[Essence] 4 self-assessments for educational practice

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Self-identification It is to think rationally about a period of study or work and make a corresponding summary. Self-assessment can summarize past thoughts and look to the future. So let ’s write a self-assessment. But we do n’t know what to write.The following are 4 articles on self-assessment of educational practice, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Education Practice Self-Identification Chapter 1

Time always goes unknowingly, so a month's internship time has passed. This internship has made us feel a day life in kindergarten. There is hardship and joy in work, but more is gain.I benefited a lot from this internship. The one-month internship brought me close contact with young children. This live-fire practice made me gradually fall in love with the glorious profession of preschool teachers, and I also personally experienced the front-line struggleOf the kindergarten teachers.

I. Purpose and significance of internship

After arriving at the kindergarten, based on my actual situation, the principal arranged me in middle school. During the process of initial understanding and contact with the children, I must master the role they play when they understand and get along with them, that is, andThey become friends and think from their perspective. Don't look at special children in a different way. They are sensitive and have high self-esteem.

II. Content and process of internship

In terms of class management, I found that at the beginning there were children who were naughty, and I would patiently educate and guide them. Later, it happened more than once, and I gradually lost patience. Binbin is a passion in our class.A cheerful, smart, cute, and mischievous boy, he always lacks patience and meditation. After sitting for a few minutes in class, he can't sit upright. His buttocks are greased and twisted around on the chair. The little hands don't care.Live, like to touch this, touch it, easy to get distracted. When playing with toys, conflicts with children, he said that every other child is wrong every time, twisted his face to scold someone angrily, and even raised a chairMake a smashing person, or throw a tantrum and throw the toy into a mess, and never give up. Because kindergarten uses early reading as a teaching feature, we pay great attention to the cultivation of children's reading interest and habits. We often use after lunch and after getting upAnd some scattered time for children to read the books freely. When other children read the books with interest and tell the good ones togetherAt that time, he couldn't calm down to read the book carefully and share the joy of reading with his friends. At this time, he likes to play around with a few naughty children in the class, and sometimes gets under the bed. OnceYueyue ran and cried when she was free, "Binbin hit me", and saw a trace of a nail scratch on Yueyue's neck. When other children saw Yueyue crying, they all came to watch the fun.Lele also came to tell me "Bin Bin hit me and grabbed the bricks." I saw that Bin Bin was playing with the bricks he just grabbed.

I was angry when I saw him as if it was nothing, I called him directly and criticized him severely. I asked him to apologize to the children. At this time, there were tears in his eyes, and I realized thatIs too harsh. Only to find that there is no usual patience.

Every child is a piece of jade, a piece of jade that has not been carved or shaped. When he was young, if we could properly guide and effectively educate, then he would shine. Our teacher even wants toLove, pay attention to children with patience, understand his heart, respect his personality, and treat children with a tolerant heart. Believe as long as I

We work hard, as long as we persist, every child is a good child.

In terms of teaching and education, it's really not easy to be a good kindergarten teacher! Watching the teacher taking the class to the child's door, I seriously study her class method and the method of managing class discipline. EvenIn this way, I still encountered a lot of problems that I hadn't learned. After listening to the class, I started to lecture, and the children were still in a mess like I expected, and they didn't listen to me at all. Later, I used group games to control their discipline.This can not only cultivate their team spirit. It can also bring some vitality to the classroom. Sometimes they also use teaching aids to attract the attention of young children, and learn to use the form of stories to not distract children. Slowly, they have begun to accept meMy way of class, sometimes there are young children pestering me to tell them stories.

Not only has I benefited a lot from teaching, but also a lot of places for me to learn in conservation.

Organize the hygiene of the classroom in this class to reduce the chance of young children contacting bacteria. Adhere to a daily wipe with a disinfected towel where children can reach, especially children's drinking fountains, it is easy to breed bacteria, cross infection, dailyAfter cleaning the tank in the afternoon and before putting it in the morning, wipe them with a disinfection towel; children's toys, tables and chairs, cushions, dining tables, and dining chairs are regularly disinfected with 84 disinfectant solution. The floor of the classroom and washroom is wiped with dirt.Avoid water on the ground to allow children to slide. Do morning inspections of children every morning to ensure that they have warm water to drink at all times. When children are outdoors, pay attention to the movement of each child and pay attention to the safety of activity equipment. Help children take offClothes, to cultivate the habit of children playing in an orderly manner, without crowding and pushing. After the activity, the children should be organized to wash in an orderly manner and drink plenty of water. It can also allow children to develop dirty hands, eat before use, and use after defecation.The habit of washing hands with soap. Prepare tableware for young children during meals, add meals according to the amount of children's meals, keep the classroom clean after meals, and create safety for children., Clean sleeping environment away from the Manor, checking water and electricity security, locked the doors and windows shut and do security work.

I think that it is also important to do good parent and community work. Through different methods such as class announcements and home contact bars, timely feedback to parents on the situation of children in the park. Use the pick-up time and communicate with parents more ways to make children progress.Actively launch community activities to allow young children to progress and grow in the activities.

III. Gains and inadequacy of internship

This internship has made me feel quite a lot. I have to admit that I lack of experience. My teaching level is different from other experienced teachers. This can be seen in the usual class discipline. IBecause the lectures are not lively during class, sometimes the discipline is not as good as the teacher ’s class. After that, I also constantly reflect on my teaching and make continuous improvements. Through my own efforts, I also learned something.Method. I listened to the lessons in the small class classroom, followed the teachers and students to have fun and learn. After watching the teaching of seniors, I felt that kindergarten teaching is actually a very flexible process. Teachers have to use a variety ofOnly teaching methods can make children learn happily and proactively, so as to achieve good teaching results.

I am deeply aware that kindergarten teachers must be full of love for their children, and they must be patient and responsible. They must observe the children's every move at any time to avoid accidents. There must be a lot of patience, care and love. Teachers must have their own strengths. They must learn to observe the performance of children, discover their strengths, and cultivate their ability to innovate. The continuous progress of society has made the kindergarten's requirements for preschool teachers higher and higher, especially for normal students.The challenge of "learning high as a teacher and acting as a model" is constantly deepening. This requires me to continuously improve myself and prepare to devote myself to the future of education. A one-month internship is not long.It also made me learn a lot. I know that I still have a lot of shortcomings. In teaching, I ca n’t drive the atmosphere of the classroom. The class discipline always gets worse soon. I will reflect on where I do it.It ’s not good enough. I ca n’t always focus on the attention of young children. I will try different ways to improve this situation and sum up experience from failure. In terms of childcare, I alsoNot as careful as the old teacher, sometimes I always forget to add water to the children in a timely manner and remind the children to wash their hands frequently. I believe that slowly I will remember these things and I will have better results in future work.

Self-assessment of Educational Practice 2

I. Purpose and Requirements of Internship

The basic purpose of arranging teaching practice is to further improve students' consciousness through the combination of theory and practice, and communication between school and society, especially the practical ability to observe, analyze and solve problems in order to train students to be able to take the initiativeHigh-quality composite talents that meet the needs of socialist modernization. Specific manifestations are in three aspects :

1. Use and test the teaching achievements. Using the teaching achievements is to apply the systematic theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to the practical work on a trial basis, and from the perspective of theory, put forward some targeted modernization of education and teaching work.To test the teaching results, we should take a look at the distance between classroom teaching and actual work, and find out the shortcomings in teaching through comprehensive analysis in order to provide a practical basis for improving the teaching plan and reforming the teaching content and methods..

Understand and be familiar with the operation of the school. For the professional students of the teacher's specialty, the cultivation of practical ability is very important, and the cultivation of this practical ability is not enough by classroom teaching alone. It must go from classroom to practice.

Previews and prepares for employment. Through internships, you can find out the gap between your own situation and the actual needs of society, and timely add relevant knowledge during the subsequent study period, so as to make sufficient knowledge and ability preparation for job search and formal work, so thatShorten the psychological transition period from campus to society.

II. Basic information

We came to Shexian No. 4 Middle School on October 11th and the internship ended on November 18th. I was assigned to the second grade 8 of junior high school for internship.

The basic content of the internship includes two parts: classroom teaching and class teacher work. The basic situation is as follows :

1. Classroom teaching: six lesson plans completed, six trial lectures, six lesson sessions; five homework assignments; ten proctored exams; twelve hours of self-study tutoring.

2. Class teacher's work: organize a class meeting with the theme of "pros and cons of the network"; organize two basketball matches between students in the class and the trainee teacher; find eleven students to talk and talk about the situation alone.

This internship made me feel quite a lot. On the one hand, I was deeply impressed by the vast amount of knowledge and knowledge that made me have to study hard day and night; on the other hand, I also deeply realized that in order to be an excellent teacher, not onlyTo be knowledgeable, other aspects such as language, expression, mental state, and action demeanor must also be particular. My biggest feeling after each lesson is that it is not easy to be a good teacher!

After the trial teaching work started, my daily job was to listen to the excellent chemistry teacher's lesson-write lesson plans-try to teach-modify-try to teach, repeated practice, and perfect. Until the content of a lessonPractice until I know it well. Even so, when I first went deep into the classroom, I still encountered many problems that I had n’t learned in a normal school and had n’t expected before. After all, I tried to teach in the classroom when I was in the classroom.At that time, the mentality of teaching students was very different. If we only understand the knowledge in books, it is far from enough. As the saying goes, "To give students a bowl of water, we must have a bucket of water."Taking a good class not only requires us to be able to solicit quotations, but usually students also mention some knowledge that is not covered in the book. At this time, you not only have to understand these knowledge points yourself, but more importantly, you must be able to use the studentsEasy to understand plain language to express it. I know this very well. For example, when I was analyzing basic training, there was a question saying "to the saturated carbonateWhat happens when carbon dioxide gas is passed into the sodium solution? "As long as you know that the solubility of sodium bicarbonate is less than that of sodium carbonate, you can draw the conclusion that" white crystals are visible ". Because I think in advanceThis question is very simple, so I didn't think deeply. To my surprise, no matter what I said, my classmates couldn't understand why the solubility of sodium bicarbonate was less than that of sodium carbonate, and then I had to ask them.The former teacher of the class asked how to express it here. Self-summary and appraisal of the educational practice. Through this experience, I deeply feel that I can't use my own thinking to measure the thinking of students. I think it is a very simple question.It is likely that the students will be unable to understand. At this time, it is very important for us to express this knowledge clearly to them. Therefore, in the course of preparing lessons in the future, I willDo not

As before, as long as you figure it out yourself, it is more focused on how to express the context of the knowledge to the students. My move has really received good results, and students generally say after listening to the lessonI made it clearer. This makes me very happy.

In the process of being an internship class teacher, I learned a lot of experience in class management from their original class teacher, and it really benefited me a lot. For example, how to talk to students, how to help the less advanced students become advanced students, and so on.Although these experiences are very valuable, I have not completely copied them. The first is that I feel that my identity is different from their original class teacher after all. The second is that I feel like I am the same age as the students and I do n’t like them orThere are more or less generation gaps, which is my advantage and should be used. Therefore, in the long-term interaction with students, I have gradually formed a set of ways of doing things that have both their own style and the original valuable experience., And also received good results. For example, when I talked to a classmate in our class, she told me that she had a good grade in junior high school, almost every time she took the first place in the class, mathHer grades are still outstanding. In her own words, "Hou learning mathematics was a pleasure at that time", but the situation is completely different now.Only the overall score plummeted, and even her strengths in mathematics were at stake. When I asked why it was, she told me that she lost her confidence after entering high school due to a mistake in the middle school entrance examination, plus the high school'sThe course itself is more difficult than the junior high school, making her grades even more backward, so that she now loses her confidence in reading and wants to devote herself to her hobbies to learn vocal music. She has never told the former class teacher.The reason was that the head teacher was “too fierce.” After listening, I did not directly oppose her point of view, but analyzed her thoughts from her in terms of objective conditions, learning conditions, and future prospects, so that she understood the study.Whoever is more important than hobby.

Self-assessment of Educational Practice 3

After a month of internship, I got a more comprehensive and systematic exercise, and I also learned a lot of knowledge and skills that I can't learn from books.

During the internship of the student's psychological counselor and the first-grade head teacher, I deeply realized that our students are so eager to have a friend who is more knowledgeable, capable, and able to listen to their own voices. As their friendsI can only listen carefully, patiently inquire, and think carefully, and finally help them to enhance their cognition, treat them properly, and deal with the difficulties they face scientifically. As a language teacher, in the face of dozens of pairs of knowledge-hungry eyes, I carefully prepare lessons and organize carefullyTreat every student with a sincere heart, explain every problem with clear words, and express every core idea with deep feelings.

In the past month, I have received the enthusiastic attention of teachers and classmates. They watched such a small but capable teacher with a sincere and friendly look, walked with confidence, and passed through an unforgettable internship.

The students actively asked questions and listened carefully during my lecture, and then encouraged with warm applause, spurred me to innovate and continue to improve in my studies and work!

I, with a sincere heart and simple feelings, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them, especially my instructor, Mr. Li, and the leaders in charge; I also want to thank my university teacher, care and helpEver my classmate!

Self-assessment of Educational Practice 4

In the teaching work, I prepared each lesson thoroughly and carefully. In the preparation of the lesson, I carefully studied the teaching materials, and strived to accurately grasp the key points and difficult points. I also paid attention to referring to various materials to formulate teaching methods consistent with the students' cognitive law.And teaching methods. Pay attention to weakening the difficulties and emphasize the key points. The lesson plans are carefully prepared, and they are constantly summarized to improve the teaching level.

Take each class seriously, pay attention to students 'initiative in class, divert students' thinking, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive ability, consciously cultivate the rigor and logic of students 'thinking, and improve students' thinking in teachingQuality. Guarantee the quality of each lesson. Gradually and timely correct homework, pay attention to the opinions of students, understand the student's learning situation in a timely manner, and provide guidance to students with purpose.

Persist in listening, pay attention to the teaching experience of the teachers in the study group, and strive to explore a teaching mode that suits you. This school year has an average of two to three lessons per week, which greatly promotes your own teaching. Not only that, but also seize every time you go out to studyOpportunities, learn from each other, and gain a lot. Pay attention to the study of educational theory, and pay attention to apply some advanced theory to the classroom, so that learning is useful. In the past year, I have taken many public classes in school. By opening public classes,It has greatly improved my teaching level, but it has also made me aware of my shortcomings in teaching and actively improved. I have solidified my basic skills. By learning from old teachers, I have effectively improved my basic skills.

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