Completion of the comments of the class teacher at the end of junior high school

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1. You are a girl who is careful and rich in feelings. Every time I look at you seriously, the teacher is very moved. You are also lucky. Many people around you are caring for you, so, for them, especially their parentsRemember, do n’t be too reckless, do n’t be too willful, learn to be considerate, learn to think in other places, and learn to be sensible. In addition, in the future, you must exercise more and exercise more so that you can achieve a better future with health!

2. You are a child who has contributed a lot to the collective growth of class 3 and is a good helper for the teacher. You are capable and stable, strong and forbearing, you can consider the problem from the overall situation, and in many cases can be alone. You have strong independence,I can endure hardships, but I find it difficult to enter high school. In fact, you still have a lot of potential to explore. Find the right method and work hard. There is no despair in the world, only people in despair. Please be optimistic.Take every step to the next step!

3, cute, enthusiastic, cautious, these are all your synonyms. Your slightly sloppy smile is impressive. The teacher always thinks that you can do everything carefully and achieve every detail.Therefore, I hope you can cherish time, improve efficiency, and cheer hard on your studies!

4. You are a quick and agile child. The teacher always likes to see your smile, be kind, simple and kind. I hope to be able to participate in some class affairs and school activities in the future, and express my ideas boldly.This is also an important way to improve self-competence. Completion of comments from the class teacher at the end of junior middle school

5. You are a cute, kind, intelligent, and well-behaved girl. As a representative of the language department, you are diligent and meticulous. You are also very sincere and enthusiastic about people. The melancholy that is occasionally revealed is not easily detectable by others. But you know that growth is broken.In the process of becoming a butterfly, high school is an important stage of life. Take every step bravely and enjoy all the pain and happiness brought by growth!

6. The student can well implement the code of conduct for middle school students, can always strictly observe class rules and disciplines, and actively participate Social Practice and cultural and sports activities. Willing to study hard, study hard, study hard, and study steadily, and the results will rise steadily. Respect the teacher, unite classmates, and work actively. Good students with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and physical qualities and high comprehensive quality.

7. The student can strictly require himself with school rules and class rules, and actively participate in social practice and cultural and sports activities. Respect teachers and unite classmates. Strong collective concept, active and willing to work. Actively participate in various collective activities and social practice activities. LearningWith clear goals, hard work, and stable performance, he is an outstanding student with ideals, ambitions, solid foundations, strong psychological qualities, and comprehensive development.

8. The student can abide by the school discipline rules, respect the teacher, be able to get along with classmates, be diligent in studying, have strong independent research ability, analyze the problem in-depth and comprehensive, and have unique insights on some issues, The academic performance in the class has always been in the forefront, helpful, and can help students with learning difficulties.

9. The student can strictly demand himself with school rules and regulations. He has a strong sense of collective honor, a serious attitude to study, can bear hardships, is willing to work hard, and has a stable performance. He has a hard and simple life, and is enthusiastic and generous. He has a solid foundation and virtue.Good and good student.

10, The student can strictly abide by the school's rules and regulations. Respect the teacher and unite the classmates. Love the collective, actively cooperate with other students to do class work, and actively work hard. Study hard, be diligent, and have stable academic performance.Both study style and work style are more practical, insist on full attendance, and can actively participate in social practice and cultural and sports activities, and actively work. He is a good student with comprehensive development.

11. The student abides by the law and discipline, and actively participates in social practice and cultural and sports activities. He has a strong collective concept, and is willing to work hard. Respect the teacher, unite his classmates, and be strict with self-discipline. He has a clear learning purpose, works hard, and can independently complete each subject.Homework and excellent academic performance. In the past year, I have been working hard, paying attention to the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness, and have better comprehensive qualities.

12. The student can well abide by the school rules and discipline, has a strong collective concept, acts as a student cadre, and can actively assist the class teacher and the subject teacher to complete various tasks well. Respect the teacher and unite classmates. Learning attitudeConscientious, able to endure hardships, excellent grades, ideals, strong self-motivated, is an excellent student with high comprehensive quality and comprehensive development.

13. This student abides by the law and discipline, and actively participates in social practice and cultural and sports activities. Strong collective concept, active and willing to work. A clear learning purpose, serious attitude, willingness to study, diligent thinking, practical style, strong concept of time, can be seriousComplete all learning tasks on time, on volume and with guaranteed quality, with excellent grades. Can endure hardships, help classmates, respect teachers. Have ideal ambitions, comprehensive development of various subjects, and better comprehensive quality.

14. The student conscientiously abides by the rules and regulations of the school, actively participates in social practice and cultural and sports activities, has a strong collective concept, and works actively. He respects the teacher and unites his classmates. He has a serious attitude towards learning, can bear hardships, is willing to work hard, and his performance has risen steadily.. Is an outstanding student with ideals and ambitions, a solid foundation, a strong psychological quality and comprehensive development.

15. The student abides by the law and discipline, actively participates in social practice and cultural and sports activities, has a strong collective concept, and actively works hard. He is an honest and trustworthy, motivated, respectful teachers, united classmates, enthusiastic help, actively participate in class collective activities, Excellent student with sports specialty, serious study, and better comprehensive quality.

16. In fact, the teacher has always been very relieved to tell you to do something, because you have a sense of forbearance and youthfulness that your peers lack. You are cautious, steady and restrained, and you are also very conscious in your studies. It is really valuable! But there areDidn't find that there are not many exchanges with classmates? I really hope to see more of your strong smile and hear more of your cheerful laughs in the future.

17. You are a sensitive and simple girl. I have always been pleased that you can regard the teacher as a friend, but, Yi Ling, your hair problem really makes the teacher a headache. As a social person, we are in a specificCertain rules must be followed in the environment. However, Zunji needs to persevere without slacking off! I hope to see your change next semester! You must also work hard in your studies! You ca n’t let your emotions goSpreading to study, you know?

18, you are a quiet girl on weekdays, easy-going and delicate. After seeing you chatting and joking with close friends in class, I realized that everyone has a desire to speak. Please do n’t need too much shit and expand cheerfully.Communicate with teachers and classmates! In study, please pay attention to meticulous and down-to-earth, one bit of hard work and one piece of harvest! Completion of comments from class teacher at the end of junior high school

19. You are an independent, opinionated girl with your own ideas and a certain determination. But being independent does not mean being arrogant, and having an idea does not mean arrogance. Happily, you do thisIt ’s good. Shengjun, the teacher hopes that you can continue to focus on learning without slacking off, and you can live a simple and happy life with a peaceful and grateful mind.

20 You are wise in appearance and often have your own unique ideas. You have deep potential and will be a very productive child. After reminding you of your work and rest problems in the first half of the semester, I am glad to see that you have someChange. I hope you understand that no matter how you study or work and life in the future, it is very important to arrange normal work and rest. Do n’t stay up all night and do n’t use your body as a bargaining chip!

21, You are a beautiful, kind, and easy-going girl. In learning, you have always been diligent and motivated. In life, you always speak softly and tepidly. In fact, Qiu Shuo, you can be bolder., You can communicate with classmates and teachers when you have your own ideas, please show yourselves if you have the opportunity to show your ability!

22, Whether in the stadium or in the classroom, seeing your glorious appearance always reminds you of the four words "beautiful and charming". This is indeed a high school student's mental outlook. You do things seriously, care for the wholeThe overall situation is really very rare. I hope to maintain such a good state and continue to move forward! I also hope to be able to communicate more with teachers and students, and give some good suggestions for the collective construction of the class!

23. In my opinion, you have always been a calm, detached boy. When you do things, you always have the rare persistence and seriousness. This is also the biggest reason why teachers trust you. Many times, you also behaveOut of your perseverance, clear love and hate, it is commendable. But I hope you know that frankness does not mean extreme, you need to think twice and think carefully and be independent. And the necessary success is also needed. Start from your own heartYou can achieve more.