standard format of divorce agreement

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Negotiator: Name, gender, date of birth, nationality, Family Address ID Number

Negotiator: name, gender, date of birth, nationality, home address ID number

The above two agreement parties handled at the xx people's government on xx xx xx xx Married Registration procedures. After the marriage, a son was born on xx, xx, xx, xx, and has joined the work. The two agreement persons have different personalities in the common life after marriage. They have no common language and hobbies, and cannot live together.The relationship between the couple has indeed broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation. After careful consideration, the two parties agreed to reach the following divorce agreement voluntarily :

One or two people agree to divorce voluntarily.

II. The common property of the husband and wife shall be handled as follows :

1, Deposit :

2, Housing :

3 After the second contractor completes the divorce, the contractor xxx unconditionally returns the salary card and medical insurance card of the contractor xxx he holds to xxx within 3 days.

The social insurance, provident fund and other expenses paid by the third and second agreement parties during the existence of the marriage belong to their respective owners.

IV. Debt Handling :

The two parties confirm that no common claims and debts have occurred during the existence of the marriage relationship. If any party has external claims, the other party is entitled to share equally when it is found; if it has external debt, the debtor shall bear the responsibility.

V. The contractor xxx has a difficult life. After the second contractor completes the divorce procedure, the contractor xxx pays the contractor xxx yy ten thousand yuan tt.00 yuan in one lump sum within 3 gives xxx financial help.

VI. Duty of one party to conceal or transfer common property of husband and wife :

Both parties confirm that the common property of the couple has been clearly stated in Article 2 above. Except for the above houses, furniture, home appliances and bank deposits, there is no other property, and either party should guarantee the authenticity of all the common properties in the marriage listed above..

The content of the above agreement is the true intention of the two parties, and there is no fraudulent behavior.

Contractor: Contractor :

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