Second grade primary school students' final review Daquan

Time: 2019-12-05 Source : model text Recommended visit : Primary school student comment

1. You have a wide range of interests and rich imagination. In class, you are very enthusiastic and always have unique insights. A clever little guy! But the problem of carelessness is always with you. IfTo "get rid of" it, you have to be in the class and you will surely be among the best.

2. You are a favorite boy. You have a clean attitude. You insist on the last one every day. The teacher has always been moved by your spirit. Recently, the teacher found that your learning has improved a lot and you canComplete your homework on time, the teacher is happy for you. If you do n’t take small actions in the future and concentrate on listening, you will make faster progress. Are you confident? Work hard!

3. You have an enthusiastic, caring group, helpful, and get along well with your classmates. You are agile, smart, and flexible. You often hear your wonderful questions in class. You are motivated, confident, and never study hard.You fail. You often "run out of control", drag your homework, pile up like mountains, and hope that you will remove the stumbling blocks as soon as possible in the new year and strive for greater progress.

4. You are quick-thinking and study hard. You like to use your brain to think about problems and have a certain analytical ability. You are diligent in thinking and you can learn from each other. After a semester adjustment, the teacher was surprised to find that you have fully adapted.High school study life, the performance in the half-term test proves that you should not be weak. But the teacher also reminds you that only perseverance can be invincible. Can you do it? We hope you can give us anotheraffirmative answer.

5. Respecting the teacher at school, uniting classmates, and caring for the collective are your characteristics and advantages. Seeing how positive you are when speaking at the lecture, how happy the teacher is. But you sometimes make the teacher angry, and the homework is not completed in time.The handwriting is scribbled, the class is not focused, and the teacher is sad. Do you know? If you correct these minor problems, you will definitely become a good student, and the teacher looks forward to this day.

6. You are a naive, lively and cheerful child. What is unforgettable is your wonderful performance in the "June 1st" festival. You love to study and have good grades. Seeing that your speed of doing things has accelerated this semester,The teacher is also very happy for this. If you can correct the bad playful habits and help your aunt to do housework and exercise yourself, then you will definitely be a "three good" student.

7. Leaving your focus on the class, leaving your handsome handwriting on the workbook, your progress transcript on the transcript, and your due diligence in the teacher ’s mind, youLife is plentiful and your hobbies are broad. As long as you are innocent, you must continue to forge ahead and pursue it relentlessly. Your tomorrow must be as beautiful as flowers.

8. You are a healthy, energetic child, able to love work, and able to endure hardships. If you can spend more time and energy on your studies, your grades will be far from what they are now. If you canWe treat each other with courtesy and we will have more friends.

9. You are a clever child, you must understand this sentence! "There is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid of people who care." As long as you are willing to work hard, listen attentively in class, think hard, raise your hand to speak, and correct mistakes in timeAsk if you don't understand, I believe you will make greater progress, and act quickly!

10. You are a boy who will go forward if you have set your goals. You are also a student with a strong sense of collective honor. Seeing your passion for striving for the class at the school games and art festivals,I was deeply moved and I like you more. The most reassuring thing for teachers is that you learn consciously and actively, and love labor. I know that you can sit upright in class and raise your hands to speak, I am very happy. If you can strictlyYou, in addition to completing the assignments assigned by the teacher, still insist on reading extracurricular books, newspapers and periodicals, and gaining insights, then your grades will be better; if you can see more of the strengths of others and sincerely associate with your classmates, then your sports committee has moreMany people like it.

11. You are always thinking about problems and eager to get more knowledge; you are studying hard at your desk all the time, so your grades are very good, you can complete all the tasks assigned by the school, and they are well received by everyone, this isYou, a good child who is diligent and inquisitive, may you continue to temper yourself and strive for further progress.

12. You are a shy little boy. You respect the teacher and discipline, unite your classmates, and love labor. Due to the lack of consciousness in your studies, your class is not focused enough and your grades are average.Correct your laziness and your grades will be better.

13. You are a kind, down-to-earth, thoughtful, and serious girl. You have always been serious. You often help teachers troubleshoot and help other students overcome difficulties. I am full of gratitude to you. My classmates who want your help will oftenThank you. Your down-to-earth learning has given you gratifying results. Your love for the collective is like loving your own life, and I am extremely proud of you. May you be healthy, happy, and motivated!

14. If life is a tree, then ideals are the roots, hard work is the leaves, perseverance is the work, success is the fruit, your language and numbers are good, your mind is flexible, and you have a good hand. If you can set your goals,Diligent and persistent pursuit of success, your tree of life will surely blossom and bear fruit.

15. You can correct mistakes and be motivated is the most appreciated place for teachers. You are lively and lovely, respect teachers and discipline, consciously study hard, and have good grades. Homework writing has made great progress through your efforts.I still won prizes at the art festival. But sometimes you ca n’t strictly ask yourself, and you are not kind to your classmates. I hope that you can be disciplined and be a respectful monitor in the future.