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[Selected] Four Experiences from University Military Training

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On weekdays, it is inevitable that there will be some new ideas in the heart. You must record your experience and experience well, pass Experience You can sort out your study, work and life situation for a period of time. But what do you want to write to be appropriate? The following is about the university Military training experience 4 experiences, just for reference, welcome to read.

University Military Training Experience 1

This life of military training experience let me know what is "sour bitter, sweet bitter". When I arrived at the military school with curiosity, I thought it was to have fun with classmates, but I didn't expect to taste it nextsuffering.

The instructor took a serious expression like a soldier, and did not allow us to laugh or move. Let us stand like the soldier's standing military posture! Although it was difficult for those days, we all persisted. I always hope that soonClick to go home, do not want to stay in this place.

When packing up, I always struggled with my classmates to complete the task, smiling happily with the fruits of the harvest, and I was a little bit reluctant. I got a lot from this military training, I gotTo get happy, to get hard and sweet, but also to get perseverance!

University Military Training Experience 2

With the loud voices of the officers, the rows of teams on the training ground did all sorts of movements neatly. In my eyes, everything is so novel. I stood there and stood in a group of military brigadesIn the ocean, experiencing youthful vitality and vigour.

I have always believed that “youth is young, nothing is impossible”. As young people in the new era and as Huanong people in the new era, we should inherit the school motto of “Diligently Study, Be Self-Employed”. Tap your potential and realizeYour own ideals.

In military training, the most memorable thing is to stand in a military position. At that time, my feet were standing numb, as if they no longer belong to me. At that time, I once wanted to call the report out, but when I saw othersI stood there seriously and immobile, and I hesitated again. Everyone is young, why they can and I ca n’t. I want to prove that I ’m not worse than them. Although my standing is not that standard, but IBut I applauded myself confidently because I persevered. The power of role models is endless. I can stick to the end. The role of role models of instructors and comrades is indispensable. I want to say a sincere thank you to them, especially instructorsI was most moved by their careful teaching. They tirelessly corrected each of my mistakes, serious but not rude, caring but not indulgent.

In a day of military training, I have learned a lot. These knowledge and experience will lay a solid foundation for our future. I will definitely cherish this hard-won opportunity, train well, and cultivate my physique and will..Become a qualified Huanong, worthy of his dark green uniform.

Undergraduate Military Training Experience 3

The sun in September is still a bit poisonous, but this is not enough for my inner sincerity. The new semester has begun. I have experienced the scene of the school for many times, but this time it is different. I came to a new city, aA city that is temporarily unfamiliar to me. When I step on this brand-new land, I am glad to be here College entrance examination Medium stands out and encourages myself to cherish this hard-won new starting point.

University first lesson—Military training. Military training is not a simple and boring military training, but it allows us to learn how to do things and do things in life in the future. It is a knowledge that needs to be studied. The original intention of military training is to letWe are in the original position of the university, depicting a meaningful university life for ourselves.

From the moment the whistle of military training sounds, it means that I can no longer be as carefree as I was when I was a kid. This is a challenge for every freshman, but I have to learn to face, everyone ’sLife is difficult, and I need to have the courage to accept this challenge.

Wearing in that military uniform, the feeling of awe was born. I was in the Seventh Battalion at the Chemical Engineering College where I was. I also entered the Seventh Battalion Volleyball Team successfully. As a loyal fan of "Soldier Assault", Steel Seven Company "Do n’t give up, do n’t give up ” Slogan It's my own mantra, the number "7" is full of fighting spirit for me, and I feel very honored to be able to train in the Seventh Battalion.

Military training starts with the simplest and most enduring stance. The instructor patiently explains the essentials of the movement. "The heels are close together and the two toes are separated inward by about 60 degrees; the lower abdomen is slightly closed and the chest is naturally raised;The upper body leaned forward slightly; both arms drooped naturally. "Everyone stood in a military posture for 20 minutes in earnest, which made us sweat, and the large beads of sweat on the back kept sliding down, soaking up the clothes. Pieces of sweatWet uniforms represent real medals. Military training has taught us attachment and perseverance, and cultivated our tenacious will.

After a few days of basic training, I was fortunately selected to enter the school ’s phalanx team, led by Wang Ying personally. Learning to do things meticulously, waiting for the human body to be meticulous, young and full of vitality, and having the majesty of the military, I think thisIt is the most accurate description of Wang Yingchang. The training experience in the phalanx team has opened another window of my life. Military training is like a book of life perception, and every chapter and every day teaches me the reason of growth.First of all, you must believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a necessary quality for an excellent person. The camp commander said that “gold always shines, but first you must believe that you are a piece of gold.” True, only if you have enough self-confidence can you succeed.It ’s possible. I remember that when the platoon leader screened the members of the Phalanx, the atmosphere instantly became tense. As the number of places decreased, I was not discouraged and did not give up. I quickly recalled the military posture in the brain, checked and adjusted my ownStanding, silently muttering in my heart: I can do it! I can do it! A dramatic scene happened, I got my last place in the ranking, my excitement and excitement, such asNever flood embankment of the mighty, from the heart pouring out. And he knew that it's not easy to tell myself to cherish this opportunity.

There is also an unforgettable military song. Some people say that military training is boring, but I do n’t think it is lifeless. Learning to sing military songs is a relaxed and enjoyable time in training. "Listen, the horn of the new journey soundsThe goal of the strong army is in the front. If the country is strong, we must bear the flag of war and full of blood and glory. "This may be the simple expectation of the instructor for us. It is undeniable that the bright military song inspired us forever in training.Stay passionate.

Unconsciously, military training is nearing its end, we are about to run on the road to study, day after day, year after year. Perhaps the pressure of learning will exhaust us, but the military training has taught us the truthHidden in the bottom of my heart, the ideal seeds have been sown in my heart. I believe that only through this precipitation can we become a better self. I believe that the life of military training will definitely become a beautiful scenery in my life path, easy years, Move forward.

University Military Training Experience 4

At this moment when we are about to bid farewell to military training, we will slowly look back. Originally, each of us is developing. The suffering of military training teaches us to develop; the suffering of militarization teaches us to develop.The goshawk that is brave to fight, probably, is the benefit of militarized governance, and it is the peculiarity of the police station.

I love the police station! He taught me to develop!

I love the police station! He guides me to develop!

I love the police station! He witnessed my development!

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