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[Essence] Three Year-end Work Summary of Accounting

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Time is flowing, and in a short time we will usher in a new year. Looking back on the work of the past year, there must be a lot of things to comb. Let us make a detailed summary of the past work.When I picked up the pen, I found out that I didn't know what to write, the following is the year-end of accounting Work Summary 3 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Accounting Year-end Work Summary 1

Looking back to the future, I am full of confidence and hope for future work. In order to be able to set better work goals and achieve better work results, I summarize the work situation as follows :

I. Main experience and gains

In the school's work, I have accumulated a lot of work experience, and also achieved certain results. In summary, I have the following aspects of experience and gains :

1 Only by putting yourself in the right place and working hard to familiarize yourself with basic business, can you be suitable for your own job as soon as possible;

II Only by taking the initiative to integrate into the collective and handle the relationship in all aspects can we maintain a good working condition in the new environment;

3 Only by adhering to the principle of implementing the system and conscientiously managing the accounts can we fulfill our financial responsibilities;

4 Only by establishing a sense of service and strengthening communication and coordination can we do the work within the branch;

5 Only by maintaining a peaceful mentality and "taking advantage of others and complementing one's weaknesses" can we continuously improve and make progress.

II. Establish work goals and strengthen collaboration

Finance work is like annual rings. The end of one month's work means the restart of work in the next month. I like my work. Although it is complicated, trivial, and not too novel, it is the lifeblood of the normal operation of the school.I deeply feel the value of my post, and also set new goals for my work :

1. Do your finances well Work plan Based on the budget, actively control costs and expenses, and strengthen communication with the management office in daily financial management, advocate efficiency first, focus on cash flow, time value of money, and risk control, and give full play to budget goalsRole, and constantly improve the financial management system of pre-planning, in-event control, and post-event summary feedback.

2. Really manage the accounts receivable, prevent bad debts and reduce bad debts.

The above is my summary of my work, and I would like to ask leaders at all levels for criticism and correction. In the future work, I will continue to work hard and continue to summarize my work experience; study hard and continuously improve my professional knowledge and businessAbility, with a new image and new look, work hard for the brilliant development of the school.

Year-end Summary of Accounting Work 2

In this year of 20xx, I continued to serve as the company's cashier, mainly responsible for the cashier work and statistical filling of xx. The work of this year is summarized as follows :

I. Work

1. In cashier work, there are mainly bank settlement business, cash collection and payment business, and custody.

1 Payment to the bank by means of bill settlement. The main payment is the property management fee, rent, utilities, and air-conditioning use fee of xx office; advertising planning fee of marketing department; design fee, surveying and mapping fee; engineering decoration fee; Lawyers' counsel, tax consulting fees, etc. Zhongda South mainly pays to xx property management companies and Guiyang Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.

2 Register cash on time based on actual business and accounting vouchers Diary Account, bank journal.

3 Prepare bank balance adjustment table based on monthly bank statement.

4 Periodically or irregularly carry out cash inventory and prepare a cash inventory table.

5 After each month's balance adjustment, the accounts are consistent, and there is no major error in the amount.

6 Do a good job of keeping accounting vouchers. Actively cooperate with the internal audit of the monthly audit department.

7 Reform of salary payment method, changing cash payment to bank card and online bank transfer, convenient, fast and error-free.

8 The owner issued an invoice for the sale of real estate, receiving payments for maintenance funds, water, gas, video intercom, and the difference in area of ​​the house. This year, about 17 owners came to apply for the invoice, and two people bought four parking spaces.

2. For statistical reporting :

1 The data are filled in according to the facts, and the monthly and quarterly reports have been reported to the Statistics Bureau of Nanming District and the Statistics Bureau of Guiyang on time. Because the Zhongrongxin project has not yet started and there are no projects in the South Division of Zhongda University,The data reported every month remains basically the same.

2 All the trainings organized by the Statistics Bureau have participated, and changes in statistical policies and changes in statement contents have been mastered.

3 Comply with the provisions of the Statistical Law and Statistical Policy.

II. Problems and reflections in work

1. I am basically responsible and responsible in my job, but there have also been some negligence. I conducted a deep self-criticism and review. Financial work must first be cautious, and must be strictly in accordance with the company's financial rules and regulations.The amount of money required not only requires the supervision of your leaders, but also the prudence of our financial staff. When the amount is too large, it should be confirmed to the leadership even if the formalities are complete.Remind yourself to work strictly in accordance with the responsibilities and norms of the cashier. Some mistakes that have occurred are a lesson for me and a growth. What I learn from them will make my future work better.

2, Need to continuously strengthen professional learning.

1 I took the accounting qualification examination this year and passed it smoothly. Due to the major adjustment of the accounting practice certificate examination time in the province this year and the missed registration time for the junior exam, it was originally scheduled to continue to participate in the junior accounting qualification this year.I adjusted my study to next year and hope to strengthen my work skills through more studies.

2 At the same time, I do n’t know enough about the real estate industry. As a cashier in the real estate industry, I have to base my career development on the long-term. Therefore, I understand the situation of the real estate industry and the relevant tax laws of the real estate industry.Waiting is very necessary.

3 I have been working for more than a year, and have basically mastered the contents of the cashier. Financial work is often repetitive work, but the cashier is only the beginning of finance, and there are more advanced things that I need to learn.At the same time, I also hope to be exposed to some other challenges. After all, I have just started working and I need to learn a lot. I need to be specialized and knowledgeable so that I can better create benefits for the company in the future.

4 United colleagues at work and get along well. I have short working hours and lack of experience in all aspects, so I need to be open-minded to study like colleagues. Within my ability, help colleagues to solve problems encountered, and work hard with everyoneCreate a harmonious working atmosphere.

Year-end Summary of Accounting Work 3

1.Trade knowledge is involved in intermediate financial accounting

At that time, I did n’t study it as a key point, I just learned some simple and common tax calculations, such as input tax, output tax, and input tax transfer out of VAT. In the calculation, the topic will also require the tax rate.When given, we do not need to consider which tax rate to use. However, as an accountant in actual work, we need to know which tax type is involved in this business, which tax rate should be used, and how to calculate it. When making accounting entriesShould keep in mind whether the lender or debit, when to go to the tax bureau to pay taxes, pay some taxes, how to fill out tax registration, etc.

2, as a financial manager, you need to master more than this

Their responsibility is to manage the company's financial resources so that the company's funds are fully utilized to maximize the value of the resources. Financing funds, investment in production funds, and reasonable tax avoidance are the focus of their work. The more reasonable they can beThe more you use your company ’s funds, the more you will get the attention of your boss.

3. In tax accounting, we must first understand that tax and accounting are different concepts

They also have a close relationship. Accounting is the accounting treatment of a company's production and operation activities, that is, filling vouchers, preparing asset load tables, preparing cash flow statements, preparing owner's equity statements, etc., but in the process of business processingIt takes into account the taxes that the company pays, and explicitly calculates the taxes that the company pays, so that the company's income can be clearly calculated as the basis for the next year's budget. At the same time, accounting has a great impact on taxes.

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