Excellent comment at the end of elementary school

Time: 2020-01-25 Source : model text Recommended visit : Final review

You are a clever, thoughtful boy. Although you are young, you are a real little master in the classroom. You study hard and ask different questions. What a child you are!To the eyes of your thirst for knowledge, the teacher can't wait to teach you all the knowledge. Whenever you encounter a difficult question, the students can't answer it, but you can answer it clearly, the students will admire you.The teacher sincerely hopes that you will not delay writing your homework because of a moment of fun, and you should know how to cherish time.

You have a wide range of knowledge, whether it is the forest, the ocean, the earth, or the universe, you are talking openly, so your partner will give you a good name "Little Doctor". This is the result of your accumulation over time. Learn the classroom knowledge and complete the classThe post-work is your "boat" and "paddle" traveling the knowledge ocean. There is a sturdy "boat" and flexible "paddle" that will make you reach the other side of knowledge as soon as possible. You can make good use of the "boat" and "Paddle? "

You are a caring and helpful child. The sincerity of your face impresses the teacher; your concern is full of warmth to your classmates. The teacher really hopes that you will have moreAdvantages, such as being more careful in class and completing the homework after class. Efforts to start today and successfully start from "zero." You will not let the teacher down?