Planning book for barbecue outside school activities in college student park

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Event background :

University, a passionate world full of youth and vitality, barbecue not only enriches our extracurricular life, but also cultivates our sentiments.

Event purpose :

In order to increase the cohesion of the new members, enrich the extra-curricular cultural life of the department members, harmonize the relationship between students, improve the learning efficiency of students, alleviate the pressure on students, adjust the tense atmosphere of students, and better assistThe overall development of work and department, enhance members' understanding of teamwork, and improve the ability of team activities.

Event time :

November 13, 20xx

Event location :

Nanjiao Park

Event target :

All members of the School's Mission Department

Organizer :

Institute of Missions

Activity process :

1. On the 12th, the minister will bring 4 members to buy barbecue ingredients

All students will gather at the school gate at 8:00 on the 2nd and 13th, and the minister will count the number and take a bus to the destination around 8:20

3, 4 male students in the department on the way are responsible for safety

4, arrive at Nanjiao Park around 9:45

5, each member organizes things in ten minutes

6. Everyone starts the activity together and prepares for the barbecue, the minister is responsible for the safety of all members

7, grilling at noon

8, 4:30 for the whole assembly, and then the minister counts the number and returns to school by car

9, KTV relax at night.

10, Summary of activities

Funding budget :

Each person pays 30 yuan more refunds and less supplements

Questions and details to pay attention to during the event: matters needing attention

1, the team on the road requires order and order, pay attention to safety when activities.

2. Maintain the image of the school, do not litter peels, garbage, and climb flowers and plants in public places.

3, listen to the command of everything, if there is something, you must report it first, keep the mobile phone on for easy contact.

4. Do not waste, roast and eat again, do not overeating, pay attention to diet hygiene.

Planning book Attach: Mission :

1 Minister buys barbecue ingredients and arranges boys to pick up things

2 All members should be careful not to get burned

3 Other matters are considered and arranged by members such as washing barbecue materials, interspersing raw materials, and burning

Details :

1 The Minister is responsible for the safety of activities

2 Weather conditions, if the weather is not good on Saturdays, it is not suitable for activities, the activities will be postponed depending on the circumstances

3 The extra money spent by each group except fixed expenses shall be borne by all members

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