Self-assessment template for internship appraisal form

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When I was planning on TV, I met a college student friend.

This friend is a boy named Li Xi, a Changsha native. He is a junior at Zhejiang Broadcasting College. He is an intern through the show group that I am in. The young man is a student of broadcasting, and he looks cute and beautiful. We areThe host of the show needs Taiwanese books, and guests are invited every time, so most of the host's Taiwanese books and design guest lines are mine. After the boy comes, I will let him practice next to me. I am naturally happy, I thought that at least some piecemeal things do not need me to take care of.

So, the first day I saw the young man, I was in a very good mood. I invited him to a small shop to have a beer.

I told him that although everyone acknowledges that the TV industry is a vanity market, but you are still young, do n’t learn too utilitarianly, first repair your internal skills. At least, before you enter the circle, do n’t be too impetuous, ShenHold your breath, learn how to be a human, and on the day someone discovers you, many things you want will not need you to deliberately pursue, and will naturally come to you. When I get up and leave, I pat himHead, little brother, I might not be able to teach you anything during my internship, but I will give you six words: do more things and less people. It will definitely be useful to you in the future.

But later reality was greatly unexpected.

The young man is a man who likes to jump. He just sits down and doesn't even want to do it. His interest is not at all doing things that seem small to him. I asked him to help print a draft or draft a program schedule or somethingHe rarely completed it in time. Once I gave him a floppy disk and asked him to bring me a plan and print a few copies to report to the reception desk. It was a very small thing. I did n’t expect him to rush to a friendThe party was sent to the individual's copy room for treatment. This matter was naturally against the principle, and I criticized him mercilessly for the first time. The lad did not react on the surface, but I took it from him.Seeing his rebellion in his eyes.

Sure enough, after a few days, he told me that you are familiar with the TV industry, are there any way for me to make a temporary appearance or something, and I will be personally accountable when I return to school. I know that he left behind the scenes and went to the front desk.If you think about it for him, practice in my side and do all unknown things, and have a distance with his profession, just build a bridge for him. I just heard that another show group has an outside hostI was withdrawn for some reason, and I was looking for someone. I told the producer there. When the guy looked that the shape of the guy was very suitable, he let him try the audition. It was pretty good, so he let himTwo episodes were made. When I saw him again, his mental energy changed completely. I was thinking about Yu Cheng's good deeds, and I made a transfer to let him go there directly. I did n’t think the producer thereI called and said, you'll get back the host you recommended.

I learned afterwards that this person had begun to float before he had a firm foothold. When he saw someone, he swaggered with a business card printed with a certain host of the show, and privately pulled the advertisement as the host.

Another time, a friend of mine held a press conference and asked a moderator. I'm still talking to others on the phone. I'll talk about it a few days later. I didn't expect this guy to be smart and let me listenWhen I arrived, I came to the door the next day to take over the work, and came back with a smile and said, "You're really useful. I said it was recommended by you, and you're done. You dragged me to a hot pot and took a stackThe bill rang loudly in front of me, for fear I didn't know it was the red envelope he took.

I thought that this guy could live well. But if he was a fish, what pond would he want to swim around.

Fortunately, it will be over in 3 months, and his internship is over.

The day before he left, he took an appraisal form and asked me to fill in the appraisal. I looked at the blank space that needed to be filled out, and felt that the writing was really heavy: Write it truthfully, it will definitely be bad for the boy;Write it, maybe indulge him from a certain angle. After thinking about it, I wrote only 5 words in that long blank space: Kung Fu is outside the poem. I think this is the most accurate I can fill in.The most clever evaluation. This sentence can be understood from multiple angles, but I believe that their school can find a positive solution.

After that, I have no contact with Li Xi. His identification was transmitted by secret letter according to the requirements of their school. Li Xi did not know. So I am a little confused now that Li Xi is no longer in contact with meThe reason. I admit that when Li Xi was internship around me, I didn't teach him any skills, but if he realized by heart, he should realize that I taught him something more important than skills. So, I was guessingMaybe after many years, he will think of my trainee teacher, I have this feeling.