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【Practical】 Four report of teacher report

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Teacher Report on Work Report 1

Since the first semester, I have carefully prepared lessons, taught classes, listened to lectures, evaluated lessons, corrected assignments and lectures in a timely manner, done after-school tutoring work, extensively covered various knowledge, formed a relatively complete knowledge structure, and strictly required students and respected students., Promote teaching democracy, so that students can learn something, so as to continuously improve their teaching level and ideological consciousness, and successfully complete educational teaching tasks. The following is my teaching experience and experience :

1. To improve the quality of teaching, the key is to take good classes. In order to take good classes, I did the following :

1 Preparation before class: Prepare the class.

①Study the textbook carefully, understand the basic ideas and basic concepts of the textbook, understand every sentence and every word, understand the structure of the textbook, the key points and difficulties, master the logic of knowledge, be able to use it freely, and know what information should be addedHow to teach well. ② understand the quality of students ’original knowledge and skills, their interests, needs, methods, habits, what difficulties may be encountered in learning new knowledge, and take corresponding preventive measures. ③ consider teaching methods to solve how to teachThe mastered teaching materials are passed on to the students, including how to organize the teaching materials and arrange the activities of each class.

2 The situation in the classroom.

Organize classroom teaching, pay attention to all students, pay attention to information feedback, mobilize students 'intention to maintain relative stability, at the same time, stimulate students' emotions, make them have a happy mood, create a good classroom atmosphere, classroom languageConcise and clear, overcoming the previous repetitive problems, classroom questions are for all students, pay attention to arouse students' interest in learning mathematics, combine lectures with practice in the class, and arrange them well Family Homework, homework is small and precise, reducing the burden on students.

2. To improve the quality of teaching, we must also do after-school counseling.

Primary school students are active, playful, lack of self-control, often fail to complete their homework on time, and some students plagiarize their homework. In response to this problem, grasp students' ideological education and make this work carry out to the study of studentsGo for guidance and do well

Counseling and help for student learning, especially in the transformation of lagging students, try to be kind to the lagging students, for example, hold his hand, touch his head, or help organize clothes. From praiseIn the beginning, all people are eager to get the understanding and respect of others. Therefore, when talking with the poor students, they express a deep understanding and respect for his situation and ideas, and before talking about the students, talk about their work.

3. Actively participate in listening and evaluating lessons, learn teaching methods from peers with an open mind, learn from others, and improve teaching level.

4. Cultivate a variety of interests and hobbies, go to the library to explore the group books, continuously expand the knowledge, and inject fresh blood into the teaching content.

Into the 21st century, the society has higher requirements for the quality of teachers. In the future education and teaching, I will require myself to be stricter, work hard, carry forward the advantages, correct the shortcomings, pioneer and advance, and contribute to a better tomorrow.power.

Teacher Report on Work Report 2

Dear leaders and teachers :

Hello everyone!

One semester of education and teaching work is successfully completed. Looking back, there is tension and busyness, as well as joy and happiness in achieving results, personal work report teacher version.

1. Strengthen personal political cultivation and professional moral cultivation, and strive to improve myself. I am determined to stick to the study of ideological and political theory, the teacher ’s professional moral theory, continue to engage in personal ideological and political theory level, and continue to deepen professional moral cultivation.Good attitude, with civilized words and deeds, with the principles of creating a harmonious campus, with a high sense of responsibility, with high standards of work requirements to treat students, comrades, careers, and their own specific work.

Second, adhere to professional cultural learning and business theory learning, guide the high-efficiency and high-quality work with thick cultural accumulation and systematic professional theoretical knowledge.

In the past six months, I have planned and purposefully studied the positive documents and education policies and regulations related to the popularization of the nine-year compulsory education and inspection, and studied the organization, leadership,Implemented the theoretical knowledge of the educational research experimental research and school-based teaching and research theory, and learned the knowledge of file management. Of course, the more learned is the theoretical knowledge of the implementation of the new curriculum reform, and gradually established and perfected the theoretical system of the new curriculum in the mind.It has laid a solid theoretical foundation for the implementation and guidance of teaching work.

3. Insist on the daily teaching inspection and guidance work and file management, and complete the preparation of all the schedules and written materials in the process of Pu Jiuying national inspection with high quality.

In the course of the semester work, first of all, strengthened the comprehensive investigation, inspection and guidance of education and teaching work and teaching and scientific research management of the schools and related teachers in the township, and made specific, clear and fair evaluations of the research projects that individuals are responsible for.After the new office was delivered and used, the file management was standardized in a timely manner, which brought the file management to a new level. The third is that the nine-month period of the national inspection work of Pu Jiuying successfully passed the national review and acceptance in mid-September.In the process of preparing for the inspection, in the face of frequent new requests from the General Office of the County Bureau, I did not tire of it, I did my best to complete all tasks creatively, and finally won the superior leadership with 100% accurate numbers and high-quality reporting materialsFully recognized.

Teacher Report on Work Report 3

In this school year, I served as the sixth grade primary school in English teaching. I strictly required myself from all aspects in my work, combined with the actual situation of the students, diligent and diligent, so that the teaching work was planned, organized, and carried out step by step.The work has made greater progress. Now we have summarized the teaching work of this school year, hoping to promote the advantages, overcome the shortcomings, sum up the test lessons, and continue to open up to promote the education and teaching work to a higher level.

1. Do a serious lesson preparation.

Not only prepare students but also prepare teaching materials, according to the content of the textbook and the actual situation of the students, aiming at the different teaching objectives of the fourth grade: training students' ability to read words based on the cultivation of interest, and also let students imitate the teaching materials to speak English,Cultivate students' pronunciation and intonation; the fourth grade is to learn new knowledge on the basis of maintaining interest, and increase the intensity of dictation words. Write the lesson plan carefully. Be "prepared" for every lesson, every lesson is inMake full preparations before the class and make a variety of interesting teaching aids that will attract students' attention. After the class, make a summary of the class in time, write a good teaching postscript, and earnestly collect the knowledge points of each lesson book into a collection.

Second, improve classroom teaching skills

Enhance class skills, improve teaching quality, make the explanation clear, organized, accurate, emotional, vivid, clear clues, clear levels, concise and concise, easy to understand. In the classroom, pay special attention to mobilize the enthusiasm of students and strengthenTeacher-student communication fully reflects the main role of students, basically making it easy for students to learn, easy to learn, and happy to learn; pay attention to elaborate, at the same time in each

Each class fully considers the learning needs and learning abilities of students at each level, and introduces the old, the design of the activity reflects the gradient and level so that each student can achieve the goal of the task in perception, practice, participation, and cooperation., Experience the joy of success, so that students at all levels are improved.

Three, learn with humility, learn from each other's strengths

In the teaching, there are doubts and questions. By participating in various mutual evaluation and evaluation activities organized by the school and the district and city, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and constantly enrich your own theoretical level of education and teaching to improve teaching ability.

Fourth, seriously correct the homework

Arrange homework to achieve intensive reading and concise. Targeted and hierarchical.

Timely and seriously correct the students 'homework, analyze and record the students' homework, summarize the problems they have in the homework process, make a review, and improve the teaching methods in a timely manner according to the relevant situation. Be targeted.

Five, insist on using English to organize classroom teaching

At present, since the classroom is still the only way and place for most students to learn English and use English, teachers should pay more attention to the form of conveying knowledge and information to create a good language learning environment for students. I am using English for teachingCan pay more attention to the acceptability, conciseness, phase and practicality of the English language used. The specific approach is :

1. Organize classroom teaching in English. Although most of the language used in classroom teaching is the same, I pay attention to constantly adding new words and gradually expanding the amount of words to keep students interested and experiencing challenges, so that they accumulate over time and improve unknowingly.

2. Teaching in English. Regardless of the conversation

Class or text class, I always use English. Try to use the vocabulary students have learned, but it is inevitable that many students do not understand the vocabulary, such as when introducing the background knowledge of the text in English, then supplemented by the physical objects, wall charts, Stick figures, expressions, gestures, performances, etc., or by means of blackboard writing. In short, note that the language used is slightly higher than the students ’existing level.

3. Strive for my own pronunciation, intonation, language norms and accuracy, and adjust the speed of my speech according to the students of different grades.

4. Make great efforts to create and design English language scenarios. Use the classroom as a place to develop and exercise students' ability to use language, encourage students to speak more English, in English classes, in addition to organizing sixth grade students to carry out text performances, text retelling and other activitiesIn addition, according to the content of the teaching, it often presents the language related to the students ’study and life. It also often inspires and organizes the sixth grade students to briefly discuss some topics of interest or common concern in English, which both activates the classroom atmosphere.Improve their listening and speaking skills, and deepen the content of the textbook.

After a semester of hard work, the final exam is a test. I understand that the important thing is how to improve myself in the next semester and how to jointly improve the English level of the taught grade. Therefore, no matter how hard it is, I will continue to work hard and ask more, Think more, learn more, and strive for progress.

Teacher Report on Work Report 4

Dear leaders and teachers :

Hello everyone!

In this semester, I served as the first class of Chinese teaching in the sixth grade, the comprehensive practical activities of the three classes in the third grade, and the team leader of the practical activities of the school and the town headquarters. I also served as the class teacher of the sixth grade.The three aspects of business learning, education and teaching and class management are reported to everyone.

I. Actively study and improve business level.

1. At the beginning of the semester, I actively participated in the long-distance Chinese language training to improve my language teaching level.

2. Use the Internet to strengthen learning. I often go to experts, famous teachers, famous class teachers and model teachers around me. I learn related knowledge and experience about Chinese language teaching and class management on blogs and websites. For example Composition Teaching expert Guan Jiangang, poetry recitation teacher Niu Jianyu, Zong Shouyong, teacher Tian Xiaoming class teacher Xu Xiaotong, our school Sun Jianming teacher, etc., these teachers' blogs will often have some newEducational teaching concepts and teaching practice guidance are very conducive to the improvement of my personal teaching and class management.

Two, innovation in Chinese teaching

1. Actively guide students to read more books and read good books. I adopt the method of reading together with teachers and students to stimulate children's interest in reading, encourage children to read widely, and create a strong atmosphere of class fragrance. My class children have been from summer vacation to the present.There are already 15 people reading more than 8 books, up to a maximum of 18. This semester, the children mainly read the novel series of Shen Shixi and Cao Wenxuan, the whole class has 40 people, 15 of them have read about 1 million words, and the class has set offReading fever. We selected 15 reading stars by displaying reading notes, reading reports, and teachers ’reading records. Reading also played a positive role in the new students. The protagonist ’s kindness, forging, and optimism in the book, And interesting stories in the book attract children, and more children like reading.

2. Encourage children's work, and strive to write high-quality work. I opened a class blog to encourage children to contribute to the wonderful works of the class, school journals, radio stations, and other student publications, which greatly stimulated the children's interest in the work.. In the process of submission, many students who are willing to help students write electronic compositions have emerged. In the past, these boys who like to play with computers have developed the ability to type quickly. I did not expect this to help students write compositions.Highlighting their advantages, they are also active in writing. Among them, the naughty packs of our class, Tang Zhuoyan, Zhao Wei, and junior Tang Zebin, perform most.

3. Effective class management

1. I use the combination of division of responsibilities and teamwork to rationalize the detailed division of responsibilities of the class and the independent management model. At the end of the semester, our class health district has achieved good results for three consecutive weeks. Of course, the detailed division of laborNo children ’s consciousness is more important. The reason why the health district achieved a full score is due to the strong sense of class honor of some children. What is more gratifying is that this insignificant result is the self-education of studentsThe true manifestation of the increased sense of ownership.

2. Strive to create a united and harmonious, hard-working class collective.

1 Through the construction of learning cooperation groups, elementary school teachers and junior students, and so on, transform the "less advanced students" and optimize the "excellent students", so that each level of students can be improved to a certain extent.

2 Record the growth process of the child. I captured the happy moments of the students' happiness in time, such as: the children's program rehearsal, happy New Year's Day, reading report, speech time, happy games in the snow and other happy moments.Then, post it on the class blog to give the children a sense of belonging to the class.

3 Innovate student evaluation mechanism. Outstanding students are selected at the end of the semester. In the past, teachers were used to recommend teachers. Students voted for excellent students. Of course, students are sometimes evaluated according to the performance of students.List. This time, the first is to show the merits of individuals or others, recommend them by partners, and then vote for the selection. This makes the evaluation link an effective moral education class, and it becomes the self-education of students instead of the chatter of teachers.

4 Class management performance is good. Achievement 1: At the beginning of the semester, our class obtained excellent results in the standardized learning behavior activities organized by the school. Achievement 2: On New Year ’s Day, the children ’s self-organized program "Sunrise"Excellent results. Grade 3: Hygienic performance improved.

The above is my report on my education and teaching work this semester. If there is anything wrong, please give your teachers valuable suggestions or suggestions

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