About the format of the divorce agreement

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Men's name: ID number: Domicile location :

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both parties have legally applied Married Registration, now voluntary divorce. After consensus, reached as follows

I. Child Rearing

Description: Generally includes 1 name of child, gender, birth Birthday period; 2 living with the man or woman; 3 the way and time for the other party to exercise the right of visit; 4 the amount, time, method and burden of the other party's maintenance expenses including living, education and medical expensesSuch as the time limit, and if the child cannot live independently after the time limit expires, continue to pay maintenance costs, etc.

II. Property disposal

Division of common property :

Note: 1 Common property includes real estate, vehicles, furniture, cash and deposits, marketable securities, company shares or corporate property shares, livestock, forests, etc .. 2 The subject matter of the division should be specific to facilitate the right of handlingIt is a transfer procedure: for example, a house located at xx street x x x unit x in xx city, the property certificate number is xxx, and the area is xx square meters; the car number is xxx and the engine number is xxx; etc. 3 property ownershipThe ownership should be clear: for example, the house belongs to xxx, or the ownership of the house belongs to xxx; if the house is agreed to be shared by shares, the specific share and division method should be specified; if the house is given to the minor child, it should be clear that if one party is in the interest of the guardianWhether the property requires the consent of the other party; etc. 4 If it is agreed that one party has the right to use the house owned by the other party, the period and method of use shall be specified.

Both parties can confirm that the property belongs to one party and is not divided. Including 1 one party's pre-marital property; 2 one party's medical expenses, living allowances for the disabled, etc. due to physical injury; 3 a will orIn the gift contract, it is determined that the property belongs only to the husband or wife; 4 daily necessities for one party; 5 other property that should belong to one party.

III. Creditor's rights and debt division

Note: The target and quantity of the debt should be specified. In the case of creditor's rights, it should also be clear who the debtor enjoys the creditor's rights; in the case of debt division, the creditor and who should bear the debt.

IV. Other consensus matters :

V. This agreement is in triplicate, each of which is held by each of the men and women, and a marriage registration file is kept.

Note: After the divorce, the divorce agreement with the marriage registration file cannot be modified. If the parties have disputes over child support, property, etc., they can bring a lawsuit to the people's court; if a new agreement is reached, the authenticity of the agreement can be confirmed by notarizationSex.

Men and women

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Men and women should sign at the registration site and press fingerprints. If the agreement has been signed, they should also sign at the registration site and confirm with fingerprints.