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3 applications for family poverty

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In today's rapid development of society, each of us may use it today application It will be more effective to write an application in the correct format. Do you know the format of the application? The following is about Family 3 poverty applications, for reference only, welcome to read.

Family Poverty Application 1

Dear College Leader :

I am a student in class 5 of the xx class of the Faculty of Law, the student number is 10441084, and my place of origin is Zhaotong, Yunnan. The family members include father, mother, sister, brother, and me. Due to the family's financial difficulties, leaders, schools,The country helped me, helped me and my family through the difficulties, so that I can be fortunate to finish my studies with other classmates. I would like to apply to the college for the establishment of a poverty-stricken student file, and I hope the college will help and support you.

Parents work for a living, their income is very unstable. They are not well.

I went to college, and I know that the opportunity to go to school is hard to come by. I save money, use pressure as a motivation, and work hard all the time. I study hard on all the homework, actively participate in the activities of the school, and enthusiastically help the students.. Now I am a freshman in the party. I hope that through my efforts, my family will be relieved and my relatives and friends who have helped me with good grades will be returned to the country and society.

I have also been engaged in exploring various jobs that can earn some living expenses. I have done promotions, did field hosting, and I have done some business myself. Using my knowledge and developed network resources, I am slowlyI have some ideas in business trading. I do n’t play games and sleep in my spare time. I learn to make full use of all my resources to reduce the burden on my family. College students should be confident, self-reliance, and self-reliance.My personal ability is totally insufficient. I hope that the leaders of the college will sympathize with the hardships of the students' parents and provide some assistance.

Nowadays, the policy of the party and the state is to vigorously develop education, which has made students like me see the hope of life. I thank the party and the country with great concern for the care of poor students. I sincerely hope that the leadership will give me a chance to understandThe urgency of my road to study. I will study hard and strive for progress with absolute effort! As long as I have the ability, I will help all those who need help. In particular, I must become a country and societySpecial and great contribution people.

Thank you again for your leadership! I ask the college to approve the establishment of the archives.



Applicant :

15 / xx / xx

Family Poverty Application 2

Dear Leader :

My name is Zhang XX, male, Han, 65 years old, who lives and lives in Pioneer Watershed Village Watershed. There are 5 family members and members of the Communist Party of China. He has successively served as the political team leader, director and accountant of Watershed Village, August 20xx.On the 25th, he was hospitalized due to fainting hypertension. He was diagnosed as having a large cerebral infarction after examination at the Qi Hospital. He had to be hospitalized. Due to the poor financial conditions of my family, I was paralyzed, and I could n’t take care of myself, leaving the originally wealthy family without the only source of lifeTo make matters worse, I was hospitalized on December 4, 20xx due to a recurrence of heart disease, and was diagnosed with three diseases including coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction type, and acute abdominal wall infarction by Baotou North Hospital. Coronary stent placement was performed in order to undertake huge medical treatment.The cost more than 70,000 yuan, after two serious illnesses, I completely lost my ability to work, spent all my savings at home, and raised debts to relatives and friends for this, making my family overwhelmed.

My wife is old, frail, and illiterate, so I have to take care of a patient that I cannot take care of myself, and I am still in the process of treatment. I need medical expenses of 600-700 yuan per month, and a large amount of external debt.Where did I come from?

In recent years, I have washed my face with tears and I can't sleep. Under very difficult circumstances, I think of the party, the government, and the Civil Affairs Bureau. Here I dare to apply to the civil affairs department; requestThe organization provided funding to help me out of my difficulties. I am grateful for helping the elderly and the young to thank the organization.



Applicant :

******, 20xx

Family Poverty Application 3

Dear Leader :


I am Liu **, a member of the second team of the company's general repair. Recently, I heard that the company is applying for a difficult subsidy for employees in need. Because in recent years, it is really impossible to bear the pressure of family life, after repeated consideration, based on my actual situation, I applied to the company.Difficulty subsidy.

In 200X, my father died, leaving an elderly mother who was seriously ill, and needed annual injections and medications. The annual treatment cost was about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. As the boss of the family, I must bear this responsibility.And obligations.

At the same time, I have two children. Due to my wife's weakness, coupled with limited family conditions and inadequate nutritional supply, the child and herself have become ill during pregnancy. The child is fragile and sick, and my wife needs to drink Chinese medicine every year to maintainAs a result, my condition has not improved. I found that my eyes hurt again last year. I went to **** ya hospital for examination and found that my eyes had Shacheng's eye disease. I needed surgery.Nursing, if not treated in time, may cause blindness. But in view of the expensive medical expenses, his wife only chose drugs to maintain and control the condition. Now she needs to go to the provincial capital once a month to check the condition and buy medicine.Difficulties make matters worse, and life is often stretched and difficult.

The entire family relies on my salary to earn a living and has a lot of foreign debts. Therefore, I applied to the company's leaders before. I didn't want to cause trouble for the company's leaders, but the huge expenses have made the family's basic living expenses more than they can afford.To continue. I hope that I can get the care of the leaders and the warmth of the organization in the most difficult times. I hope that the company leaders will give them subsidies as needed to reduce the financial burden on the family. I will work harder and return to the company.

I hereby apply for it, I hope the leader will check and approve it!



Applicant: xxx

20xx x month x day