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Four practical graduation experience

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When we are touched in real life, we should write one Experience Summarize it well, this will cultivate the habit of thinking. But what is the right thing to write? The following is about Graduation Internship experience Experience 4 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Graduation internship experience 1

I am honored that some of our students in Class 5 of Pharmacy 09 came to Liuzhou Guizhong University Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. for an internship in 20xx. Fortunately, they became interns in the company. Looking back on the internships in these months, we are in the store.With the support and help of the master and the masters, I strictly asked myself to complete the job in accordance with the requirements of the manager. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the manager and the masters.The Chain Co., Ltd. gave us a chance to show. Through the work and study during this time, we understood the importance of combining theory with practice.

In the first few days of work. Adapted to the working environment here as soon as possible, slowly integrated into this group, with the care of the manager, carefully studied the requirements and tasks of the various work systems in the store,Understand the tasks and responsibilities of each staff member and their work processes, and constantly improve their professional knowledge and level to enrich their experience. During this period, I mainly learned about medicine, the classification of medicine, and the purposeAnd taking medicine. Although there are many kinds of medicines, the medicines are placed according to categories when they are placed, firstly the classification of injections, capsules, tablets, pills, etc., and then based on antibiotics, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.Digestive system, external use, over-the-counter medicine, family planning, medical equipment, other categories. Of course, taking medicine is the simplest and most important technique. When taking medicine, for people of different ages, genders and different levels,Handling of medicines is different, especially for children and pregnant women. Be careful and cautious when using medicines. Secondly, when taking medicines, take a polite attitude towards medicines.Accept patient consultation to understand the patient's physical condition, and at the same time explain to the patient the nature, function, use, usage and precautions of the drug in detail, and at the same time respect the patient's subjective opinions. The location of the display of different drugs is different, but the environment is different.Some medicines are different. For example, some medicines are suitable for keeping fresh at a certain temperature. Such medicines must be placed in a refrigerator with adjusted temperature and humidity. There are also volatile medicines that cannot be put together with other medicines. FinallyIt is also necessary to keep the medicine clean every day. We have exercised patience, realized that we must be serious, responsible, careful, handle every business, and understand the importance of the connection between every occupation and pharmacy in the pharmacy.

Through these months of study, not only have I learned a lot of knowledge not in books, but also enriched our experience and accumulated experience. But still made us realize that our knowledge, ability and experience are still lacking, so we are working.We must not lose our heart, we must invest more and continue to study hard. The knowledge in books is not enough, and the combination of theory and practice can better let us understand knowledge and bring it to reality.Serving the public. And during the internship process, we are also a member of the work team. We must follow the various rules and regulations of the pharmacy. It cannot be the same as in the school. There are concerns about doing things in the store. You can do whatever you want. The important thing is thatAdhere to a study and serious attitude. At the same time, work requires not only skilled professional knowledge and skills, but also high professional quality and morality. Finally, it is understood that chain pharmacies are different from hospital pharmacies. Pharmacists in hospital pharmacies only need to be prescribed by a pharmacist.Medicines, and most of our chain pharmacy customers are non-professionals who know less about medicines, soDesignate, be careful, cautious, responsible for every customer.

The road to life has just begun. You need to take every step of your life and remind yourself to study hard, work hard, be a promising youth, and be a useful person to society and the country!

Graduation internship experience 2

Waiting, waiting, and finally ushered in my internship. Although this internship is short, it has given me a lot of inspiration.

On the afternoon of the first day, under the auspices of President Wu, President Fan, and Director Chen, a meeting to welcome the trainee teachers was held. During the entire meeting, I had a strong feeling that the school attached great importance to us., Is willing to give us the opportunity to learn, and is doing our best to allow us to have the opportunity to fully lecture on the podium, which moved me, because this is a great contrast with other schools, many schools are very exclusiveFor trainee teachers, there are up to 2 lessons for trainee teachers. You ca n’t listen to the lessons at school, but in Xiuye ​​Elementary School, the teachers here welcome us to listen, which allows us to get the maximum level of classroom situation during the traineeship. This isThis hard-won opportunity, I have to know how to cherish and be grateful. I want to thank the school of study, thank President Wu, President Fan, Director Chen, the instructor teacher Peng Hui, and our internship teacher Huang Yue, and let us listen to the classTeacher of class, everything about study, I have to learn everything about study.

In fact, the first week is an internship week. The main content is to be familiar with the school, understand the school's teaching process, follow the work of the internship class teacher and the class teacher, and learn the teaching work of a subject. For the next four weeks of trial teachingbe ready.

In the first week, the most apprenticeship was listening to the lesson. I listened to 8 lessons in four days. After listening to the lesson, I felt a lot. The biggest feeling is that the class is live and there are all kinds of unexpected events.And the class discipline must be under the full control of the teacher. Otherwise, the teacher will be as good as this class, but it will be a failed class without students.

In the classroom of the elementary school, I feel that the teachers in the class have become children's friends. Everyone is discussing and discussing the fruits of knowledge. Among them, the two classes that impressed me most were Class 2A.Mathematics class multiplication formula of 5 and 6 Chinese class Liu Yan ’s Chinese text on this land is sacred. The atmosphere of the second grade classroom is very relaxed and active, and the teacher ’s language is very lively and cute, which is very suitable for elementary school.The children communicate, and although the content is very easy in a class, the teacher will use a variety of methods to consolidate, such as counting fingers, reading, reading in the classroom, etc. In the class of Class 6B, Teacher Liu Yan was veryPassionate, even the teachers who attended our class were unknowingly brought into this text and were infected by the sacredness of this land. They respected the land. There is also a 6th grade student thinkingEspecially active, thinking about the problem will be considered from many aspects, and very positive, even I was infected before I knew it.

In addition to attending classes, I also actively go to work. I like to be with our class children. They are naive and cute and care about my attitude towards them. They will care if I remember his name. With the childrenTo get along, use wisdom and be flexible. I remember that I had a class after class 3 in Class A. I was talking to a student. Suddenly two students at the back door of the classroom got into a fight. I hurried over and hugged them.A bigger student, they were still pulling and pulling, using hands and feet to attack each other, I immediately stopped them with my body, separated them, took him to the seat, and I told him heThis math quiz is a good test. What class is next? At the beginning, he still said angrily how the boy bullied him. Later he chatted with me and completely forgot the unhappiness just now.Now I summarize my experience: when students have conflicts, they should be separated quickly and their attention should be diverted as soon as possible.

Since a week of internship at Xiuye ​​Elementary School, I ca n’t talk about feelings for a long time, so let ’s stop here. I need more time to learn how to be a qualified teacher and fight for education.

Graduation internship experience 3

Dear alumni, schoolmates, and girls :

In the free time before the business trip this morning, Counselor x chats with me and asks about the experience of the internship. After asking, it just triggered my inner accumulation since the internship, although I ca n’t communicate face-to-face with my younger brother and sister due to work arrangements.First of all, I will give you a communication in the form of text here. It is really half a year of internship. There are too many words for my teachers and friends.

Maybe some teachers and classmates know me. I am a class of microelectronics technology 07462 class xxx. I went to Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. "Huagong Laser" for internship in December 20xx. I have left the college for more than half a year.A graduate who comes to an intern and is about to become a full-time employee, step by step, is the most important stage in life, but also the longest and most difficult course, but in this process I learned a lot, understood a lot, hopeTo share with my classmates who are about to enter the internship, my little experience ...

First of all, I want to say that "college students" and "employment" should be put in the right place. Don't let the word "college students" divorce from reality, let you hesitate, and miss "employment". When the company recruits youIt depends on what value you can create. To the extreme, college students just give you one more chance during the company recruitment process.

I majored in microelectronics technology. The financial turmoil of 20xx directly affected our professional employment. Everyone encountered sudden difficulties in finding a job. I was very fortunate that I quickly found my internship.Hehe, this is not because of how good my grades and abilities are, but because I have a good mentality and have a proper positioning for myself. Remember that when I first joined the company as an intern, the company did not have a "salary", only a littleThe subsidy and life were very scarce for a while. You must not believe it when you see this, and you will not choose a similar company for internship. I came here a little bit from Huagong Laser. Since December 7th last year, II have done laser equipment production, and have also done complete equipment handling, but now I am a service engineer at Wuhan Office in Hangzhou. The salary should be no less than that of the same graduate. This mentality is what we need to establish most.I also want to thank the general manager of Huagong Laser xxx, who came to the left company of our school to give a lecture, highlighting the self-improvement in the internship and helping me solve my problem.Confused by "interns". Interns, as their name implies, are interns, half of them are students and half are prospective employees. The most important thing for interns is to learn technical knowledge in the enterprise and lay the foundation for future social work, not justIt is more decent than how much money you can make. Many fresh graduates have participated in many job fairs at school, but they have not signed up. It is not because the company does not want people, but because they choose companies with high internship wages.Shan looked at the high mountain, chose one, and fell in love with another. Eventually, he failed, and complained about how difficult it is to find a job. So when looking for an internship, the last thing you need is to see if you can learn something. The internship salary can be slightly increased.Let it go, because you have n’t graduated yet, but you are just a student at school. With that, I think it would not be too difficult for everyone to find a job, at least you can find a job like me ....

Secondly, I want to talk about how the intern should do after entering the company, haha, just a personal opinion. If you think it makes sense, you might as well try it out. Interns who have just entered the company will always have something like thisThoughts, such as how the company is not good, how the salary is so low, the leadership is so fierce, the company ’s policies are so imperfect, and the masters ’skills are not as high as you think. Is there a future for me?I have changed jobs, etc. except in rare cases, of course, but I have always held a different belief. Once I have come, I will settle down. Otherwise, I will do it well. I will be careful about what I do. ImagineFor a moment, the company will definitely choose a new batch of interns. Based on your daily performance and attitude towards work, we will arrange a suitable position for you in the future. This is also equivalent to the "interview" in the work process.It's a bit long. Doing things in the company, especially the most important thing for newcomers, is the attitude of doing things, whether being a human being, can be accepted by leading colleagues.

Speaking from a small aspect, every time the things that the leader arranges for you, the smaller the thing, the more tired it is, then you should be happy, because your development opportunities begin here .....

The above is a little bit of experience during my internship at the company. I don't know if it will help the students who are about to enter the internship. Finally, I wish you all to find a job that suits you as soon as possible and find your own place in the company in society.Creating value for society ...

Graduation internship experience 4

On September 17th, with an unspeakable mood and a sacred yearning for the profession of teachers, with the flying car came to our internship destination-School XX, which is a beautiful school,It is also a colorful garden.

Here I conducted a two-month internship and gained a happy and memorable time. I not only learned a lot from various teachers and students, but also became friends with them, and more importantly, I was inDuring the internship, I feel that what I have learned is much richer and more exciting than what I learned on campus in three years. Of course, this is not to deny the teacher's teaching and his own learning, but to gain much more than the book in practice.Originally true and true. As the saying goes: "Although hard work, there are gains in twists and turns."

The basic content of the internship includes three parts: teaching work, class teacher work, education survey

1 Teaching work

This internship made me feel quite a lot. On the one hand, I was deeply impressed by the vast amount of knowledge and knowledge, which forced me to study hard day and night; on the other hand, I also deeply felt the profound connotation of teaching aptitude. Preparing for lessons, class, and homework...... Day after day, countless trivial things constitute the main theme of my internship.

The first is the homework reform course. From September 17 to November 9

Through the instructor, first familiarize yourself with the mathematics class of the internship class, get to know each student in the class, and understand their mastery of the knowledge of mathematics. Then, listen carefully to the instructor and other classmates. The feeling of the current lecture is the same as beforeIt ’s totally different: before listening to lessons to learn knowledge; now listening to lessons is to learn teaching methods. The purpose is different, the attention points of the lessons are different, now the attention is the guidance of teachers and other students in the class, the thinking of the class. Then,Based on the education knowledge I learned at the university and what I learned during the internship in middle school, I prepared and lectured on the basis of what I already had, and made preparations for the podium. By listening to the lessons and evaluating the assignments, I learned :

①Mathematics of students. Students in class 2 have better math scores and have a more serious attitude towards learning. However, they have poor mathematical thinking skills, especially their ability to think independently and adapt to changes. For example, they have recently completed the knowledgeThe points and example questions are slightly deformed, they ca n’t do it, and sometimes they ca n’t respond to the knowledge points they just talked about; students in class 5 have poor math scores and are not serious about their learning attitude, but they have strong mathematical thinking skills.Especially the independent thinking and resilience ability is stronger than the students in class 2. For example, if the knowledge points and example questions just finished are slightly deformed, they can quickly react by examining the knowledge points just taught.

②Students' characteristics: Students in class 2 are more serious about learning. Compared to students in class 5, they are able to review assignments after class. However, they are a bit heavy and are not interested in the new math class., I look down on the new content, I think it is too simple, in fact, their mathematical foundation is not solid; students in class 5 are not serious about learning, and they are lazy compared to students in class 2, and they ca n’t finish their homework in time after class., Have no interest in mathematics, and no sense of achievement in mathematics learning. However, they like to express themselves and long for the teacher's attention.

③ The teaching method of the original subject teacher: For different basic classes, the classroom processing, teaching arrangements and teaching methods are different; through listening to the lessons and evaluating the assignments, I am also familiar with the teaching language and mathematical expression language symbols of the original subject teacher..

Second is the stage of preparing for the lectures. From September 17 to November 9

On the basis of insisting on listening and evaluating assignments, I started preparing for lectures.

First of all, I started to try to write a plan. According to the requirements of the internship school, I read through various materials and wrote a very detailed plan. I envisioned and dealt with every detail in the class and dealt with each connection point.I wrote it out. I also treated the lesson plans differently according to the characteristics of classes 2 and 5. I made two different lesson plans. After I wrote the lesson plans, I gave them to the instructor to modify them.On the basis, I made many revisions until the instructor praised my lesson plan well.

Secondly, I started speaking to teammates and facing the mirror. After writing the lesson plans, I became familiar with the lesson plans and became familiar with them. Then I began to try and talk in the mirror or against the teammates multiple times until I could get out of the manuscript.In the trial lecture, I encountered some problems. I consulted an experienced teacher, modified the trial draft, and converted it into my own language, and try again.

Finally, I insist on taking each lesson plan to ask the instructor and other experienced math teachers, and discuss how to teach them. For example, is the meaning of the range limitation of a in the definition of the exponential function explained to the students?Question, I asked all the math teachers in high school there are 3 math teachers in total. Each math teacher's views are different, but their general views can be said to be different from student to student. So I based on what I taughtThe specific situation of the two classes, decided to mention in class 2, there is no need to speak in class 5.

The third is the official class stage. From October 7 to November 9

On October 7th, I officially stepped onto the podium and started the first lesson of my teacher career. At this time I was very nervous, although I was well prepared. Just now I also appeared not knowing how to connect two independentKnowledge, but the students actively cooperated with me and answered my questions boldly. This makes me feel relieved: the students are encouraging me! Gradually, I entered the state, the tension gradually disappeared, and the more I talked about, the more vigorous I ignoredAttention to students.

Since then, I have successively taught a variety of classes, and finally I have overcome the tension and can speak freely. My favorite and most proud is the new class taught in class 5. Because the students in class 5 like me very muchThey are very enthusiastic and enthusiastic, and they especially like to do the new class exercises I arranged in the classroom the exercises I arranged are suitable for the difficulty, they can do it, and I give them the opportunity to show on the blackboard. This inspired them to learn mathEnthusiasm and fulfillment of their sense of achievement in math learning.

Classes are hard and interesting, especially students like your class hours. I was tired for class preparation every day. When I did n’t want to go to class, the students ran and said, teacher you are in class, we like your class very much.I said I'm tired and probably not spirited. Students are eager to say, teacher, we give you passion, you come here. What a lovely student, teach people can't help but love them!