Primary school fifth grade final comment

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1. You are a boy, you have to do your own things, and some classmates bully you, you can report to the teacher, you do n’t need to tell everything to your family, and people should pay attention to each other and love each other.When you need someone to do something for you, have you ever thought about what you have done for them? You may be aggrieved by the teacher for not severely criticizing Zhou Wenchuang, so have you ever thought that every time the teacher asks you to write your homework well,After reading hard, if you have n’t done it, what is the feeling in the teacher ’s heart? Can you appreciate the hard work of the teacher, I will also appreciate your grievances. If you ca n’t do it, you ca n’t ask others to do something for you, youUnderstand?

2. Sometimes I do n’t know what is the purpose of your coming to school? Is it sleeping, fighting, messing up or hanging out? You have n’t done anything serious about your studies. The teacher knows and remembers what you did.What's the point of this bad thing?

3 As the saying goes: no weight is enough, no one is perfect, can you find out your shortcomings? In fact, all the advantages will become obstacles to your progress. Do you have new goals in front of your achievements?Can you face your place in the face of honor? Can you accept criticism with an open mind in the face of negligence?

4 、 Mr. Zou Jinquan: You are a very credible man, unite your classmates, take care of public property, love class collectives, actively participate in New Year's Day art performances, pure thinking; as a labor member in the class, work boldly and responsible; your learningThe purpose is clear, arrive on time, open the door on time, and complete the homework in good quality and quantity. Intensive lectures in class, the academic performance is excellent. But your liberal arts is a little worse, especially the language expression needs to be improved; the reason is that you areThere is no interest in Chinese. New Year has begun. If you want to make a big change, you must not learn Chinese. Chinese New Year is auspicious! Conduct rating: Excellent

5. You have a bright mind, lively and cute, and warm to others. Those bright eyes, your cleverness, you are eager to be a disciplined student, but often can not meet yourself. Hope you continue to work hard, The teacher is watching your progress. I believe you will continue to always grasp, take good care of today, take off soon!

6. Do you remember the rhetoric of the class leader? Do you remember your cross talk amused the whole class? Do you remember to actively contribute to the class? And I have all these in my mind, seeing you occasionally from the classroomI can't say a word until now and actively cooperate with the teacher, I'm really happy for you!

7 、 Tan Puhua: You are very smart, you are quite flexible, and you have a quick response. As a representative of the chemistry department, you have outstanding academic performance in a single subject. You have a certain degree of consciousness when studying, and the purpose is basically clear.Great progress, but there is still a long way to go. I want to remind you here that you are a man of great standing. In the future, you may be doing big things. You should be open-minded, be calm, and do n’tIt ’s very unpromising to think about it like a little woman, and it ’s not a good thing for a man to have too much mouth. Remember: silence is golden. Happy Chinese New Year! Conduct rating: qualified

8. You are a very simple and lovely child and have good relations with your classmates. You have a strong sense of consciousness, can endure hardships and improve your grades. Continue to work hard, I believe that successful flowers will be brighter in the irrigation of sweat.

9, you are a very talented student, like a barren land that has not yet been cultivated, with great potential. You can be aggressive in your studies and climb the peak. You deeply know who you are studying hard for.The results are among the best in the whole class. I want to remind you that as a man you have less masculinity. I have also carefully observed that when you fight, you are more waiting for opportunities,

10 、 About the end of the fifth grade of primary school students: every time you do not do a long talk with you because of your homework, you always tell me that you must study hard, but within a few days you forget again, it is really "Jiangshan YiIt ’s hard to change your nature. ”Let you stay to make up for your homework. You cry like a teardrop. When you go back late, your mother will criticize you. However, I often see you and Shi Shi hanging on the road. Why?At that time, it was too late to go back, and mother would not criticize you? I really hope you can be an honest and frank child.

11. Remember last time, because you participated in classmates Birthday Are the things that did not complete the homework due to the party? At that time, I criticized you in class, and you answered me: I will make it up for you in the afternoon. Is it to stop the teacher ’s criticism and write the homeworkIn order to check for the teacher? Dongdong, how did you become so indifferent and not enterprising? Last time I talked to Yingjing and they mentioned you. They said that they admired you and worshiped you, but there is no such thing now.It feels, Dongdong, can you sleep on your feet and do it again? I look forward to your resurgence!

12. The teacher knows that you are a very sensible student who also wants to improve very much. But thinking alone is useless, and secretly wiping tears is also useless. If you are afraid of things, you dare not express yourself. It is more useless.Peace is only a sign of cowardice. Do you want to be the little man in the teacher's mind? Do you want to sigh for yourself and your family? Do you want to make others stand out? So are you willing to change from now on?

13. Classmate Tan Nianfa: You are very personable, you are very conscious in your studies, and your grades are among the best. From your ranking, you are ranked seventh in each exam, which shows that you are very capable, andAt the same time, it shows that you still have many places worth digging and worth improving. You sometimes feel that I am more strict with you this is my guess, some language can not stand. I think so: you are a good steel, I have an obligationIt is the responsibility to make you talent. No spring breeze, rare autumn rain. Usually you may not win with confidence, and you will lose without confidence. Happy New Year! Conduct rating: excellent