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Seven compilations of self-identification templates for teacher practice

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Self-identification It is a comprehensive and systematic summary of personal circumstances over a period of time. Self-assessment can enable us to exercise our language organization skills. Therefore, it is very necessary to write a self-assessment. But I do n’t know what to write. BelowIt is 7 articles about self-assessment of teacher practice. It is for reference only. Welcome to read.

Self-assessment of Teacher Practice 1

Since I taught, I am diligent, dedicated, and dedicated to my work. I continue to study and innovate in teaching, improve myself, and strive to improve my level of political and ideological awareness, cultural expertise, and deliberately cultivate education and teaching capabilities. NowTo sum up the two major points :

1. Pay attention to self-construction and strive to improve business level.

"Learning high as a teacher and being a model", the teacher profession must be a personal permanent occupation, and people must always maintain the category of "learning high." "Retreat against the water if you don't advance," "re-learning", "life-long education"It has become its theme. It can be said that thought is the general who dominates human action. Therefore, we must serve ourselves to the people and dedicate ourselves to education. We must first straighten our thinking, clarify the goals of life, and constantly improve our quality and improve from all aspectsSelf, continuous innovation, and strive to cultivate useful talents who adapt to the needs of the times and contribute to society. With such a clear goal, we will no longer be annoyed by the environment and conditions. Although I have worked through many twists and turns, I still have nothing.No complaints. Some people say that a teacher should have half a speaker's eloquence, half a writer's literacy, half an actor's performing arts ... I'm a stubborn speaker, and I often forget to sleep and eat for the sake of eloquence.I also taught myself writing training. In order to enrich the teaching theory and update the teaching concept, I read dozens of theoretical books and participated inThe backbone teacher training in short, I try to do towards my words: a qualified teacher should always have a clear mind, always fresh blood.

II. Contribute to education and talent training.

The broad goal of a teacher is to contribute to the cause of education, but in a narrow sense, the actual goal is to teach books and cultivate talents. In the three years of my work as a class teacher, I am diligent and meticulous. IBe meticulous in education and teaching, carefully prepare lessons, reflect carefully, pay attention to individual differences, and make careful preparations before class. I usually pay attention to my class teacher's duties, and often carry out scientific, knowledgeable and interesting activities.Cultivate young children's ability and develop their intelligence. At the same time, provide guidance and patient education to children with relatively weak abilities. I often mingle with children to understand the psychological characteristics of each child and be their close friends. In the classroomIn order to mobilize the enthusiasm of children, I often encourage them to wear red flowers, crawling snails, etc., so that children have a strong interest in learning. In terms of parent work, I often contact each parent to avoidDisregard a parent and make yourself the parent's most trusted friend. Without love, there is no education. Real educationIt is an education of love. Only when I love my motherland, my career, and my students can I teach my books and manage my classes. In the past three years as a class teacher, I have never given up a child and found that each child ’sThe highlight is that each child can grow up with personality. The class system I take over is democratization, giving full play to the child's mastership, and giving the child a place to show themselves and express themselves. Every year, my class children canUse your talents to show yourself in the whole kindergarten.

As an early childhood educator, I love my profession and always treat each day with a down-to-earth working attitude. In the future work, I will promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and contribute my light and passion to the early childhood education career.

Self-appraisal of Teacher Practice 2

In the blink of an eye, a summer vacation has passed, and a new semester full of challenges has ushered in. I did it in the Accounting Department of the Songtao County Forestry Bureau Social Practice Learning, here are some of my experiences and evaluations of myself.

There are not many people in the accounting department of the Forestry Bureau. There is a finance minister, a cashier, three accountants, and the old teacher Xia Xia who teaches me. When I arrived in the accounting department, Xia Xia told me to look at their past.The accounting vouchers produced. Since the previous summer vacation had similar social practical experience, the vouchers were swept away, and I always thought that with memory and the theory learned in the university, I could master the original vouchers. That is,This impetuous attitude made me ignore the cornerstone accounting entries of the accounting cycle, so that later Xia Xia let me try the hard work of making a bill. So I can only go home at night to make up lessons and use the company's daily accounting business.Read it carefully. After all, accounting entries can be learned on the books, but some bank statements, bills of exchange, invoices, etc. must be contacted only during the internship, so that they have a deeper impression. Don't think that just knowing,All the documents must be divided into categories by month and day, and the documents for each business must be arranged and stapled, so as to prepare for accounting.

Once the voucher is prepared, the accounting process is entered. Although accounting looks a bit like a primary school student can do, a repetitive amount of work is difficult to do without a certain amount of patience and care. Because an error is notJust paint it with a pen or paint it with an eraser, even if it is, every step of the accounting system has strict requirements. For example, if you write a wrong number, you must draw a horizontal line with a red pen, and then stamp it with the person in charge..If you write the wrong summary column, you can use a blue pen to draw a horizontal line and write the correct summary next to it. Usually, we always feel that writing the middle point is good, but the abstract is not good. We must write to the left without spaces.In order to prevent the abstract column from being arbitrarily tampered with. There are strict requirements for the writing of numbers. The handwriting must be clear and clear, and must be filled out according to the grid.Otherwise, the general manager's loan cannot be settled. Such a tedious procedure makes me dare not be sloppy. This is not just a point deduction when I make mistakes when doing homework or exams.Is related to a company's accounting, it is based on a business development plan in the future.

All the accounts are booked, and then the account is closed. Each account page must be settled once every month. The so-called monthly clearing and monthly settlement is what this means. The most troublesome for settlement is the cost andTaxes and fees, press the computer to press the acid, and if you pay no attention to it, you will make an error. I need to review it two or three times. At the beginning, I grasped the calculation formula and thought that such a small thing as pressing the computer would be okay, but it was because of carelessness.On the contrary, I calculated a lot of data wrong. Fortunately, Sister Xia taught me to write the data with a pencil first, otherwise I really don't know what to change the account book.

After the basic process from making the bill to the accounting is basically understood, we must carefully combine the knowledge of the book to sum up how the manual accounting is done. Sister Xia is very patient to explain me each kindThe style and filling method of bank statements and when to use them, once you have a basic understanding, it will be easier to learn.

In addition to doing my job as an accountant, I will also learn with cashiers when I have time. When other people mention cashiers, they think of running a bank. In fact, running a bank is just one of the important tasks of a cashier. In andWhen telling cashiers, it turns out that running a bank is not easy, in addition to knowing how each business deals with the bank, it also requires a hardship. Think of cold winters or hot summers, who does n’t want to stay in the office and relaxYes, but the cashier must run to the bank every one or two days, which is not an easy task. In addition to running the bank cashier, it is also responsible for the daily cash storage, daily cash storage and expenditure, and check and operation tax.Control machine. Speaking of the tax control machine is the result of the promotion of computerized accounting in recent years, everything must be computerized. The tax control machine is to print out the invoice link, and the amount and tax are separated into two columns.Here, in fact, its operation is not difficult, as long as you have a little understanding of the operation of OFFICE office software, it is easy to master it. But the principle is not so completeI just talked with the cashier about the use of the tax control machine in my spare time and learned the basic operation. I won't be at a loss when I go to work, because I didn't mention this new in the textbooks I learned in school.Machine.

Yes, the knowledge learned in textbooks is the most basic knowledge. No matter how the reality changes, if you grasp the most basic, you can change without change. Nowadays, many students feel that the knowledge in class is in class.I do n’t have a sense of frustration, but I do n’t think that if you do n’t have the knowledge of books, how can you cope with the fast-changing society? After this practice, although the time is very short. But what I learned is that I have difficulty in school for one semester.I understand. It ’s better than how to get along with colleagues. I believe that interpersonal relationships are a big problem for many college students who have just stepped out of society. So during the internship, I intentionally observed how seniors got along with colleagues and superiors.I try my best to ask for advice humbly, and I do n’t feel ashamed to ask. To improve interpersonal relationships is not limited to this department, but also to get along with colleagues from other departments such as the marketing department, then the efficiency of work is high.Is not unreasonable in daily work. And often chatting with seniors at work can not only relax your nerves, but also learn a lotDo things outside, even though we do not come across many cases, can be done to understand the hearts bottom, it is also the purpose of the social practice.

Teacher Practice Self-Identification Chapter 3

The sun and the moon are like shuttles, time is like arrows, and the more than two months of internship are fleeting. This is the only internship in my student career, and it is a big test of the professional knowledge of the teachers I have learned in the past four years. The elementary school in the United StatesEvery day of the internship, I work hard to change the role from student to teacher and be a good example. I dress well, speak well and naturally, and try my best to give students an impression of good moral cultivation and high cultural level.

In terms of teaching work, I took about 40 lessons. During this period, I carefully prepared the lesson, carefully revised the lesson plan, and ensured that the lesson plan and teaching courseware were standardized and accurate. Understand the students' learning situation, and teach according to different characteristics.Faced positively, the language of teaching was clear and fluent, and listened to the guidance teacher Liao Hongyi and our Zhan teacher guidance teacher Tie Xincheng and 1 to make up for their shortcomings in teaching.

In terms of class teacher work, form a good teacher-student relationship with students, enthusiastically and sincerely face each student, respect them, and understand them in detail. In class management, actively and responsible. From the supervision of early self-study, whether each studentArrive at school on time, whether you have read the text carefully; supervised the classroom exercises, meals, and eye exercises; classroom discipline, discipline, and the daily affairs required to notify the class, all of which are highly responsible and taken seriously and carefullyAt the same time, to ensure that all work is in place. At the same time, the theme class of "Unity and Self-discipline" was organized, and was highly praised by former class teacher Yuan Yonghua, "well prepared, in line with the psychology of primary school students.

In the area of ​​dormitory management, do a good job of dormitory management, and aim at uniting the culture and morality of the sixth stage as a strategy to enable students to develop good habits and rest habits. Inform the original dormitory management teacher of the daily inspection results——Ms. Cao, timely notification to students who violate disciplines, so that the dormitory work can be carried out normally. The normal rest of the students is guaranteed.

In the course of the internship, I also found my own shortcomings in teaching. For example, the chalk is not written well enough, and the students have not established enough prestige. The basic skills of teaching are not solid. Through this internship,It made me understand that in the future, I have to redouble my efforts to continuously improve and improve myself. Strive to be a qualified people's teacher.

Self-assessment of Teacher Practice 4

From XX XX in 20xx to X XX in 20xx, I conducted a half-month internship in XX City, XX. During the internship, I could strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, work on time, and be late.Don't leave early and be absent for no reason. As the intern team leader, I have built an indispensable bridge between the intern and the instructor. Whenever a student has an important matter that requires leave, I will personally report the leave situation toInstructor. Let me know when the instructor has something to tell us.

With the patient guidance and help of Teacher X, I listened to X lessons in total, prepared X lesson plans, said X lessons, and completed the educational internship tasks well. Before listening to the lessons, I studied them carefullyTextbooks, writing lesson plans carefully. During the lecture, I carefully made lecture notes to learn the teacher's teaching methods and lecture skills. I took a lesson in each of the two classes of senior X led by the instructor.The high school XX compulsory X in the second chapter X section XXX, a total of X lessons. From which I learned a lot of teaching methods and teaching skills, which has benefited me a lot. I found that the teaching content of Teacher X was well organized and the teaching content was simpleIn-depth, good use of lectures and multimedia teaching can stimulate students' learning motivation and interest, and guide students to actively think about scientific issues in the field of chemistry.

Teacher X is giving lectures, and I take notes while taking lessons. Since I did not receive special training, my notes may not be standardized and need to be strengthened. Before the lecture, I wrote the lesson plan for XXX. ButAfter listening to the teacher ’s lesson, I felt that there were many problems with the lesson plan I needed to modify, so I combined the lesson plan I wrote with the content of the teacher ’s lesson and integrated it into a new lesson plan. What we heardThe other two classes are high X and high X grades. Although the teachers are different and the teaching methods are different, letting students understand and learn is the first task of each teacher. Then I realized deeply thatHow easy it is to be a good teacher!

During the internship, I also learned about the day-to-day work of the class teacher. In addition to taking good classes each day, the class teacher must organize various activities in the class to maintain student order and supervision during class exercises.Be patient and do ideological work for students.

Although this educational internship is short, it is a very necessary practical link for our interns who are about to enter the teaching career. Through educational internship, we can unify the theoretical knowledge of pedagogy with teaching practice and improveBai Ji's practical ability in education, not just the knowledge of the post. In this half-month internship, I gained a lot of knowledge that I could not learn in school, and my overall quality has also been greatly improved..I appreciate the glory and responsibility as a teacher, as well as the hard work and hard work, but I firmly believe that I will work tirelessly to become a good teacher!

Teacher Practice Self-Identification Chapter 5

As a teacher, I can seriously participate in the political study of the school organization, actively respond to the party's call, resolutely implement the party's policies and policies, be loyal to the people's education, and follow the model of "Practical Ethics Code for Primary and Middle School Teachers".Dedicated, caring for the collective, and helpful. Work hard at work, prepare every lesson, take every lesson, approve every assignment, educate every student, and work hard to be a respected and trusted student.teacher.

I. Be a Learning Teacher

The teacher ’s day of teaching is the time to re-learn. I can seriously study the theory of education and teaching, actively participate in teaching and scientific research, and boldly carry out teaching reform attempts to integrate modern educational technology and Chinese teaching. After completing each textLater, I will write down my reflections to continuously promote my progress. Outside of work, I try to squeeze a little time every day to read professional books, keep charging myself, and strive to enrich my literary connotation.

Second, be a caring teacher

To love students, we must be good at entering the emotional world of students, we must treat students as friends, feel their joy, sorrow and joy. To love students, we must respect and rely on one another.Love, Yan Zhong has rules, Yan Zhong believes, Yan Zhong moderates. I often start from a young age, seek education opportunities from students 'concerns, and give students a spring bathing education. As a class teacher, I take the initiative to do a good job of students' thinkingAt work, I often find students at different levels to talk to each other, and strive to enter the inner world of each student to understand what they really need. Secondly, my parents and I also actively explore ways to educate children, or visit home or take the initiative to callParents, make parental education more rational.

III. Be a teacher with new ideas

At present, a new round of basic education reform has been fully launched. Based on the study of the new curriculum concepts, and in combination with the disciplines I teach, I actively explore effective teaching methods. In English classes, I combine English knowledge withThe combination of students' lives creates a life-like learning environment for students, while focusing on students' discovery and discovery, guiding students to learn to cooperate and communicate in learning, and to improve their learning ability. The source of students' knowledge is not only teachers, but moreThe understanding of books and the communication with peers encourage students to learn in their studies.

Looking back at past work, thinking in terms of gains and losses, I have always pursued the principles of pragmatic work and humble learning, and this bit of happiness or worry, or gain or loss will surely become a brilliant color in my life, Embellishes my life, in the future work I will strengthen the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, and strive for further progress!

Teacher Practice Self-Identification Chapter 6

During the internship period, from the teachers, I saw the dazzling light emitted by the teacher, which brought a lot of inspiring thoughts to my internship life. When I was in school, I always thought that being a kindergarten teacher would definitely be veryIt ’s fun and easy, but I changed my mind when I came here. Every time I have a class, I have a deep feeling: I do n’t want to be a good kindergarten teacher!

Watching the teacher taking the lesson to the child, I seriously studied her class method and the method of managing class records. Even so, I still encountered a lot of things that I did n’t learn while I was in school. When it ’s trial and formalThe mentality is different. After listening to the lecture, I started to lecture. The children are still in a mess as I expected, and they do n’t listen to me at all. Later, I used group competitions to control their discipline. This will not only train them.The team spirit can also bring some vitality to the classroom. It is slowly discovered that the children start to accept me and like me. This is the thing that excites me most. I just realized that I really need to be very attentive to the children and give themA little more caring, they will like you. Organize the Children's Day and I will arrange the show with the children in the class. Although I am very busy during this period, I feel very fulfilled.

At the same time, I also understand one thing. In addition to having a wealth of professional knowledge, to be a good teacher, you must also have other extra-curricular knowledge, so that you can get in touch with the students. Only then do you know that the real kindergarten teacher is stillGood time, as long as you treat it with a positive attitude. In such a busy internship life, time rushes by.

Every day during this period, I have left a permanent imprint in my heart, because it is a witness to a brand new growth like this, so that I am familiar with the correct outlook on life, values. Time is so ruthless, head is notAs time goes by, no one wants to be lost by time, and we grow up little by little with the passage of time, and the innocence we experience has matured with the passing of the storm. Maybe this is the growthCost. Every time you experience it, you will gain more, you will take another step in growth, and you will take success one step further. Life becomes more meaningful, and you will live a better life.

Self-appraisal of Teacher Practice 7

Normal University Graduation Students, almost all of them will undergo teacher internship after graduation. They will continue to improve during the internship and continue to grow during the internship. At the end of the internship, how to perform the self-assessment of the work internship? The following provides a model for self-assessment of the teacher's work internship, For viewing only :

I did an internship at xxx school for x days. In x days, I took x lessons. As the head of the internship class, I led the students to participate in the exercise, led the students to participate in the sports meeting, and maintained order during the newspaper and class exercises.The meticulous ideological work of several less advanced students organized the theme class of "Learning to Care". During the entire internship, I did my best to do everything in a responsible manner to the students.

This internship made me feel quite a lot. On the one hand, I was deeply impressed by the vast amount of knowledge and knowledge, which forced me to study hard day and night; on the other hand, I also deeply felt the profound connotation of teaching competencies. For example, I was engaged in education and teaching.At the time of the activity. When I first went into the classroom, I encountered many problems that I have n’t studied or thought about in a normal school. That is, when I was a eloquent eloquence and I finished a class with a vivid picture, I asked the students:"What do you remember the most after listening to the lesson?" The students looked at each other blankly. Why are the students so? In my opinion, it is mainly because the students have no interest in learning.

To be able to learn in happiness, you cannot create an active classroom atmosphere in isolation and engage in flower racks. Instead, you should find the excitement of the students in the teaching content. You must be fully prepared before class. When there are classes, I often do it in the morning.Get up at four o'clock to prepare lessons, check materials, write lesson plans, and still consider various details until class. Despite this, I still feel that if there is sufficient preparation time, the lecture will be better. The teacher's voice should be loud and clear,There must be a momentum and a good temperament. I position myself as a virtuous spirit: candid, sincere, strong but not moderate. I think the teacher must have a little hard spirit, so preaching by example is beneficial to the personality development of students.I should give students enough time to think after asking questions. I do n’t do enough. Often, students need to raise their hands to answer the question once they say it, and my speed of speech and the progress of teaching are fast. I think the speed of speech and the progress of teachingIt should be flexibly controlled according to the nature and importance of the teaching content and the adaptability of most students, the fast is fast and the slow is slow.

During the internship work of the class teacher, I carried out the "Learn to Care" theme class meeting in the class. At first, I encountered many difficulties: for example, the discomfort of students often made me distressed. At the time, some people suggested that I use the coercive method.For example, penalty station, penalty squat, etc. It is true that this method can barely maintain the order of the class. However, this will undoubtedly deepen the gap between the teacher and the student, and even make the student become tired of learning. As an educator,It is necessary to find ways to create a democratic and harmonious teaching atmosphere, and to establish an equal teacher-student relationship in teaching activities. In addition, teachers should consider themselves as one of the activities, be the organizers, participants, and initiators of student activities, and be students.Learning partners and close friends. In order to run this class well, I strive to create an opportunity for each classmate to show themselves and provide a platform to show themselves, so that every student can experience the joy of success, feel the value of self, tasteIt was fun. As a result, during the preparation of the class meeting, the students were very active. The program of the class meeting was spentMany, singing, comedy, everything, the enthusiasm of each student is very strong, enthusiastic and very high last song -. "Let the world is full of love," the class meeting to a climax.

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