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【Boutique】 Three private loan contracts

Time: 2020-02-03 Source : Fan Wen Recommended visit : Loan contract

In the society of the 21st century, the use frequency of contracts is getting higher and higher. The contract is an agreement to establish, change, and terminate the relationship of civil rights and obligations between natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations with equal subjects.What about? The following are three private loan contracts for reference only. Welcome to read it.

Private loan contract 1

Party A Lender :

ID number :

Party B borrower :

ID number :

In order to clarify responsibilities and abide by the credit, it is special in the case of voluntary and negotiation between the two parties

Sign this contract for mutual trust.

I. Amount of loan upper case :

Second, the purpose of borrowing: the borrower urgently needs a sum of funds due to needs.

3. Borrowing interest rate: _________, annual interest rate, profit will be paid with the balance.

Four, the borrowing period: the borrowing time is from ___ year ____ month ___ day to ___ year ___ month ___ day.

V. Repayment date and method: ____________________________

VI. Liability for breach of contract :

The borrower should repay according to the time specified in the contract. If the borrower does not repay the loan on time

The amount, the lender has the authority to recover the loan within the period, and calculate the additional interest overdue according to the contract _____%.

VII. Dispute settlement method: negotiated settlement, if negotiation fails, you can file a suit in the people's court where Party A is located.

VIII. Others :

1. No party may change or rescind the contract without the consent of both parties. If one party requests to change or rescind the contract, it shall notify the other party within _days and reach a written agreement. After the contract is changed or rescinded, the loanThe loan and interest payable by the party shall still be repaid in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

2. Attachments of the contract: debit note, receipt.

3. The contract becomes effective after being signed by all parties, and the loan principal and interest will be automatically invalidated after the settlement of the loan. The original contract is in duplicate, and the borrower and the lender each hold one copy. The contract text has the same legal effect.

Party A borrower: Party B lender :

signature, seal: signature, seal :

year month day year month month day

Private loan contract 2

Borrower: hereinafter referred to as Party A

Lender: hereinafter referred to as Party B

legal representative :

Party A is a limited liability company with a registered capital of 10,000 yuan. Because of the temporary need for funds for the implementation of production and operation projects, Party B has idle funds. For this reason, both parties A and B, based on relevant laws and regulations, on an equal and voluntary basisIn order to clarify responsibilities and abide by credit, the loan contract is signed after full consultation and unanimously, and to ensure joint implementation.

1. Loan amount :

Yuan uppercase: RMB.

Second, loan period :

From 20 years to 20 years, the loan period is. After the loan expires, if there is no objection between the two parties, the loan contract will be automatically extended for another year.

3. Borrowing interest rate and calculation method :

1. The interest on the loan is the annual interest, and the interest will be calculated on the date that Party A receives the loan.

2. One time payment of principal and interest.

Four, loan use :

This loan is limited to Party A's production and operation projects, and must be earmarked for special purposes. Without Party B's consent, Party A may not use it for other purposes.

V. Loan repayment :

1. If Party A cannot repay the loan on time, it should submit an extension request to Party B at the latest 15 days before the loan expires. Party B can then decide whether to extend the loan on the basis of negotiation between both parties.

2. If Party B needs to recover the loan temporarily, it should submit a repayment application to Party A 15 days in advance, and the interest on the loan is calculated based on the actual number of days borrowed.

VI. Breach of Contract and Handling of Breach of Contract :

1 The following circumstances are all Party A's breach of contract :

1. Party A fails to pay and repay principal and interest according to the contract plan.

2. Change the purpose of borrowing or use for other purposes without the consent of Party B.

3. Party A violates other terms of this contract.

2 According to the breach of contract, Party B has the right to take the following measures :

1. The maximum penalty for the breach of contract * shall not exceed the penalty interest.

2. Take the necessary legal measures until the lawful claims are paid for the principal, interest and expenses of the unpaid loans.

VII. Contract entry into force :

This contract becomes effective after being signed stamped by both parties A and B. This contract consists of two copies, each party holding one copy. If there are other matters not covered by this contract, the two parties will further agree on additional terms.

VIII. Disputes arising from this agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court of Party B.

Party A Official Seal: _________ Party B Official Seal: _________

Legal representative signature: _________ Legal representative signature: _________


Private loan contract 3

Party A borrower: _____________________

ID number: _________________________

Party B lender: _____________________

ID number: _________________________

Parties A and B agree on the following matters and sign this contract.

1. Party B loaned to Party A RMB upper case _____________________, delivered to Party A before _____________________.

Second, loan interest: _____________________________________________

3. Time limit for borrowing: _____________________________________________

Four, repayment date and method: _______________________________________

V. Liability for breach of contract: _____________________________________________

VI. This contract is effective from _____________________. This contract is made in two copies, and each party holds one copy.

Party A signature, seal: _____________________

Party B signature, seal: _____________________

Contract signing date______________Contract signing date______________

Lender: ××

Borrower: ××