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Three annual work summary on teaching

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In the blink of an eye, another year has passed, we have completed our work well in the past year, and gained a lot of insights. Let us summarize the past, embrace the future, and learn to write a year-end summary together. But when I picked up the pen, I foundI do n’t know what to write, here is the year of teaching Work summary 3 articles, for reference only, welcome to read.

The annual work summary of teaching 1

The time has passed very quickly. In a blink of an eye, the teaching work of a semester is nearing completion. I have been teaching for half a year. I have experienced one semester of training. I have completely adapted to the environment here.How immature I was when I was in a job position. During the past half semester, I have grown up quickly with the care and training of leaders, and with the teaching and help of many teachers.To learn a lesson, let's summarize the teaching work of this semester :

1. Create a classroom atmosphere and stimulate interest

Sports activities are colorful, but physical education classes must be planned and purposeful, and the characteristics of interest determine that the combination of "teaching" and "playing" in physical education should allow students to play in middle schoolPractice, which can not only enhance students ’interest in participating in sports activities, but also reflect the content of physical education in entertainment games to achieve the purpose of physical education. More importantly, it can promote the harmonious development of body and mind to achieve the goal of physical education and physical exercise, so that students feelPhysical education fun.

Second, let multimedia into the classroom

Because of the influence of the old teaching philosophy, the theoretical knowledge of sports is completely ignored. It is considered that as long as students learn every movement taught by the teacher, even a semester never takes a theoretical knowledge class.Consciously, physical education is monotonous, boring, and repetitive exercises can be exercised. Here I want to tell everyone that it is wrong. Physical education should not only practice every movement, but also enrich the theoryKnowledge. So sports can be different, let multimedia into the classroom, the effect is more ideal.

Three, sports gamification

According to people's physical and psychological characteristics, playing is human nature, games are people's paradise. The degree of "teaching" and "playing" in physical education classes, when the physical education teachers have a good grasp of this classIt was a successful lesson that also achieved the ultimate goal of playing in school and practicing in play. At this time, students also increased their interest in physical education and made the classroom more vivid. The students were more energetic and movedThere will also be dragons and tigers. This will not make students feel boring and boring in physical education, and physical education is not what everyone thinks is running! Jump! Let students repeatedly practice mechanically.

Four, teachers and students participate in activities together

Physical class is not like other classes. The range, venue and space of physical class are much larger than other classes. Physical education teachers master the teaching direction, progress and content, and often work with students. This effect is very ideal. Physical classIn fact, teachers do not participate in activities and think that there is only command and obedience in physical education. This traditional teaching concept will affect the harmonious and equal relationship between teachers and students, so that students are not interested in physical education.No life.

Five, constantly improve their business level

"Students are afraid of taking physical education classes, and physical education teachers are also afraid of taking physical education classes." I think this problem shows that there is something wrong with physical education teachers. A physical education teacher can't say that teaching is in place as long as one physical education class is finished.By the way, although a physical education class is over, do students think that this physical education class is fun? Does each physical education class have a new feeling? Do you like to take physical education classes in the future? These questions are worthy of our physical education teachers to think about. The society is progressing, and our physical education teachers are also innovative in teaching. Each class is still those knowledge and methods. Students will feel tired and bored after a long time. Therefore, only by continuously improving the professional level of teachers can we promote the development of teaching and makePhysical education class is really happy.

The annual work summary of teaching 2

It's really time and arrow, and one semester soon passed. Looking back at the teaching work of this semester, I feel very hard and also very pleased. Because my students have reached a step in both reading ability and writing ability in this semesterAt the same time, their basic knowledge is also very solid. In order to better work in the future, the work of this semester is summarized as follows :

I. Basic situation :

This semester, I took the fourth grade Chinese language teaching task. There are 51 people in the class, and most students have stable grades.

Second, teaching work :

Before the class, I carefully prepared the class, prepared carefully, and closely formulated the teaching plan in accordance with the "Curriculum Standards". At the same time, I also required students to prepare for the study, think independently, complete the assignments carefully, and cultivate good study habits.

In the teaching, I give a targeted explanation according to the requirements of the times and the age characteristics of the students, so that the students can learn the knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The classroom uses independent, cooperative and inquiring learning methods to teach, and at the same time, pay attention to training students to learnInterest, good thought quality and students' various abilities.

After class, I carefully correct my homework, find the shortcomings and gaps of the students, and make up for the shortcomings. All the knowledge required in the textbooks requires the students to master, and implement every problem, and carefully check the pass,Supervise students to do a good job of review and consolidation, and at the same time require students to pay attention to accumulating extracurricular knowledge to broaden their horizons and cultivate their own sentiments.

Three, moral education :

In the Chinese class, combining the practical life and Chinese textbooks, students conduct mathematics moral education to cultivate their love for the motherland, people and nature; educate them to learn from heroes and learn their strong, unyielding and selfless dedication spirit. In this way, moral education and Chinese teaching are organically combined.

Four, teaching achievements

As the saying goes "a hard work, a harvest". Through the final test, students have also achieved certain results, but there are still some gaps from the requirements. In the future of education and teaching, I must find out my deficiencies and overcomeDisadvantages, strict requirements for yourself, hard work to develop, learn from experienced teachers, study new teaching methods, bold exploration, improve their education and teaching level, so as to better carry out education and teaching in the future.

The annual work summary of teaching 3

This semester, I took the chemistry teaching work of four classes in the ninth grade. Through the semester's down-to-earth and conscientious education teaching, in the teaching, we should pay attention to stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm in learning chemistry, and pay attention to consolidatingFoundation, improve students' academic performance, and receive better teaching results. Now the teaching work of this semester is summarized as follows :

First, pay attention to "double base" teaching, lay a solid foundation for students, and cultivate students' chemical qualities.

Emphasis on "double-based" teaching, consolidate the foundation of students, let students start from the foundation, step by step, step by step to improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. Through the teaching of chemistry this semester, students can master the basicsThe semester chemistry textbook knowledge content, and can use the knowledge learned to solve specific practical problems, turn knowledge into skills and skills to improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. At the same time, pay attention to training students in the teaching processChemistry knowledge. The knowledge of chemistry is accumulated over time, and the improvement of chemistry qualities is not an overnight success, but also depends on continuous penetration and nurturing. In the teaching process, teachers must constantly and constantly instill chemistry learning methods, analysis methods,Infiltrate chemistry knowledge, chemistry skills and skills. In chemistry teaching, we must connect with daily life and social hot issues to enhance students ’sense of social responsibility and mission. In the ongoing education and teaching, students consciously useChemistry knowledge and chemistry learning and analysis methods to understand knowledge,Analysis of many practical problems. For example, related environmental protection issues, ecological issues, resource development and utilization, etc., students can use the knowledge of chemistry to analyze and understand.

Second, stimulate interest and build confidence

Ninth grade chemistry is an enlightenment course, and the cultivation of students ’interest and confidence in chemistry is particularly important. In the first class, I first show a handkerchief to let everyone guess: what will it look like after it is lit with fire?Hesitantly replied that it was burnt out, I smiled and did not speak, I lit a handkerchief on the alcohol lamp, the blaze continued for about 1 minute, the fire went out, the handkerchief was intact, and the students were shocked. Then, I againA few magic tricks have changed: magic wand lighting, hiding cats, clear water changing to milk, etc. The students felt the charm of chemistry, with a strong curiosity and desire for knowledge, I brought them into the kingdom of chemistry. Next,I said, classmates, I never inquire about your previous academic achievements. Chemistry is a new course, there is no foundation, and there are no bad students in my chemistry class. Chemistry is science, but it is better than math and physics.Mostly, it ’s the liberal arts in science. Let students eliminate their fears. As long as you want to learn chemistry, you can learn well from this class. Are you confident?Strong fists, shouting "Yes"; in this loud answer, the cooperation between me and these students was established, and our destiny was closely linked.

Three, carefully prepare each class to improve the level of education and teaching.

With a serious and responsible attitude, strong sense of responsibility, mission and professionalism, carefully prepare each class, carefully study the textbooks and teaching methods before the class, carefully select the topics according to the actual situation of the students, and pay attention to the highlights during the classFocus on and break through difficulties to make knowledge organized, systematic, and networked so that students can learn chemistry lessons not only to grasp knowledge points in a systematic and comprehensive manner, but also to use knowledge to solve practical problems encountered in learning, life and production, To improve skills and techniques, to improve analysis, induction and comprehensive application ability. This makes the teaching constructive, not only improves the learning level of students, but also improves the level and ability of teachers' teaching methods.

Four, help students improve their learning attitudes, learning methods, learning efficiency, and academic performance.

The study of chemistry class is different from other disciplines in that although it is a science department, it has some characteristics of the liberal arts department to some extent. For example, many chemical knowledge points require mechanical memory and understanding memory;At the same time, chemistry is a natural science based on experiments. We must do a good job of chemical experiments with a scientific attitude to cultivate students' practical ability and experimental operation skills and skills. In the teaching process, pay attention to teaching studentsLearning methods help students improve their learning attitudes, learning methods, and learning efficiency to improve their academic performance, and they have received very good teaching results.

In addition, pay attention to the assignment, inspection, correction and comment of the assignment, pay attention to the student's academic condition and information feedback, and comment in time to enhance the effect of the assignment. At the same time, encourage and criticize the student more; be patient and complain less, let go of the teacherShelf, to discuss with the students a good way to learn chemistry, good ideas, good ideas, good ideas, and recommend them to students

Looking back at my teaching work, I have been able to devote myself wholeheartedly. Although it is accompanied by many frustrations and frustrations, it is more the joy and satisfaction of success. From which I deeply understand that teaching is an art, artLife is about innovation, learning is boundless, and art is boundless. In the future, I will further strengthen my self-cultivation, continue to improve my teaching level, and be a fertile farmer in the education industry.

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