Class teacher's final comment sample text

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1. Yu Yanping, she has a character called perseverance, and her mood is moved. There is a girl described by her teacher and classmates as cute. This girl is called Yu Yanping. She always smiles sweetly, her bright smile comes to the sun.The dark clouds of the sky are scattered by you, and the love is so “lovely, flowers bloom”. There is a saying “only frozen fly, no tired bee”, you are diligent and learn like a cleverThe little bee, who has the energy to learn, will be like gold in the morning and evening, and will come to school in the morning and evening, and return to the house with Dai Langyue. It is a beautiful portrayal of your high school senior life.

2. He Jinyan, a childlike innocence, with a smile like a spring breeze, where you have a relaxed atmosphere. Strong consciousness, hard work, perseverance, perseverance, ambition, hardship, andCalm, Chunhuaqiushi, mature mind, very temperament there is a saying "only frozen dead flies, no exhausted bees".I think "picking flowers to make honey, so that you can work hard to be busy" is a wonderful portrayal of your senior year. I wish you every success, College entrance examination Successful.

Classmate Liang Yuxin, you had no understanding of the teacher, and you also had resentment, but I know that you who are simple, innocent and understandable, have long abandoned the childishness after understanding the hard work of the teacher. Towards maturityFor you, what I showed to my teacher and classmates today is hard work, steady, and enthusiastic about class affairs. With more responsibility, less impetuous, you are getting better and better. I wish you good health and I wish you a surprising success in the college entrance examination.,success.

4, Guan Zaofei, imbued with a youthful body, open-minded, easy-going, confident and courageous personality, impressed me. You have excellent results, comprehensive development, hard work, persistence, upward, it is youThe strength of climbing step by step; hard work, pursuit, and struggle are the guarantee of your academic success. Your consciousness, seriousness, and hard work are rare. You are a girl who is comforted by teachers and parents and admired by classmates. You are humorous and enthusiastic.Such as fire, class activities, can take the initiative to contribute, students' pistachios, so there are always a lot of friends around you. I wish you success in the college entrance examination, the first step on the list.

5, Guan Qiunyun, caring for the group, helping classmates, and easy-going music are your strengths. You are generous, kind, understanding, not aggressive, do not fight with others, and your classmates are willing to get close. Your concern for your classmates makes the entire class moreOne point of love; maintaining a good learning attitude, inspiring the enthusiasm for college entrance examinations, and strengthening willpower is your top priority. I hope you can be like a nail. Once the faith has emerged, focus on one focus and use the drill of will to explore the front.Journey. I wish you well on the college entrance examination list, good future.

6. Feng Jinni, you have a lively and cheerful personality and can speak well. The nickname is "Feng Jinfeng", you are generous, you have strong resilience; you have agile thinking, broad thinking, rich imagination, and broad interests.Strong ability to accept. Your thinking matures, your ability to adapt is very strong, and you are fiery with your classmates; you are a pistachio of your classmates, persist, and with tenacity, perfect yourself in diligent exploration. I wish youThe college entrance examination must be a success, with a gold list.

7, Xuefeng Feng, you are like a little grass. As long as there is sunshine and dew, you can thrive, have the quality of tenacious struggle, unremitting self-improvement, simplicity, and bring vitality to the earth. You are full of in the "Class Daily"The classmate's personality is "big assortment", which greatly refreshes me, is pleasing to the eye, and surprises me. I like your open-minded personality, easy-going and assertive, generous, not aggressive, not aggressive, and classmates are happy to be closeI hope you will always strive for the best, advance in difficult situations, and stand up to the storm, before you can see the rainbow. I wish you success in the college entrance examination, and the ditch will fly out of the golden phoenix.

8, Mo Bing, you are easy-going, humorous, and love to play, so you have a lot of friends; you have a strong understanding, quick thinking, so the science study is effective; you have a good personality, are undisclosed, and have no dispute with the world, But not to be outdone. You have many advantages, and I want to master a good method, which is the prerequisite for academic success; laying a good foundation is a must for career development; developing good habits is a great benefit for life. I wish youThe college entrance examination takes the lead, and the list is titled.