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8 articles on Fan Wenjin, a summary of language teaching and research activities

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Unconsciously, an unforgettable activity is over. This experience can make life more meaningful. It is better to sum up seriously. But when I pick up the pen, I do n’t know what to write. The following is about language teaching and research. Summary of activities 8 articles, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 1

Teaching and research time:

Friday, March 14, 20xx, Week 5

Course subject :

People's Education Edition Sixth Grade "Arrow of the Straw Boat" first lesson

Teacher :

6th grade Pan Quanxing

Participants :

Chencheng Central School, Qianlou Central School, and dozens of teachers at Tanshi Elementary School

Host :

Teached by Lin Hanqing

On the morning of March 14th, dozens of teachers from Chencheng Central School, Qianlou Central School, and Tanshi Elementary School gathered at Baiji Elementary School and watched two special Chinese lessons for six two classes.

In the classroom, students are "teachers" and teachers are "big classmates." "Teachers" pick out some in-depth and well-designed texts to lead other students to learn "Crow Boat Borrowing Arrows." And as "big classmates"Teacher Pan asked for directions and guided in-depth reading; or fanned the flames and sparked passionate debate. In the two lessons, the “teachers” and “students” read from time to time and bite words; sometimes they laughed and laughed, and then they talked with each other.Sing me on stage, in this democratic, equal, tense yet harmonious dialogue situation, the human connotation in the text and the language features in the text are constantly being excavated. The students' understanding and expression ability have been fullyThe two lessons ended easily, and the students were still interested.

In the subsequent review activities, the instructors and lecturers also conducted in-depth exchanges in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere.

1. For teachers :

From this lesson, we see Mr. Pan ’s in-depth study and understanding of the new curriculum concept, especially in the role positioning of the teacher, Mr. Pan has truly become a classroom organizer, guide, and facilitator.Class teachers do not have preaching and questioning, but just organize and regulate at appropriate time, guide prompts, stimulate and promote, and even "inflame."

II. For students :

Many students in this class have good study habits and the ability to learn autonomously. For each text, students make a careful preview before studying, and the book is filled with the content of the preview. In the classroom, students dare to speak boldly, Willing to think and explore, students take the classroom as a stage to show their talents, so students' enthusiasm for learning is high, and the classroom atmosphere is also very active.

Summary of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 2

In the year xxxx, taking Qiongzhong Education Bureau's guiding ideology as "forming cooperative research and equal exchanges between high-quality schools and general schools, creating a group of outstanding teacher teams, and promoting the balanced development of the county's education," it insisted on "Use sincere education to unify thoughts, use strict norms to unify action, and use scientific reflection to promote work ”as ideas, and use collective lesson preparation, business learning, classroom observation, and curriculum reform activities as platforms to update Chinese language teaching and education concepts and promote Chinese language teachersThe overall quality and the solid improvement of student performance are the guiding ideology. Our seventh regional teaching and research group in the lower part of Chinese primary school has carried out regional teaching and research activities in a solid and orderly manner.

In this activity, all the members of my group successfully completed the tasks of teaching and research activities under the guidance of the teaching and research office. During the activity, the group leader gave the team members "one lesson, one teacher, one teacher, one excellent class"The activity guide also interpreted the "Eight Quotations and Seven Rings Teaching Method", and graded each model lesson according to the "Elementary Grade Evaluation Table for New Curriculum Reform in Qiongzhong County Primary and Secondary Schools." The regional teaching and research team leader demonstrated the activity first.On January 12, the team members went to a county listening to the head of the regional teaching and research team for a demonstration class. Then all the team members went to Yangjiang School to listen to Lei Dongmei's demonstration class on March 27; to Dafeng on April 17The school listened to Mr. Hong Qiu and Mr. Yang Limin for demonstration classes; on May 20th, they went to Xinjin Middle School's primary school to listen to the teacher Zhang Jinling; for demonstration classes, on June 8th, they went to Xinjin Central Primary School to listen to Mr. Zhu Chunmei's demonstration classes. Each teaching and research activityThe leaders of various schools have given us great support, and the team members are actively involved. The teachers who arrange the demonstration classes can be actively prepared and carefully arranged. The lecturers can carefully make the lecture records. After the class, the team members are allActive reviewEveryone expresses their opinions and puts forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the teaching teachers. Whether in the grinding class for new teachers or the old teachers' demonstration after-class discussions, our teachers in this group are actively preparing for their teaching process.The ideas and confusion in teaching speak freely. The atmosphere of teaching and research activities is very strong. Through effective teaching and research activities, teachers have discovered problems in their teaching, and have achieved common progress and improvement. Teachers after each activityThere will be great gains.

Through the study, discussion, and exchange in this activity, the overall quality of Chinese teachers in the region has been improved, the language education concepts of teachers have been updated, the educational thinking of Chinese teachers in the group has been changed, and the teaching and researchIdeological consciousness. Teachers in the group actively explore efficient classroom teaching models, promote the "eight-introduction and seven-ring teaching method" in Siyuan Experimental School, and also improve their own level of education and teaching.

Reflecting on the teaching and research process of this regional teaching and research group, although some achievements have been made, there are still some shortcomings. In the future teaching and research work, we should also do more detailed and practical work, and also be good at discovering our daily teaching.To solve the problem, we must use collective power to correct it, and promote the improvement of work efficiency in all aspects. More importantly, we must be good at learning, good at summing up, and drawing on other's weaknesses.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 3

With the upsurge of curriculum reform, we quit the busy and fulfilling old age, and usher in a brand new and hopeful New Year. Looking back at the footprints of our primary language subject this term, it is not difficult to see,Our steps have been solid, steady, and powerful. This semester, all Chinese language teachers in our school are based on their posts, unite and cooperate, seek truth from facts, teach and educate people, guided by the basic concepts of the "New Curriculum Standards", and combined with our research topics"Research on Cultivating Students' Practical Ability in Comprehensive Learning", transforming teaching concepts, carrying out research on classroom teaching reforms in a purposeful, planned, and step-by-step manner, successfully and successfully completing various educational and teaching tasks. A review of Chinese in a semesterThere are both gains and losses in teaching and research work. The summary is as follows :

I. Main contents of this semester work.

1. Carry out various forms of learning and seminar activities to continuously improve the theoretical level and professional quality of teachers.

2.Focus on the classroom, build a platform, innovate teaching and research methods, and improve the ability of course implementation.

3. Take various activities as an opportunity to promote the improvement of teachers' quality in the development of multiple dynamics.

II. Basic work and achievements done this semester

Raise awareness, strengthen teaching and research atmosphere.

Strengthen business learning, improve the level of theoretical knowledge and education and teaching ability of education. Adhere to the business learning system every Tuesday, organize teachers to seriously study the "syllabus", "Jiangsu Education" and "Window of Education" and other education and teaching relatedMagazine publications take the form of a combination of self-study, special lectures and special seminars. Focus on watching excellent classroom teaching videos, combined with education and teaching theory learning, improve teaching and research capabilities and teachers' teaching level. Adopt flexible and diverse methods to connect teachingVarious problems in practice, analyze the reasons, carry out special learning, seminars, and find ways to improve.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 4

In this semester, according to the working ideas deployed by the teaching and research office, our film team carefully organized the teachers in the film to carry out teaching and research activities, which are summarized as follows :

I. The in-film teaching and research group leader meeting was held at the beginning of the semester.

At the beginning of the semester, we convened the heads of the Chinese language departments at xx elementary schools to let the heads of various schools exchange how their schools carry out teaching and research activities in the language group, so that some good practices can be used for reference.The theme of the monthly teaching and research is inspired by the practice of different teachers. At the meeting, we also solicited your opinions, and based on this, developed our film teaching and research activity plan.

Second, "Unit Module Teaching" lectures were held in xx school.

In this semester, the teaching and research room advocates everyone to try "unit module teaching". For the "unit module teaching", the teachers in the film are still vague in understanding. The xx schools belonging to our film are unit teaching."Leaders", they have carried out many years of research in this area. Therefore, in the fourth week, we organized the teachers in the film to xx school to "learn classics". At the meeting, the xx teacher xx gave us "implementation""Modular module teaching, improve students' language literacy" report, and also sent a lot of materials to the participating teachers in the process of the implementation of this topic, so that the teachers in the film to enhance the understanding and understanding of unit teaching.

III. A review seminar was held at xx elementary school.

In the plan for the beginning of the semester, originally planned for the eighth week after the theoretical instruction of the unit teaching, the xx elementary school xx teacher of the center group member was asked to give you a seminar on unit teaching, but then the xx teacher was going to study abroad.I changed the original plan. Later, in 11 weeks, teacher xx gave the teacher in the film a review class of idiom review topics. This review class by teacher xx has a large capacity and many forms, giving people a refreshing feeling, rightThe teachers from private schools who came to the class were very enlightened.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 5

November 23, 20xx, the breeze is not dry and the sun is just right. I participated in the training activities of the Junior Middle School Chinese Teachers Studio. It can be said that I have benefited a lot, felt deeply, and deeply felt my own shortcomings. Let me briefly talk about myselfExperience and ideas.

1. How to determine your own teaching goals? This is really difficult for new teachers. Before class, Teacher Zhang commented on the teaching goals displayed by young teachers on the blackboard. She said that the teaching goals were expressed in words.To be accurate, we must clarify the true meanings of the words “generalize”, “retell”, “understand”, and “understand”, and use them in teaching goals to see whether they are consistent with the classroom and the students ’reality, and whether they can really be implemented in the classroom, thereby improving studentsIn addition, the teacher will look through a variety of teaching reference materials when preparing lessons, which will inevitably lead to confusion. So how to determine the teaching goals suitable for your class? Teacher Zhang said that you can refer to the unit guide for each unit, which outlinesThe unit theme of this unit shows the learning requirements of this unit, that is, the goals that students must achieve after completing this unit; you can also refer to the "teaching focus" in the teaching reference book as the teaching goal of this lesson; alsoYou can refer to the after-school thinking and inquiry of each lesson, and use these questions as the activities and directions of classroom inquiry. Of course, for self-study courses,You can refer to the reading tips after class to help students understand and read on their own and improve their autonomous learning ability!

2. How to take a good class? After listening to the lesson "Take a Step, Take Another Step" by Teacher Li xx Yu and Teacher Li xx, I have a new understanding of the class. Teacher Li xx Yu is tightFocusing on your own teaching goals, seizing a unique feature of this lesson “psychological description”, digging deeper into the teaching materials, and exploring with students the methods of characterizing the psychological description of the characters, and also summarized a smooth word to help students understand: “The five major descriptions are the most direct, Contrast center note, if you want to be more vivid and real, eye, ear, nose, tongue, mouth and mouth, mobilize whole body modifiers, use associations to write psychology, use verbs to describe carefully, use words, learn punctuation, and make appropriate connections.The combination of scenes and emotions, rendering as much as possible. "It can be seen that Mr. xx Yu's deep excavation of teaching materials during the course preparation, truly achieved" one lesson, one gain. "Mr. Li xx's teaching design is exquisite, the thinking is clear, and the layers are deepened to answer questions.The form stimulates students' interest in reading and answering questions. At the same time, with the help of novel drawing board design, they explain the content in simple language, so that students follow the teacher's footsteps and understand the content of the text. Class atmosphereThick, not only improve the students' interest in learning, but also greatly improves the efficiency of classroom teaching. Thus, the basic literacy teacher Li xx high, strange enough.

Later, Mr. Zhang summarized these two lessons, asking young teachers to think about how narrative teaching should be based on their actual situation, while setting teaching goals, arranging lesson hours and teaching content, not limited to teaching.The textbooks should be taught with textbooks, starting with improving students' language literacy, and truly achieving "one lesson, one gain." In short, this training has been very fruitful. In the future, we will seriously participate in the training, prepare lessons carefully, and take good care of each one.Lesson.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 6

The school year of the second grade Chinese teaching and research group in this semester Work plan For guidance, combined with the actual situation of lameness, we have steadily carried out practical activities that are conducive to students' language learning, and have comprehensively improved the education and teaching level of Chinese teachers in this group.

I. Carry out school-based teaching and research around topic selection.

In this semester, my group of teachers have conducted theoretical learning and practical exploration around the four aspects of the formulation and implementation of teaching goals, the exploration of teaching methods, the exploration of teaching evaluation, the study of teaching evaluation, and how to reflect subject factors in classroom teaching.The research content of these four aspects is dispersed to each month, and the preparation and evaluation of this focus are carried out in the collective lesson preparation and in-group research lesson.

Second, seize the opportunity to strengthen the cultivation of students' habits

At the beginning of the school year, the launching ceremony of "Good Habits Accompany Me" was held in our school, and we took this as an opportunity to strengthen the cultivation of students' good learning habits in ordinary Chinese teaching.

In addition to correcting students' writing methods and reading and writing posture, we also combined the characteristics of the second grade to strengthen the cultivation of extracurricular reading interest and habits. As we all know, the importance of extracurricular reading for language learning, so our teaching and research team not only makes full use ofAt noon, during the reading time, reading instruction classes and reading exchange classes were opened, and various forms of extracurricular reading and communication display activities were carried out. Reading statistics tables were printed and home-school cooperation was conducted to analyze and analyze students' reading volumes.Read the little star of reading.

In addition, our faculty and research team has also strengthened the research on cultivating students' ability to speak and write in this semester. They take out a Chinese lesson every week as a writing lesson, and conduct monthly communication and seminars on writing.

III. Combining teaching and research to promote the teaching and regularization of subject research.

Five of the eight teachers in our teaching and research group are members of the city's key topic of education reform—the development and utilization of curriculum resources to improve students' language literacy. We have established sub-topics based on the main topic and our own situation.The sub-project has carried out a series of language practice activities. In addition to participating in the regular meetings of the research group to conduct discussions and exchanges, this topic is also used as the research topic of our teaching and research group. The study and discussion of the topic is introduced into our teaching and research activity time, which promotes the research of the topic.Teaching and regularization.

In this semester, Yang Yan won the first prize in the case evaluation of Zhenjiang City, Mr. Xu Junying won the third prize, and Mr. Zhou Yan and Mr. Xu Junying won the third prize in the Municipal Educational Research Paper Selection.

Reflecting on the work of our teaching and research group, although some achievements have been made, there are still many shortcomings. In the future of the teaching and research group, we should do more detailed and practical work, and be good at discovering problems in our daily teaching.What's more, we must find ways to use collective power to make corrections and promote the improvement of work efficiency in all aspects.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 7

Time flies so quickly that the semester is over quickly. The work of the Chinese teaching and research team this semester is under the unified leadership of the school, in accordance with the work plan formulated at the beginning of the semester, unite and cooperate, work hard and fully implement the newThe spirit of curriculum reform is to carry out Chinese teaching in various forms with the purpose of comprehensively improving students' language literacy. In the dedicated work of all teachers, we have successfully completed the teaching and research work of this semester. We have a few points.Enriched and learned a bit, reviewing the work of this semester, the summary of the work of one semester is as follows :

I. Taking the subject as a starting point to improve the ability of teachers to interpret teaching materials

"Invigorating extracurricular reading and cultivating the writing ability of primary school students in rural areas" is the subject of our elementary school. In response to the research direction of large subjects, the teaching and research group can independently find the entry point for research, or the teacher can study the teaching problem by himself, but each timeIn teaching, we must think about our research topics or small problems. For collective and independent preparation, we require Chinese teachers to reflect on a class of teaching. The subject of reflection should be based on the subject of their own research.Measures for future teaching improvement, or promotion of better practices.

Second, taking the classroom as the front, ensuring the effectiveness of classroom teaching

Teaching is the lifeblood of the school, the classroom is the main position of teaching, and making each lesson effective is the main theme of the teaching. In order to achieve the commitment of light and efficient classroom teaching, our language group requires every language at the beginning of school.The teacher must prepare each lesson strictly on the basis of collective lesson preparation, prepare lessons suitable for his class on the basis of collective lesson preparation, and check the teacher's classroom teaching through the teacher's attending lessons. Each lesson must be arranged in the lesson preparation.The practice time of the class can be verbal, and more importantly, there must be time for written assignments in the classroom. In order to improve the effectiveness of the teacher's classroom, our language group stipulates that each language lesson is not allowed to be delayed, and the language classroom assignments must not be crowded outThe other classes are completed. The teaching and research team should often discuss the preparation of the class, discuss the situation after the class in time, and do a quantitative analysis of each test. The classroom is effective, the student's knowledge is more solid, and the teacher frees up time to study the teaching materials.too much.

Three, with routine as the core, carefully arrange each teaching and research activity

The teaching work is based on doing good routines. In the teachers' daily teaching, the language group regularly arranges the teaching and research activities of the teachers. The preliminary teaching and research group at the beginning of the school will arrange the group preparation time independently according to the arrangement of the grade courses.Discuss weekly teaching tasks and perplexities in teaching. Each activity requires the teaching and research group to prepare lessons collectively, and trial teaching and seminars to display at the school level. From classroom teaching to the training of lectures, the teachers have a higher enthusiasm for participation and learning gains.Many. In the classroom teaching seminars of teaching and research activities, the classroom teaching shown by the teachers is more exciting.

four, with development as the goal, improve students' language literacy in all aspects

Chinese learning lays the foundation for other courses. The cultivation of students 'language literacy is a long-term and systematic project. Chinese learning in primary schools is the most basic and fundamental quality of cultivating. Teachers' teaching should focus on studentsThe future. Therefore, at the beginning of the Chinese language group, we have formulated training goals for each grade of Chinese language literacy for each grade, so that teachers can purposefully and consciously cultivate them. For students' language learning achievements, change the concept of a test paper to set a lifetime. We evaluate students from all aspects including reading a good book, writing good words, speaking good words, and expanding reading knowledge.

V. Taking reading as the foundation and vigorously promoting the construction of the Shuxiang campus

The most effective way to learn Chinese well and improve student quality is to expand reading. Promote reading, vigorously promote reading, and achieve the school's wish. It is our school ’s wish that we will start the small bookshelf of each class and change books regularly.The library promotes new books, students borrow and read independently, peer reading interactively, drifting reading of good books in the class, design reading posters for each class, carry out reading knowledge contests, select reading stars, and select book classes according to the reading situation of each class in the reading festival.Through reading, students' knowledge has been broadened and their learning ability has been enhanced. While students are encouraged to read a lot, the Chinese group also recommends Chinese teachers to read a lot.

Following the steps of years, we will always lament the relentlessness of time. Based on the solid work of this semester, our language team believes that the future language teaching and education will be more detailed and effective.

In short, in this semester, we paid, we learned, added a bit of experience, and a few lessons. We believe that based on the work of this semester, with the joint efforts of all teachers,In the semester, we will adhere to the principles of "diligence, good thinking, and hard work."". We are full of confidence in this.

Summarization of Chinese Teaching and Research Activities 8

Time flies, with the rush of curriculum reform, another challenging and rewarding semester is over. Looking back at the footprints of the Chinese teaching and research group of Dingcun Middle School this semester, it is not difficult to see that our steps have been solid., Stable and strong, both have achievements worth continuing to carry forward, but also deficiencies that should be taken as warning. Now summarized as follows :

I. Completion of teaching and research goals for this academic year

This school's Chinese language teaching and research work is under the leadership of the School Teaching Office, under the specific organization of the Teaching and Research Office, and conscientiously implements the basic ideas of school teaching reform, focusing on the general goal of “focusing on teaching and letting the classroom glow with life”Focusing on curriculum reform and classroom teaching. We have carried out a variety of teaching and research activities, and strive to implement the concept of the new curriculum standard into actual teaching.

II. Specific implementation of teaching and research activities in this academic year

1. Continue to conscientiously organize teachers to learn the new curriculum standards and change the teaching concepts of the majority of Chinese teachers. Adopting flexible and diverse learning methods that combine concentration and decentralization enables our teachers to better understand the basic concepts of the new curriculum: To comprehensively improve students 'language literacy, correctly grasp the characteristics of Chinese education, actively advocate independent, cooperative, and inquiring learning methods, and strive to build an open and dynamic Chinese curriculum. Through learning, teachers' education and teaching concepts have greatly improvedEveryone deeply understands that it is not easy to be a language teacher, it is even more difficult to be an excellent language teacher, and it is necessary to fall behind in the new curriculum reform and not even be eliminated. The knowledge involved in language disciplineExtensive, it puts forward higher requirements for teachers, because the traditional teaching methods can no longer meet the requirements of the new curriculum standards.

It is imperative to reform the teaching model. Each Chinese teacher in this school year has strengthened his understanding and learning of "Performance Theory in Chinese Language Teaching", which has increased classroom capacity, increased student interest, and achieved good teaching results.The majority of teachers learn from each other and learn from each other's strengths. The classroom teaching model of "full house" has been reformed, and students' creative consciousness and practical ability have been emphasized.It is essential to learn, understand, and learn with ease. After teaching and research, careful evaluation and analysis, have achieved the purpose of jointly improving the ability of education and teaching.

2. Strengthened the student's writing training, took the writing class seriously, and required the students in the school to write more than 50 pen characters every day. The students' writing level has been greatly improved.

3. Strengthen the training of students' extracurricular reading. This is not difficult to see from the rich extracurricular knowledge in the students' excerpts. Through the accumulation and use of extracurricular knowledge by students, students' extracurricular knowledge is enriched, and their reading ability andThe writing level has been greatly improved.

III. Achievements of Teaching and Research Institute in this academic year

Through the joint efforts of all teachers, our school has achieved great results in teaching and research. The majority of Chinese teachers have corrected their teaching ideas, changed their teaching concepts, and improved their teaching skills and education standards. Chinese teaching "less,The phenomenon of "slow, poor, and expensive" has also been changed to varying degrees.

four, there are problems

Since our school is a rural middle school, the teaching and research level is not high as a whole, some teachers have poor teaching skills, backward teaching concepts, and are not sufficiently proficient in using modern teaching techniques. There is a gap in the quality of Chinese teaching between classes.Large, imbalanced development, the phenomenon of "full house" teachers often occur, the stale teaching concepts and old Chinese classroom teaching structure passively accepted by students have not been completely abolished. Many students have high scores and low energy. In the future we will continue to work hard and trulyStep by step, one step at a time, to make our school's Chinese teaching and research work to a higher level, and to a new level.

and 8 articles on Fan Wenjin, a summary of language teaching and research activities Summary of related teaching and research activities :

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