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【Essence】 Three annual work summary of the probation period

Time: 2020-02-03 Source : Fan Wen Recommended visit : Summary of work in the trial period

It's another year when we are quitting the old and welcoming the new year. In this year, our work ability and experience have grown. Let's take action to write a year-end summary. But when I picked up the pen, I found that I didn't know what to write.The following is the year of the trial period Work summary 3 articles, for reference only, welcome to read.

Annual work summary for the probation period 1

University has finally left me, but for me, away from the carefree career of studying, entering a new stage of full responsibility for your life is indeed a qualitative leap. After a period of relevant knowledgeAfter the training, I finally entered the work track in September. The trial period of the first month of school was a crucial moment for me to get rid of my cocoon. Fortunately, the garden director, assistant, class teacher and others are as cute and lovely as possible.With the help and tolerance of my colleagues, I will take off my cocoon smoothly, and when I become a butterfly, I will need my continuous efforts in the future. Below, for this month, I will conduct three aspects in my education, teacher ethics, and my own development and improvement.Related summary.

First of all, in terms of childcare.

1. In the field of child care, actively cooperate with the work of health doctors and class teachers in the garden, take care of the daily life of children in the park, and do all kinds of sanitation and disinfection in the class to ensure teachers and childrenCan live in a clean and bright place.

2. In education and teaching, the biggest problem faced by new teachers is not familiar with the teaching materials, not understanding the important points, difficulties, and no experience to take good classes. For this, at the beginning of the work, there are always a variety ofThe course is helpless and uneasy. As the saying goes, "Everything is difficult at the beginning." Therefore, I prepare lessons carefully every time, check the materials and write my lesson plans. In addition, I humbly learn from the old teachers and strive to learn from themAdd some valuable teaching experience there as soon as possible. These have greatly enhanced my personal ability to cope with and deal with all kinds of problems in the classroom. In order to improve my teaching level, I often find some excellent teaching plan courseware online to learn, and also strive for more opportunitiesListen to other teachers ’lessons, learn from others’ strengths, and understand the art of teaching.

3. In terms of teaching theory. I try to make myself learn more theoretical knowledge in my spare time, and learn from the strengths of the public for my own use. While letting advanced theory guide my teaching practice,I also verify and develop this theory in teaching practice time and time again. In addition, in improving education and teaching practice, I seriously study, openly consult others, learn from others' excellent experience in time, and encourage myself to be creative.

Second, in terms of teacher ethics.

I always think that as an excellent teacher, "teacher virtue" should be placed in an extremely important position, because this is the foundation of the teacher. "Learning to be a teacher, being a model", as early as a thousand years agoThere are such high requirements for teachers ’professional ethics. Today ’s teachers’ professional ethics include commitment to career, dedication, responsibility, love for children, childlikeness, etc. Teachers should take care,The eyes of attention, understanding, and appreciation inspire the minds of students. I think as a kindergarten teacher, first of all, we should spread love to every child, establish a good teacher image, and cultivate and stimulate children ’s learning initiative to the greatest extent.Identify the bright spots of young children, give them affirmation and help in time, learn to tolerate young children, and get the best satisfaction of young children's psychology. Second, be patient with children and show them the tireless guidance spirit. To develop each child fullyPersonality, treat each child equally, and strive to provide the best education for each childThe most well prepared to do the work. Let every child grow up physically and mentally healthy, so that every child has a good feeling every day, so that every child can be successful.

So in this perception, I constantly urge myself to try my best to cultivate sentiment, strengthen self-cultivation, and improve my professional level. In addition, I must learn to pay attention to the five aspects of children, that is: pay attention to the comprehensive development of studentsAnd multiple intelligences, focusing on the students '"recent development zone" and sustainable development, focusing on the emotions and needs of students' development, focusing on the students 'personalized learning and development methods, and focusing on the self-expectations and motivation mechanisms of students' development.Virtue, experience the mentality of teacher ethics. For this reason, I will continue to strengthen the cultivation of teacher ethics in the future, and strive to improve in this area.

Again, in terms of own development and improvement.

In order to improve my professional level, I ask myself to continue to study various education-related knowledge theories, and strive to achieve the integration of theory with practice, implement the principle of facing the whole and teaching students according to their aptitude, so that each child can grow more personally.As a child English teacher, you should continue to strengthen your English professional level, improve your speaking ability, and do your best to create a good environment for children to learn English.

Finally, after this month of hard work, I know the truth of "book nerds must work hard, art nerds must be good". Lifelong learning should become the basic requirement of our educators. Therefore, in the pastWhen knowledge cannot meet the needs of future development, I must keep pace with the times, study diligently, enrich myself, and strive to make myself a long-standing river, which is always new! In order to adapt to the general trend of higher social requirements for teachers,In the future education and teaching work, I will be stricter with myself, work hard, carry forward the advantages, correct the shortcomings, forge ahead, and dedicate my strength to a better tomorrow!

Annual work summary 2 in probation period

Looking back this month, I feel a lot of emotions. As a rookie who just entered the workplace, I am ignorant and do not know what it is, but with the help of the seniors of the Administration Department, I stumbled all the way. Through this month, I alsoLearned a lot, quickly integrated into the XX Administration Department this small Family In, personal work knowledge and work ability have also been improved accordingly. Now summarized as follows :

First, with an honest working attitude, strictly demand yourself, adapt to the characteristics of office work

The Administration Department is the main logistics work place of the company, and its nature determines the complex nature of office work. However, the Administration Department has relatively few people. As a newcomer, I can take the initiative to help.If you do n’t understand, ask for advice and actively cooperate with your seniors to complete all tasks quickly and efficiently.

In my work, I try to summarize from every thing, continue to explore, master methods, improve work efficiency and work quality, because I am still a newcomer, I have insufficient experience in dealing with people, work experience, etc.In life and in life, I can humbly learn from my colleagues, ask for advice, learn from their strengths, reflect on my own shortcomings, and continuously improve my business quality. I will always remind myself to treat people with sincerity, a correct attitude, and actively think of ways, regardless ofI have to do my utmost to achieve perfection for big things and small things. I always ask myself at all times, I must abide by labor discipline, start from paying attention to cleanliness and other small things, and strictly demand myself. With no merit, but no conviction, comeTreat everything.

Second, the shortcomings

1. I am not serious enough and responsible in my job, and the post awareness still needs to be further improved. I can not strictly demand myself, and there is a situation of self-relaxation at work. Due to the complicated work in the office, I must deal with things quickly, precisely and accurately.In terms of business ability, I still have a lot of deficiencies. For example, when organizing the meeting minutes, I did not grasp the key points, the records were incomplete, and the main content could not be highlighted, which also brought inconvenience to the leaders ’post-conference work.

2. Insufficient grasp of working procedures, incomplete familiarity with the company's business, lack of forward-looking work, resulting in occasional confusion in the work, and even some undesirable errors.With a little skepticism and uncertainty, there is also a little gloomy mood about the future.

3. Occasionally lacking in meticulousness and not being cautious in handling things, it seems a little frizzy. The work is relatively simple but complicated, complicated, and numerous, which requires me to be careful, have good professional quality, and meticulous thinking. In this regard,I ’m not careful enough. Sometimes I am careless and sloppy, and sometimes I am more frantic and forget some things, etc.

3. Work and study plan next month

1. In the future, you need to consult with leaders and colleagues with humility. You must coordinate and communicate with everyone, think, plan, learn from the major trends and patterns, and improve your work.

2. It is necessary to improve the quality of work, have a strong sense of dedication and a high sense of responsibility. After everything is done, it is necessary to think and summarize, and truly make the work of the job planned and implemented. Especially to find outDeficiency in work, good at self-reflection.

3. Love and dedication, hard work and dedication, can not work for work, in the daily work should take the initiative to attack rather than passively cope with, to actively carry out the work, abandon the impetuous waiting mentality, work hard, be willing to work, dare to work, Able officer, meeting officer.

4, usually need to pay more attention to exercise your listening ability. In daily work, meetings, leadership speeches and other occasions, to achieve focused attention, sensitive reaction, deep understanding, solid memory, wittyComprehensive power and superb evaluation ability; in the process of doing things, do not say what is unfounded, do not do things that are not sure, don't make a wish easily, words must be done, and actions must be done.

5. Pay attention to cultivating your own comprehensive quality, combining political theory study and business study to improve your political quality and business ability, so as to dedicate your strength to the scenic spot tomorrow and make greater contributions to your career.

Annual work summary 3 in probation period

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, I have been a regular employee of my friend for two months. On this memorable and exaggerated day, I deeply realized the positive atmosphere of the company and the great charm of various departments.Witnessed the company's maturity step by step, the continuous improvement of the company's network and the continuous improvement of the system, and it is becoming more and more chaotic. At the same time, it also saw the operation and maintenance center to the system management staff to bring the world's longing learning platform and endless opportunitiesAnd challenges, so I will summarize my past work here.

summary history

In the operation and maintenance center, I work hard, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising, very passionate, do the work delivered by superiors, be good at communicating with others, and be able to work together with colleagues in the company department.The relationship is harmonious and compiling, cooperating with the person in charge of each part to successfully complete various tasks, and has a strong teamwork spirit. Pay attention to his own personal development and constantly strive to learn the knowledge of system and website architecture. So I can now maintain the company well.The system service and monitoring website architecture, including the front-end nodes, the traffic information of each site service of the source station, etc., can timely check and alarm the network service related failures caused by the alarm, can pay attention to the company's various process details, and have a system management and maintenanceBasic job skills.

Review history

September is the youngest period for me to become a formal employee of the company. I have always been in the learning stage, learning the structure of the company ’s website and the construction of various common network services in the system, including the basic operation of the learning system., The establishment of pure-ftp, the release of the php website, the management of the back-end database, after a variety of skilled basic operations, on top of this, I catered to the company's development needs, I prepared a variety of network service monitoring aspectsPractical experience; under the command of the superior, I built the new version of the software nagios monitoring server by myself, and passed the test, which can be comparable to the server currently running at the company. On this basis, for better and convenient management, IResearched nagvis, through the realization of the 3D effect on the monitoring equipment, so that the management personnel can understand the load of the background server of the website more clearly.

In October, through our group ’s regular group study, I have greater interest and longing for learning about Linux. For this reason, I study the release based on various website types, including apache, varnish, lighttpd, And the release of web servers on various platforms, so that I am fully prepared for monitoring and event handling in the future; for this reason, I specially created our department's bbs forum independently and published it on the extranet, so that the department employeesIn the company, but also can visit and communicate at home to facilitate the joint learning and communication of our company department employees. In October, I was fortunate to witness the new launch of the new version of our company sns2.5, and I also participated in the companyTesting, cooperating with the company ’s bugs on the new version, and asking questions in a timely manner. Since the company is developing at this stage, I must cater to it and cooperate with other departments to actively work and strive to contribute to the company ’s development.

Looking forward to the future

In the future work, I will be more strict with myself. At the same time, there are several general directions that I need to work hard. The nagios monitoring system has extremely complex services. It is my core work, and its completion reflectsWhether my work is due. I will try my best to do my job. Also, cacti monitoring equipment system, because of the allocation of time, a lot of knowledge can not be consolidated in time, but also need to grasp the time to practice manipulation, and participate in actual construction andPlanning, so that you can apply system network knowledge more flexibly and accumulate experience in handling related abnormalities. At the same time, you must continue to work hard and enrich yourself, study the writing of various scripts of shell and pure, and improve your efficiency in handling emergencies., And nginx and squid are commonly used services. In the coming year, they will also participate in the corresponding certificate assessment, continue to promote themselves, and pay close attention to spare time to learn it knowledge, build a variety of server knowledge, including self-learningMinicomputer and improve English level.

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