Primary school sixth grade final review

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Primary school students' sixth grade final comments 1

1. Xia Yu: You are a clever little boy, but you are free in class, scribbled in homework and unsatisfactory grades. The teacher knows that you are not stupid, but you lack confidence in learning. Playtime takes up a lot of your time, Although fun is not a disadvantage, but playfulness will affect your progress. I hope that you can do more in your studies. I believe you will get good grades, are you right?

2. Jingwei: You love the collective and care about your classmates; you are quick-minded and confident, you can speak positively in the classroom, and express your own unique ideas. In the debate, you are smart and eloquent. Wonderful speech wonThe classmates praised it. You know, the winner is not necessarily the fastest person, but it must be the most durable person. May you persevere in your studies, listen more carefully, raise your hands and speak, and shape aPerfect you!

3, XX, every time I see your erratic eyes and see your messy homework, the teacher is really anxious for you. Your task is to learn instead of immersing in the game, day to nightHow can it be in the fog? Child, you should know how to cherish and cherish everything that your mother has created for you. There are always small hands that are too unhealthy for your mouth.

4. Zhang Hu: You are honest and obedient, and you are an obedient boy. You can concentrate on listening and speaking boldly after class. You can finish the homework assigned by the teacher on time after class. Diligence is a golden key, it will help you open the hall of knowledgeThe gate; diligence is a giant ship, it will carry you to fight the waves of the ocean of knowledge! I hope you can hold this key firmly, study hard, pursue unremittingly, and the door of hope will be opened to you.

5, XX, although your writing is not very good, but very serious. After class, I saw you holding a book and read it with great interest. At the same time, the teacher was happy and a little worried. I would not readIt ’s not the best performance to play. It ’s a real wise man to play happily when playing, and to be practical when studying. May you have more enthusiasm, actively strive to be a “little teacher”, and show yourself boldly.

Huang Qun: At first glance, you know that you are a smart child. This semester your consciousness of learning has improved and your grades have improved. I hope you will not be complacent, overcome your fear, and continue to study hard, Correct the handwriting, improve the writing level, and strive for greater progress. As the saying goes: Hard to suffer, hard to be good. There are many mountains in front of you waiting for you to climb and be a fearless warrior!

7, XX, you have always been a more conscious child, but you lack a sense of participation in competition. Learning is not just accepting knowledge, but learning to learn, thinking, and questioning. Yours Composition The content is rich, but unfortunately the language is not concise, and some ideas are more selfish. In fact, everyone has treasures, depending on whether you will find and cherish them. I hope you can be kind to others in the processDisadvantages of others, especially younger siblings than you.

8, XX, talk to you again and again, and give you the opportunity again and again, but you let the teacher down again and again. The teacher ca n’t wait to get into your stomach, be a maggot, and understand youReal heart. Child, you should be more sensible and cherish than others. Parents rent a house in the county to take you to study. What is the purpose, can you understand it? I hope you will complete every assignment seriously and do n’t let your motherFear of seeing the teacher because of your poor grades.

9, XX, you are clever and responsive, you can link new and old knowledge when you study, and the teacher likes you. You are sincere, cute, and intelligent. No doubt you should be excellent. But why do you succeedCa n’t it be the best? Have you found the reason? I hope that you will be as interested in learning as you are in the game and complete each assignment seriously. The fruits of victory will always hang on the treetops, you must work hard to jump upTo pick it up!

10, Cao Chi: You are honest and kind. Although you do n’t have many words, the teacher feels that you care about the collective from your actions. Start from small things and silently fight for honor for the class. If you can be confident, inPositive thinking in the classroom, bold expression of your views, reading and language skills will definitely improve.

11, Jie Shen: You are a smart and cute boy who loves labor and can finish the duty seriously every time. However, the homework cannot be completed on time, the handwriting is scribbled, there are many mistakes, and the grades do not improve. You still have a greedyIf you play bad friends, if you can break with it, study hard, and finish the exercises carefully, your academic performance will be greatly improved, work hard!

12, XX, you are responsible for your work, and you always bear the brunt of the garbage every time you do n’t dump it. You speak enthusiastically and have your own understanding, but why do you make a lot of mistakes when you do your homework? Do you only say, noCan you listen and not ruminate? Children, the method of learning is very important. As the saying goes: "Good memory is worse than bad writing." I hope you learn more from the same table, love to read, accumulate, work diligently, use cleverly, and strive for moreGreat progress.

13, XX, fiery hearted, broad-minded, this is the real you. Sketch performances, lively and interesting, this is the outstanding you. Class debate, clear personality, this is the bright you. And carefully hold hands, and lazinessSpeaking of separation, your grade will definitely improve. If you make excuses for not writing your homework or making a mess, your improvement will not be too great, do you say? The teacher said that there is no bad thing in this world, goodNot good, you can do your best. Please ask yourself every day: Am I doing my best?

14. Sha Jian: You care about the collective, you are helpful, and you are willing to participate in various activities organized by the school: During the Shuxiangman campus event, you brought very good books for everyone to read. Sometimes you can listen carefully and actively in class.Speak by hand. Sometimes you can complete your homework on time and write clearly. If you can turn it into daily, sometimes your academic performance will be greatly improved.

15, XX, seeing the exquisite class papers you designed, and reading your beautiful assignments, the teacher feels very happy. If you can write every word neatly, it is even betterYou are a young boy with great potential. The teacher hopes that you have higher requirements on yourself and take a larger stride, striving to catch up with you at the same table and jump to the top of the group.

Primary school students' sixth grade final comments 2

1, XX, your expressive power is getting stronger and stronger, I can't forget you hosting Poetry The generosity of the recitation; I can't forget the concentration when you performed the dance, and I can't forget your interesting weekly diary. What the teacher couldn't help but say a few words is your writing, because one day is too muchAre you busy and rushed out? In fact, as long as you show your energy when you dance, focus on everything, there is nothing bad to do.

2, XX, you progressed little by little, heard your unique insights, and saw your whole work, the teacher was particularly happy. Thank you for winning the table tennis championship for your class,Thank you for writing the newsletter at the Games to cheer on the athletes. Although the newsletter was not broadcast, if you stick to it more, you will add a beautiful window to your life! The teacher believes that as long as you work hard, you will have a biggerProgress, maybe one day you can become a "little teacher".

3, XX, you are very enthusiastic, and the important things in the class are indispensable to you. You are also very capable. As long as you are patient, you can do everything well. You have strong expressiveness and perceptiveness, and you have everything to learnPoetry is more emotional, but the teacher feels that your character lacks an “enthusiasm”, and some things will be abandoned if you relax a little. May you be more careful, patient, and humble.

4. Wang Zhaohua: You are honest and well-behaved, courteous to the teacher, you can be friendly with your classmates, and you can clean the Baogan district on time. You love learning and you can seriously complete the assignments assigned by the teacher. But many times you are due to the problemIt ’s a pity that Qing passed by with good grades! Adjust yourself in time and be careful! The teacher believes you can do it.

5, XX, you are a clever, clever person, but also an elusive, lazy boy, often "make me happy and worry me". You have unique sensibility, observation, composition intentionUnique ingenuity. If you study hard, you must be the best. Children, from now on, do n’t waste your own wisdom and wisdom. Also, do things with efficiency!

6, XX, wisdom is not in height, but accumulation of knowledge; ability is not in reckless words and deeds, but in continuous self-improvement; achievement is not in the level of scores, but in whether you have learned. You learnIt ’s very easy and you have the ability to get double-excellence. Why not work hard? Remember: fists ca n’t solve any problems.

7, XX, your neat work, that excellent weekly diary are pleasing to the eye. Your expressiveness is strong. At the poetry recital, you are more involved in recitation! You are good at thinking, languageYou have a strong sense of understanding; you are also very enthusiastic, caring for the collective, and helpful. If you can be more proactive, you will definitely make greater progress. May you seize every opportunity and strive for excellence.

8, XX, your composition is rich in content, beautiful in language, well written, and the teacher praises you. You are a very motivated girl. Although sometimes the results are not so good, you can do your bestGo to learn. Remember my teacher said to me: "The world is most afraid of the word 'serious'." The teacher gave you this sentence. I believe that with your earnest energy, as long as you ask and think, practice,Your thinking ability and memory will definitely become stronger and stronger.

9. You Tianzhi: Serious and responsible is your characteristic: every time on duty the team leader does a very good job, each assignment is clear and conscientious, and the accuracy is high. Love to use the brain, thinking hard is your advantage, every timeYou solve the thinking questions, your face is so proud, the teacher can feel your joy! May you treat yourself with higher requirements, serve the class more, work hard, you will be better!

10, XX, “Words are like flowing clouds and people are like snow-capped mountains.” You have already conquered teachers and classmates with gentle and clear text and a gentle and tolerant heart. This all comes from your unremitting efforts and accumulation. Deep hiddenYou who are not exposed are so clever, diligent, and simple. Although you have few words, you care about the interests of the collective and consciously observe the discipline. You have strong observation ability and the composition is very real.It doesn't matter if you don't have time to watch too much, just squeeze a little time every day to watch a little, you can accumulate less!