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4 summary of year-end work of primary school Chinese teachers

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As the New Year's bell approaches, the year's work will come to an end. Looking back on the past year, the work situation is generally good. May wish to record it. But Work summary How to write is attractive, do you master it? The following are 4 summary of the year-end work of Chinese teachers in primary schools, for reference only, welcome to read.

Year-end work summary of Chinese teachers in elementary school 1

Unconsciously, one semester has passed, I would like to summarize the language teaching work of this semester :

I. Routine management, carry out the work of class teacher to the end

As a class teacher, I deeply understand that the teacher ’s words and deeds affect the students and play a role in teaching them. Therefore, in my work, I have always followed the "strict requirements, high standards" because the system is a guarantee, it is necessaryStrictly require students to abide by school rules and regulations, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' habits in various aspectsThe development of the class promotes the overall development of the class style and appearance.

In management, do not ignore, do not relax, all aspects are strictly grasped, pay close attention to hygiene, adhere to inspections, corners and corners, every bit can not be sloppy, let students do not lose, I come to pick up, so that the wholeThe campus is clean and tidy, with a good learning environment and a comfortable mood.

Disciplinary, students are strictly required to stand like a pine, form like a wind, sit like a bell, the team is always tidy and full of momentum. The dormitory requires scrubbing, fast movement, clean ground, tidy under the bed, and the dining room is not to waste. RequirementsEveryone abides by the disciplines of teachers, and one discipline and three.

In short, it takes a lot of attention, diligent observation, and strict requirements, so as to do a good job of management, let students start from themselves, start from small things, and develop good habits, which is a good start in life.

Second, give play to the role of teacher-led

1. The preparation of the lesson is in-depth and meticulous, and the study of the teaching materials is usually carried out. The various materials are consulted in an effort to understand the teaching materials in depth and accurately grasp the difficulties. In the classroom teaching, pay attention to the actual situation of the students and continuously summarize the lessons.

2. Pay attention to the effect of classroom teaching, according to the characteristics of primary school students, with a pleasant teaching method, not full of students, insist on students as the mainstay, teachers as the main, teaching as the main line, pay attention to the combination of lectures and training, pay attention to grasp in the teachingFocus on breaking through difficulties.

3. Adhere to the teaching and research of teaching materials, constantly learn from the valuable experience of others, and improve your teaching level, often to You Jing

Experienced teachers consulted and discussed teaching issues together. Listening to the lectures made me clarify the direction of the lectures in the future and how to teach them in the language class in the future.

4. In the revision of the homework book, it is serious and timely, and strives to achieve the entire revision. Individual students approve the face-to-face revision, focusing on revisions, careful records, and timely understanding of the student ’s learning situation, so as to be targeted and continuous in the guidanceUpdate teaching concepts.

3. Stimulate the enthusiasm of students and let students with learning difficulties join the classroom

1. Respect the children ’s different interests and hobbies, different life feelings and different expressions in teaching, so that they form their own different styles, do not fill the room, consciously take students as the main body, teachers as the mainVarious teaching methods, such as games and competitions, fully arouse their interest and enthusiasm for learning, so that their instincts and personalities can be freely and healthily played, and they change from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn".Correspondingly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.

2. Teaching should be lively, the content of the text should be connected with the reality of life, introduce life, stimulate students ’interest in learning, and make the teaching language lively, so that students can learn and understand easily. For individual students who are not active in the classroom, we should not criticize andGive more encouragement.

3. For students with learning difficulties, actively develop a group mutual aid learning method, play the role of team leader, let students unite and help each other, work together, through encouragement and praise, let the top students in the group voluntarily help the poor students.

In short, we must strive to implement innovative teaching, stimulate students' interest in learning, encourage students to dare to say what they want, guide students to say what they can do, and constantly promote students. It is poor students who make continuous progress, and eugenics are better.

D. In-depth life, caring for students' work summary

The child left his parents when he was very young. As a teacher and the second mother of the child, he must be more caring for the child. The weather is cold, ask the child to dress in time, help the child to cover the quilt when on duty, and take the child to the doctor when sickWait, we should really penetrate into the students, give them the true feelings, love the care, and let the students feel " Family "The warmth, enjoy the love of" mother ", let the parents change the campus to let their parents rest assured, eighty love to change the mother's love, let the relatives rest assured, integrate family and management, and make the children happy.

Five, clever control of the classroom

After entering the fifth grade, these fun-loving children must be strictly required in all aspects at all times. At the same time, they must prepare sufficient lessons for themselves in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students.Classroom ability, self-improvement is inevitable.

Education is a difficult task, it is very difficult to do well, so as a teacher, I always pay attention to cultivate my own good teacher ethics, care and love every student, and be a good teacher and friend in their lives.discipline oneself strictly.

Year-end work summary of Chinese teachers in elementary school 2

This school year, I took the first grade Chinese teaching work. The following summarizes the teaching work of this school year as follows :

In this school year, I summarized the teaching experience of last year and emphasized the cultivation of the discipline habit of first-year students. As primary school students who have just entered the first grade, how to make them listen carefully in the 40-minute class is very important.Therefore, cultivating students' good study habits is the focus of my teaching work. During the first two weeks of school, I used the form of nursery rhymes and passwords to integrate the cultivation of student learning habits into fun and let students be in the funSlowly develop good habits. From sitting to standing, from writing to reading and taking books, from maintaining correct reading and writing postures to loving school supplies, all teachers need to tirelessly talk about, talk about, through one semesterStudents can develop good study habits.

This semester, I mainly made efforts to focus on the students' knowledge of Chinese pinyin, writing, reading, and extracurricular reading.

I Focus on the knowledge of Chinese Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin knowledge is not only the foundation for students to learn Chinese well, but also the key to learn Chinese well. How to enable students to learn this seemingly boring knowledge vividly and interestingly, and to master it well, teaching Pinyin one and a half months before the start of schoolIn time, I teach students according to their aptitude, encourage students to read extracurricular books every day, and often guide students to learn and use the pinyin knowledge they have learned, and stimulate students ’interest in learning through children ’s songs and“ picking apple ”games.

2 Grasp the writing training well is the difficulty of the first grade Chinese teaching

. It is my greatest wish that every student can write a good hand. The good and bad writing of the students can reflect his language level to a large extent, and can also reflect his cultural literacy. So,In the usual teaching work, I pay special attention to the requirements for students to write. Especially the habitual requirements, such as how to hold the pen and maintain the writing posture, these are often easily overlooked, and it is precisely this that affects the quality of students ’writingThe improvement has even affected eye hygiene and bone development. Therefore, while grasping the good writing of students, I pay more attention to students ’good writing habits.

3 Grasp the reading training

First of all, mobilizing the enthusiasm of students to read is the most important. In the classroom, I often set up various reading competitions. The forms of group reading, male and female reading, student model reading, and teaching reading have inspired to a certain extent.The interest of students in reading; Secondly, in the process of reading teaching, I try to trigger students to open their wings of imagination and read out their feelings. Because the first-year students are more imitative, before teaching students to read the text,I have to pay special attention to the pronunciation, speed of speaking, minor tones and language sense of this green text, and try my best to give students a good demonstration.

4 Pay attention to the cultivation of students' extracurricular reading ability

Encourage students to go home and read extracurricular books every day, in order to cultivate students' extracurricular reading ability and expand their horizons. Through morning meetings, students are invited to take reading and recite, so that the whole class can read well to recite ancient poetry. In ancient poetryOur class achieved excellent results in the recitation competition.

This semester, under the leadership of the Chinese language team, conducted many listening and evaluation activities. Through the exchange and discussion within the team, I have increased many teaching experiences and skills. Under the leadership of the information team, I have studied andThe application is more skillful, and the tablet computer is brought into the classroom, so that the first grade children can also use the tablet to complete the classroom teaching tasks in an orderly manner. The effective integration of information technology and subject teaching not only improves teaching efficiency, but also greatly stimulates childrenEnthusiasm for learning. In the future, I think I will learn more multimedia technology and apply it to my usual teaching.

Finally, looking back on this year, although the work is busy and fulfilling, hard work and hard work, there are still many shortcomings that need attention and improvement in the future, such as :

1. Strengthen the practice of writing and strive to write good characters.

2. Be more careful in the future. As a Chinese teacher, you should not be careless and give your children a good example.

3. Take more time to study, continue to enrich teachers' cultural literacy and expand their knowledge.

Year-end work summary of Chinese teachers in elementary school 3

The time is like an arrow, the years are like a shuttle, and the semester's teaching work has ended. This semester, I continue to serve as the fifth grade Chinese teaching work. Looking back at this semester's teaching work, I feel deeply.

I. Analysis of the basic situation

49 students in this class, some students are clever and flexible, strong in curiosity, strong in imitation, and have a strong interest in language learning, especially in reading and writing Composition The aspect is particularly outstanding. Although some students can finish their homework on time and listen quietly in class, they fail to actively use their brains to think about the problem and fail to express their opinions boldly. Some students have the symptoms of "weariness", Which is manifested in the long-term lack of homework, passive learning, and unsatisfactory results ...

According to the characteristics exhibited by the students in this class last semester, I have made some adjustments to the language teaching work during this semester, and have also achieved some achievements and experience.

Second, the practice of improving teaching quality

1 Grasp basic knowledge and basic skills

In the final exam of the last semester, it was shown that the basic knowledge of the class was not solid enough. This semester has paid close attention to this aspect. For example, the new words of the text and the content required to be recited must be all classmates.Passing. For the key points of learning and the knowledge that is easy to lose points, I have adopted various forms of exercises, summary methods, practice consolidation, etc. to strive for most students to pass the class. In addition, for students who do sloppy homework books scribbledPhenomenon, I ask all students in the class to do their homework with a pen, and let them practice writing notes after class. After one semester, the students' knowledge of words and sentences has been consolidated, improving their basic skills and language skills.

2 Guide the study method well

As the saying goes, “Sharpening a knife does n’t cut firewood by mistake.” The most important learning is the learning of methods. Doing a good job of instruction in learning methods is of great benefit to improving students ’academic performance. Therefore, I ’m inWhen teaching different points of knowledge, the guidance of the learning method is infiltrated in combination with the student's learning situation.

In the preparation of texts, students are required to "read-draw-think-write-ask" five-step preview method, which means "read text, draw words, think content, write comments, ask questions". Students masterThis preview method is conducive to improving his self-learning ability and reading level.

In reading teaching, I pay attention to clarify the context of the article, infiltrate the method of understanding words and sentences, guide students to grasp the literary eye to understand the center, and summarize the summary "Segment, summarize paragraphs, summarize the main content, experience thoughts and feelings, perception"Expression method" and other reading skills, and transfer learning to the same genre text to get one-on-one effects.

In the homework teaching, guide students to carefully observe the surrounding things, pay attention to current events, for hot swine flu and other events, let students keep track of the development of the situation, and put their feelings to the pen. Learn from the classroom teachingThe transfer and use of textual expression methods, more accumulation of materials, more pen practice, students' expressive ability has also continued to improve.

In comprehensive learning, in order to cultivate students' language ability, let students practice, think and summarize more. I organize a variety of display classes, let students collect and classify the data they have collected, determine the research theme, and go out of school, Deep into the family, into the society to carry out investigation and research, although the content of the student ’s research report is not specific and the conclusion is not accurate, but the spark of student wisdom has initially flashed.

Of course, cultivating students' good learning habits is also the key. Students are required to write carefully, complete their homework on time, listen attentively, speak boldly, and regularly review, etc., which should always be emphasized in the whole teaching process.

3 Do a good job in slippage

There are about five poor students in this class who need help very much. Improving their scores has a great effect on improving the overall learning quality of the class. The method I use is the "multiple advantages and one difference" method to helpPoor students formulate learning goals and learning content, and let the eugenics spend half an hour every day to help them master, because there are multiple eugenics to help, so they will not feel the burden of increasing. In addition, I also set up a reward system, forming a competitionMechanism. Check the learning effect of the unit and knowledge points to check their learning effect, encourage the poor students in time, and make them regain their confidence in learning.

4 Expand knowledge horizon

Chinese teaching must pay attention to accumulation and use. Only after students have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge can they use it. In order to expand the students ’knowledge horizon, I have launched a series of Chinese activities :

1. Reading excellent paragraphs. Through students' independent search for excellent passages, students can take the initiative to read extracurricularly. While the reading volume of students increases, students must gain a lot.

2. Collection of good words and good sentences. In the process of continuous collection and sorting, the vocabulary accumulation of students has increased significantly.

3. The display of original proud paragraphs.

4. Carry out various language activities. Such as debates, speeches, newspapers, etc .. Students have increased their knowledge in the activities and trained their brain, mouth, and hands-on skills.

3. Main achievements

1. I participated in the young teacher teaching competition held by the school district in this semester, and won the third prize. This competition gave me the opportunity to exercise, and also let me learn more effective teaching skills on the peers.

2. The students' overall knowledge level and basic learning skills have been greatly improved, and they have increased confidence in learning. The conversion rate and pass rate of the lagging students have improved.

Four, there are problems and deficiencies

1. Students 'homework, some students' writing quality is too poor, the workbook is not well protected, there are many typos, and they have not developed a good habit of writing seriously.

2. In the teaching process, the understanding and application of new textbooks are not deep enough. The content of the textbooks is not grasped enough, the teaching methods are not flexible enough, and the students' enthusiasm for learning is not fully improved.

3. In teaching, fail to pay attention to the whole effectively, insufficient use of motivational language.

Year-end work summary of the elementary school Chinese teacher 4

Since working as a teacher, being a good teacher is my goal. For the past year, I have always treated my work with diligence, down-to-earth, and down-to-earth attitudes. Now, by the end of the year, my work for the past yearGiving a summary.

I. Moral and ideological aspects

In a year of education and teaching, I can seriously study the relevant educational policies of the country, love education, always remember the duties of the people ’s teachers, love schools and love students.

As a teacher, I strictly demand myself, and shape my behavior through continuous improvement in political thinking, academic level, education and teaching ability, etc .. I am growing in the education industry and cultivating excellent for the societyTalent, lay a solid foundation.

Second, education and teaching

For a year, I have been serving as a Chinese subject in the upper grades of elementary school. I have strictly required myself in my work, worked hard on my business, continuously improved my business level, continuously learned new knowledge, explored the laws of education and teaching, and improved the methods of education and teaching.

1. The key to respecting students is to be students-oriented.

In teaching, I deeply realized that we should focus on students and the development of students. First, we must respect students. Respect students 'right to think, respect students' right to speak, respect students 'spirit of inquiry, and respect students' thinking achievements. Only by doing this can we let the students think and let the students explore.

2. Hierarchical cooperation is the only way to achieve a cooperative, autonomous and inquiry learning model.

Different levels of students and different efficiency of thinking often cause some students to be afraid of thinking, lazy to explore, and rely on the thoughts of others. If the good and the poor are mixed into a group in teaching, such good students will always become leaders,Become a spokesperson, and the poor students will never get attention in the group.

To solve this problem, you must implement a layered and group cooperation method. In the classroom, according to different situations, give different groups different levels of tasks. Students have the time to think about problems at the same level and the same ability.In this way, the purpose of cooperation at different levels is achieved, and students at different levels have different challenging tasks.

3. Clarify the learning goals.

Chinese teaching is the most taboo, and it is easy to annoy students. If the teaching of words is uniform, text analysis, and summary, this is both time-consuming and laborious. Students do not know how much they have improved in this class after finishing a text.

Fifth grade students, word teaching can be completely free for them to complete by themselves. They have this ability and have their own unique methods. In teaching, I generally use word teaching only as a checking process. The text analysis looks at that oneSimilar styles, new styles are taught to new methods.

Then let the students solve themselves according to the method. The most important thing is to understand what level the class needs to reach, which difficult problems to solve, and which methods to solve the problems in the acupuncture points based on the textbook. In this way, the classroom can be effective and efficient.

4. Standard operation.

Systematization and organization of students ’new courses and knowledge must be consolidated and improved by certain homework. Through standardized homework, students’ ideas are clear and organized. Good learning habits are developed. This is the standard of the new curriculumA clear point of view, and standardized homework can make students 'habits form. Cultivate students' good study habits.

5. Conduct more language practice activities.

Using classroom extracurricular and team activities, carrying out a series of practical activities is an important aspect of Chinese teaching in this semester. At the theme class meeting, we will say "plan for the new semester", "pay attention to safety at all times", "I"Love the school", how to use production and other series of activities to exercise students' guts and expressive ability have been significantly improved, no matter who stands up can speak for a while.

6. Formulate teaching aid program

For individual poor students, they can carefully counsel, often face assignments, find out the weak links of knowledge, and make up for leaks in a timely manner. For example, they often use after-school time to tutor students out of class, make targeted help programs, and have a purposePlan to do a good job in the transformation of less advanced students.

In the classroom, use multiple questions, multiple checks, timely counseling, and timely feedback in an effort to improve the cultural basic knowledge of the lagging students. At the same time, carry out mutual learning groups in the class to carry out one-on-one learning activities,Make students correct their thoughts, learn from each other, promote each other, and form a good learning atmosphere for you to catch up with. I usually pay attention to "catch with both hands": on the one hand, cultivate top students, on the one hand, through the guidance of junior students, advancedHelp to move backwards, take good advantage of the difference, and promote a win-win effect.

7, Research work on the subject

In the research work of the subject, I have done

1. Improve the effectiveness of pre-class preparations.

1 Improve the effectiveness of lesson preparation.

I am researching independently during lesson preparation, self-prepared lesson preparation, not only preparing textbooks, preparing students, preparing materials, preparing key and difficult training points, preparing ideas, teaching strategies, and effectively improving the quality of lesson preparation.

2 Improve the effectiveness of student previews.

One is to teach students some preparation methods and improve the quality of the preparation through classroom training; second is to put forward certain preparation questions in order to promote learning; third is to pay more attention to the preparation of classroom examinations and teachingThat is, you can start from the preview to learn teaching.

2. Research on the effectiveness of classroom operations.

1 Teaching objectives :

First of all, I have preset classroom teaching goals. The goals are correctly positioned according to the teaching materials, class hours, and class conditions. The three-dimensional goal is implemented in the classroom. There is a focus on it. Second, I adjust the preset goals appropriately according to the dynamic development of the classroom.And generating new goals, the preset goals and generating goals also have some emphasis; again, I take the initiative to self-assess the achievement of the goals.

2 Teacher and student roles :

Students are the mainstay of classroom learning, teachers are the facilitator of student learning, and teachers are also the main body of self-professional growth. Without the professional growth of teachers, it is difficult for students to develop independently. The two subjects in the classroom are continuously coordinated at different levelsAnd common development. In the classroom, I correctly positioned my role and strived to promote students to form a correct sense of role.

3 Teaching structure

In the classroom, highlight the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom, highlight the creative development of curriculum resources and the dynamic generation of teaching objectives, which include the way teachers teach and the way students learn. I choose according to the characteristics of different articles when teachingTeaching method: I use the problem-oriented method for more rational articles and texts that are more suitable for the treatment of thick lines. For more emotional articles and wonderful details of the article, I use research to promote reading and pay attention to studentsRead by yourself.

4 Teaching resources :

Teaching resources include text resources textbook resources and extended reading resources, media resources, and human resources mainly referring to the resources of teachers and students. The teaching process is a process in which teachers and students jointly develop curriculum resources. Teachers should pay attention to teachers and students in the classroomThe development of shared resources pays more attention to the development of my own resources.

5 Learning evaluation :

a. The learning evaluation should be a complete evaluation, including motivation and criticism.

b. Learning evaluation should be targeted evaluation, not only to avoid voids, but also to avoid frequent evaluation by machinery.

c. Learning evaluation should be the evaluation of development, play the role of motivation and guidance of evaluation, without harming the self-esteem of students.

3. Research on the effectiveness of after-class reflection.

On the one hand, I think hard and write diligently, and develop the habit of teaching reflection. On the other hand, strengthen the communication and discussion of reflection, and get inspiration and sublimation from reflection, and make progress.

Three, respect for discipline

I strictly abide by the school's rules and regulations, not late, not leave early, and take the initiative to take leave when something happens. In work, I respect the leader, unite my colleagues, and can properly handle the relationship with the leading colleagues. At ordinary times, thrifty and frugal, Sincere to people, love students, harmonious and harmonious relationships, never have no disputes without principles, everywhere regulate the words and deeds of a people ’s teacher, and cultivate their comprehensive quality and ability without any effort.

Four, work performance

With the improvement of the new curriculum reform's requirements for teachers' professional ability, I also squeeze time to self-study education teaching theory and actively carry out various modern educational technology training in addition to teaching, mastering some methods of multimedia courseware production.

Last semester, at the call of the superior, I actively went to remote schools to support teaching. I played my own light and enthusiasm in the support schools and received unanimous praise from the leaders of the support schools. I was rated as an advanced individual in municipal support.

This semester, the Five-Star School undertook the task of research work. In this work, I have successively undertaken the task of the research and display class of the project, and was praised by the leaders. After being evaluated by the school evaluation group as the first prize.I also have a certain understanding of the "effectiveness of autonomous learning" I have studied. I was awarded the second prize in the young teacher courseware competition organized by the school.

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