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Practical Summary of Five Practical House Sales Contracts

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In today's society, people gradually realize the importance of signing a contract. A contract can prompt both parties to exercise their powers properly and strictly fulfill their obligations. So what issues need to be paid attention to when writing a contract? The following are five articles on housing sales contracts for reference only.Welcome everyone to read.

House Sales Contract 1

1. Party A's house if there is a co-owner, Party A has obtained the co-owner's unanimous consent to transfer the house is located on a square meter of building area and the purpose of the house is.

Two, the two parties agreed that the transfer price of the house: the total amount of 10,000 yuan capitalization :

10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

Third, Party B pays Party A the first payment of 10,000 yuan Capital :

10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

After the transfer of the house, the provident fund loan will pay the remaining ten thousand yuan

uppercase :

Ten million yuan hundred yuan whole

Party B guarantees to pay the balance within one month after the house is transferred.

4. Party A shall deliver the above house and all the keys to Party B when Party B pays the full amount of the house, and Party B shall receive the house when both parties are present. The possession, use, income andB Party B shall exercise the right of punishment, and Party B shall be responsible for the expenses such as the property management fee, water fee, telecommunication fee and internet fee incurred in the house.

V. Party A is responsible for changing the ownership of the house to Party B. The related expenses incurred when handling property rights shall be borne by Party B.

VI. Party A guarantees that there will be no dispute over the property rights of the house at the time of the transaction, related to mortgage and mortgage debt

Party A will handle all matters such as transactions, taxes and rents before the transaction. After the transaction, if there are any outstanding items mentioned above, Party A will assume full responsibility.

VII. Party A guarantees that it has truthfully stated the ownership status of the above-mentioned house and other specific conditions, and guarantees that the house is not legally pursued by others.

Party A guarantees that it has the right to sanction the transferred house, and guarantees that it will never regret it regardless of the future rise in house prices.

VIII. Except for special circumstances such as natural disasters that are irresistible to manpower, if Party A fails to deliver the house to Party B for use within the time stipulated in this contract, Party B has the right to pursue Party A's interest for breach of contract based on the delivered house price. AParty promises to deliver the house to Party B when the payment of the house is fully paid, otherwise Party B has the right to hold Party A accountable.

Party A and his spouse jointly own a house. All costs incurred in applying for a real estate certificate shall be borne by Party B. If Party A and his spouse own two or more houses, all related costs incurred shall be borne by Party A.

X. Matters not covered in this contract shall be negotiated separately by the two parties and a supplementary agreement shall be signed. The supplementary agreement shall have the same legal effect as this contract.

11. This contract is effective from the date of signing by Party A and Party B.

Party A signature and seal :

Party B Signature :

Tel. :

Tel. :

yyyymm yyyy

House Sales Contract 2

______ ___ Word No .___

Applicant: _______________

Party A seller: ______ full name, business license / society registration certificate number: _________, domicile: _________

Legal Representative: _________, Position: _________.

Attorney: _________, Position: _________.

Party B purchasing party: _________, male / female, born on ______ month ______ year, address: ______ or ID number: ______.

Notarized matter: contract for sale of commercial housing

Party A and Party B apply to this office for the notarization of the “Commercial House Sale Contract” on ______month______year.

After investigation, both parties A and B entered into the previous "Commercial House Sale Contract" through consultation. When entering into the contract, both parties have the capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct required by law Note ①: If there is an agent, you should also writeMing: The agent has corresponding agency rights.

The house transferred by Party A is located at ______, the building area is ______ square meters, and the corresponding land use area is ______ square meters. This house is the “______” Part A that has been approved by the government for investment and development Note ②: The title of the commercial house Foreign / domestic commercial house. Party A holds Real Estate Warrant No .: ______ No .: ______ issued by the party for the house.The signed agreement should also express the following testimony according to the facts: Before that, both parties A and B had signed a "commercial house pre-sale contract" for the housing option [If the contract has been notarized, it should also indicate: and notarized by a notary office, notarizationNo .: ______], the house has no registration records of pre-sale, mortgage and other rights restricted on ______ full name of real estate registration department until ______ year ______ month. According to the "People's Republic of China"According to the Urban Real Estate Management Law, the house can be transferred in accordance with the law Note ⑤: If the house has a mortgage or other rights that are restricted during the transfer, the testimony should be expressed according to the actual situation.

Both parties A and B sign the "Commercial House Sale Contract" to signify the truth. The two parties agreed in the contract that Party A will transfer the above house to Party B in currency ______ capitalized ______ yuan, and the payment method agreed in the contractThe terms such as the date of delivery of the house and the liability for breach of contract are specific and clear if the house price has been paid at the time of entering into the contract and the house has actually been delivered for use, it shall be stated according to the actual situation; in other cases, the testimony is expressed as appropriate

Based on the above facts, I hereby certify that the legal representative or the legal representative's agent of ______ the full name of Party A

The contract for the sale of commercial houses was signed with ______ name of the natural person of Party B on ______ month ______ on ______ place where the contract is signed.Article 55 of the General Principles of the Civil Law of the Republic stipulates that the content of the contract complies with the provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Management."If signed in front of this office, this notary or other notary, the testimony shall be expressed as appropriate; if the contract is notarized and certified overseas, the contracting parties' contracting behavior will not be proved.

The contract is effective from the date of signature, seal or notarization by both parties.

Note: The effective testimony of the contract should be stated as appropriate. If the "sale contract" is signed in accordance with the "pre-sale contract", the testimony shall add the "pre-sale" signed by both parties from the effective date of the sale contractThe contract is now terminated.

The People's Republic of China ___ Province ___ County Notary Office

Notary: __________________ Signature


Contract of sale of house 3

Party A Seller :

Party B Buyer :

Client Party C :

Because Party A is often outside, Party C is entrusted to sell Room 38 a four-story 468-square-meter residential building in Oak Mansion, Luanchuan County, to Party B as a whole, and the following agreements are reached through negotiations between Party A, Party B, and Party C:

  1, The building is subject to the status quo including yard, garage, gate, land, etc., the transaction price is 10,000 yuan, Party A agrees to sell, and Party B agrees to purchase. The borders of the four sites are subject to the notarization of the notary office

  two, After the agreement takes effect, the three parties A, B, and C will go to the notary office to notarize the house to Party B's name. After the notarization, Party B can pay the house to Party C and transfer it to Party A.

Three, In the future, if you need to go through the real estate certificate and other procedures, Party C must cooperate. Party C should give full assistance. After the real estate certificate is issued, Party A and Party C must hand over the real estate certificate to Party B to avoid unnecessary trouble, otherwise,Party A and Party C will fully refund the purchase price to Party B and give Party B a penalty of 500,000 yuan plus decoration costs.

four, After signing this agreement, Party B will enjoy the land ownership and house ownership of this house, Party B can use, rent, and sell. Both parties A and C have no right to interfere, and house B compensation will be owned by Party B.

Five, In the future, if one or both of Party A or Party C regrets it, or Party A lowers the real estate, they shall evaluate the residential building based on the price at the time of repentance, pay the assessed housing amount to Party B, and pay 500,000 for breach of contract.Party, litigation costs shall be borne by Party A.

Six, The matters not covered in this contract are negotiated separately by the two parties. This contract is made in quadruplicate and will take effect after the three parties sign it, which will have the same legal effect for mutual compliance.

Party A :

Party B :

Party C :

year, month, day

House Sale Contract 4

Buyer: _________ hereinafter referred to as Party A

Seller: _________ hereinafter referred to as Party B

Both parties agree to buy and sell the following houses: _________ District _________ Road _________ Lane _________ Room _________, with a total construction area of ​​_________ square meters.

The conditions established by both parties are as follows :

Article 1 The above-mentioned house is sold by Party B to Party A, and the total price is RMB: _________.

Article 2 From the date of signing this contract, Party A shall pay the above price to Party B. After receiving the entire price, Party B shall vacate the house to Party A within one week.

Article 3 After the signing of this contract, Party A shall apply to the housing authority for the registration of the ownership of the house, and the necessary expenses shall be borne by Party A. After obtaining the house ownership certificate, the property rights belong to Party A.

Article 4 Party A shall abide by the policies and regulations of the State and this Municipality regarding house management, and shall not add floors or modify the above-mentioned houses without the consent of the relevant municipal departments and Party B.

Article 5 The housing base and the sole ground floor are owned by the state and are for Party A's use only. Party A shall abide by the state and this Municipality's policies and regulations on land management. From the date of issue of the property right certificate, Party A shallState regulations pay real estate tax land use tax to relevant authorities.

Article 6 From the date of signing this contract, the related rights and obligations of the above-mentioned houses belong to Party A regardless of whether Party A lives or not. In accordance with the principle of sharing management and maintenance costs, Party A shall bear the management and maintenance aspects on a monthly basis.Related costs.

Article 7 From the date of signing this contract, within two years, the quality problems caused by the original Party B's improper use, Party B will be responsible for the warranty; the artificial damages will be borne by Party A.

Article 8 This contract is in triplicate, one for Party B and two for Party A one of which is used as an attachment for registration of property rights.

Party A signature: _________ Party B signature: _________


Signed at: _________ Signed at: _________

House Sales Contract 5

Seller: _______________ referred to as Party A, ID number: _____________________

Buyer: _______________ referred to as Party B, ID number: _____________________

According to the "Economic Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Management" and other relevant laws and regulations, both parties A and B shall, on the basis of equality, willingness, and consensus, agree to Party A.Sign this contract to purchase real estate, and jointly execute the contract with the owner.

first Party B agrees to purchase the real estate villa, office building, apartment, house, factory, shop owned by Party A and located in ___________ District ________________________, with a construction area of ​​_____ square meters. For details, please refer to Land and Housing Certificate No. _______________.

second article The transaction price of the above property is: unit price: RMB ________ yuan / square meter, total price: RMB ___________ Yuan whole capitalization: ____ 百 ____ pick up ____ 万 ____ 仟 ____Bai__________ yuan. On the day this contract is signed, Party B shall pay Party A RMB __________ yuan as a deposit for the purchase of a house.

third Payment time and method :

Party A and Party B agree to adopt the following paragraph ____ settlement method :

1. Both parties agree to pay by bank mortgage, and agree to pay the first payment including the deposit on the day of payment of taxes and fees in the real estate transaction center. RMB_______________________________________ yuan to Party A, the remaining house money is RMB ____________ yuan, apply for bank mortgage if the actual bank approval amount is less than the aforementioned application limit, Party B should pay the difference to Party A on the day of paying taxesParty, and paid to Party A on the day of bank lending, sample contract "Sales Contract for House Sale".

2. The two parties agree to make a one-time payment and agree to pay the first payment including the deposit on the day of payment of taxes and fees in the real estate transaction center. RMB _____________________________________ yuan to Party A, and the remaining house money is RMB____________ Yuan. It will be paid to Party A on the day the property right is completed.

Article 4 Party A shall deliver all the transaction real estate to Party B for use within ____ days from the date of receiving Party B's full payment, and shall settle the expenses such as _________ on the day of delivery.

Article 5 Tax and fee sharing: Party A and Party B shall abide by the national real estate policies, laws / hetong / regulations, and pay taxes and fees required for real estate transfer formalities in accordance with regulations. After negotiation between the two parties, the transaction taxes shall be borne by _______, the intermediaryFees and handling fees for the transfer of property rights shall be borne by ______.

Article 6 Responsibility for breach of contract: After the contract between Party A and Party B is signed, if Party B breaches the contract halfway, Party A shall notify Party A in writing. Party A shall return the paid party B without interest within ____ days, but the purchase deposit shall be returnedParty A.If Party A breaches the contract halfway, Party B shall notify Party B in writing, and within ___ days from the date of breach, Party B shall double the deposit paid by Party B and return it to Party B.

Article 7 The subject of this contract :

1. Party A is ____________ in total, and the agent ________ is the representative of Party A.

2. Party B is ____________, and the representative is ____________.

Article 8 If this contract needs to be notarized, it must be notarized by the National Notary Office ____ Notary Office.

Article 9 This contract is in one copy. Party A has one property owner, Party A has an agent, Party B has one, Xiamen Real Estate Trading Center has one, and each has ________ notary office.

Article 10 The dispute settlement method of this contract: the disputes during the performance of the contract can be resolved through negotiation between the two parties.

Article 11 The matters not covered in this contract can be agreed separately by Party A and Party B. The supplementary agreement has the same legal effect as the contract signed by both parties.

Article 12 Other matters agreed by both parties :

Seller Party A: _________________ Buyer Party B: __________________

ID number: __________________ ID number: ___________________

Address: ___________________ Address: ____________________

Zip code: ___________________ Zip code: ____________________

Tel: ___________________ Tel: ____________________

Agent Party A: _________________ Agent Party B: _________________

ID number: ___________________ ID number: ___________________

Witness: Assurance Agency :

Address :

Postcode :

Tel :

Legal representative :

Representative: Manager of Certification Agency :

Date signed by both parties: year, month, day, date of certification: _______year____month____