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4 selected franchise agency contracts

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In a society where civil relations are becoming more and more complicated, many occasions have to use contracts to mediate disputes, and signing a contract can guarantee their legal rights to the greatest extent. So what issues should be noted when writing a contract? The following is about joining agents4 contracts, for reference only, welcome to read.

Joining agent contract 1

Party A: _________________

Party B: _________________

To jointly develop _________________ chain catering, the two parties signed the following contract after friendly negotiation :

One, contract content: Party B joins the _______ chain restaurant established by Party A.

Second, joining place: ________________

3. Joining fee: _________ yuan; brand deposit _________ yuan. Payment method: __________ One-time payment when the contract is signed.

Fourth, joining period: _______ year ____ month ____ day to _______ year ____ month ____ day subject to the payment time The period is ____ year expires, expiresAfter signing a separate franchise contract.

V. Party B shall establish an independent industrial and commercial registration of the corresponding economic organization self-employed or limited liability company.

VI. Party A's responsibility :

1. Provide _________ registered trademark.

2. Provide _____________________________________________.

3. Provide _____________________________________________.

4. Responsible for training the main technical staff.

5. Provide overall store design and decoration suggestions.

6, Provide business information.

7. Party A sends a technician to take training the training period is 1-2 weeks, and Party B is responsible for salary, road expenses and living expenses.

8. Regularly report the operation to the head office.

9. Manage according to the unified management mode of the head office.

VII. Joining rules that Party B should abide by

1. Must use the ________________ trademark to engage in the catering industry.

2. To ensure quality, Party B must use _________________.

3, Party B must use the ____________________ provided by Party A, and the part __________ purchased by Party B must be agreed in writing by Party A.

4. All preparations required by Party B for operation must be prepared by personnel trained by Party A.

5. Party B shall implement the price standards uniformly formulated by Party A. If price adjustments are required due to regional reasons, Party A must obtain written consent.

6. Carry out business activities strictly in accordance with the franchise location, scale, number and time limit specified in the contract.

7. Do not sell ________________________________ to others.

8. Actively support the unified marketing activities carried out by Party A.

9. Strictly fulfill payment commitments and abide by credibility.

10. Party B can only operate one franchise store in accordance with this agreement. If two or more franchise stores need to be opened, a franchise contract and payment of franchise fees must be signed separately.

11. Party B will notify Party A in written form of the quantity of ingredients and main materials required in this contract in advance _______days, charge the corresponding payment to Party A ’s account and inform Party A in timeCheck.

12. Accept Party A's supervision.

VIII. Party B violated the contract; did not pay all dues on time; opened the _____________ shop without Party A ’s joining permission; Party A has the right to cancel the contract and collect Party B ’s joining deposit is not refundable.

IX. After meeting the statutory or termination conditions stipulated in this contract, after Party A informs Party B of the termination of the contract, Party B can no longer operate in the name of Party A ’s franchise store, or use Party A ’s trademarks and raw materials, otherwiseParty A shall be liable for a penalty of three times the joining fee.

X. When the contract expires, Party B will not renew the contract or this contract will be terminated or terminated. Party B shall not engage in the same catering business or project as Party A within three years, otherwise, theParty A pays liquidated damages.

XI. When the contract expires, Party B will not renew the contract or this contract will be terminated or terminated. Party B shall return all brand-related materials to Party A. If there is any loss, Party A finds that an operator uses the brand-related materials. Party BTake responsibility for infringing Party A's patent rights.

XII. The place of dispute settlement for this contract is ______________.

Thirteen, this contract is in triplicate, Party A has two copies of Party B, signed by the representatives of both parties of Party A's seal, and Party B pays the franchise fee and deposit in accordance with the contract, and the franchise contract becomes effective.

Party A: _____________________

person in charge :

Agent :

Account :

Telephone :

Address :


Party B: _____________________

person in charge :

Agent :

Account :

Telephone :

Address :


Franchise agency contract 2

1. Contract parties

Authorized party: Technology Development Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "Party A"

Legal Authorized Person :

Legal address: 12A, Building A, Shanghai Road Building, Zip :

Authorized party: ___________________________________ hereinafter referred to as "Party B" legal representative: _____________

Legal address: __________________________________

Party A and Party B negotiated and reached the following agreement on the operation of Party A ’s store in a specific area :

Second, contract period

The term of joining this contract is from ________year__month__day to ________year__month__day.

Three, franchise management

1. Party A hereby authorizes Party B to become a franchised dealer in the region. After this authorization, Party A will not grant any other enterprises or individuals the same distribution rights in the region.

2. During the authorization period, when Party A provides branded products to Party B, Party A shall ensure that the quality of the products provided meets the relevant national standards, the grade is consistent with the actual product, and guarantee the supply of goods.

3. Party B guarantees to pay Party A a franchise fee of RMB 20,000 per shop within 7 days of signing this contract. Each franchise store purchases branded products from Party A for the first time at a supply price of not less than RMB 10,000.

4. Party A guarantees that the products delivered to franchisees in mainland China maintain a uniform retail price.

5. Party A sells the branded products at a retail price of 4-4.5% to Party B see the distribution list for details, regardless of the first purchase or subsequent purchases, Party B should pay the purchase price in one lump.

6. If Party B deceives goods by means of fake bills of exchange or fake cheques, Party A will, in addition to investigating Party B ’s liability for breach of contract, request the judicial authority to pursue the criminal responsibility of the relevant personnel and unit according to law.

7. After purchasing products from Party A, Party B may exchange the products with Party A within five days from the date of purchase due to quality problems or combination of goods, but Party B shall keep the original products when replacingIntact, fully packaged and undamaged.

8. After the contract expires, if Party B decides not to sell branded products, Party B can return the existing products to Party A on the premise that Party B guarantees that the products are intact, the packaging is complete, the labels are not damaged, and the shelf life has not been exceeded.Return the returned product at 40% off the supply price.

III. Business venue, store decoration and configuration

1. Party B shall carry out business and promotional activities in the area mutually agreed by both parties. Party B shall not expand its business activities and promotional activities beyond the area without the permission of Party A.

2. The franchise store is located at Party B, or Party B will choose another place and report to Party A for approval.

3. In order to maintain the unity of the company ’s brand image, the franchised store is decorated by Party A for free, the decoration project is quoted and constructed by Party A ’s engineering department, and Party B shall pay the decoration project according to the project budget and assist in the construction of the localRelevant procedures. Party A will deliver the store to Party B for use within days after receiving the project payment.

4. The business requirements including: equipment, devices, appliances, signboards, etc. in the franchise store are designed and produced by the headquarters. The packaging materials, promotional gifts, delivery bags and other auxiliary materials and consumables necessary for the operation are joinedThe store needs to use the products provided by the headquarters. The above-mentioned costs are borne by the franchisee.

Fourth, Promotion and Advertising

1. During the authorization period, Party A will assist Party B in brand image design and provide Party B with appropriate product publicity materials, logos, posters, etc. Party A can help Party B according to Party B's business conditions and requirementsCarry out product promotion and promotion activities at specific times and regions. Specific matters can be discussed separately

2. Party A must cooperate in the overall brand publicity activities. Party B must cooperate, and the related brand products for promotion, promotion plan and advertising design are provided by Party A, and Party B complies with the implementation. Party A provides the price for the products involved in the promotion activities.On the basis of giving discounts according to the proportion of promotional discounts.

3. When Party B conducts brand-related publicity and advertising activities separately, it should inform Party A in advance and obtain Party A ’s consent before proceeding. The relevant advertising image design must be reviewed by Party A or provided by Party A.

4. Party B shall bear the responsibility of organizing promotional activities to generate promotional concessions and expenses.

V. Training and guidance

1. In order for the franchise store to operate well, before opening and during the execution of this contract, Party A should impart the necessary knowledge and management technology to the franchise store.

2. Before joining the franchise store, the store owner or two employees who can undertake the job should be sent to participate in the education and training prescribed by Party A to obtain the necessary knowledge and technology to operate the company store.

3. After opening, if Party A has a training instruction, Party B must also send personnel to participate in the refresher education prescribed in the preceding paragraph again according to the instructions to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills.

4. The franchised store bears the cost of traveling for training.

5. Three days before and after the opening of the franchise store, as the store's operation enters the track, Party A should dispatch personnel to the franchise store for opening and operation guidance.

6. Party B must participate in the annual sales meeting and temporary operator meeting organized by Party A. Party A should notify the meeting date four weeks in advance.

7. In addition to the operator meeting, Party A will occasionally send the market leader to Party B for guidance and training.

六 、 Trademarks, service marks and related rights

1. The ownership of all trademarks, service marks and related rights involved in this contract belongs to Party A.

2. Party A promises that during the execution of this contract, the franchise store of Party B may use Party A ’s trademarks, service marks and those signs, symbols, styles, labels and signs.

3. Party B shall not use all trademarks and service marks of Party A outside the franchise store.

4. Party B should provide good service to customers in the operation and maintain the reputation, reputation and good image of Party A's brand.

5. Both parties hereby clarify that Party B obtained the right to use Party A ’s trademarks, service marks and product distribution rights within the authorized period and within the designated area, which does not mean Party A ’s trademarks, brands and goodwillAny transfer or license of related intellectual property rights. After the contract expires or is terminated early, Party B shall not continue to use the brand under any pretext or engage in any business activities in the name of the brand distributor.

VII. Competition restrictions

1. During the contract period, if Party B intends to obtain the franchise agency right of its province, city or region, it can first obtain Party A's franchise agency right under the same conditions.

2. In order to show sincerity for the cooperation of Party A, during the contract period, if Party A launches other new series of goods and services, Party B has priority agency rights.

3. During the authorization period, Party B can no longer accept the authorization or commission of any other enterprise or individual to represent and distribute products of other brands in the franchised store.

4. Without the permission of Party A, Party B shall not transfer the distribution rights granted by Party A to any third party in various forms.

VIII. Service Quality Control

1. In order to maintain the consistency of the variety of products and services sold in the franchise store and improve the company's image, the operation method of the franchise store of Party B must comply with the requirements and standards stipulated in the operating manual provided by the headquarters.

2. When Party A has new products launched, Party B must purchase according to the minimum quantity or above, and put the new products on the shelves in time.

3. Party B shall, according to the requirements of Party A, give the "Rose Card" membership and corresponding discounts to the customer when the purchase amount reaches the prescribed standard, do a good job of registering and collecting member profile information and provide it to Party A regularly every six monthsMember profile information. Party B should notify all members of new product launches or product promotions, so that members can enjoy continuous high-quality services. Party A will visit member customers from time to time to check Party B's service quality.

4. Party A regularly or irregularly carries out purchase management, sales management, commodity management, commodity knowledge, hygiene management, employee management, accounting processing, store management, store furnishings, etc. in franchise stores in written or other ways. Provides relevant information to help franchisees implement standardized management.

5. As the number of franchise stores of Party A continues to increase throughout the country, Party A will carry out information management of all franchise stores. If this contract is still in effect when this management is implemented, Party B shall comply with Party A ’sThe implementation of management regulations shall not be refused for any reason.

IX. Confidentiality

1. Except as required by law, Party A shall not display to third parties the business report and other relevant materials submitted by Party B and information detrimental to Party B ’s interests. Party B shall not disclose Party A ’sThe contract stipulates the business technical secrets provided to Party B and the information that damages Party A ’s interests. Party B is responsible for ensuring that its employees do not disclose the foregoing secrets to third parties.

2. The confidentiality obligations of the two parties above remain valid after the expiration of this contract.

3. Party A ’s franchise store operation manual and other documents provided to Party B in accordance with the provisions of this contract belong to Party A. Party B shall keep it properly. When the contract is terminated, Party B shall immediately return it to Party A.

X. Transfer and inheritance of franchised stores

1. Party B shall not transfer all or part of any rights and franchise business specified in this contract to a third party without the prior consent of Party A, and shall not use this as a guarantee or other disposal.

2. If the franchise of Party B is likely to be interrupted due to obvious difficulties, in order to maintain the operation of the franchise chain, Party B can request the headquarters to temporarily take over the business. After the headquarters confirms that the franchise can be re-operated, the business rights should be promptly transferredReturn to franchise store.

3. The gains and losses incurred during the succession of the above headquarters are all franchise stores, and the expenses incurred by the agency operation of the headquarters are borne by the franchise stores.

4. If Party B wants to sell franchise stores or leased stores, it should first notify Party A, Party A has the right to give priority to lease and lease.

5. In the above situation, the two parties can negotiate to determine the franchise transfer price and rental fee. When the negotiation intention cannot be established, both parties can apply for legally valid certification or evaluation, and the cost will be borne by Party B.

XI. Termination of the contract

1. Three months before the contract expires, the contract can be renewed after negotiation between both parties.

2. The contract renewal of the preceding paragraph should be completed one month before the expiration of this contract. The new franchise chain contract signed by both parties shall be combined Composition this.

3. If the two parties have no intention to continue cooperation after the expiration of this contract, Party B shall undertake the following obligations when this contract is terminated :

a. Pay all the expenses payable to the headquarters;

b. Return all operation manuals, confidential documents and patent materials;

c. Transfer the "Card" member registration register to Party A;

d. Return, resell or destroy all signboards and materials with commercial signs;

e. Cancel business registration and name registration registered in name

f. Eliminate any signs of contact with the premises, equipment, furnishings, etc. inside and outside the original franchise store;

g. If the interests of third parties are damaged due to the operation of the franchised store, Party B shall bear the responsibility for compensation for the loss.

4. When Party A is liable for claims due to the actions of the franchise store, Party B may be required to bear the reimbursed compensation.

XII. Liability for breach of contract

1. Any party who fails to perform or does not fully perform the obligations stipulated in the terms of this contract constitutes a breach of contract, and the party that breaches the contract shall bear the responsibility for breach of contract.

2. Both parties agreed that the amount of the breach of contract shall be 10% of the total retail price of the products provided by Party B before the sale of the contract. If the breach causes damage to the other party and the loss exceeds the total amount of the breach of contract, the breaching party shall also be responsible for compensation for the excessLiability. The violating party has not been corrected within 30 days after the other party puts forward the corrective opinions in writing. The other party has the right to terminate the contract and have the right to demand compensation from the other party.

XIII. Resolution of contract disputes

For any disputes arising from the execution of this contract, the two parties should first negotiate friendlyly. If the negotiation fails, both parties have the right to initiate arbitration with the Shenzhen Arbitration Commission.

Fourteen, others

1. This contract is effective from the date of signature and seal by both parties.

2. The original of this contract is in duplicate, each party holds one copy, and each copy has the same legal effect.

Party A: Limited company

Address :

telephone and fax :

Authorized representative signature :

Party B :

Address :

telephone and fax :

Authorized representative signature :

Franchise agency contract 3

Party A :

Party B :

After friendly consultations, both parties A and B reached the following agreement on the matter of automatic website system agency :

First, agency content

Independent fully automatic website system: including system application guide, automatic website management, customer management, etc.

Second, agency method and price

Party B pays the franchise fee _____yuan in advance to Party A ____yuan, which is a ___level agent, and establishes an office of Tongyi Network ________, with the title "____________" agent Party A's automatic websiteOther business. Within 24 hours of payment, Party A opens the agency website for Party B.

Each party B deals with a customer, according to the unified space of Party A: 100m____ yuan, 200m____ yuan, 500m____ yuan to settle with Party A.

Three, the rights and obligations of both parties

1. Party B obtains the right to use the system by proxy. Party A does not provide the website's ftp permission and system source program to Party B if necessary, the two parties negotiate to charge. Party B manages the customer and the host through the background management systemStation content.

2. Party B operates independently, but the transaction price with the client shall not be lower than the unified public price of Party A.

3. Party A provides website space and application system technical services, and Party B shall apply for relevant business and business licenses.

4. Party B needs to do a good job in customer review, and it is strictly forbidden to open any website in the system that contains reactionary, violent, pornographic including sex products, damages the reputation of others, piracy and any content that violates laws and regulations and social ethics; and shall notSend spam in any form; once a violation of this clause is found, Party A has the right to close the website system of Party B. If it is true that Party B violates this provision and the server IP address or domain name is closed by the relevant department, Party B needsCompensate for the losses caused thereby. To determine whether the incident was caused by Party A, the basis provided by the authorized unit or department such as "China Channel, New Network, China Internet Information Center" shall prevail.

5. Party A guarantees the normal operation of Party B's website system.

6. Party A provides technical support services, and Party B participates in the technical group to answer technical questions.

7. Party A should make a system and data backup. If the system file is damaged due to the server, after Party B proposes, Party A will restore the system file within 48 hours.

8. For the operation failure caused by the system itself, Party A responds within 24 hours and provides a solution. If the server cannot be accessed or the system crashes due to Party A's reasons, Party A should recover within 48 hours.

9. If Party A upgrades the system, upgrade the system of Party B within one week.

10. Both parties A and B should pay attention to the confidentiality of Party A's customer information and password, and should not provide customer information and password to others in any form.

11. For example, due to force majeure refers to objective events that are unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable and have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics, etc. and social events such as wars,Unrest, government actions, etc. cause the server to be inaccessible, and Party A does not assume any responsibility.

12. Within the validity period of the contract, Party A recognizes Party B as an office in the ________ area.

13. If both parties agree, you can link the detailed information of "____________" in the latest bulletin board of the Party A website or the relevant location of the agent interface.

Four, legal effect

1. Any changes, modifications or additions or decreases to the terms of this agreement require the agreement of both parties to sign a written document as an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as this agreement.

2. All disputes arising from or related to the execution of this agreement shall be resolved by friendly negotiation between both parties. If the two parties still cannot reach an agreement through negotiation, they may submit to the arbitration agency of Party A ’s location for arbitration or to Party A.The local people's court sued.

3. The validity period of this agreement is from ____ year ____ month ____ day, the validity period is 1 year, if there is no objection, it will automatically continue for 1 year.

4. This agreement will take effect after signed and sealed by both parties.

5. This agreement is made in duplicate, and each party holds one.

6. The fax of this agreement has the same legal effect.

Party A Seal Party B Seal

Signature of representative

Date of signing: ____year____month___day

Joining agent contract 4

Party A: ______________ Catering Management Co., Ltd.

Party B: ______________________________

In order to quickly expand the Chinese market and facilitate regional management, Party A agrees to grant franchisees ’franchise the right to represent _______ brands in the XX City region through franchising, and the following agreement is reached through friendly negotiation between the two parties :

1. Relevant deposit: six months without interest refund

First-tier cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Second-tier cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Tier 3 cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Second, related expenses

Construction design drawing fee: _______RMB.

Supervision fee: _______RMB.

Each authorized franchise fee is _______ ten thousand yuan.

The first phase of preparation: _______ yuan refer to the franchise manual.

Agent consultation and counseling fee: _______ yuan / month per store.

3. Other aspects

In case of national advertising and promotion, it will be shared according to the ratio of the number of stores in the country.

Party B agrees to cooperate with the various strategic operations of Party A's head office.

The relevant logistics supply are all supplied at reasonable prices in the market.

Party A should provide various services related to decoration, operation management, marketing strategy, etc.

Party B is not subject to this when it is directly operated by Party A during its regional agency in XX City.

Party B agrees to develop more than 6 _______ stores within one year of the agency period. If it fails to complete, Party A has the right to withdraw the regional agency rights.

Party A agrees to manage the operation of all franchisees in the region and exercise the rights of the regional headquarters during the regional agent's management requirements in accordance with _______ headquarters' management specifications.

The above agreement is in duplicate, and both parties A and B hold one each. It will take effect from the day when both parties sign.

Party A: ___________ Party B: ___________

Representative: ___________ Representative: ___________