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Four annual work summary of practical front desk

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Time flies, and one year of work will come to an end. Looking back at the past year's work history, I believe that it is full of gratitude and memories, gains and experiences. It is time to go back and summarize the work of the year.But when I picked up the pen, I found out that I didn't know what to write, the following is about the front desk year Work Summary 4 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Annual Work Summary for Front Desk 1

I. Strengthen internal management and improve the overall quality of staff to serve veteran cadres.

First, strengthen political learning and raise ideological awareness. All gym personnel actively participate in current affairs and political learning, learn the policies and policies of senior cadres, learn to respect the old and love the young, and continuously improve their theoretical level of serving the senior cadres;Improving service skills. Second, prioritizing the fitness of senior cadres is a top priority.

In order to provide senior cadres with a good fitness environment, daily cleaning, order maintenance, maintenance of activity facilities, etc. are carried out, making the work leader unremitting. The division of labor in the center is clear, and the responsibility is to the people. Hygiene and cleaning of the dry area every dayWork. Due to various services in place and orderly management, the number of veteran cadres who come to the gym every day is gradually increasing, so that veteran cadres can be supported and happy.

II. Strengthen the equipment safety and team building of the gym

Fitness room 10 aerobic treadmills, 28 bicycles and more than 20 kinds of power equipment for cycling. The daily maintenance of the trainer's wheel platoon is all-inclusive, so that all fitness equipment can eliminate hidden safety hazards, and the responsibility lies with the people. While strengthening the coach's inspections, launch membersMutual supervision and orderly activities. In addition, the gym can also be responsible for or assist the various associations of sports events and activities center services, all staff perform their duties, do their best, give play to team spirit, mutualCollaborate and be sure to complete the tasks assigned by the leader.

Looking forward to 20xx

At present, the development trend of the gym is particularly good. All the staff in the gym are ready to implement every task in 20xx and give the leader a perfect answer.

Annual Work Summary for Front Desk 2

Since work, I have worked hard to adapt to the new environment of the working environment and the front desk. For this new environment and new colleagues, I began to seriously study my scope of work and work content with my curiosity and nervousness.And began to fulfill his job responsibilities.

this is me Graduation The first job after that, as a newcomer, when I first joined the company, I was very unfamiliar with the company's operating model and workflow. Thanks to the patient guidance and help of my colleagues, I became familiar with it in a short time.The work of the front desk and the functions of the various departments of the company. I believe that with the help of leaders and colleagues, I will soon complete the transition from student to staff. They said that the front desk is the window of the company's external image, just a few daysIt also gave me a new understanding and understanding of this sentence.

Learn the company's corporate culture and improve yourself. Joining the big collective of Hanhai Property, I really realized the connotation of the ten words "Diligence, Professionalism, Confidence, Vitality, and Innovation."I also use these ten words as a guideline to ask myself, put myself into work with a positive and optimistic working attitude, do my job properly, find out the shortcomings in time, communicate with the department in time, and strive to do the job wellBe a qualified employee. This has also been the goal and direction of future work efforts.

Words and deeds at the front desk represent the company. The guests who receive the company's visits should welcome each other with courtesy. They should be courteous when answering and transferring calls. Every little bit has made me learn at work, improve in my studies, and benefit from it.shallow.

Annual Work Summary for Front Desk 3

Leadership assured is the goal and focus that I have been pursuing since my work.

The Changjiang Hotel is the reception station of the petrochemical plant. The first person who comes to the factory to work is to stay in the hotel. It is my responsibility to make the people who come to the factory to feel at home in the hotel. So for everyone who comesThe guests and friends of the factory can make him happy and return with satisfaction. Some of their questions about the condition of the factory are also answered patiently and carefully.

For some guests bargaining for room prices, it is also possible to fight and retain as much as possible to prevent them from going out. Although some concessions have been made in terms of prices, they still leave the guests well.Instead of saying irresponsibly, it doesn't matter if you can't live. This also greatly improves the room occupancy rate in my hands.

For guests who come to the hotel, not only do they try to retain them, but also promote the hotel's catering when it is convenient to work, so that guests can stay in the hotel as well as eat in the hotel. Create more profits for the hotel.

Annual Work Summary for Front Desk 4

Time flies, unknowingly ushers in a new year. In the upcoming XX years, I have successfully completed the corresponding work with the care and help of company leaders and colleagues, and now I am working on a XX year's sum up.

I. Reception.

From January to July XX, I was engaged in the reception work. The receptionist was the first person to show the company's image. In the work, I strictly follow the company's requirements, work equipment, and treat each visiting customer with enthusiasm and guidance.To the relevant office, it has provided convenience for leaders and customers. In the past year, it has received about 1,000 users.

II. Conference reception.

1. External conference reception

Participated in large-scale conferences such as Provincial Unicom's provincial financial conference, operation and maintenance department work conference, manpower supervision training conference, provincial g-net operation department work conference, and the protoss branch company and protoss branch company's business analysis meeting.In this type of external conference, the venue is arranged in strict accordance with the high standards of conference requirements, actively coordinating hotel-related matters, and doing a good job in the conference process. In the process, I learned more about receiving people, receiving gifts and other related knowledge, and accumulatedA lot of experience.

2. Internal conference management

Arrange the meeting rooms reasonably according to the needs of each department to avoid meeting conflicts, and pay attention to relevant registration, sanitation maintenance of the meeting room, and after-care inspection of public goods, etc., in order to provide better services for the staff of the department.Over the year, more than 500 internal meetings have been arranged.

3. Video conference management

When holding the headquarters or provincial video conference, according to the notification requirements, open the video system on time half an hour in advance to ensure that the conference is connected on time. There is no case of conference delay this year; when the county conference is held,Conference reservation, call each terminal to ensure that each county can participate in the conference normally.

III. Expense reimbursement and contract entry work.

In this regard, strictly in accordance with the company's requirements, collect the reimbursement documents on Monday, and enter the erp system after signing the leaders on Tuesday, and do a good job of registration. In the past year, more than 1,000 reimbursement documents have been entered. More than 20 contracts have been entered.

Fourth, general affairs work.

In July XX, due to staff changes, I was transferred to the office and engaged in public security inquiries, external document signing, labor unions, office supplies, canteen management, etc. In the later period, I took over information editing, meeting records, China Unicom's window,Administrative library management, etc.

By the end of November, the police had received about 300 inquiries from the police, and they were enthusiastic and strictly in accordance with the company's regulations. About 90 foreign documents were sent and received, and they were uploaded and delivered in a timely manner, without delay and without misunderstanding. Information submitted 20Edited from the window of China Unicom 2.

Do a good job of registering and entering and leaving small-sized fixed assets such as laptops and desktops, contact the maintenance outlets in time to carry out computer maintenance and repairs, strengthen communication with them, and ask us to provide spare machines to avoid delaying normal work.

V. Other work

While completing this job, carefully complete the random work assigned by the leader, and actively participate in various activities organized by the company, assisting the leading colleagues in preparing for the first employee sports meeting; winning the first place in the Protoss speech of Protoss Unicom; ProtossThe Honesty Speech Contest won the third prize. Currently, it is actively preparing for the program summary, selection, and performance of the XX art performance.

Six. Deficiency in work

Insufficient initiative in work, less communication with leaders, inadequate consideration and meticulous considerations in case of incidents. Insufficient writing skills and failure to timely grasp the highlights of the company's information in the information reporting process, resulting in low information quantity and quality, Affecting the company's information ranking in the province.

Seven, XX years工作计划

1. Strengthen self-learning, combine with the actual situation of the general department, consider more details, follow the leaders ’intentions, coordinate internal and external relations, and solve problems for leaders.

2. Actively learn from other units, hotels and other conference reception experience, improve reception level, and enhance the company's image.

3. Do a good job of the union, launch meaningful activities, strengthen communication and continue the "send warmth to the union" campaign.

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