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3 summary of year-end work on health care

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Time flies, time is like an arrow, and a year has passed in a blink of an eye. Looking back at the past year is a rich year. We should summarize the work of this year. But Work summary How to write is attractive, do you master it? The following are three summary of the year-end work on health care, for reference only, everyone is welcome to read it.

Summary of health care year-end work 1

I. Persist in doing a good job in environmental hygiene and hygiene promotion

The quality of the environment inside and outside the kindergarten directly affects the health of each child. The park has long insisted on daily small sweeps, weekly sweeps, indoor air circulation, toilets should be disinfected and ventilated, and cleaned in a timely manner.Disinfection of classroom tables and chairs and teaching aids during the week, combined with weekly inspections by principals and secretaries, random spot checks, regular inspections and regular inspections and evaluations. It promotes the implementation of work. According to the season and the prevalence of diseases,The blackboard newspaper, to promote parents to educate children about the scientific knowledge of child care and child care, has also achieved good results.

Second, strict control of disinfection, morning inspection and physical examination

1. Adhere to the daily inspection and full-day health observation system every day. The doctor insists on the daily morning inspection inspection, carefully doing the first, second, three, and four inspections, and disinfecting the oral cavity every day to remove the good disease from the mouth.After entering the park, the park leaders inspected every afternoon and found that the problem was dealt with in a timely manner. This year, no infectious diseases were found to spread in the park.

2. Do a good job in the physical examination of freshmen entering the park, strictly grasp the entry of various infectious diseases, and only enter the park after passing the physical examination. Strictly review the health manual and check the vaccination card up to 100%. For the old students, please carefully ask the parents to go out on vacation, Life and physical health, there is no current situation. In October, the child's height, weight, and vision were checked in the park, and the height and weight were checked in January.

3. Adhere to the disinfection and isolation system. The nurses must use 84 disinfectants to wipe the table and chair door handles, cup holders, bed frames and other places that children touch. Toys, toilets, floors, and air disinfection are disinfected with ultraviolet lamps every day.It should be disinfected and registered for inspection every week, and a general evaluation should be carried out at the end of the semester. Ten samples of our garden were inspected by the Municipal Epidemic Prevention Station, and all the bacterial cultures passed.

4. The garden leaders attach great importance to children ’s meals, in order to improve the quality of meals, cooperate with the leaders to do a good job in eating and drinking, go to the kitchen every day to check the disinfection of tableware and chopsticks. The cooks make a variety of colors and diversified foods according to different seasons.It brings freshness to young children, which improves appetite. Children ’s food intake increases, and the intake of various nutrients has reached the required amount. The heat calories of our park this year are 94.7%, protein 108.7%, and high-quality protein 58.9%.

Three, conscientiously grasp the planned immunization work

Doing a good job of planned immunization is an important work of kindergarten health care. In September children are vaccinated against meningitis

Four, insist on holding the committee regularly

From cooks to class leaders, doctors, garden leaders and teachers. Participants mainly listen to opinions and suggestions from various aspects, summarize the deficiencies, study countermeasures, and improve the quality of childcare meals. Weekly work together with cafeteria staff, teachers, and garden directors to develop child recipes, To make the quality of meals scientific and rational, to ensure the growth and development needs of children, and to do a good meal analysis and evaluation for future research and improvement.

  Five, insist on outdoor activities and physical exercise

Teachers insist on outdoor activities for more than two hours a day according to the age characteristics of the children, and carry out various game activities so that the children can fully receive the sunlight. After eating, they must take the children to the outdoor activities for a period of time before going to bed.

VI. Train nurses regularly during the semester to strengthen nursery awareness

VII. Strictly control the occurrence of various infectious diseases and do a good job of prevention

This year the weather in our park changed abnormally. As soon as the spring and autumn seasons entered, our park gave young children Banlangen and Yinchen to prevent it. The effect was quite significant, and there was no epidemic spread this year.

Eighth, strengthen the health care of small subjects

At present, young children 20xx latest real estate sales year-end work summary children have a high incidence of amblyopia, myopia, dental caries, and obese children. In order to detect and correct early detection, in October, the children were checked for height, weight, and vision.Health education on vision and oral cavity, and investigate the eye hygiene of young children at home, and follow-up investigations on obese children

  IX. Strengthen safety education for kindergarten teachers

Notify parents of accidents in time and send them to the infirmary or hospital. In December, firefighters were invited to train teachers on firefighting knowledge. No major accidents occurred this semester.

Summary of health care year-end work 2

Time flies, the health care work of one semester is coming to an end in the busy hours. In this semester, the health room combines the garden plan of the garden to firmly establish the idea of ​​health first, prevention first, and adopt a series ofEffective forms and measures to implement safety and health care seriously Work plan , successfully passed the re-evaluation of the XX City Health Care Qualified Park and the XX City Health Care Quality Demonstration Park. The following is a summary of the health and safety work of the health room this semester :

1. Health check work :

At the beginning of the school, the health room strictly controlled the physical examination of freshmen. All the 144 children who entered the school this semester passed the comprehensive health examination of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the pass rate reached 100%. The physical development of these children was evaluated in time.80 above average body weight, accounting for 56%; 91 above average height, accounting for 63%; 140 hemoglobin above 110g / L, accounting for 97%. Individual correction and health guidance for 68 young children with disease and shortcomings.

Strictly implement the morning inspection system and warmly welcome each child, so that the child will fear the doctor from the beginning of the school to the future affinity. During the morning inspection, pay attention to seeing, touching, asking, discovering problems, handling in time, and making recordsTo ensure the health of the children who enter and leave the school every day. Keep abreast of the situation of sick children in time, and feed back to the class after the morning check, so that the teachers in the class can provide special care for the sick children, and the nurses can also strengthen the nursery and make a full-day observationDuring the prevention of intestinal infectious diseases and the prevention of avian influenza, active measures were taken to ensure zero incidence of kindergartens.

In November, with the help of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, oral care was given to children in the whole park, and dental caries were treated with fluorine protective paint. At the end of the period, 335 children in the park 4 children in the second class left early were weighed, Height, children in middle and large classes to detect vision, the physical examination rate in the park is 99%, the visual inspection rate and oral health care rate are 100%, and the measurement results are evaluated, counted, and registered. Physical examination results: 213 people above average weight, accounting for64%; 228 persons above mean height, accounting for 68% the ratio above mean height and weight meets the requirements of superiors; 15 persons above moderate obesity, accounting for 4.4%; 4 persons with mild malnutrition, accounting for 1.2%; low vision 5220% of the population. Notify the parents of the children with defects and urge the parents to lead the children to the hospital for further treatment. The health room also keeps the corresponding correction records, so as to regularly review the physical conditions of children with abnormal health, cooperate with the treatment, and speed upThe speed of recovery of young children.

According to the regulations, the teaching staff of the whole park carried out a comprehensive physical examination in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in November, and the physical examination rate and the pass rate of the physical examination reached 100%. The canteen chef trained the stool in the hospital according to the regulations, and the training results were normal.

Second, disease prevention measures :

Cooperate with the epidemic prevention department to do the planned immunization work prescribed by the state, manage the vaccination of young children, and promptly notify parents of school-age children to take the children to the Chinese medicine hospital to vaccinate meningitis, take small hemp sugar pills, to ensure that each school-age child can be on timeGet vaccinated to ensure that the planned immunization rate reaches 98% or more.

Conscientiously screen frail children, conduct case management on 12 frail children with moderate malnutrition and above obesity, exchange opinions and suggestions with parents in time, so that parents can understand the meaning of management; and explain to teachersThe care precautions in one day of life make it a real mutual cooperation and joint management.

Regulate corrective treatment of the shortcomings of the diseases found in the physical examination of young children in a timely manner, scientific guidance, the rate of disease correction reaches 100%, and make correction registration and records of the correction situation.

Three, nutrition and diet work :

Weekly formulate and publish recipes. When formulating nutritional recipes for young children, formulate recipes suitable for the growth and development needs of young children according to the age characteristics of the children and market supply. A monthly meal group meeting will be held this semester to widely listen to the opinions of various departments and improve young children.Recipes, so that the recipes are not repeated every day, and there are innovations every week. I urge the food expenses to be dedicated, and the profit and loss of the food expenses should not exceed 2%. Post the accounts every month.

Monthly calculation software is used to calculate nutrition for children's recipes, and analysis and improvement measures are made. The intake of dietary calories in this semester accounts for more than 100% of the supply, and the intake of protein accounts for 150% of the average supply.Above, the proportion of high-quality protein has reached more than 65%, but the intake of vitamin C and calcium is always insufficient. In the future meal arrangements, try to reduce protein intake and increase the fresh vegetables, fruits and milk and their productsSupply to achieve a balanced diet.

Cultivate young children to develop good eating habits: before eating, our teacher will combine the dishes of the day to educate children about nutritional knowledge to reduce the occurrence of partial food for children; when eating, children are required to keep quiet, have a certain order, and put their calves on the tableBelow, quietly finish your own meal, etc .; after eating, ask your baby to clean and tidy up your desktop, put the tableware and chopsticks gently; and cultivate the good habits of infants rinsing and wiping their faces after meals.The canteen provides children with appropriate water temperature to ensure that children can drink freely, safely and hygienically throughout the day.

Strengthen the supervision and guidance of food hygiene work: the acceptance of food and inspection, the inspection of poultry eggs and meat quarantine certificates, and the standard operation of each work link to ensure the safety and health of children ’s eating and prevent the occurrence of food poisoning; improve foodIt has the quality of sanitation and disinfection; while strengthening and improving the hardware facilities, it also puts forward higher requirements for the improvement of the hygiene quality of cafeteria staff and the supervision of personal health conditions. Procurement personnel do not buy spoiled food, and the cafeteria does not make spoiled food.For children ’s meals, children do not eat overnight meals and dishes, and the health room is randomly sampled to effectively check the purchase. A supplier forum was held this semester to ensure the safety of the supply. No food poisoning occurred during the semester.

Four, sanitation and disinfection work :

Do a good job of the cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor environment of the kindergarten. The nursery teachers of all classes are required to strictly follow the health care system, implement fixed personnel and fixed points, and divide the film into pieces.A major sweep to keep the inside and outside of the park regularly cleaned, and the health room will be inspected every Monday to promptly point out the problems found in the inspection and supervise corrections.

Disinfection work is the guarantee for the health of young children. The health room often guides nurses and canteen personnel to do the disinfection work, so that nurses can fully grasp the disinfection method, wear work hats when dividing meals, and do standard operationsThe children's two towels are sterilized once a day, large and medium-sized toys are disinfected once a month with effective chlorine disinfectant, tabletop toys are disinfected once a week, and the children's bedding is washed once a month and once every two weeks.The staff should make disinfection records. The toilet is required to be washed with disinfection water every day to ensure that there is no urine scale and no smell.

The staff of the canteen strictly implements the food hygiene standard operation, and the food and utensils are processed and stored separately according to raw and cooked, which effectively avoids cross-contamination. The strict disinfection system, insisting on sterilizing the children ’s tableware one meal and one time, effectively avoids the children from causing them through the tablewareThe cross-infection ensures the health of young children in the garden. To prevent the disease from entering the mouth, the health room strengthened the management of food hygiene, urged the cafeteria staff to pay attention to personal hygiene habits, cut nails frequently, wash hands before and after work with water, and wear them at workGood work clothes and hats. Rinse the cafeteria every day, keep the stove, tableware and utensils clean regularly, and sweep them thoroughly every week to prevent the generation and harm of mosquitoes and flies. Ensure the hygiene and safety of children ’s diet.

During the peak period of infectious diseases such as intestinal infectious diseases in September, the disinfection work was strengthened, and the corresponding supervision and inspection were strengthened to avoid the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

Five, safety and health education and inspection :

Cooperate with the garden department's safety inspection of large and medium-sized toys and indoor and outdoor facilities, report problems to the garden director in time, and urge the safety administrator to carry out renovations to ensure the safety of the children's activity environment. Always pay attention to the nurses in daily lifeSafety precautions, make use of all favorable opportunities to teach children safety, cultivate children's awareness of self-protection, and effectively prevent accidents. Two children fell into the hospital during the semester during the activity, and were sent to the hospital for sutures and woundsThey are all within 2 centimeters, which is a general accident.

The health room regulates the children's daily medication and storage of medicines, with clear drug labels and safe storage.

VI. Hygiene promotion and contact with parents :

According to seasonal changes and the health of young children's development, "Autumn is a good season for asthma and colds", "Do children have fever fever medicine?", "Repetitive abdominal pain has countermeasures", "Prevention of children with urticaria", "How to Prevent Intestinal Infectious Diseases", "How to Prevent Bird Flu", "Autumn Arrives, Deworming", "Psychological Topics About Children", "Winter: Preventing Common Diseases of Children", "Parents should be advised when children leave the garden""What to pay attention to" and other topics, from different perspectives, timely dissemination of knowledge on safety and health care, effectively improving the safety and health care awareness of nursing staff and parents.

Strengthen the business learning of nurses and canteen staff, with "Prevention and Treatment of Common Infectious Diseases of Infants and Young Children", "Safety Education of Children in All Links of the Park", "Handling of Accidents", "Disinfection Routine of Common Kindergarten Items", ""Knowledge training for canteen practitioners" and other topics, training nurses and canteen staff in stages, effectively improving their own qualities. During training, let nurses communicate with each other in various aspects such as children washing hands, eating, going to the toilet, before and after falling asleep,Experiences such as sorting before leaving the garden, so as to improve the quality of childcare, so that children can get better services.

Using the morning check-up time and telephone to contact parents regularly, 17 children with bronchitis, tonsillitis, upper sensation, fractures, chickenpox, etc. who have been absent for more than three days and have moderate malnutrition and moderate obesityHealth home visits, timely understanding of their diet and daily life at home, guidance and requirements of parents to cooperate with kindergartens to do a good job in child care.

VII. Other work :

Conscientiously study, boldly innovate, often consult with superior maternal and child health departments, and accept their guidance with an open mind. Focus on improving their own quality, actively participate in the health special training of higher professional departments, accept new information and new requirements, and improve their businessLevel, cooperate with various health prevention agencies to complete the work.

According to the requirements of the regulations, complete the statistical analysis and evaluation of the registration of various account books of child care.

Participate in dealing with emergency matters in a timely manner to ensure that the health and safety work in the kindergarten is carried out in an orderly manner.

Conscientiously complete other temporary tasks assigned by the park leaders.

This semester has achieved certain results in health care work, but in the use of shuttle cards and children's safety awareness and safety routines, such as up and down stairs, outdoor activities and other links still need to be managed by teachers to achieve high quality and warmth, Ping An, Sunshine 20xx annual kindergarten health care work summary work summary.

Summary of health care year-end work 3

Gaojing Primary School earnestly implements the work requirements for health education put forward by the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening Youth Sports and Strengthening Youth Physical Fitness Zhongfa 20xx.7, and further strengthens the management of school health care and environmental hygiene,Cultivate students' health awareness and public health awareness, master health knowledge and skills, and promote students to develop healthy behaviors and lifestyles. The work of this semester will now be summarized as follows :

I. School leaders attach great importance to campus environmental sanitation and student health work.

The principal personally grasped and inspected personally, and established the Environmental Hygiene and Health Education Leading Group. The school set up the health room and the A-flow isolation room. There are full-time staff and special classes responsible for cleaning and sanitation, so that the windows are clear and the items are placed in an orderly manner.The chair is neat.

In order to create a harmonious and clean campus environment, the school leaders actively worked to find ways and measures to eliminate the garbage dead corners on the campus. Two trash bins were properly placed outside the front door of the school to make the campus trash and canteen trash available.put.

Second, think of measures, promote management, and implement.

At the beginning of the school, according to the notice issued by the Ministry of Education on the "Guidelines for Health Education in Primary and Secondary Schools", the emphasis was on strengthening the school's sanitation construction and health care: let children initially grasp the correct personal hygiene knowledge and develop good drinking and eating habits, Learn to protect yourself; educate students not to spit, throw away peels, confetti and other rubbish, cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, take a shower, change clothes, wash their hair, cut nails frequently, check regularly at schoolPersonal hygiene, class evaluation; in order to improve the school ’s environmental hygiene, and provide teachers and students with a comfortable education and teaching environment, the school intensifies its management efforts, stratified management of weekly teachers and directors, diligent supervision, diligent inspection,On duty, students will take turns to stand guard and provide timely feedback on the health status of each class.

Often open windows to ventilate, use toilets in a civilized manner, and the teaching office and sanitation room should be inspected daily.

Use the monthly board report of the life education class school, the class report of the class and the class meeting to promote, and use these channels to let students master the knowledge of health care.

Three, strengthen the publicity and education of the knowledge of influenza A h1n1 influenza prevention and control

1. First of all, the school requires the class teacher and all teachers to infiltrate self-study in the prevention and control knowledge during the teaching process. The principal repeatedly emphasized at the teachers' meeting that the school uses publicity windows, posters, classroom posters, pictures, and texts, The network and other forms of propaganda and education of prevention and control knowledge, the school specially appoints a propagandist Xing Yiqun to report and vigorously create a strong propaganda atmosphere for prevention and control of H1N1 influenza.

Four, do a good job of vaccination and prevention of common diseases

1. The school is organized by the unified organization with the consent of the parents, and cooperates with the Municipal Disease Control Center to successfully complete the task of vaccination at school.

2. Inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine.

The country is scheduled for 20xx--20xx nationwide to vaccinate children who were born unvaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine from 19xx year x month x day to 20xx year x month x day or who have not completed the entire course of hepatitis B vaccine. To complete thisImportant work, first of all, the school is responsible for the registration of the target population in the school, and the "Children ’s Hepatitis B Vaccination Vaccination Survey Form" is issued to each student.Report to the Chaoyang community in the jurisdiction. The school will issue the hepatitis B vaccine immunization notice to the students. Principal Dong will personally meet the parents of the target group to explain the situation, and the parents will lead the children to the community for vaccination.

V. Prevention and treatment of common diseases

1. Seasonal hand-foot-mouth disease, mumps, chickenpox appeared this semester.

A total of 5 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, 3 cases of mumps, and 7 cases of chickenpox. The principal personally took people to the nursing station where the sick child is located for inquiries, and ordered that they must be ventilated and disinfected.

2. Carefully analyze the physical examination form

Physical health of students is a routine work of the school. This semester has done a serious analysis of the students ’physical examination statistics and found that the students’ vision is very poor. Some classes have low vision of eight or nine people, so they immediately increase their effortsCheck the eye exercises, spot check at least twice a month, spot checks three times in October and November, and check by the health staff every day at other times.

The requirements for the correction of trachoma and caries are parents' cooperation. Students are advised to pay attention to eye hygiene, advocate one person, one towel and one basin, use fluoride toothpaste, and go to the hospital regularly to check for caries and early treatment.

3. In this semester, I cooperated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to carry out physical examinations for pre-school children, and did a physical examination analysis. I analyzed the vaccination certificate of the new year first grade children and the replanting situation. Those who lacked the vaccination certificateChildren issue notices and go to the vaccination unit for replanting and recertification.

The next step of school health care work is mainly :

Insist on morning inspection, disinfection and ventilation every day.

Strengthening students' awareness of infectious diseases prevention.

Carefully grasp the eye exercises.

rectification plan

1. It is necessary to strengthen the management of student health care and environmental construction to achieve refinement and truly implement.

2. Strengthen the students' food hygiene, ensure the cleanliness and supervision of the water source, the water dispenser must be disinfected regularly, and the students ’drinking tools must be hygienic and complete.

3. Every student must ensure a necessary piece of wipes and facial tissue every day. If there is sputum, wrap it with paper. This work must be focused on.

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