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[Selected] 4 English Teaching Work Plans

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Time is like the sand in the gap disappears in an instant, and our work will open a new page, it is time to think carefully Work plan How to write. But when I picked up the pen, I didn't know what to write. The following are 4 English teaching work plans, for reference only. Welcome to read.

English Teaching Work Plan 1

I. Guiding ideology

Focusing on improving classroom teaching efficiency and teaching quality, focusing on conventional teaching management, strengthening learning awareness, innovation awareness, quality awareness and service awareness, actively working on teaching, teaching and research, and continuing to deepen classroom teaching research and solve educationPractical problems encountered in teaching, creating efficient classrooms, creating distinctive teachers and special subjects in teaching and research in our region, strengthening subject research, innovating teaching and research forms, and striving to improve the quality of English teaching in junior middle schools in the region.

II. Main work

1. Taking the resettlement of the teaching and research office as an opportunity to change its own functions and methods of teaching and research, focusing on improving the effectiveness of school-based teaching and research in schools and strengthening teachers' research and teaching consciousness as the focus of this semester, to realize the direction of teaching and research activities from guiding individuals to groups and groups.The transformation of the whole promotes common growth through the interaction between individuals. Based on the principle of voluntariness and complementary advantages, the establishment of a regional community of teaching and research cooperation, the strengthening of inter-school community and intra-school teaching and research organization construction and connection,Promote the effective promotion of school-based teaching and research in schools, and develop the school's teaching and research team into a research-oriented and academic learning organization.

The teaching and research section of this semester will formulate and issue the Guiding Opinions on Teaching and Research in School Teaching and Research Organizations or Teaching and Research Cooperation Communities. Schools should formulate teaching and research organizations or teaching and research communities in teaching research and development, implement project systems, clear planning, formulate planning, and research normalization; schools must formulateDevelopment planning, taking into account groups and individuals, has a clear direction, a clear course of action, a division of responsibilities, flexible combination, and good use of the network; schools are free to combine, formulate central schools, and recommend leaders of various disciplines. Through community teaching and research activities,Promote the effective promotion of school-based teaching and research in schools. Researchers help teaching and research organizations formulate development plans to guide teachers to grow together.

2. Do a good job of routine management, deepen classroom reform, and comprehensively improve teaching quality.

In this semester, the teaching and research groups of each school shall further implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Teaching and Research Groups", "Teacher Teaching Standards" and "Student Learning Standards." Implement the "three stresses" and "three no stresses" principles in the teaching process. DoTo "Talk about key points, talk about difficult points,

Speaking is easy to make mistakes, easy to miss, and easy to mix. "" Students can learn not to speak, students who don't speak, students who have already spoken, "to maximize teaching effectiveness. Implement outside the classroom.The principle of "three layouts, three no layouts". Do homework that develops students' thinking, homework that guides students to explore, homework that transfers, expands, and improves abilities; does not place repetitive homework, does not place punitive homework, does not arrangeStudents' assignments with reasonable study limits are truly light-burdened and high-quality. Attention should be paid to training and examinations. Training and examinations are effective means to consolidate basic knowledge and improve subject competence and examination abilities.The unit passes the module—the module meets the standard—finishes the improvement ”training process, taking the wrong questions and retests, full marks, one daily question, small and short test, individual assignments and other forms to make up for the problems exposed in the exam, so that training andExam benefits are maximized.

This semester should continue to strengthen research on key links such as collective lesson preparation, study guide preparation, public lessons, observation lessons, demonstration lessons, young teacher reporting lessons, homework assignments and corrections, training and examinations, outstanding student training and compensation for less advanced students, etc., Establish and improve the system of teaching and research activities, improve the effectiveness of school-based teaching and research, ensure the implementation of teaching practices, and ultimately improve the quality of teaching.

3. Continue to take the personalized teacher training project as the starting point and innovate the construction of "personalized teaching methods" and "characteristic disciplines."

With the deepening of the basic education curriculum reform, our classroom teaching class has achieved remarkable results, but as the core part of the curriculum reform, the classroom teaching method is still not ideal, and some teachers' personalized teaching methods and personalized classrooms have yet to be determined.To explore and improve, we will continue to adhere to the basic idea of ​​“Let the classroom emit vitality and treat the classroom as a meaningful part of the life of teachers and students”, promote the development of the plane, and make breakthroughs as the basic work measures.And individual character classroom construction.

Through measures such as building teams, developing resources, innovation carriers, constructing courses, strengthening teaching and research, focusing on the classroom, and optimizing management, etc., guide schools to develop characteristic disciplines and make English a characteristic discipline of schools.

4. Implement "scientific research", implement special research and supervision-type research to improve the effectiveness of research.

1 The focus of research has shifted downwards. From research staff organized by teaching and research offices to schools to conduct general-purpose situational understanding and classroom diagnosis-based research, they have shifted to planned, purposeful, and effective research based on school applications and teaching and research offices based on overall work organization.Active research on topics.

Each school's course preparation team leader will check the test questions. If the quality is too poor, he will directly find the course preparation team leader. The specific division of network teaching and research :

2. Attention issues: posted in the corresponding column improve quality, focus on normative construction, and enhance the practicality of publishing information, mainly referring to follow-ups. Do not post unwanted words such as pastes, tops, etc. Do not post reactionary remarksThe title of the information to be published should be complete and standardized, and the prefix should be paid attention to whether it is original or reprinted. According to the format of "thematic-article title". The release of synchronous teaching resources, the title is in the format of "graduate grade-project title", the text isTeaching design, test questions, teaching courseware, etc. are published in the form of attachments, and the main designer, school, and recommender should be indicated in the teaching design. For example: excellent courseware: seventh grade booklet + module + unit project + author.The heads of each teaching and research team and the head of the preparation team check the posts of each school.If the quality is too poor, you will directly find the leader of the preparation or teaching and research team.For poor-quality posts, topics, mandarin, idioms, complaints, and reactionary and unhealthy remarks, not only must they be deleted, but related teachers must also be criticized, and serious responsibilities must be held accountable.

3. Network management and evaluation in units of months, must be completed before the end of the month

1 Strengthen the lineup of network management teams with the participation of the head of the teaching and research team or the head of the course preparation team, and enhance the timeliness.

2 The school subject teaching and research team leader counts the relevant content of the school, and publishes it to the Education Network-Junior Middle School English-Teaching and Research Development-teaching and research notices on a monthly basis. The notice will be completed by the 25th of each month. School completion will be included in teachingSupervising.

3 xx is responsible for checking the implementation of the above two tasks, and timely feedback the summary of the teaching and research team leaders of each school to the teaching and research staff before the end of each month.

English Teaching Work Plan 2

I. Guiding ideology

Based on the syllabus and examination instructions, based on the new curriculum standards, based on the new teaching materials of the human education version, and develop a comprehensive, scientific, systematic, and targeted review plan to fully improve myEnglish level of school students. And pay close attention to this year College entrance examination Dynamic, contact the actual situation of students, give full play to their potential, non-intellectual factors of students, mobilize students 'enthusiasm for learning, solidly grasp the double base, through comprehensive training, cultivate students' ability to use knowledge, and strive to improve their overall qualityReconciliation skills to suit new college entrance examination forms and requirements.

II. Situation analysis

Although this year's students have been trained in high school English for two years, the situation is still not optimistic, the foundation is not solid enough, cloze filling, reading comprehension, correction and written expression and other comprehensive abilities are worrying, and a considerable number of students do not pay attention to English,Therefore, while comprehensively strengthening the supervision of students, how to grasp the foundation, strengthen the pertinence, and target the methods and benefits of speaking and practicing, which has become a major challenge in the special and overall review.

III.Overall arrangement

After one semester of review, the first round of review of the teaching plan made at the beginning of last semester was basically completed. This semester has to complete the following two rounds of review

The first round of review: reading articles on their own to strengthen the cultivation of reading ability. At the same time, students are guided by special grammar skills. The material is backgammon "Special counselling and training in English for college entrance examinations." Comprehensive training will be strengthened in the later stages to comprehensively improve students' solutions.Problem abilities and thinking abilities.

Second round of review: check for missing and fill in vacancies, tap students' ability.

IV. Teaching Arrangements and Measures

1. Grasping vocabulary review vocabulary is the most basic element of high school English. It is like the meat on the human body, and grammar is the bones of the human body. The two together form the human body, so the key to high school English review is vocabulary review.. We intend to intersperse the vocabulary review in the new senior high school lectures, mainly based on "The Vocabulary for College Entrance Examination".

2. Consolidate the foundation of grammar knowledge and make further improvements. Give students special guidance on grammar, break each one, and master them one by one. And add single-choice problem-solving skills to improve students' ability to analyze and answer questions. WePlan to conduct grammar review in combination with backgammon when teaching new lessons, and then provide special grammar guidance and practice during the second round of review.

3. Strengthen text training and time-limited reading. Some experts have said that the English college entrance examination is a kind of speed competition to a certain extent. Therefore, in the general review of senior three, discourse training is the main line that runs through senior three English.It is very important and required by new textbooks, new outlines and new syllabuses. Discourse training includes not only reading comprehension, but also cloze test, correction of short passages and written expression.

In these four special trainings, reading comprehension is the top priority. When students do reading comprehension exercises, they must be limited in time. According to the time-limited requirements for the reading comprehension of the exam, we should limit it to 40 minutes.Complete the selection of 20 small questions. When choosing the correct answer, you should make full use of the reading skills you have learned. Such as finding topic sentences, guessing words, reasoning, skipping, skimming, etc. to obtain the required information, and compare the answers., Repeatedly pondering the author's intentions and ideas, and asking himself to do a cloze or reading comprehension every day in unit time, and insist on constant self-reading training, reading speed and accuracy will gradually increase. Therefore, students must read dailyRead the material and comment in time.

4. Pay attention to written expression. The time required for written expression is about 20-25 minutes. It is recommended that students choose one to two essays for self-training every two weeks and compare them with reference translations to see the main points in their articles.Whether it is complete, whether the language is used properly, and memorized the sentences and good phrases in some reference translations in a targeted manner. As long as you persist in writing and continue to modify, your writing ability will be improved. At least one article every two weeks Composition Through the combination of face-to-face, self-approved, and selected batches, to strengthen the guidance of writing methods and the cultivation of writing habits.

V. Teaching Arrangement

Schedule this semester :

January, September to the end of November: end a round of review

Late December to end of April: special training, focusing on ability training, strengthening skill analysis, and training students to comprehensively use language skills

March, May-College Entrance Examination: Checking for missing and filling in vacancies, and carrying out targeted practical and application abilities.

Six, the goal of struggle

I hope that through six months of systematic learning and review, I will strive to complete the target tasks assigned by my superiors, and try to narrow the gap with similar sibling schools.

English Teaching Work Plan 3

I. Guiding ideology

Conscientiously study and thoroughly implement the spirit of the Third Whole Church and the contents of the "Decision" and "Outline" promulgated, guided by the "English Curriculum Standards", with classroom teaching as the front, and practically change the teaching concept and adhere to all students.Do a good job in the construction of English teachers, strive to create a good English teaching environment, further improve quality awareness, and lay a good foundation for students' lifelong development.

II. Main work

In the past few years, the development of primary school English teaching has achieved certain results under the care and attention of leaders at all levels and schools. Teaching, teaching and research activities have flourished, and the quality of teaching has improved year by year. However, primary school English teaching this semesterThe situation is still grim and the task is arduous :

1. Tight teachers, less class time and heavy teaching tasks;

2. The connection of English textbooks in primary and secondary schools sets clear requirements for English teaching in primary schools. This requires all teachers to be unequal, unreliable, and carry out teaching work in a down-to-earth manner, which really improves their own level and improves teaching.quality.

I Broaden development channels and promote discipline construction

Continue to increase the emphasis on English subjects. The capacity of English textbooks in primary schools is increasing, and the difficulty is deepening. It is not conducive to the consolidation and use of students' knowledge on Wednesdays. The school level must ensure the English of village schools and grades in particular.The number of class hours ensures that students have enough time to contact foreign languages ​​every week. A thorough understanding of the English teaching practice in primary schools ensures that students have enough time for self-study and extra-curricular tutoring. Teachers have many classes and students, and it is very difficult to complete teaching tasks. The school is arrangingThe teaching of English courses should be flexible, scientific and reasonable. Some parents do not know much about English teaching requirements. It is recommended that schools use some channels, such as the "Summary of Parents" or parent conferences, to communicate and communicate with parents to give parents an advantage in students' English.The role of guidance and supervision in learning.

Strengthen the connection of English teaching in primary and secondary schools. If primary and secondary schools do not understand each other in English teaching, it is likely to cause students to disconnect or repeat their learning, causing students to be afraid or bored, which will affect students' English learning. Therefore, between primary and secondary schoolsIt is necessary to strengthen contacts, enhance understanding, and learn from each other. This semester will hold seminars on English language teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Set up a network platform. Strengthen the construction of elementary school pages, adjust columns, enrich content, provide a platform for teachers, share teaching resources, and better meet the needs of curriculum reform. With the interactive function of the Xingzhi Forum, form a research atmosphere through learning, communication, and discussion.To promote the combination of teacher learning, practice, and reflection.

2 Strengthening theoretical study and updating teachers' ideas

Since the new curriculum experiment starts from the beginning grade, English teachers do n’t know much about the new curriculum. In order to better renew their ideas and change their behaviors, it is necessary for English teachers to seriously study the spirit of curriculum reform and fully understand the significance of curriculum reform., Care about and participate in the current curriculum reform research; recognize the important position and role of English teaching in the overall quality education; and strive to translate these correct ideas into positive and feasible teaching practice activities.

Carefully organize theoretical learning, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of learning, and carry out the learning and seminar activities of the English Curriculum Standards. Each teacher must carefully read through one or two English teaching and research publications in order to improve their theoretical literacy.

Further implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education's Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the Establishment of English Courses in Primary Schools and Basic Requirements for Teaching English Courses in Primary Schools, and clarify that the purpose of primary school English courses is to stimulate students' interest in learning English and cultivate their learningA positive attitude in English, establishing self-confidence in initial learning of English, cultivating students' certain sense of language and a good foundation of pronunciation and intonation; enabling students to initially form the ability to use English for simple daily communication and serve lifelong development.

3 Implement teaching routines and improve teaching benefits

Seriously study the "Requirements for Six Primary School Teachers to Work Seriously" and earnestly do a good job in teaching six. This semester plans to explore more in the following three areas :

Attempt collective lesson preparation. In view of the generally young English teachers, lack of teaching experience, single teaching activity design, lesson plan writing and standard closure, and in order to solve the relatively closed lesson preparation situation, the city will try collective lesson preparation throughout the semester and delegate the lesson preparation tasks to various schools.Each school is responsible for the preparation of one or two units, and strives to be prepared and refined, so that the activities are diverse, the terminology is expressed correctly, and the format meets the requirements. After the lesson plan is approved by the teaching and research office, it is issued to each school for reference.

The equipment lesson group under the teaching and research group of each school, one head of each grade equipment lesson, will be convened by the head of the preparation team before each unit is newly taught to discuss the teaching materials and the provided teaching plans, analyze the content of the teaching materials, determine the teaching focus,Difficulties, in order to combine the actual situation of students and highlight the personality of teachers, schools should add, delete or adjust based on the reference. After each unit of teaching, each school needs to analyze and evaluate the teaching plan provided and explainAdjustment.

Improve classroom teaching. Continue to explore classroom teaching this semester

⑴ Establishing classroom teaching ideas: Focusing on developing students' comprehensive language use ability, by creating reasonable teaching scenarios, guide students to understand, imitate and use language in simulation or real communication; make full use of physical objects, pictures, gestures, intuitive teaching aids andPerforming foreign language teaching in a lively way, such as performance.

⑵ Adopt a teaching mode mainly based on activity classes, highlighting middle school activities, practice, and use, and emphasize the use of language to do things. Each activity must be carried out with scenarios, language, processes, and results. Task-based activities can bePenetrate appropriately.

⑶ Collective, individual, group and other activities are used in classroom teaching to create opportunities to guide students to participate in and participate in the whole process, highlighting the student's subject status.

English Teaching Work Plan 4

I. Guiding ideology :

Seriously study the subject syllabus and the entire volume of textbooks. Clarify the teaching tasks and textbook system, grasp key units and chapters, and formulate a full semester teaching plan based on this. Master the educational factors and knowledge points of the textbooks, according to the textbooks and students' actual conditionsTo determine the key and difficult points, to clarify the teaching goals of moral education penetration, double-based training, intelligent training, etc., to carefully design the teaching procedures, and to choose the best teaching methods., And actively promote quality education.

II. Purpose requirements

1. According to the students 'physical and psychological characteristics and the rules of English learning, adopt effective teaching methods and teaching methods. Introduce new language materials by teaching methods that benefit the students' English knowledge and image, and create lively and livelyContext allows students to carry out activities using the language they have learned. In teaching, we must pay attention to the initiative and creativity of students.

2. Pay attention to cultivating students' good study habits including pre- and review habits, writing, reading habits, drill habits, questioning habits, and language behavior habits to ensure the development of large-capacity, high-density, and fast-paced training in the classroom. At the same timeAlso pay attention to developing students' self-learning ability, guide them to use reference books, find indexes, etc.

3. Proceeding from the actual situation of students, give full play to students 'main role and strengthen the guidance of students' learning methods. Stimulate learning motivation and improve learning methods. To all students, teach students according to their aptitude, give full play to the strengths of different students, and patiently help with learningDifficult students.

4. Make full use of intuitive teaching aids and modern teaching methods, design teaching scenarios, adopt heuristics, abolish injection, implement the principles of intensive lecture and practice, and focus on training. Pay attention to basic training and focus on training students to use English directly.The ability to express ideas, expand classroom capacity, and improve classroom efficiency.

5. Accurate, fluent and clear speech. The blackboard has a plan, the book is standardized, the handwriting is clear, the organization is clear, the key points are concise, and it helps to deepen the content and the memory of the knowledge. It is necessary to be good at teaching.Learn from other people's experience, but also give play to their own strengths and advantages, and gradually form their own teaching style and ability training.

Carefully study the teaching materials, grasp the teaching objectives and requirements of each unit, correctly grasp the key points and difficulties of the teaching materials, carefully design teaching procedures based on the age characteristics of the students and the actual situation of the class, choose appropriate teaching methods, and write each unitLesson plans for each lesson.

Analysis of the basic situation of the three and class students

There are 60 students in 112 classes and 52 students in 113 classes. After one semester of study, students have basically figured out what is going on in English learning. All aspects of English learning are slowly becoming formal. From English writing and wordsI have a preliminary understanding of memory, conversation, listening, and grammar. Some students are more interested in learning more and are more motivated.

Over time, the content of the course increases and the difficulty increases, and some students will take this course as a burden, and some students will be tired of studying. There is a trend of polarization, and effective teaching measures should be taken in this issue to strengthenThe guidance of poor students improves the teaching quality.

four, specific measures to improve teaching quality

The English course is fresh and mysterious for students who are just entering middle school. At the beginning, students often learn this course with curiosity, and some students come with fun ideasIn short, a considerable part of the students are not clear in the purpose of learning English, and lack of understanding of its importance. They only have a superficial understanding and lack a correct and strong motivation for learning.

We must attach importance to explaining why we need to learn English. In the following lectures, we will also carry out education for the purpose of building the motherland and teaching English for future work. Through various forms of guidance and flexible and ideological education inside and outside the classroomTo enable students to realize the importance of this course, understand the relationship between it and the modernization of the motherland, understand the requirements of the motherland construction, and the challenges that world development poses to them. In this way, starting from the first grade of junior high schoolStudents basically have relatively clear learning goals, which lays a good foundation for future learning.

In teaching activities, I combined a variety of physical objects, self-made teaching aids, wall charts, stick figures, characters, scenes and field performances, etc., to do my best, to make friends with them, to play games, to hear together, to makeThey feel that learning English in a fun and relaxed atmosphere is not a chore. In this way, the classroom atmosphere is very active, the enthusiasm for learning is very high, and the interest is getting stronger. As students' interest in learning English increases, teachingThe effect has also improved significantly. Students who are usually taciturn have also developed a strong interest and actively participated in a game of learning English. This has laid a solid foundation for improving the quality of English teaching on a large scale.

According to the different requirements of different students, teach them some methods that are easy to memorize and consolidate. Such as phonetic transcription memory method, inductive memory method, episodic memory method, word formation memory method, daily life memory method, etc., which gives some feelings of fear.Of students provided the motivation to continue to move, so that some students who decided to give up English learning also want to go back and try again.

Attention to train students' speaking and writing skills, I have adopted a variety of methods to cultivate their expressive skills. For example, students are required to conduct two-minute conversations on duty, tell stories, or talk before class. Family , talk about parents, brothers and sisters, talk about classmates, etc., mobilized the enthusiasm of students, exercised their ability to speak, and improved their ability to speak. In addition, in some classrooms, several groups of students took the stage to perform shortPlay or performance game.

Five, class schedule

This period consists of 14 units, one unit has four lessons. Each lesson is one lesson. The last lesson of each unit is arranged for two to three lessons for review. Arrange unit tests appropriately.

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