Walking Power Group Day Event Planning Book

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I. Introduction

Recently, the wind of walking has emerged in the society. The power of walking is also a public welfare project initiated by the famous actor Chen Kun who founded Dongshen Children's Painting Company. Major campuses are also planning related activities, such as walking to the northeast.The purpose is to call on people to walk through the most instincts, to be quiet during walking, to talk to their own hearts, to obtain positive inner energy, and to spread positive energy to others. In the study life, students face variousVarious kinds of exams are coming soon, at this time, it is necessary to spread positive energy between them to relieve inner fatigue.

II. Event Theme

Strength of walking

III. Activity purpose and purpose

The "walking power" of this group day event aims to tell students to use a simple and instinctive way to convey a positive attitude towards life and the concept of life, so as to purify the soul. I hope that students will notI am only busy studying, I have the opportunity to walk on my own path. In addition to the pressure of study, the students are also facing other pressures. I hope that this activity can make the students' spiritual strength long, resistant, andResilience, the power of the mind becomes strong

IV. Organizer

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Class XX Pharmaceutical Engineering Second Division

Five, activity time

19: 30-20: 30, December 20, XX

Six, event location

Room 511, Science Building

Seven, event object

All students in Class XX, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Class XX

eight, event content

First, the host will introduce us to the time background of the activity theme "walking power" and the brief introduction of related events, and then introduce the process of this activity. Next, I will ask the classmates in the 409 and 619 bedrooms from this class to live,Specific topics related to the topic are given in social news and current affairs. After the lecture, interesting questions are added. Students are asked to talk about their own views and share their own experiences. Of course, students who speak well willGive appropriate rewards. The process of group day activities is planned according to the principle of practical departure, and students are encouraged to participate and gain something.

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