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[Practical] 5 compilations of templates for teachers' personal work plans

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Time is silent, in a blink of an eye, the years are in a hurry, new opportunities and challenges come to us, it is time to plan well. But Work plan What should be written to be correct? The following are five personal work plans for teachers, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Personal Work Plan for Teachers 1

I. Analysis of Teaching Materials

This volume of textbooks has designed eight topics, and organized eight groups of teaching materials in an integrated manner around the topics. In turn: the discovery of spring; dedication and love; love for the motherland and hometown; thinking with heart, courage to create; love nature,Understanding nature; cultivating excellent quality; to properly view problems and be good at thinking; to enter the world of science and technology. Each topic covers a wide range and avoids limitations. The textbook content is closer to children's life, reflects the characteristics of the times, and has certainMoral Education Value.

Each group of textbooks includes a guide, four texts, and a "language garden." The parts are interconnected to form an organic whole. The form of literacy classes is diverse, with words, idioms, etc. proverb , San Zi Jing, Couple , children's songs, etc. The text in this volume is no longer full-text phonetic, polyphonic characters are followed by phonetic transcription, new words are listed under the current page, with Chinese pinyin and a pleasing background map to attract students' attention. "Language Garden"Includes four columns: My findings-encourage students to explore and discover, guide students to understand the characteristics of Chinese characters and some rules of words, and master literacy methods; accumulate over time-guide students to accumulate good words and phrases, excellent passages, and reviewUsed words to carry out comprehensive exercises on basic knowledge of Chinese; oral communication-to cultivate students' oral communicative competence in two-way interactive oral communication; display stand-to provide students with a stage to show what they have learned inside and outside the classroom. Broadband network-Guide students to extend knowledge from inside to outside of class to gain knowledge.

After eight groups of texts, six selected texts are arranged for students to read outside of class. The last is two new word lists. The new word lists ㈠ are the words required to be recognized by the entire volume, there are 400. The new word lists ㈡ are the full volume required to writeThere are 350 Chinese characters. These two different requirements are indicated in the after-school exercises. In addition to the literacy tasks arranged in the literacy class and the text, a small number of characters are required to be recognized in the "Language Garden".

II. Requirements for Teaching Purposes

1. Continue to master the correct posture of reading and writing, and develop the habit of cultivating school supplies. Cultivate the habit of speaking actively and concentrate on listening. Continue to cultivate the habit of being diligent in reading aloud and willing to read outside of class, and develop seriousnessThe habit of finishing homework and looking up the dictionary.

2.Consolidate Chinese Pinyin, use Chinese Pinyin to literate, learn Mandarin; recognize sound insulation symbols.

3, can correctly write new words in silent order according to the order of the strokes, and can write the words correctly and symmetrically according to the structure of the words.

4. After observing pictures and things, you can say a few words in Mandarin that are complete and smooth.

5. Continue to practice reading the text correctly, fluently, and emotionally, and learn the silent text. You can connect with the language environment and the reality of life, and understand common words. Use the language to understand the content of the text, imagine the situation described in the text, and know the textLearn new words with a dictionary, read text for the first time, and ask questions.

III. Teaching measures

1. Continue to attach importance to the cultivation of learning habits and promote the development of good learning habits of students.

2. Continue to strengthen literacy teaching and adhere to literacy in the language environment. Pay attention to the guidance of writing and improve students 'writing skills. Cultivate students' ability to understand words in combination with the language environment and the actual life.

3. Make full use of illustrations, various text materials, and various assignments to conduct training in speaking and writing.

4. In reading teaching, strengthen the training of students 'listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, and improve students' language ability. Pay attention to the cultivation of students 'ability, and cultivate students' ability of independent literacy and reading with the help of a dictionary.

5. Knowing that students make good use of extracurricular books such as Supplementary Reading Materials for Extracurricular Reading, and through a large amount of extracurricular reading, they can increase the reading volume of students and continue to improve their reading ability.

6. We must attach great importance to reading teaching and Composition organic combination of teaching, correctly handling the relationship between reading and writing, insisting on writing Diary , lay a good foundation for students to start writing.

Personal Work Plan for Teachers 2

I. Guiding ideology

In this semester, our school's teaching is based on deepening classroom teaching reform as the core, standardizing conventional teaching as the starting point, focusing on the research and practice of the organic integration of information technology and subject teaching, and focusing on school-based teacher training.Point, with characteristic development as a breakthrough point, and strive to further improve the school's teaching work, the following work plan is proposed :

II. Key teaching tasks

I Improve teachers' awareness of cooperation and teamwork.

Improving the quality of teaching requires us to uphold and uphold the spirit of the masters and put forward higher requirements on ourselves. Leaders set an example, backbones take the lead, and all members are involved, so that all tasks can be carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. All teachersWe must unite and cooperate, strive hard and forge ahead, regard unity as life, help each other and give dedication, and strive to cooperate to improve our overall quality, consolidate the wisdom of the team, so that the school's various tasks continue to achieve new victory and new development.

2 Continue to strengthen the study of teachers' educational theory. Teachers continue to study the "Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform" and study the new "curriculum standard" for this subject. Lesson preparation and teaching are geared to all students, and truly "for each student'sDevelopment "and teaching; strengthen teaching research and pay close attention to the implementation of the process. Class preparation, lectures, listening and evaluation are based on the new curriculum. Teachers use the time of teaching and research activities to discuss teaching techniques and reform the old education and teaching concepts. Let the newThe teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the teaching work is pushed forward steadily.

3 Adjusting the requirements of education routine to highlight the effectiveness.

Teacher's teaching routines This semester, we will adhere to the principles of process management and outstanding effectiveness, so that multimedia can assist classroom teaching to the greatest extent, and the following requirements for the teaching routines are highlighted :

1. Preparation of lessons: The main task to be completed for preparing lessons is to formulate semester teaching plans, unit teaching plans, and lesson plans write lesson plans. To prepare lessons, you must at least read through the entire volume of textbooks, familiarize yourself with unit textbooks, and read intensive course textbooks.The basic requirements are: on the basis of studying curriculum standards and textbooks, studying students, writing lesson plans. To be: scientific, accurate, comprehensive, and complete structure; formal, reasonable, clear; detailed and appropriate, practical.Have innovative consciousness, don't move hard public lesson plans, don't copy lessons to replace lesson plans, don't replace previous lesson plans in current years; lesson plans should be prepared before class. Specific requirements:

1 Various lesson types including new lectures, review lessons, experimental lessons, comment lessons, composition lessons must have written lesson plans. In addition to electronic lesson plans, there must be textbook analysis, teaching focus, difficulties, teaching processes, and blackboard writing.In addition to the links of traditional lesson plans such as design, new links with courseware, data bases, and friendly links that can give full play to the advantages of modern information technology should be added as needed.

2 Requires the design of teaching method and learning method guidance. According to the specific situation of students in this class, the teaching plan must have its own personalized improvement or innovation.

3 There must be a personal teaching work plan, unit plan, and class plan for class preparation.

4 Each lesson must have knowledge, ability, moral education goals, emphasis, difficulties, learning tools, etc., teaching process introduction, teaching methods, learning method guidance, example questions, exercises, induction, blackboard design, etc., summary,Assignment design, etc.

5 There should be postscript or reflection on unit teaching.

2. Lectures: 1 Lecture notes focus on the comments of the lessons, including other people's evaluations and their own evaluations; 2 The number of lectures per semester is not less than 15.

3. Assignments: Daily assignments require teachers to classify can be divided into 2-3 categories according to the actual situation, appropriate amount no written assignments for small subjects, the principle that there must be corrections when there is an assignment, the corrections must be standardized, and there must beGrades, encouraging evaluations, dates, and resolutely stop the practice of unapproved arrangements; the Teaching Office will organize teaching and research groups to set up regular teaching evaluation groups, through irregular special inspections, simultaneous inspections in class, and parent-parent discussions, questionnaires and other formsVigorously check the teachers' teaching routine, especially strengthen the preparation of lessons, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of not preparing for classes. When the time is ripe, we will organize an excellent lesson plan exhibition. In addition to the feedback of the regular inspection results to the teachers themselves, they will also be recorded as teachersResponsibility system assessment and publicity.

4. Do monthly exams, mid-term and final exams, track the quality of teaching, and conduct a grade analysis meeting in a timely manner. The school continues to use the "monthly exam" system for all grades, and it must track the quality of each exam to eachStudents, subjects, classes, grades. Follow-up analysis, check the reasons, and promote quality improvement. Subject teachers quiz no less than 4 times a semester, make good use of grade books, strengthen the right Graduation Class work leadership and the study of the middle school entrance examination. The 20xx middle school entrance examination proposition fully reflects the concept of the new curriculum reform and increase the penetration of the new curriculum reform concept. This year, all teachers in the third grade of the junior high school must thoroughly study the examination outline and delve into the past three yearsThe description of the middle school entrance examination test lays a solid foundation for the steady improvement of the teaching quality of our junior middle school in 20xx.

Student learning routines To address the phenomenon of poor learning habits among past students, this semester we will not only grasp the teaching routines of teachers, but also supervise all teachers to grasp the learning routines of each student especially the lower grades and train them to cultivate.To develop good study habits, this is our fundamental guarantee to further improve the quality of teaching.

1. Teachers should guide students to develop the habit of previewing.

Preview is the basis for a good new class and efficient learning results. Basic requirements:

1 Timely preview. According to the progress of the teaching and the difficulty of the textbook, preview the new lesson in advance.

2 Carefully preview. Read and analyze the textbook carefully, and do not read the book carelessly.

3 Good at previewing. According to the knowledge base, textbook content, and subject characteristics, choose a previewing method that suits your actual situation. Keep a record of the key issues and questions you don't understand in the new textbook so that you can pay attention during class.

2. Teachers should guide and supervise students to develop good listening habits.

Listening is the main way for students to acquire knowledge, develop intelligence, and cultivate healthy emotions. The basic requirements for listening are :

1 Be prepared for lectures. Include school supplies, related knowledge, and psychological preparation.

2 Concentrate and listen attentively.

3 Pay attention to highlighting the key points and grasping the key points.

4 Actively answer questions. Think positively, dare to ask questions, and dare to express your own different opinions.

5 Make notes. Remember key points, ideas and methods for analysis and problem solving, etc. Teachers should regularly check students' study notes and provide timely guidance.

Personal Work Plan for Teachers 3

To the school year, we ushered in the second year of teaching support life. In this year, through contact with the children and learning together with the teachers of our school, I gained a new understanding in thinking and worked in teaching.A new understanding of the plan and a higher awareness of the requirements of oneself.

I. Deepen my ideological understanding and understand more truths

As a support teacher, I was extremely fortunate to have come to Central Elementary School. Compared with the first year, we are more mature in heart, and gradually fell in love with this fertile soil. I fell in love with her people, Jedi Ling, and sheThe honest and simple and honest, I fell in love with every dawn and dusk of her. From the colleagues around me, I saw that they are loyal to the party's education cause by example; from the detailed requirements of superior leaders, they saw the education endless,A thriving source; I can see the future and hope from the sound of the children's reading. Here, an invisible spirit is shaping my soul, and an invisible motivation is driving me forward. Here I understandAfter learning Ostrovsky's famous saying about life, I understand that there is no detailed truth, and I also know how to integrate the loyalty of the party and the country's education into dedication.

II.Improvement and improvement of business level

In this school year, taking advantage of the country's increasing investment in rural basic education, our primary school industry has also added a lot of hardware and equipment, which has provided the necessary conditions for the improvement of teaching level. I am fortunate to be a beneficiary of the Nongyuan ProjectI have enjoyed the country ’s meticulous care for the school. During this year, my colleagues and I have learned a lot about computer and satellite reception, and transformed what we have learned into a better education for our students.. We have realized the automation and paperless use of materials, which has greatly improved the efficiency of education and teaching. At the same time, according to the knowledge learned by Nongyuan, our business level has also been greatly improved. For example, in combination with the third round of continuing education, we have learnedNew teaching methods, and applied to the vast teaching practice.

Third, set a good example for the students

As soon as she walks into our central elementary school, she will be infected by her strong learning atmosphere. In the past year, the leaders of the Education Bureau have come to our school for inspection and guidance many times, and have given a lot of care. The central school leaders have strict requirementsIt gives us a higher level of progress from the system, and more teachers come early and leave later, and also give our students a good example. As a support teacher, I have conditions that other teachers do not have. We live in school,I have more environment to spend time with my children. Every morning, I am the first to walk into the classroom to welcome the children. In the evening, I take all the children away and close the classroom door. While giving the children a good example,It also provides a real guarantee for the safety of students, and I have no wish or regret for this.

Achievements and experience in the past four or one year

In the past year, I have continuously studied, researched, and reflected on various teaching methods so that I can integrate into education and teaching with a new attitude under the spring breeze of the new curriculum reform. I strive to achieve quality education and scientific development.Spirit, educating students to pay equal attention to life and learning, and knowledge and skills, to improve their academic performance in a limited time, to allow themselves to develop habits, and affect children's long-term future. Strict requirements at the superior level andWith careful consideration, the students in our fertile soil have also achieved corresponding results. In the fourth-year Chinese language test of the central schools at the end of the last semester, our class achieved the first place in the region, but weIt is still unsatisfactory. In the future, we will continue to work hard, obey the arrangements of higher authorities, and make more contributions to the party and the country's education.

Personal Work Plan for Teachers 4

I. Analysis of Teaching Materials

The teaching content of this volume of textbooks is :

I. Preliminary understanding of multiplication;

Second, multiplication in the table 1;

Three, the preliminary understanding of the angle;

IV.Intra-table multiplication II;

V. Preliminary understanding of division;

Six, direction and location;

VII. In-table division;

VIII. Statistics and possibilities;

Nine, mixed operations;

X. General review.

The key point is the multiplication in the table and the corresponding division. This is the basis for learning single-digit multiplication and multi-digit multiplication and division.

This volume of textbooks is in the second grade of the Qingdao version of the compulsory education curriculum standard test textbook. The textbooks are designed to teach from the four areas of number and algebra, space and graphics, practice and comprehensive use, and statistics. The textbook introduces the preliminary multiplicationThe separation of cognition, as a unit alone, further emphasizes the students' experience and perception. From the experience of continuous addition to the experience of the same number of consecutive additions, it gradually guides the student experience, increases the student experience process, and lays a foundation for students to learn multiplication.A solid foundation of experience. The teaching material is full of childlikeness and penetrates the world of life and science. For example, the knowledge of guiding students to learn multiplication in the form of magic will arouse students' interest in learning. Multiplication in tables 2 is even moreThe paper-cutting, sandbags, origami planes, and Chinese knots are familiar to the students. The textbooks in this volume have a large space. Two of the innovations are very distinctive. The method of adding the same number as multiplication is written as multiplication.Expression; use addition to calculate multiplication, and use formulas to calculate multiplication. This is easy to calculate.

II. Teaching Objectives

1. Under the specific circumstances, understand the meaning of multiplication, division, and division with a remainder, know the names of the parts of the multiplication, division, and division with a remainder, and can correctly use the multiplication formula to find the product and quotient.

2, can apply the knowledge about multiplication, division, and division with a remainder to solve simple practical problems,

3. In the activities of recognizing the angle, recognizing the direction, and observing the shape of the object from different directions, gradually form a preliminary sense of space and orientation.

4. Can use the knowledge of orientation to solve relevant problems in daily life.

5. Can use the relevant knowledge of four mixed operations to solve the practical problem of two-step calculation.

6. In the process of solving problems, learn to cooperate with peers initially, exchange the process and results of thinking with each other, and experience the diversity of strategies.

7, in the learning activities, feel the close connection between mathematics and daily life, experience the role of mathematics.

Three, class situation analysis

After one academic year of study, most students have initially perceived good learning methods, and learning habits have basically been formed, but further intensive training is still needed. In addition, the learning atmosphere in the class is not strong enough, and further learning is needed.Guidance. Therefore, in the daily teaching, students must constantly grasp the good study habits. Various methods and means should be adopted to enable students to form good study habits while mastering mathematical knowledge.

Students are more interested in mathematics, have a certain observation ability, can distinguish some simple shapes and orientations, can skillfully calculate addition and subtraction within 100, can use different methods for calculation, and have a certain numberSense, have a certain ability to think and solve problems independently. But some students have weak ability to explore problems independently, lack of ability to analyze problems, solve problems and use knowledge flexibly. Some students lack good study habits, ability to review questions and listen carefully.Problem habits.

four, teaching measures

1. Starting from the age characteristics of students, more game-based teaching is adopted to guide students to participate in mathematical learning activities.

2. Make the most of the intuitive image advantages of multimedia courseware and use it to assist teaching to help students understand.

3. In classroom teaching, pay attention to more problems that are conducive to children's understanding, rather than blindly asking for difficulties and seeking broad. Students' thinking levels should be considered, and middle-school students and students with slow thinking should be taken care of.

4, less rigid exercises, proper assignment of interesting assignments, and improving students' interest in learning through hands-on operations.

Personal Work Plan for Teachers 5

Academic analysis :

I have been studying with these students for three semesters. I have a better understanding of their learning attitudes. Absolutely most students are more conscious of learning. They have a strong purpose of learning, are highly motivated, concentrate their energy in class, and can complete assignments in the classroom.. And I pay special attention to the honor of the class, so there is no need to spend too much energy in the management of the teaching process. However, there are also some students who are not paying attention during the class and need the teacher to help them so that they can enter the learning state as soon as possible.

Textbook analysis :

The newly edited textbooks are highly readable, prominent in educational functions, the theory is practical, and the style is easy to understand, which can arouse the enthusiasm of students in learning. Mobilizing the enthusiasm of students in all aspects highlights the educational function of the ideological and moral course. Through this book, Hoping to strengthen students' legal concepts and improve their ability to recognize and practice.

Teaching method :

Lecture method, discussion method, self-study method, etc.

teaching means :

Courseware, multimedia, projector, etc.

Teaching goal :

Through teaching to enable students to learn to interact, to overcome the excessive "self" of the only child, to learn between students, teachers and students go hand in hand, go through a beautiful puberty, grow up healthily, and smoothly move to the third year junior high school entrance examinationStage. Improve students 'moral standards, cultivate students' awareness of competition and cooperation, enhance their ability to deal with matters, and promote their own development. Master certain legal knowledge and train students to learn, understand, and use law. Learn to use legal weapons to maintain their ownLegal rights.

Teaching measures :

1. Study the teaching materials carefully, study the syllabus, be familiar with the teaching materials and their guiding ideology, prepare the lessons carefully, take each lesson, and strictly require the students to complete the assignments in time, test in time, and cooperate with the school's target teaching activities.Your own lessons.

2. Study with an open mind, listen to lessons from experienced teachers, and learn from teachers in the same subject.

3. Write the teaching plan and summary carefully and implement the teaching work according to the plan.

4. Actively participate in teaching and research activities to improve business level.

5. Work hard to write teaching papers or teaching designs to improve your scientific research ability.

6. Strive to learn professional knowledge and improve professional quality. Usually pay attention to studying, ingesting theoretical knowledge related to political disciplines and new scientific and technological development information, penetrating into teaching, making classroom teaching more interesting.

Implementation target :

1. Attach importance to students' independent learning, stimulate and enhance students' experience learning, use activities to stimulate and enhance students' experience, and develop themselves through personal experience.

2, pay attention to the interactive and cooperative learning between students, and express the insights of students in interactive communication, and improve the timeliness of teaching in activities.

3, good guidance for students Social Practice Event.

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