Excellent internship self-identification model text

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After studying some professional courses this semester, I realized that theoretical study must be combined with practice to promote each other.

So I decided to use the summer time to do it Social Practice . The internship department is the Labor and Social Security Bureau of Donghu Development Zone. The time is four weeks. The first two weeks I practiced in the Labor Supervision Department. The next two weeks I practiced in the Pension and Unemployment Insurance Treatment Approval Department.

The Labor Supervision Section is mainly responsible for matters related to labor relations. Foreign business mainly includes labor contract certification, labor employment permits, and labor disputes. In addition, through various administrative means, implement the relevant requirements of superiors and implement the requirements for development zones.Of enterprises to supervise and manage labor, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers from being infringed.

Labor contract certification is a certification procedure that is mainly conducted to regulate labor contracts, further regulate labor relations, and protect the legitimate interests of workers and employers. As an administrative act, labor contract certification does not affect the validity of the contract.As long as it is a labor contract that complies with the labor law, whether it is certified or not, it is a contract that is protected by labor law and has a valid effect. However, in order to regulate the labor contract, it is recommended to send the signed labor contract toCertification by the labor administrative agency to avoid labor disputes caused by unclear terms of the labor contract in the future. Therefore, the certification of the labor contract is fundamentally a norm for the labor contract by the labor administrative department and a type of fundamentally eliminating labor disputes.try.

Every worker is required to apply for an employment certificate for the first time when they are employed. The employment certificate is not only a proof of employment for the worker, but also a necessary document for handling other businesses such as unemployment insurance. So inIt is very important to obtain a labor employment certificate when you are employed.

Labor disputes are disputes over the rights and obligations of laborers and employers during the labor process, and labor dispute processing is to handle these labor disputes. The procedures for labor dispute processing include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We are mainly responsible forThe arbitration step in labor dispute settlement procedures. Labor arbitration mainly includes the procedures of accepting appeals, preparing for trial, trial and adjudication. When workers feel that their legitimate rights and interests have been infringed by the employer, they can go to the arbitration commission where the enterprise is located.File a labor appeal. The arbitration commission can decide whether to accept it. If it is accepted, it enters the trial preparation stage. At this stage, the arbitrator responsible for the case must prepare relevant materials and notify the complainant and the respondent of the specific trial time. The trial stage isConducted in an arbitral tribunal. The trial generally includes the following stages: the clerk announces in-court discipline, opens the court, verifies the identity of the complainant, the investigation of the trial, the signature of the transcript of both parties, the end of the trial, and the closure of the court.Committee prepares a ruling and serves itPeople as well as the respondent.

Labor inspection is to supervise the employment of enterprises in the jurisdiction, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers from being infringed. Labor inspection generally includes registration and filing, investigation and evidence collection, processing, making of rulings, service, feedback, and filingIn general, labor inspection departments only accept complaints of apparent violations of labor laws and regulations, and can only have jurisdiction over cases in their jurisdictions. To register workers, they should fill out a case approval form and report it to the person in charge of the labor inspection agency for review and approval.The date of approval is the start time for filing a case. Evidence must be collected for investigation and evidence collection. Evidence generally includes documentary evidence, physical evidence, audiovisual materials, witness testimony, parties' statements, appraisal conclusions, investigation records, on-site records, etc. After the investigator completes investigation and evidence, A case processing approval form should be submitted to the labor inspection agency, and the case processing approval form should indicate the unit or individual being monitored, the facts of the violation, and the opinions of the treatment. After the processing is completed, a labor inspection processing decision should be made.