Standard Personal Rental Agreement

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Lessor Party A: _____, male / female, ID number ___________________________

Lessee Party B: _____, male / female, ID number ___________________________

According to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations, on the basis of equality, willingness, and consensus, the two parties reached the following agreement on the lease of the following houses :

Article 1: Basic situation of housing

Party A rents its own house located at ______ street in ______ city ______ community ______ building ______ to Party B for use.

Article 2: Lease Duration

The lease period is ______ months. Party A will deliver the rental house to Party B for use from ______ year ______ month ______, and will be recovered by ______ year ______ month ______.

Article 3: Rent

The monthly rent of this house is RMB ______ yuan, which is settled monthly / quarterly / yearly. At the beginning of each month / quarterly quarter / early year X days, Party B shall pay Party A the full monthly / quarterly / year rent.

Article 4: Time limit for rent payment

Party B shall deliver the house to Party A within ___ days of the effective date of this contract.

Article 5: Explanation of related expenses during house lease

Party B is responsible for water, electricity, heating, gas, telephone, property and other expenses incurred by Party B during the lease period. Party B shall pay the arrears at the end of the lease.

Article 6: Responsibility for House Maintenance

During the lease, Party B shall not damage the house facilities at will. If decoration or renovation is needed, the consent of Party A must be obtained and the renovation and renovation costs shall be borne. At the end of the lease, Party B shall restore the house facilities to their original state.

Article 7: Expiry of lease

After the lease period expires, if Party B requests to continue the lease, it must be submitted to Party A ___ months in advance, and Party A will reply within ___ days after receiving Party B's request. If it agrees to continue the lease, renew the lease contract. EquivalentUnder the conditions, Party B has the right of priority lease.

Article 8: Early termination of the contract

During the lease of a house, if either party proposes to terminate the contract, it is necessary to notify the other party in writing _____ months in advance, and after the negotiation between the two parties, a termination contract is signed. This contract is still valid until the termination of the contract is signed.

Affected by force majeure, when Party A must terminate the contract, Party B should generally notify Party B in writing _____ months in advance. Party A will not compensate for economic losses.

Article 9: Liability for breach of contract

During the lease period of the house, any party violates the provisions of this contract and, based on the facts, must pay 10% of the annual rent to the other party as a penalty. If Party B fails to pay the rent overdue, Party A is entitled toA late fee will be charged to Party B at 2% of the monthly rent.

Article 10: The number of pages of this contract, in duplicate, each of which is held by both parties A and B, both have the same effect.

Party A: Party B :

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