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Five collections of selected university community activities summary

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I believe you will have a lot of gains after experiencing meaningful activities, do n’t forget to write Summary of activities Oh. But when I picked up the pen, I didn't know what to write. The following is a summary of 5 college community activities, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Summary of University Community Activities 1

I. Use of new resources in this recruitment

Manpower: As the shift system is publicized in the new district, each department needs to be staffed to ensure the smooth progress of its work.

Material resources: 1. Tables, chairs, benches, new sheds and blackboards for publicity provided by the Federation of Societies

2. Publicity banner, poster designed and printed by the Propaganda Department

3. Several copies of the application form.

二. Activity starts

The first stage National Recruitment :

The first round of registration and interviews will be held in New District, District 4, 106 from 7 pm to 9:30 pm on 1.9.23

The second round of speech interview was held in the Headquarters, Building 9, 115 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm on the 24th of September. The interview was successfully concluded and the Association absorbed 90 fresh blood.

III. Problems in the event

1. Some members failed to arrive on time

2. The recruitment time is too late.

3. The functions of each department have not been introduced clearly, which makes some freshmen not understand

4.Because I'm not mature enough in the outreach department, recruiting new sponsors has not been concluded.

four. Recommendations

1. Office perfects and strengthens attendance system

2. The members of each department should strengthen their understanding of the functions of their own department

3. Recruitment must be planned, publicity and recruitment must be synchronized

V. Summary of experience and lessons

1. The pre-recruitment promotion was put in place in time, so that students got the association's recruiting information as soon as possible. At the beginning of receiving the recruiting information, the president and vice president of the association asked the propaganda department to do a good job.In the early stage of recruiting new publicity work, publicity posters have been carefully crafted and posted in prominent positions on the bulletin board. The contents of the posters include the purpose of the Mental Health Association, department introductions and special activities, so that the new students can fully understand the Weichen Love Society, And also laid the foundation for freshmen to register enthusiastically.

2. The pre-recruitment preparatory meeting was held to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Since the beginning of the freshman's school, the president, vice president and principals of the main departments have held several meetings to discuss specific recruitment plans.In the process of recruiting, the association carefully prepared slogans and posters and arranged the heads of various departments to organize on-site recruiting. The thoughtful preliminary preparations laid the foundation for the formal start of recruiting, which is also a smooth recruitment process.Prerequisites for completion.

3. Association members work together in recruiting activities to contribute to the association's recruiting work. During the two consecutive days of recruiting work, the president, vice president and the principals of each department of the association arrivedDo on-site publicity and service work, and make a detailed explanation for every freshman who intends to join our group. This new recruiting work cannot be separated from everyone's joint efforts.

4. The association fully considers the hobbies and strengths of members, allowing them to freely choose to join the department, to do their favorite and good work, and to play the subjective initiative of members, in the future work can become passive and active, so thatEvery member can show their strengths in the association and contribute to the development of the association.

5. In the last session, almost all of our members were headquartered, which caused great obstacles to the activities of our association. In view of this, our association thought of a comprehensive publicity plan for students in the New District.Although the staff of our association is scarce, we are enthusiastically supporting it for the future of the association.

The recruitment of new students the first stage was successfully completed. It was inseparable from the guidance and support of the school leaders. It was also inseparable from the co-operation of the chairperson and vice-chairman and the heads of various departments.Great support to us. In the days to come, our entire society will work together to contribute our strength to the Weichen Love Society.

Summary of University Community Activities 2

Organizer : Reader's Association of Jiangxi Agricultural University

Event time : 19:00-20:00, X, X, 20xx

Event location : Library Report Hall

Event purpose :

The library is a scientific, cultural, educational, and scientific research institution that specializes in collecting, sorting, preserving, and disseminating documents and providing use. It preserves human cultural heritage, can carry out social education, and transfer scientific information. The school library is for studentsProvide intellectual resources and cultural entertainment. However, we have little knowledge about libraries and rarely or cannot make full use of library resources. In order to make up for this shortcoming, improve the quality of library services, and allow students to make better use of library resources,This lecture is hereby hand in hand with the library teacher.

Event content :

The library teacher Wang Xiaoxiong brought us a wonderful lecture. The lecture was divided into two parts. The first part was brought by Mr. Wang to give us a wonderful lecture. The lecture content includes three aspects: the first aspect is introductionThe library's resources and its use are demonstrated with examples. The second aspect introduces the special functions and usage of the two search engines, and ends with example demonstrations. Finally, he also introduced us to the library services. The second oneThis is the interactive link between the teacher and the classmates. In this link, the students ask questions, and the teacher solves them one by one.

Event effect :

The activity achieved relatively good results. The teacher spoke vividly and was extremely attractive to the classmates. None of the classmates left because the lecture was not wonderful. The main reason is that the teacher spoke really well to the needs of the classmates, because the classmates did not know orWhat they are unfamiliar with is what they are eager to understand. During the interaction with the students, the students also enthusiastically asked questions, and the teacher patiently answered them one by one. The activity has achieved a relatively complete success, but the only flaw isThe reason is that there are not enough people present, and the vast majority are only members of our association, which may be related to our publicity efforts.

Summary of University Community Activities 3

The exciting new recruiting activity is over, and the community should move to a new round of operations in the next step. In the past recruiting work, we have also found several problems and summarized some experiences. Here I would like to mentionCome out to be corrected and accumulate experience for future work.

First of all, this year involves a long distance between the old and new campuses, and inconvenience in communication between new and old students. Every meeting and handling of the problem requires back and forth, which adds great difficulties to the work of the community.

Second, after recruiting, the associations need to hold a meeting or make a brief introduction, which involves borrowing classrooms on the new campus. Now the associations reflect the difficulties of classrooms in the new campus, especially multimedia classrooms.Worrying about the upcoming events.

Furthermore, there are still many imperfections in recruiting this year. Compared with other colleges, we can find that our college has a relatively small number of recruits this year. Everyone said that this year the admission of new students from the outer hospital is limited and the loss of freshmen from the hospital to the outer hospital is serious.

But in the face of such a severe form, we must not give up. This is also the time to test us. Everyone must stick to it. The school construction is improving step by step. I believe we will have new development.

In the new semester and new situation, we still have a lot of places to explore. I hope that in the future, I can communicate with friends in the new district, cooperate with each other, and cooperate with each other as soon as possible!

Summary of University Community Activities 4

The colorful community activities on the campus have enriched the students' amateur life, and also provided a stage for students to show their ability and creativity. Not only can they broaden their horizons, increase their life experience, but also improve their overall quality and their impact on society.Cognitive ability. Moderate social activities are also "flavors" and "lubricants" for students 'college students' amateur life. Not only can it relax the mood and relieve stress,

Our Youth Excitement Association held various activities in xxxx-xxxx years. Many freshmen have participated according to their hobbies. At the same time, they also want to use their personal strengths, exert their talents, and exercise their abilities in this environment.Expanding interpersonal relationships can better cultivate teamwork spirit and enhance the overall quality of individuals.

In May xxxx, our association held a "light candlelight" event for the students of the whole school, which caused a sensation throughout the campus and made many students feel the warmth of candlelight in their hearts. In October xxxx, please invite students outside the schoolTo teach, train, and organize experiential activities to broaden the horizons of our community personnel and enrich campus life.

"Blue Ribbon" event in September xxxx.

On December 5, xxxx, a "Warm Winter" trip to Luzhou Welfare Institute. Give others a warmth, and give students a sense of responsibility and maturity.

December 30, xxxx held "dumplings" event.

The Youth Flying Contest was held in April xxxx.

XXXX to XXXX weekly held "Xinglong Book Club Reading Club" in cooperation with Confucian Society, White Deer Literature Society, Scholars Association, Youth Volunteers Association.

This activity not only strengthened our connection with other communities, but also promoted the development of each community, so that the communities were no longer isolated and became friends from each other.

"Respect for the Elderly and Disabled" was held in March xxxx. We sent a warm and enthusiasm to those who need help. However, due to time conflicts during the event, there were not enough people. We held a meeting to analyze and decided to make sure in the future.Number of people, and then carry out activities in a reasonable division of labor, and strive to prevent similar situations in the future.

The third "Youth Flying Competition" on April 15, xxxx. The scene was a bit confusing, but in general, each participant actively participated, fully demonstrated themselves, enhanced mutual friendship and returned with a full load.

April xxxx Action: Compulsory Education.

"Chinese Character Culture" Knowledge Lecture on May 6, xxxx. Enrich students 'extracurricular knowledge, broaden their horizons, and allow students to know more about Chinese characters and experience more, to cultivate students' cultural literacy.

A series of activities carried out by our society are to inspire college students to pursue progress, advocate civilization, and be willing to dedicate their enthusiasm to serve the people. It is helpful to cultivate our college students' sense of social responsibility and enhance teamwork and collective honor.

The development of community activities has also made us gradually move from a participant of a simple community event to a organizer of a community event. I also really realized the true meaning of holding a community event. Although I encountered in the process of preparing the eventLots of big and small difficulties.

But when we all worked together to solve the difficulties one by one, when we looked back again, we regained not only the simple joy in our hearts, but also the satisfaction and fulfillment.

Summary of University Community Activities 5

Since this school year, under the kind care and careful guidance of the League Department of the School League Committee and the various teachers, the work of our society has progressed smoothly. For many years, Mo Yuan people have been adhering to the "promoting cultural traditions, improving students' artistic accomplishment and serviceThe fundamental purpose of teachers and students "is to actively study and work hard.

The work of Moyuan Painting and Calligraphy Association in the 20xx-20xx school year is summarized as follows :

I. In terms of Nasional and cadre elections

1. Nasin work Nasin work in October 20xx, actively carried out in accordance with the rules of the community. Mo Yuan students in-depth propaganda for new students, and during the Nasin period showed excellent works of old members. In this year, a total ofAbout 200 painting and calligraphy lovers joined Moyuan University Family .

2. The election of officers has selected 28 new officers among the new members, which has injected new vitality into the work of Mo Yuan.

3. General elections The general elections will be held in April 20xx. Adhering to the principles of "fairness, openness, and justice," members and school leaders will vote to announce the results.

two, in terms of curriculum arrangements

Mo Yuan currently offers courses in calligraphy, Chinese painting, and manga.

1. Calligraphy class is taught and instructed by contemporary calligrapher Zhang Zhonghai on Sunday evening. In addition, 'we carry out monthly book competition activities, some teachers comment on student works and select outstanding works for display.

2 Chinese painting class is taught and instructed by art teacher Guo Fengtao every Saturday night.

3, Comic classes are taught and instructed by Mr. Hao Rui from the Fine Arts Department of our school every Saturday night.

III. Activities

Mo Yuan has organized a lot of activities this year, which fully mobilized the enthusiasm of members and strengthened the members

Cohesion. The most influential are the "Xin Ding Cinema" Cup calligraphy competition in April 20xx and the "Moyuan Painting and Calligraphy Association Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" in May. The calligraphy competition is open to the students of the school, and the students of the school actively participate and emerge.A large number of outstanding works were held, and a grand awards party was held, which ignited the students' enthusiasm for learning calligraphy. The calligraphy and painting exhibition exhibited the members of Moyuan and the outstanding calligraphy works in the calligraphy competition. At the same time, the outstanding members of the exhibition were also displayed.Chinese paintings and manga works. This exhibition is large in scale and has received unanimous praise from teachers and students. In addition, our society also organized members to visit the Tianan Art Museum, Folk Culture Park, and the National Calligraphy Exhibition and invited professional teachers to give lectures.Interesting “Stuffed dumplings to welcome the New Year”, “Tianti Spring Spring Tour”, “Tug-of-Society Tug-of-Community Competition”, “Manga Department Painting Hat Activities”, etc.

four, community management

Mo Yuan has nine departments: Secretariat, Calligraphy Department, Chinese Painting Department, Comics Department, Organization Department, Outreach Department, Network Department, Propaganda Department and Finance Department. Each department is independent but closely linked. Regular meetings are held every week.Make a summary of the work. Mo Yuan strictly requires each cadre and members to implement a strict attendance system, and assigns the work to people, so that the work is carried out rigorously and orderly. Participate in various meetings organized by the Ministry of Society on time and on time.Sign in, and carry out regular meetings. Submit activity summary, financial summary in time, and do a good job of protecting public property, and act in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Society

V. Establishing cooperation inside and outside the school

With the joint support of members of the whole society, our community has established a good cooperation environment inside and outside the school. There are strong support and friendship cooperation between Xinding Cinema, COSCO tour guide training institutions and four universities in Xingtai to strengthen the cooperation environment outside the school.My society invited the guests of Lanting Calligraphy Society and Yingchun Calligraphy Society as the "Xin Ding Cinema Cup" awarding guests. They gave us a spot on the spot, and proposed to establish a long-term friendly relationship with Mo Yuan and promote our calligraphy.To make our community stronger.

This year, under the care and guidance of school leaders and teachers, with the strong support of brothers and societies, and the unity and hard work of members, Mo Yuan has made a lot of progress. But we clearly know that Mo Yuan is stillThere are deficiencies that we need to improve such as :

1. The problem of the loss of members, due to the inadequacy of the class system for members, failed to make the members aware of the importance of class, so that some members lost the enthusiasm for class, so we plan to group management of new members next semester, There is a corresponding person in charge to urge its members to adhere to the class.

2, member information failed

Reasonable use, everyone participates in the community with their own curiosity and interest. In this regard, we must pay attention to the members' information, understand their purpose of joining the community, and take corresponding measures to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and make them interested in Mo Yuan.Emotions can be studied in my society for a long time.

3. The enthusiasm of the members in the semester is not high enough. In response to this problem, my community decided to take corresponding measures to increase the classroom atmosphere, increase the opportunities for interaction with the teacher, and hold more calligraphy competitions to set up corresponding rewards and holdThe award ceremony makes the classroom atmosphere the best!

I believe that under the correct leadership of the Youth League Committee teacher and the joint efforts of our members, Mo Yuan will get better and better tomorrow!

Moyuan Painting and Calligraphy Association

May 23, XX

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