat, I think of the period of the spirit of the seven wolves clothing enterpriseSaying, "In spirit, challenges are manifested as courage, never fail, and continue to forge ahead; in learning, challenges are manifested as hard work, reducing ignorance, and constantly improving ourselves; in work, challenges are manifested as overcoming difficulties and defeatSelf, never satisfied, always strive to do better! So for your own lifeAdding glory, digging into the essence of life, paving the way to success; challenge is actually a wealth. Only by accepting the challenge and continuously pursuing can we have a full life and experience the wonderful life. "This passage is intriguing., Always motivating me to challenge myself, work, life and study persistently. Studying brought me spiritual happiness and fulfillment, and also brought me the friendship and help of my classmates. During the study at the learning center, the classmates discussed togetherLearning methods, exchanging learning experiences, caring and encouraging each other. After working for so many years, I did not expect to make a rare friendship with classmates. Actively participated in the extended training organized by the learning center and felt the warmth of the collective family.

The learning path for half a year is arduous and full of hardships and full of arduous and full of hardships and full of arduous and full... .Recalling the study and living in the past six months, there are both sweet and bitter, and success and joy. I have overcomeFewer Difficulties — When my husband is in three shifts, most of the housework and picking up children fall on me; I also transfer from export to domestic sales in the company, job transfers, and familiarity with the business make me tired, but IThere was no retreat; my son just needed first-year tutoring and took more time than before. In the past six months, there was less entertainment time and people lost weight, but there were gains and losses. This is also the most fulfilling half of my life.The most rewarding half-year. I defeated myself and fulfilled my dreams for many years, and I still maintain good learning habits and meet the greater challenges of life, facing the future, fearlessly, and completing my studies, Pay attention to the combination of theory with practice, apply the learned knowledge to work, and turn knowledge into ability!

Life is smooth because of friends, calm because of career, proud of achievement, warm by family, strong by love, strong by hope, healthy by happiness. Wish all our networksEducational students can have it, I wish Jinan Aopeng School of Online Education becomes more brilliant!

Learning and Education Experience 2

Winter Holiday During the period of political learning, I felt quite a lot. Under the new form, higher requirements were put on teachers. As a result, some teachers felt increased pressure. This aspect was a reflection of increased responsibility and also reflected from the sideInstitutional failure is tolerant, and it is weak.

The new ethics assessment method for teachers in xx includes teachers' morality, competence, diligence, and performance. Personally, there are places that are reasonable and inappropriate. The proportion of mutual evaluation and scoring among teachersDecreasing is an effective means to overcome the "personal fate". However, the teaching performance of teachers is also included in the consideration of "morality". I don't think it is appropriate."Although attitude determines everything, there are also teachers with high morals and average grades. Students' grades are the result of a combination of factors. Even from a purely theoretical perspective, morality and ability are fundamentally different goals."

To deal with the issue of teacher ethics, personal knowledge is very important. The Japanese third-year senior said that fatigue caused by work can make people feel happy at rest, while fatigue caused by negligence can only make people rest.Feeling irritable and regretful. I went on to explain that different attitudes towards work will produce different psychological responses, and conversely, different psychological reactions or mentality will have different effects on work.

Education, first of all is the cultivation of teacher's character, the cultivation of behavior, and then the training of specialized knowledge and skills. That is to say, teachers often teach and educate people, in fact, they should be more suitable for education. The only source of student respect for teachers isTeachers' virtues and talents, teachers ’great personality, healthy mind, and exemplary behavior will always be a great asset to illuminate the history of human light. Think carefully about what kind of teachers our own childhood teachers can rememberAre the details remembered are personality behaviors or simple teaching behaviors? Are some teaching behaviors that can be remembered and why?

Teachers ca n’t be free of worries at work, but worries are just a psychological experience, an emotion. All worries are born from the heart, the mind calms down, the worries disappear, and their own moral cultivation gradually improves. Jing YiSelf-cultivation, nourishment. Peace refers to the peace of the mind, not to say that you do not face difficulties and toil, but that you are still calm even in the midst of chaos. In work, you are indifferent with ambition and tranquility to the distance. In life, ordinary, Do not smoke, do not drink. After work, write your own life insights, do what you like, handle the relationship between work and life.

First of all, you need to be an independent thinker and have your own opinions. To do this, you must learn. Only when you have sufficient knowledge and sufficient arguments, you can have your own thoughts. What others sayYou do n’t understand, and you do n’t know how to understand, implement, practice, and criticize. Having your own opinions is not to create new ideas or to be popular, but to internalize the belief in the pursuit of truth into conscious action. Dare to criticize and self-criticize.The package of specious speech is discriminatory, not superstitious in authority, and not blindly obeying orders; it is resistant to false acts of boasting and deceiving others, and it is unspeakable.

Second is to be a person with multiple ideas. Having your own opinions is not to exclude the views of others. There is a good saying, it is precisely because there are various individuals that make up a colorful and colorful whole. Life hasI am more exciting, and life is more exciting without me. We have to work hard on the word "more". We have to be moderate in everything, not to exclude other people's opinions, and not tolerate or tolerate wrong views.The flag is clear and the war is going on.

Finally, we need to be a person with personality and character. The so-called personality and character is actually a generalization and sublimation of the aforementioned. In the face of a strong and still insisting on their own views, we can correctly distinguish the contradiction between the enemy and ourselves and internal contradictions,Self-criticism that dares to criticize internally; defend its dignity at the expense of its own life externally.

Teachers need to use their own wisdom to see the way ahead, analyze the pros and cons, choose the direction, and become the person who controls their own destiny. In life, I may be a material beggar, but I cannot stop me from becoming a rich man in the soul. I am not bigI care about things other than life I haven't reached the noble realm that I don't care about at all, I care more about the value of life itself!

Learning and Education Experience 3

I always think that mental health education is just a mentality and physical health. But I don't know that "Mental Health Education" is so important to people, especially as a teacher.

Studying "Mental Health Education", knowing how to improve one's mental health, and constantly release oneself, so as to understand the other person's psychology and coordinate their interpersonal relationships, is the normal healthy development of one's body and mind.

After studying "Mental Health Education", I think that mental health education should be given high attention and must be started from school. Former Soviet Union educator Suhomlinski said that teachers are not only students of the discipline, but also students.Educators, life mentors, and moral guides. In this way, the problem of mental health education in schools is to ensure the mental health of teachers. Among them, the teacher's mental health standards must be met. One is to love education and be competent in teaching;It is a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; the third is a sound personality; the fourth is a strong ability to adapt to the environment and a harmonious interpersonal relationship. The mental health of a teacher affects the mental health of students and also affects the role they play.The special nature of the teacher requires that the mental health of the teacher must be at a high level.

Moreover, the mental health course offered by the school is the right choice, but it must be implemented. The choice and arrangement of the environment for mental health education, and the professionalism of the mental health teacher in the school, cannot be superficial. Adult education in schools should be regularTrain parents on their mental health knowledge and ensure the psychological health of students' lives and studies.

After studying "Mental Health Education", I understand that the mental health of teachers has a dual impact. The mental health of teachers not only affects the teachers themselves, but also has a greater impact on students, and directly affects the development of students' personality.If the teacher's mood is not good, it will affect the classroom effect; if the teacher's misjudgment is judged, the students will have the habit of confrontation and radicalism, and form a psychological obstacle.

After studying "Mental Health Education", I also understand that mental health education activities are not instructive preaching, but emphasize the student's experience and communication. The class teacher should always work tirelessly on the student's mental health education,The content of health education penetrates into other disciplines. Only when the students 'mental health is guaranteed can the family relationship be improved, and the harmonious relationship between teachers and students can be improved, so as to promote the development of students' other knowledge and skills.

As a teacher, I am fortunate to have learned this course on Mental Health Education, and I have improved my mental health knowledge in a timely manner. I really have benefited a lot!