Primary term review

Time: 2020-01-26 Source : model text Recommended visit : Final review

Pingping, in the past year, you have always answered quietly and shamefully. Your silk show and neat handwriting are memorable and won the second prize of calligraphy in the art festival. You respect the teacher and discipline,Enthusiastic and helpful, the team leader is responsible for the work, conscious and active in learning, and good grades. If you use your brains in class and raise your hand to speak, you will be an outstanding young cadre.

Binbin, you can correct mistakes and be motivated is the most appreciated place for teachers. You are lively and lovely, respect teachers and discipline, consciously study hard, and have good grades. You have made great progress in your homework writing., And also won awards at the art festival. But sometimes you can not strictly ask yourself, not good enough to classmates, I hope you will be disciplined and be a respectful monitor in the future

Husband, lively and dynamic, you have a self-motivated heart, you love work and study, you have worked hard to join the Young Pioneers. But you are not conscious, playful, and do not like to use your brain, so your grades are not much improved. If you go to classAttentively listening and writing your homework, you will definitely get good results.

Junjun, this semester, the teacher has always been proud of your progress in homework writing. You respect the school, you are civilized and courteous, and you are strongly motivated to make you study consciously and your grades will improve. If you can actively use your brain, Boldly answer questions and exercise your verbal skills, then your results will be even higher.

Cong Cong, your active performance at the school games is impressive. Little boy, if you can concentrate on the lectures and complete your homework on time, your academic performance will not be average. I hope that you will follow the instructions in the future.Discipline, correct bad habits of fighting. Be an excellent young pioneer.

Fengfeng, you are just like your name. You have the ingenuity and wisdom to climb the peak of learning. Strong motivation is your motivation. You love to use your brain and have your own unique insights into problems. If you can concentrate in classSpirit, you will have greater progress in your performance. I hope you will carry forward the advantages, correct the shortcomings, participate in sports and labor to exercise your ability, and make yourself a real man.

Zhizhi, you are a shy little boy. You respect the teacher and discipline, unite your classmates, and love labor. Due to lack of consciousness in your studies, you are not focused enough in class, and your grades are average., Correct your laziness, your grades will be better.

Xiangxiang, respecting the teacher, speaking politely, loving labor, and working hard is your deepest impression on the teacher. When you study, you concentrate on listening to the lesson and the assignment is completed on time. But you feel that you are always a little timid and the assignment is not written properly.If you work harder in your studies and ask if you don't understand, your grades will definitely improve.

Lang Lang, you are a good child who respects teachers and disciplines and loves labor. You are not conscious in your studies, not hard enough, and your grades are average. If you work harder in your studies, you will go to a higher level.

Jie Jie, always thought you were a shy little boy. It was n’t until the school sports day that I saw you on the track and field that you were not timid. You respect the teacher, listen to the teaching, and learn more consciously, Good results. If you can correct the sloppy writing problems and overcome the learning difficulties with the hard work spirit of running competitions, then you will definitely become a "three good students."