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3 articles on corporate loan contracts

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Nowadays, the public's legal awareness is constantly increasing. Contracts play an increasingly critical role in ensuring the security and credibility of transactions. Signing a contract is an important measure to reduce and prevent disputes. So what issues should be paid attention to when writing a contract?? The following are three articles about the company's loan contract, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.

Corporate Loan Contract Chapter 1

Lender: _____________________ hereinafter referred to as Party A

Legal representative: _________________

Borrower: _____________________ hereinafter referred to as Party B

Legal representative: _________________

In the case of Party A and Party B's borrowing from Party A, the two parties signed this loan contract through full negotiation and unanimous agreement in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on the basis of equality and voluntariness on the basis of equality and voluntariness, and ensured that they will be implemented in compliance.

1st borrowing purpose


Article 2 Borrowing Amount

_____________________ Yuan Renminbi whole ¥ ______________

Article 3 Borrowing Interest

The monthly interest rate during the borrowing period is _______%, that is, the monthly interest rate is RMB ¥ _______

Article 4 Borrowing and Repayment Period

1. The borrowing period totals _______ months, that is, from _______ year _______ month _______ day to _______ year _______ month _______ day.

2. Party A shall remit the amount to Party B's designated account before the date of _________ month _______ year. Party B shall promptly issue a receipt to Party A from the date of receiving the loan from Party A.To the payment voucher.

Party B account information :

Account name: ____________________________

Bank account number: __________________________

Account opening bank: ____________________________

Article 5 Repayment Time and Amount

Party B shall make a one-time repayment in full principal + interest to Party A within the day of the expiration of the borrowing period.

After Party B repays in full, Party A should return the loan contract and the receipt certificate issued by Party B to Party B.

Party's account information :

Account name: ____________________________

Bank account number: __________________________

Account opening bank: ____________________________

Article 6 Rights and Obligations of Parties A and B

1 Party A's rights and obligations

1. Party A shall pay loan to Party B as agreed in this contract.

2. Party A has the right to require Party B to repay according to the contract at the end of the loan period.

2 Party B's rights and obligations

1. Party B must use the borrowed money in the manner agreed in the loan contract, and shall not divert it to other purposes.

2, Party B should actively perform its repayment obligations as stipulated in this contract.

3. If Party B is overdue, the interest will be calculated at monthly interest rate _______% during the overdue period.

Article 7 Change and Cancellation of Contract

1. Both parties can agree to change the contents of the contract through consultation.

2. The parties A and B can agree to terminate this contract.

Article 8 Breach of Contract and Breach of Contract

1 The following situations are all Party A's breach of contract

1. Party A failed to pay the loan and repay the principal and interest according to the contract;

2. Change the purpose of the loan or use it for other purposes without the consent of Party B;

3, Party A violates other terms and conditions of this contract.

2 According to the breach of contract, Party B has the right to take the following measures :

1. The maximum increase in penalty for defaulted loans does not exceed the penalty interest rate;

2. Take necessary legal means until the claim and pay the principal and interest of unpaid borrowings and expenses.

Article 9 Other Provisions

1. This contract has been legally effective since it was signed and sealed by both parties A and B. This contract is in the form of _______ copies, and both parties shall hold _______ copies.

2. The matters not covered in this contract can be supplemented by negotiation between the two parties.

3. The disputes arising from the implementation of this contract shall be resolved through consultations between the two parties. If the negotiation fails, the lawsuit shall be brought to the local court with jurisdiction.

Party A: _____________________ Party B: ______________________

Representative: ___________________ Representative: ____________________

Telephone: _________________Contact Tel: __________________

Date: _______year____month____day Date: _______year____month____day

Corporate Loan Contract Chapter 2

Party A: company name

Party B: your basic information

After negotiations, Party A and Party B have reached an agreement on Party B's interest-free loan to purchase a car as follows :

1. Amount of loan: The amount of loan from Party B to Party A is RMB.

2. Interest on borrowings: The money lent by Party A to Party B will not pay interest during the borrowing period.

3. Borrowing period and repayment period: The borrowing period is years, that is, from year to month. You can agree on the specific period of how to return, such as when to return each month or each year.How much is deducted from the salary, etc.

4. Repayment method: If there is a clear agreement in the front, you can not.

5. Warranty clause: If the company needs this guarantee, please don't need this clause, if necessary, supplement it according to your negotiation with the company.

6. Breach clause: write according to your opinion

7. Others: If the company loaned you any service period or any additional terms, please specify.

8. This agreement is made in two copies, each of which is held by both parties A and B, and takes effect after being signed or sealed by both parties.

Party A: Party B :

Time: Time :

Corporate Loan Contracts Chapter 3

Borrowing unit referred to as Party A

Lender Party B for short

For the purpose of business, Party A hereby applies for a loan from Party B, and lends it after examination and approval by Party B. In order to clarify the responsibilities of both parties and abide by the credit, we hereby sign this contract and obey it together.

1. Party A borrows RMB capital 10,000 yuan from Party B.

2. The term of the loan is agreed to be months, that is, from year to month. Party B guarantees that the funds will be supplied according to the plan and the loan amount, and Party A promises to return the principal and interest of the loan at the prescribed time.

3. The interest on borrowings is calculated on a monthly basis.

4. Party A guarantees to repay the principal interest of the loan according to the repayment plan.

5. When the loan expires, if the Party A fails to repay it on time, the guarantee unit will pay it on behalf of the guarantee unit. The guarantee unit has not repaid one month after receiving the repayment notice from Party B.Of the investment and depositors, or sell the property mortgaged by Party A to return its loans.

6. If it is necessary to change the terms of the contract, after the parties agree, a supplementary text of the loan contract should be signed.

7. Other terms agreed between the two parties.

8. This contract is effective from the date of signing, and will become invalid after all the principal and interest of the loan are paid off.

9. Three originals of this contract, one for Party A, one for Guarantor.

Borrowing unit: Official seal Lender: Signature or official seal

Person in charge: Signature or seal Legal representative: Signature or seal

Guarantee: Official Seal

Legal representative: Signature or seal

year, month, day