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Five articles on the annual work summary of the internship Fan Wenjin

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The law is back to spring, Vientiane is starting to update, we are about to usher in a promising new year, what growth can you get from a year ’s work? Sit down and write a year-end summary! But how do you learn at the end of the year?Did you write it? The following is the year of the internship Work summary 5 articles, for reference only, welcome to read.

Annual Work Summary for Internship 1

In the past year, under the leadership of the company, the sheet metal workshop under the leadership of the company and all the employees of our workshop worked together to complete the task of production. As always, we closely cooperate with the work of each department of the workshop and plan to complete each month.Weekly operation and production, mainly in the following aspects :

A total of 557 CS series welding boxes were produced in 20xx: 368 sets

120 sets of CS500 ~ 560, 7 sets of CS580, 115 sets of CS650 ~ 750, 60 sets of CS875, 56 sets of CS1000 ~ 1200, 10 sets of CS1250. CP series: 141 sets

6 CP400 cabinets, 35 CP450B cabinets, 1 CP650 cabinet, 60 CP750 cabinets, 14 CP875 cabinets, 4 CP910 cabinets, 20 CP1000 cabinets, 1 CP1450 cabinet.CH series: 21 sets

11 CH500 cabinets, 2 CHJ875A cabinets, 4 CH500A cabinets, 4 CH750 cabinets. 7 SVTL series

SVTL875: 4 units, SVTL750: 2 units, SVTL650: 1 new product: 20 units

GCD1050: 8 sets, C1000B: 3 sets, CD580: 4 sets, CP875JG: 1 set, SJ650D: 1 set, C650R: 2 sets, GCD800: 1 set. 38 sets of mold manufacturing

Pump, vortex core mold: 28 sets of pump vortex iron molds: 10 sets II. Safety production site setting management

In 20xx, the sheet metal workshop made unremitting efforts to pay close attention to safe production, and correctly used cranes, oxygen, gas, carbon dioxide welding machines, wires, and cables, especially carbon dioxide welding machines penetration depth and weld seam are easy to control, welding quality is good, weldingThe crack resistance is good, the power consumption is small, the use cost is low, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The production safety and hygiene of the workshop, the production safety and cleanliness of the workshop are improved, and the equipment maintenance and environmental sanitation are done before the production shift.There are still inadequate problems, the semi-finished products are not arranged neatly, the on-site hygiene is not well-organized, and the ideological education of employees should be strengthened in the future.

The ERP system was started in the sheet metal workshop in June this year, which can effectively improve the accuracy of data, enable parts to quickly enter the next process, and achieve the expected purpose of information sharing and improving double effects. Third, pay close attention to quality

ISO ~ 20xx version quality management system, can actively cooperate with the quality inspection department to do a comprehensive quality management work, also in the operation process, there is also a lack of on-site equipment, civilized production management, and continue to actively cooperate with quality in production operations in the futureThe relevant work of the Department and various departments to ensure that the annual quality target monitoring and monthly topic selection meet the standard and pass. Fourth, imagine 20xx planning, goals

1. The workshop will produce 40 to 45 speed-adjustable cabinets per month in 20xx, and it will be increased to 65 in 20xx. The workshop envisages that in the case of personnel integration, 4 people will be added to implement a 2-shift system to enrich the production capacity of the workshop., Special urgent items can work overtime to complete the task.

2, increase equipment investment, especially 6 carbon dioxide welding machines to ensure the completion of monthly production and release tasks.

3. Please purchase various specifications of iron plate materials in the workshop in time.

4. The operation site is not enough in the original site, the workshop proposed to put red sand beside the casting workshop to return the sheet metal.

In the new year, workshop leaders continue to lead employees to work hard, develop ideas, unite with various departments to complete indicators, make the workshop work better, and make more contributions to the company.

Annual Work Summary for Internship 2

The 4-month internship is finally over. During the time I worked in the xxxx company, I got along very well with the company's employees and leaders. Everyone cares about me and always encourages and helps me.I was also careful and careful. Not only did I complete my tasks smoothly, but I also often summed up my experience and lessons while working, and continuously improved my work efficiency. Although I also made some mistakes in my work and was criticized by leaders, I think these mistakes and criticisms are extremely effective.Greatly promote my work enthusiasm, so that I can be more cautious and careful in my future work, and improve my work efficiency. During this time of working with everyone, their rigorous and serious work style left me a deep impressionI also learned a lot of things I lacked from them. Although the internship was sour and bitter, it made me learn a lot of social experiences in the society that I could not understand during my study. This is the most precious thing for me.

In this internship, I have summarized the following experiences. If I can better summarize and apply these practical experiences in my future life, I will benefit a lot in my future life.

First: I must be proactive when dealing with others. I myself am a relatively introverted person. I am not good at actively communicating with others. In this internship, I also found my shortcomings and shortcomings. For example,In the first few days of my internship, I was rather timid. At first, I said nothing to several colleagues of the company. After work, I also played mobile phones alone and did not take the initiative to communicate with everyone. Because of their ageThere is a big gap, I am afraid that I ca n’t communicate with them, and because I do n’t understand the working environment and work process, I ca n’t communicate and communicate well. I also recognized my lack of communication, and I am responsible for the embarrassment of silence.Take the initiative to communicate with others. It is common for a new employee to arrive in the company, and there is no need for the teachers to take the initiative to deal with a new employee. At this time, you should take the initiative to communicate with others and introduce yourself., Lala is homely and concerned about work, will let everyone know you, understand you, and leave a good impression on you.Slowly together a long time, we also somewhat familiar with each other, and we can gradually happy with the exchange, that is, out of their own initiative.

At work, you should also actively communicate with others. In the future social work, work is no longer done by one person, it is the work of several people or a team, and you must also goHelping others or accepting others' help has done the work, it is the spirit of teamwork. So you can't expect you to complete the task by yourself, or don't help if you see others in difficulty. Although I came here this timeFor the internship, due to the lack of understanding of production and unfamiliarity with professional knowledge, I can only perform some relatively simple tasks under the leadership's arrangement, but I am also very active to help others complete the work within their ability. Just like internshipIn the middle, after I completed the task assigned by the leader in advance, I often actively asked the employees around me if I needed help. Sometimes people were embarrassed to trouble me, so I took the initiative to take over their work.It has helped others and harmonized the relationship between you and others, and people will be more willing to interact with you in future work.

Second: Work must be meticulous and careful. An employee is working most of the time in the company, which requires him to be cautious and meticulous during this period of time, can not always make mistakes. YesAn error not only hinders your own work process, but also affects the work of others. Any mistake in the chemical production will affect the following work, and in serious cases will cause great economic losses. The boss will also criticize and blameEven punishment, so it is particularly important to do everything seriously. In order not to let our efforts go to waste, we must be cautious at the beginning of our work and pay great attention to our work. After the work is overBe sure to check the results of your work to ensure that you have done nothing. You should always reflect on your work in the most recent period. After you start to understand and become proficient in the work, you will find that you can guarantee the work without inspection.Quality. Even so, you can't be proud, you can't be slack on yourself, you still have toTheir work seriously in order to avoid mistakes.

Just like when I was working, I also made a lot of mistakes, although most of them are not very serious mistakes. For example, the production task that the leader gave me, I did not wait for the temperature to drop to 60 when I added the curing agent in the process.It was added below ℃, resulting in insufficient concentration of white latex. The leader criticized me and I regretted my mistake. Another time was to reverse the order of the two raw materials. Fortunately, the two auxiliary materials had little effect on the quality of the product.It ’s all caused by your own care. This mistake has once again sounded the alarm for me. If I do n’t pay attention to my work often, it may cause more serious losses.

Third: You must be diligent in your work, constantly improve working methods, and improve work efficiency. The daily work of the company will be cumbersome, and it will be boring for a few days. It requires you to use your brains and constantlyFind ways to improve your work methods, find or design simple processes, improve work efficiency, and reduce the time required for work. In fact, it is important to think hard in your work. While thinking about how to improve work efficiency, you can alsoLearn more knowledge and master more skills. When you finish your work in a shorter period of time, you will leave more time to relax, study, and deal with others, which is for youIt ’s all good and harmless.

I am a person who prefers innovation. I do n’t like monotonous, boring and mechanical processing tasks at work, because the processing of such tasks is regular and there is no need to do it repeatedly. If you use your brainsUsing batch processing or other methods can greatly reduce the processing process and steps, thereby reducing working time and improving work efficiency. For example, when I was internship, when the second reactor was heated, the previous method was that the heating boiler can be filled upThe cold water starts to boil water to boiling, and then use steam to heat the reactor. The improved method is to add cold water to the heating boiler several times after the first reactor is heated, to maintain sufficient air pressure. The heating process was carried outOptimization improves work efficiency and reduces working hours. At the same time, I also make full use of the time difference to improve my work efficiency, which greatly improves the work process and reduces the working time by nearly an hour.

Fourth: You must have rich and solid professional knowledge and professional skills, which will make your work more handy. A person can make a difference in his position, and he must be very familiar with the professional knowledge of his occupation and be familiar with himself.Business skills within the scope of the business must also be mastered, so that you are a qualified worker. When you work, you with rich professional knowledge and high business level will find yourself at work.All kinds of problems and difficulties can be solved easily.

After three years of university study, I am confident that I have a certain knowledge of chemical engineering, but after internship in the company, I found that I still have some distance from professional work, not to mention what I have learned.It ’s the basics, the fur, that is, in terms of applications, the rapid development of technology has obliterated the theories of a long time ago. When I found that my knowledge can no longer be used as my own capital, I felt more deeply in professional knowledge and skills.The importance of work.

At the same time, the company will often exchange operational skills at work. Just like during my internship, a customer came to the company to pick up the goods or ask some difficult solutions. The seemingly ordinary problems raised by the customer are actually operations.People often encounter important content, and even some corners of daily work. You must have business knowledge to answer these questions smoothly. A person's internal quality is very important in work.

In the four-month internship, I also learned and summarized some small experiences about company management, similar to small companies Family The management of the workshop is not the most important, the important thing is to allocate tasks to employees reasonably, rather than stipulated dead tasks. Allow employees to complete production through teamwork. For large companies to be formalized, management must be clear, and regulations must beRestricted to each employee, so that everyone can work actively in a good environment. For a company, employees are the soul of the company, because all products are from the hands of employees, so as a manager should not always ignoreThe soul of the enterprise. Give employees more rewards, less punishment; more care, less indifference; more consideration, less complaint, more encouragement, less scolding. Let employees work in a good mental state every day, so that employees can be more serious and responsibleCompleted the task successfully.

This internship experience is very deep, whether you have learned a lot about professional knowledge, practical skills, interpersonal communication, business management, etc. I learned a lot from this, and also summarized many small experiences, these are in schoolI ca n’t learn, see, or experience. Although the internship is over, this is just the beginning of my social career. I will learn from this internship, carefully plan my life, and let me in the future life pathThe better you go, the better.

Annual Work Summary for Internship 3

I have come to Huahao to work for three months. In these three months, I have learned a lot. Whether it is at work or in interaction with people, it has given me a great lesson.I am very profitable!

I just went to work. For someone who has just stepped out of school and has only limited knowledge about customs declarations, everything is so fresh, everything has to be learned from scratch, and I am confused when facing so many strangers ...But my colleagues are very enthusiastic, some taught me to write commissions, some taught me to check invoices, the atmosphere in the office was very tense and busy, I was very uneasy, I would n’t do anything, what should I do?I have a single invoice, because I am very slow to type, I am afraid that I will not be able to complete the task, I am particularly nervous, I feel very stressed, but the more urgent the more nervous the more mistakes, of course these are objective reasons, the most important thing isI am not careful enough to do things, and I always forget to check after I finish it. This is the root cause of the error. In fact, I also lay in bed every night during that time to reflect on why I made mistakes and why I could n’t be more careful and work tomorrowYou must pay attention to it and ask yourself not to make mistakes, but the result is always contrary to your wishes, which brings great inconvenience to the work of colleagues and I myself blame myself.

Later, I have a general understanding of the work process: I take orders from Yiwu every day, set the number and fax it to Jinhua, and I will make the order from Jinhua. Sometimes busy, Yiwu will also help usMake the order, then pay the summer record, record the card, Xiao Gong, the order, fax to Yiwu to confirm to the customer, and then electronic declaration by Yiwu colleagues, and then I will check the invoice and pull the order, around 3 pmSister Liu will sort the documents upstairs and submit the documents, and then send the customs declaration form and customs declaration form to Ningbo for one-to-one correspondence. The one-day work is over, and the process is understood, everything becomes very goodOrganized, no longer nervous, and the error rate is greatly reduced.

In June, Xiaoliu adjusted her job position, let me take charge of the order in the afternoon, and let me learn to make orders and run orders: the first is to make orders, the most important thing is commodity coding, and the most difficult is also commodity coding, Not only to classify accurately, but also to see if it can be reported, and then calculate the net weight, unit price, number of pieces, gross weight, total price of the goods, and then copy the ship name, voyage, bill of lading number, box number to record the order,But when I was doing orders, all I learned was fur, and I still could n’t pinpoint the code of the product. Then I ran orders. In fact, running orders is not as simple as paying orders every day. Now almost every day, there are inspections and inspection results.In accordance with the declaration, prepare the corresponding documents for the customs teacher to release in the bayonet, and do the customs clearance as soon as there is a lock number; the inspection result is inconsistent with the declaration, the plot is slight, and the customs will be returned directly; if the plot is serious, it will be handed over to the smugglerBureau, at this time, you must copy the relevant documents and stare at the customs teacher to do the handover. After moving to the 808 anti-smuggling bureau, the circumstances are relatively minor and can be punished on the spot. If the circumstances are relatively serious, the customer must be notified to make a note.Infringement is to deal with 702 inspection department, paid the fine, then you can apply for withdrawal of the customs formalities, bayonet done and information check back off, back off the transfer, etc. and to notify customers after the driver.

Running orders is also a test of interpersonal interaction. It is necessary to have a good relationship with the customs teacher and temporary workers, so that doing things will be more effective. When I first started to learn to run orders, the temporary workers upstairs were all against me.Very fierce, telling them what to do is irresponsible. Later, I took the initiative to help them, and their attitude became better, but from here, I learned how to get along with people! I am very happy about this!I only know how to do simple daily routines, such as paying orders, doing customs clearance, etc. The handling of special situations has not yet been actually realized, and running orders is a lot of things and it is very cumbersome. What I know is far from enough.See more, learn more, ask more and practice later.

I will be responsible for recording orders and pulling orders later. Recording orders is a new attempt for me. It is more demanding than invoices. I have fewer orders at first, but I can still deal with them.After more than one, I wanted to increase my speed. It is not a way to record at such a slow rate, so the old problem has been committed again, and it will not be checked after the completion, resulting in an incorrect declaration content. Ningbo transfer can not be done, yesI ’m too sloppy and eager for success. This was a gradual process, but I took a detour.

In addition to I have learned a lot of customs clearance knowledge at work, the work attitude of Hua Hao ’s colleagues is more worthy of my learning. Their work attitude is very rigorous and they work seriously and responsibly. Try to avoid errors caused by carelessness at this point.I really want to learn from them. I ’m not careful in my work. I ’m the biggest shortcoming of doing things so carefully. I must overcome them! The work atmosphere of Hua Hao ’s colleagues is very harmonious, and the division of labor is very clear, but it seems to be mixed in the clear.It ’s not clear, why do you say that? Because I think everyone is working together to do a thing, and hope that this thing can be completed smoothly, so everyone is a person who ca n’t stop, there will never be someone who is busy and busySome people are very busy, because people who are busy with their work will help those who are very busy. This is also a place worth learning for me. With this atmosphere, I feel that work is also a happy thing ...

In these three months, I learned a lot, but I also made many mistakes. Through these three months of study, I understood and deeply realized that customs declaration must be done carefully, any smallMistakes will bring great losses to the company and cause great trouble to colleagues, and I have great deficiencies at this point. I deeply understand that if not corrected, these shortcomings will become my life foreverStumbling block, and it is never possible to do a good job in customs declaration. In fact, not only do customs declaration, everything needs to be rigorous. In the future, I will study more seriously, correct my shortcomings, hone my will in difficulties, and move forward in frustration., Grow in my body in three provinces a day, become better, and strive to be an excellent employee!

Annual Work Summary for Internship 4

The competition in the society is becoming more and more fierce. The survival of the fittest. We can only be enriched and improved by ourselves, so that we will not be eliminated by this society. Internships are for us Graduation For students, it is a very valuable experience. It has been nearly two months for internship at xxx company, and now the internship period is evaluated.

I studied design. I have learned many classic design methods in books. It seems easy to understand, but I have never put it into practice. Maybe I will not realize how difficult it is until I really become an artist; we are in the teacherI have seen a lot of wonderful design cases there or in books. It seems easy. Maybe I can be aware of my lack of ability and knowledge in person or in person. During the two months of internship, I broadened my horizons and increased my knowledge., Experience the cruelty of social competition, and more hope that he has accumulated experience in all aspects of his work, in preparation for becoming a famous artist in the future.

During the internship, I listened to the opinions of my seniors seriously, and humbly studied like they did, and actively resolved things that I did n’t understand. With a more cheerful personality, I can communicate well with colleagues and cultivate me a goodTeamwork.

During this time I learned a lot of things that were not taught in the school, and it feels very different. Maybe this is the society. The deepest touch is the serious attitude. I must take it seriously no matter what you do, otherwise you will be carefulIt will make mistakes. Because of my blunders, I always make mistakes. Maybe the mistakes are small now. But if I ca n’t fix the mistakes, it may cause great losses to the company in the future.To sum up, what you have done, what you have done, and what are the shortcomings. You must change this habit as soon as possible and be a social worker.

I am in the summer of life full of enthusiasm and vitality, because "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", so I can use courage and confidence to face challenges that may be far greater than imagined. Because challenges exist, but II believe in my own strength.

Annual work summary of internship 5

After more than a month of community internship, I feel that the time passes quickly. Every time I go to the community to do something, it has become the practice of Monday. It is really strange that I do n’t have to go suddenly. This community internship makesI thought about the census of the last semester. Although they all work in the community, they are actually quite different. During the census, we have been staying outside and dealing with residents. The community is just a place where we meet and send and receive things.The carrier has not worked in the community. If you work, you are only doing things related to the Liupu. For understanding the community, you can only observe it unilaterally with your eyes. There is no parent-child to feel working in the community.What kind of thing is this, I feel this community internship.

I have always thought in my mind that the community is actually a very small organization, answering some of the residents' miscellaneous small things, all day long, nothing but just a day off. When I really enter the community,Working in the community, I realized that it was not as easy as I thought. When I first arrived in the community, I saw the activities organized by the neighborhood committee for the residents of the community. The activities were colorful and well organized. I used to think that what the community calledThe activity is just to deal with the leaders above, and simply to do one. When I saw that they were doing very well and the residents were very happy to participate, I really felt the important role of the community neighborhood committee.

The real work started later. In fact, the reason why I feel simple is that it is not difficult to do things in the community, but it is very complicated. Every time I take the task is very heavyHeavy, work is not very complicated work. At first, I felt that work was very simple, but I have been doing one thing repeatedly, and it is really a test of one ’s patience and perseverance.They are all exposed to different jobs, but after all, the whole community is still limited to the stage of understanding and familiarity. The energy is mainly focused on the efforts to complete the tasks entrusted to me.A corner, but through personal experience, but also deepened this understanding. Although the work itself is not difficult, but the complexity of the data, the large number of it also takes a long time, this is when we workAll patience, conscientiousness, and carefulness are greatly tested. A job may seem simple, but it is meaningful, and it will give us a lot of inspiration from simple things.

First of all, when arranging a job for us, we must clarify the job content, purpose and how the job should be carried out.

Secondly, keep in touch with your superiors when you are working. If you do n’t know what to do, you should ask in a timely manner. You ca n’t make your own decisions without permission, and you must always maintain a serious attitude and complete the work assigned to you as best as possible.

Then, in order to grasp the work progress and work rhythm, consciously distinguish the priorities of the work, and adjust yourself to make yourself out of a working state.

These days in the community, I think a lot of things. In fact, these things in the community are very cumbersome things. One thing comes back and forth. It is always like this. People will find it boring, but this is exactly whatI have studied our patience and perseverance. I have heard a sentence before, called: Only deep into the grassroots can make us more exercise. Now think about it, this really makes sense. Indeed, the grassroots are the simplestBasic things, but it also requires people to take the time to do it seriously, which really tests my perseverance and patience.

After these days of internship in the community, I now have a general understanding of the work of the community. In the community, not only should I take advantage of my professional strength, but also actively combine my expertise, interests and hobbies, and continue to work in the community.Dig your own potential, complete various tasks and tasks, and promote your own development.

Through community internship, I have summarized several experiences that can be used in future work :

1. Learn more about community work, understand and integrate into the community neighborhood committee as soon as possible, and experience the grassroots culture of community work

2. See more, learn more and observe more to improve communication and understanding with the members of the community neighborhood committee

3. Know the new work and familiarize with the work process

4. Adjust your mentality, use a correct and positive attitude to greet the tasks assigned to you by your superiors, actively communicate with your superiors, give feedback, and correct any problems in time

Although the internship in the community did not allow me to learn too much about the content of the work, it taught me a lot of truths, and it is very useful in future life, study and work.Superb.