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When we have reflection and have new inspiration, we can use one Experience Place your thoughts properly so that you can keep updating your thoughts. But what do you think is appropriate to write? The following is about production Internship experience Experience 3 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Production Practice Experience 1

From July 16th to August 27th, we carried out a two-week production internship with an enthusiasm and enthusiasm. During the production internship, I saw a lot of things that were useful to me and consolidated me.The knowledge I have learned has deepened my understanding of the production process and has greatly improved my thinking and professional knowledge.

Maybe it ’s verified that paper-based schooling ends up being shallow, and I never know what to do. In this internship, when I really saw a lot of various machine tools and each of the parts they processedOnly then did I know how limited my previous understanding was. Fortunately, without this field observation, my knowledge would not be so profound. Without this field observation, no more theory would be justTalking on paper, if it were not for the field observation, I would not have learned so many books. After this field observation, I can talk about the processing of some parts and the working principles of some machine tools.This was not possible before my internship.

There are always too many words in textbooks. Every time you read a book, you will lose patience. The content of the book is not only difficult to understand in abstract terms, but also the excessive and complicated textual narrative makes it easy for people to fall into it.A state of emptyness and fatigue. However, in the production practice, I can directly observe the operation process of the entire assembly line, which is not only fast and easy to understand, making my thinking clearer and broader.

In the workshop of the body factory, I saw many large machine tools, and the sound of punching made me deafening, and made me realize the hard work and dedication of the workers working in such a harsh living environment; in CNC machiningIn the center, long rows of automated production lines made me sincerely amazed and made me realize the inevitable trend of numerical control instead of manual. However, this does not mean how developed our country's industrial level will be. On the contrary, our industryCompared with the industrial level of other developed countries, there is still a huge gap. Under the introduction of the workshop master, I clearly realized that although many industrial equipment are independently produced by our country, the most important core part can only rely onImported, otherwise, the processed parts will not reach the international level at all, which shows that China's industrial level has an insurmountable gap compared with developed countries. China is still the world's processing factory. This gap is not two a year.Year gap, but a gap of a few decades. If China is to develop truly, it must get rid ofThis kind of restraint, vigorously develop industry, vigorously develop scientific and technological research, and cultivate more outstanding talents who can serve the motherland.

Visit during the day, write at night Diary Although this has become the rule of our daily life, but the same life has different experiences and gains, because we can know more and learn more different things every day. Although I bid farewell to the vigorous, moreThe colorful campus life, although the beginning has only a bland, but it has a flavor, a real, more joy as close to life. Like a machine that will always only repeat a set of actions, But can be processed that mirror-like parts.

In the two-week life, there is always a feeling of aliens and strangers. During the half-month stay in Hubei, I must not only learn to take care of myself, protect myself, but also learn to care for others and help others.Hubei, whenever I see my classmates, I have a kind feeling, and I will feel solid and happy in my heart. Maybe this is how I feel as a stranger. This makes me understand the value of friendship. I spent three days in collegeI will quarrel with my classmates at both ends, but now it is funny to think about it. During the internship, my relationship with my classmates was particularly good. We stopped worrying about small things and gradually learned to tolerate restraint and tolerance.Think, this is what I have learned in this half month.

This time the internship was successful and worthwhile. Under the enthusiastic explanation of the workshop master and under the guidance of the team's teachers, I have been here to answer the questions raised during the internship process.Easy to solve.

When you see that everyone is working hard, contributors silently in their posts, loyal to their duties, and enthusiastic about their own work, maybe this can be said to be a spirit, a spirit of wind. And this spirit is a course that integrates Dongfeng. Although it has gone through many storms and hardships, it still stands proud and never speaks. As long as it has this spirit, DongfengIt will definitely thrive in the bath of the new century and achieve fruitful results.

Production Practice Experience 2

Time is passing away as fast as water, I do n’t know if I have been internship in a company for almost a month.

In this first month, bitter and bitter, every bit hidden in my heart, I used to be a student, and suddenly my role has changed, I feel the pressure of life is coming, everything is notAs simple as it used to be, maybe this is real life.

For this internship, the unit I chose was a private machinery factory in this town. During this month's internship, I felt quite deeply, whether as a student or an intern, let meI have a great understanding and improvement of adaptation and self-development. I have made a career plan for myself in the next 10 years, and then I can have confidence and aim to continue to work hard in this direction.

Now that I have chosen this profession, I am interested in it, and now that I have established goals, then my original choice is no longer a problem, because I have the confidence to go on. Machinery is a hot specialty in this century, but competitionAnd the challenge is very big, if there is no correct goal and complete thinking development concept, then this path will always be bland, because your mind is limited to this.

Dry machinery is very hard. During this month's internship, I was standing every day. One stop was one day, 8 and a half hours. I remember that the first or second day I was almost collapsed, I was really tired.It ’s not worse than the original military training station. I had pain all over the body for 2 days, but there was no way, this was the choice. At first, I might be a bit intolerable, and my mind was crooked. I wanted to take a reason to take time off, even if I was lazy.But think about it in the end, after all, it ’s work, after all, I have to face it now, just shrink back now, how to live in the future. Faith is always there, and then everything is no longer a reason. IVery hard, very motivated, relying on my firm will to do a good job this month. God is fair, his efforts are not wasted, the boss deserves me. Very good! I said to myself. This is what I want, isn't it?? Although my job is very simple, I have always pressed the switch, it is fully automated, and my brain is not used. Although it is a bit boring, but this is work, after all, the boss arranges it. We can only obey the job.Persuasion, my college students have learned so much, even let me press the switch, really not convinced. But then think about it, this is actually a test, maybe the boss is testing your patience and seriousness?

Gradually I changed my thinking in this area. I said to myself: This internship keeps me learning a little skill and experience. It is more a test of my patience and seriousness.Enterprise development has a good start to prepare, so even if it's boring, without technical skills, I have to survive, because there is nothing better than a patient person, I should be learning myselfLearn by yourself, slowly I believe that I can continue to grow, I believe !!

Production Practice Experience 3

The process of production internship has enabled me to complete a student's transition from university campus to society, and lay the foundation for going to society and working in the future. During this half month in Changsha Machine Tool Factory, in each companyUnder the care of the leaders and the guidance of the workshop masters, they have initially studied the company's corporate culture, management mode and rules and regulations, and have systematically learned the processes and equipment used in each link of a product through internship arrangements for rotating positions..I learned about the equipment and process tools used in the various processing links from the initial cutting to milling, drilling, turning, boring, grinding, and welding, including various mold welding tools and fixtures. Through this rotation practice, Can learn more knowledge and skills in a short time.

For example, through this internship, I learned the worktable structure and clamping principle of various milling machines, learned various clamping techniques and methods; learned the tool setting and operation methods of CNC oxygen cutting;Milling machine mills the plane and end surface of the workpiece; learns to operate various drilling machines to drill holes in the workpiece; learns some methods and techniques of CNC machine tools such as tool setting, straightening, and some basic operations of CNC machine tools. It can be said that I learned a lot in the school beforeKnowledge and skills not learned.

Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles. The combination of theory and practice allowed me to learn a lot in this internship, but at the same time exposed my own lack of theoretical knowledge. I know that IThe existing knowledge is far from enough, and returning to school requires continued hard work.

At the same time, at the request of company leaders, I also summarize some of the problems I found during the internship. Through the half-month internship at Changsha Machine Tool Factory, I also took a lot of positions during this period, but due to time constraintsMost of them are fancy, and the problems found may not be very profound. They are only superficial problems, not even a problem. Perhaps most of the company ’s leaders already know about it.Mention it for reference only.

In oxygen cutting, I found that there are quite a few blanks, especially those with complicated shapes. The contour edges are defective, and the defects are often at the firing point, especially blown directly from the sheet surface.This situation is more common when a hole is cut again. Some need to be repaired, some do not need to be repaired but it affects the appearance. For example, there are more cases of the upper cover of XX parts. I wonder if it can be changed by changingHow to reduce the number of defects by gunpointing? For example, starting from the outside of the outline of the blank or the inside of the outline, so that the defects of the starting point are applied to the unwanted materials, thereby reducing the defects of the blank and the problems that affect the appearance.

Second, when placing the sheet, try to level the sheet as much as possible to avoid the tilt of the cutting surface, especially for thicker sheets, this problem is more likely to occur. There is also a shotDo not place the point on the contour to be machined in subsequent processing. For example, for XX workpieces, defects are found on the hole wall after the last boring process, and this defect may be caused by overcutting when firing or during the cutting process.The middle sheet is caused by a sudden tilt.

Here in the XX gantry milling machine, I was wondering if I could improve the tooling or measuring method for processing the coaming board, because I found that the error was relatively large when I simply measured the width with a standard pad and a vernier caliper.Give a value to group the enclosures quickly and efficiently. If the width is not grouped and welded, it will cause a considerable part of the XX workpieces to have no light on the bottom surface during XX processing.

On the welding side, I think a lot of problems are here, and it is also a point where you can find the previous processing problems, because each part has a slight problem in the previous processing.Gathered together to magnify small problems, causing big problems. In fact, many problems cannot be found due to my personal level, experience, and other restrictions. Besides, there are many problems that can not be found at once, and can be clearly stated at once.I think a technician should be sent to this post for follow-up internship and technical guidance for a period of time, including guidance on the positioning requirements and clamping force requirements of the welding master to improve the positioning of the welding master on the welding clampingIn the end, I would like to make a suggestion, is it possible to buy another welding machine, so that the master of the middle school can also go to the morning shift, because there are a lot of problems in the positioning of the clamp due to the lighting problem.It is difficult or even impossible to find under dim lighting conditions. Arranging for early work is not only convenient for management, but alsoAfter the emergence of the ability to detect problems and feedback, easy to strengthen the guidance, if irrational process improvements can be obtained in a timely manner, and will not repeat the mistakes again; and working during the day and be able to improve efficiency, it can be said to serve two purposes.

Through this half month of study, I deeply understand my shortcomings and provide direction and motivation for my junior life. The internships these days have given me a better understanding and familiarity with mechanical work.The process of factory work is more importantly the actual operation. While achieving results, I also found some shortcomings in my internship process. I summarized the following points: professional aspects, first, as an information societyCollege students should have solid professional knowledge and good professional thinking ability, and have good professional ethics and professional attitude such as honesty and trustworthiness. This is the most basic requirement of the job for the staff. Secondly, as a debugger or developer, there must be rigorousWork attitude. Quality inspection is a very precise task, requiring testers to carefully perform each step of work, and again, to have a hardworking and peaceful mentality and peace of mind. Do not be impatient and eager to achieve success. In factAt the same time, the companies were very helpful and very helpful. For some time, due to some of my ownFor Internship lost confidence and passion, even he thought the exit, is my leader gave me a lot of very pertinent advice and persuasion, I finally successfully completed the training.

As a result, I have a new understanding of how to get along with colleagues and leaders during the work process. Although this internship was short in time, although I was exposed to very shallow work, I still learned a lot of knowledge and experience.These are not available in books. Through internships, we can better understand our deficiencies, understand the nature of software work, and understand all aspects of this society, so that I can make career planning for myself earlier. At the same timeI would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the leaders and colleagues for their care and guidance during this time!