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5 articles of franchise agency contract collection

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In recent years, as people's legal awareness has increased, many occasions have to use contracts to mediate disputes. Signing a contract can guarantee their legal rights to the greatest extent. So what issues should be noted when writing a contract? The following is about joining5 agency contracts, for reference only, welcome to read.

Joining agent contract 1

Party A: _________________

Party B: _________________

To jointly develop _________________ chain catering, the two parties signed the following contract after friendly negotiation :

One, contract content: Party B joins the _______ chain restaurant established by Party A.

Second, joining place: ________________

3. Joining fee: _________ yuan; brand deposit _________ yuan. Payment method: __________ One-time payment when the contract is signed.

Fourth, joining period: _______ year ____ month ____ day to _______ year ____ month ____ day subject to the payment time The period is ____ year expires, expiresAfter signing a separate franchise contract.

V. Party B shall establish an independent industrial and commercial registration of the corresponding economic organization self-employed or limited liability company.

VI. Party A's responsibility :

1. Provide _________ registered trademark.

2. Provide _____________________________________________.

3. Provide _____________________________________________.

4. Responsible for training the main technical staff.

5. Provide overall store design and decoration suggestions.

6, Provide business information.

7. Party A sends a technician to take training the training period is 1-2 weeks, and Party B is responsible for salary, road expenses and living expenses.

8. Regularly report the operation to the head office.

9. Manage according to the unified management mode of the head office.

VII. Joining rules that Party B should abide by

1. Must use the ________________ trademark to engage in the catering industry.

2. To ensure quality, Party B must use _________________.

3, Party B must use the ____________________ provided by Party A, and the part __________ purchased by Party B must be agreed in writing by Party A.

4. All preparations required by Party B for operation must be prepared by personnel trained by Party A.

5. Party B shall implement the price standards uniformly formulated by Party A. If price adjustments are required due to regional reasons, Party A must obtain written consent.

6. Carry out business activities strictly in accordance with the franchise location, scale, number and time limit specified in the contract.

7. Do not sell ________________________________ to others.

8. Actively support the unified marketing activities carried out by Party A.

9. Strictly fulfill payment commitments and abide by credibility.

10. Party B can only operate one franchise store in accordance with this agreement. If two or more franchise stores need to be opened, a franchise contract and payment of franchise fees must be signed separately.

11. Party B will notify Party A in written form of the quantity of ingredients and main materials required in this contract in advance _______days, charge the corresponding payment to Party A ’s account and inform Party A in timeCheck.

12. Accept Party A's supervision.

VIII. Party B violated the contract; did not pay all dues on time; opened the _____________ shop without Party A ’s joining permission; Party A has the right to cancel the contract and collect Party B ’s joining deposit is not refundable.

IX. After meeting the statutory or termination conditions stipulated in this contract, after Party A informs Party B of the termination of the contract, Party B can no longer operate in the name of Party A ’s franchise store, or use Party A ’s trademarks and raw materials, otherwiseParty A shall be liable for a penalty of three times the joining fee.

X. When the contract expires, Party B will not renew the contract or this contract will be terminated or terminated. Party B shall not engage in the same catering business or project as Party A within three years, otherwise, theParty A pays liquidated damages.

XI. When the contract expires, Party B will not renew the contract or this contract will be terminated or terminated. Party B shall return all brand-related materials to Party A. If there is any loss, Party A finds that an operator uses the brand-related materials. Party BTake responsibility for infringing Party A's patent rights.

XII. The place of dispute settlement for this contract is ______________.

Thirteen, this contract is in triplicate, Party A has two copies of Party B, signed by the representatives of both parties of Party A's seal, and Party B pays the franchise fee and deposit in accordance with the contract, and the franchise contract becomes effective.

Party A: _____________________

person in charge :

Agent :

Account :

Telephone :

Address :


Party B: _____________________

person in charge :

Agent :

Account :

Telephone :

Address :


Franchise agency contract 2

Place of signing contract :

Contract No. :

Party A: Jilin Tianrun Ecological Food Co., Ltd.

Party B :

In order to vigorously promote the sales of Jilin Tianrun Ecological Food Co., Ltd. _______________, Party A seeks agents from all regions, and Party B requires the establishment of local sales agents.In principle, reach the following agreement on related matters :

I. Validity of contract :

The contract is valid from XX month ______ month to 200___ year ______ month ______.

Second, the responsibilities, rights and benefits of both parties:

1. Party A authorizes Party B to be the agent of Party A Jilin Tianrun Ecological Food Co., Ltd. products in _______________ area.

2. Party A actively assists Party B to carry out product promotion activities, and provides Party B with product information, market operation information and promotion guidance.

3. Party B enjoys the right to distribute products authorized by Party A in the authorized area, and must have a distribution rate of more than 60% in the jurisdiction area within three months from the date of contract signing, Convenience stores, etc., and notify Party A for the record, otherwise Party A has the right to cancel Party B ’s agency rights.

4. Party B must cooperate with Party A to maintain the price stability of its products on the _______________ market. Party B shall not sell the price without authorization in any way including discounts, promotional activities, etc.; Party B shall not distribute across regions.Party B has the right to cancel Party B ’s agency rights.

5. Party B shall not sell other similar products in the authorized area, otherwise Party A has the right to cancel Party B ’s agency rights.

6. It is strictly forbidden to make irresponsible promises to consumers and exaggerate the health care functions and therapeutic effects of products.

7. Party A may print the words of Party B's units and regional agents on the product packaging according to the requirements of Party B. The packaging costs shall be borne by Party B and settled at one time.

8. Party B has to go through the relevant procedures for listing the product in the agency area; it has the obligation to keep confidential the product management situation and market information of Party A; it has the obligation to notify the market sales situation and user demand information.

Three, product price and quantity :

1. Please see the attached table for the product price: Party A should inform Party B if there is a price adjustment. If Party B deliberately violates the price policy in this area and causes regional price confusion, Party A has the right to cancel Party B ’s agency rights.

2. Payment method: Party B will remit the payment to Party A's account within 7 days from the date of signing this contract. If the above payment is not paid within 10 days, it will be deemed that Party B cancels the contract and Party A has the right to continue to call the areaAgent.

Four, supply and acceptance :

Payment to delivery, railway shipping container or slow-load LTL consignment, also can be used by car, air and postal express.

1. Party B shall submit the order form and remittance to Party A in written form such as fax 10 days in advance, appoint a special person principal ______ name, ______ post signature and seal, Party A will ship according to this order.

2. Under normal circumstances, after receiving the order from Party B, Party A shall confirm the payment from Party A to the account and ship it within 5 days. The freight is borne by Party __. In case of special circumstances, Party A shall notify Party B within 48 hours.

3. The occurrence of irresistible factors natural disasters, railways, highways, marine accidents, etc., except for the situation where Party A cannot supply on time.

4. Party B must check whether the outer packaging is intact and whether the number of goods conforms when the goods arrive to pick up. If any errors are found, they must immediately negotiate with the transport unit and notify Party A within 3 days. Both parties A and B negotiate to resolve, Otherwise the responsibility shall be borne by Party B.

5. During the acceptance, if Party B finds that the specifications and models are not in conformity with the order, it shall be properly stored and objected within 3 days after the arrival of the goods, which shall be resolved through negotiation between Party A and Party B.

6. Delivery place: province, city and county station

7. Inspection location: Party A's warehouse

8. Freight: Party A is only responsible for railway slow parts, or logistics freight, if express mail is required, both parties A and B will bear 50% of each, and other expenses such as air and express delivery are borne by Party B.

Five, marketing and advertising.

1. Party A provides Party B with the publicity, promotional materials and promotional materials required by the market.

2. Party A is responsible for nationwide publicity and planning, and has an obligation to assist Party B in market planning and operation guidance.

3. Party B shall unconditionally maintain Party A ’s corporate image, publicize and improve the reputation of Party A ’s products.

4. Party B must obtain the consent of Party A for the regional advertising of Party A's products. The production and release of advertisements must accept Party A's guidance. The advertising fees and market promotion fees shall be borne by Party B.

Six, product quality assurance.

1. During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems, Party A is responsible for replacement and return. If the product is caused by non-quality reasons such as improper storage, Party A is not responsible.

2. For the return of goods due to quality problems, Party A is responsible for replacement and return, and bear the cost of return.

VII. Reward terms :

1. Anyone who purchases more than 3 boxes of any combination products of Party A's product serial number 001-015 at one time will withdraw 25% of profits at the national unified retail price;

2. Those who purchase more than 50,000 yuan in a one-time purchase will receive a reward of 10% after enjoying 25% of the profit;

3. Those who purchase a one-time purchase of more than 100,000 yuan will receive an additional 15% on the basis of enjoying 25% of the profit.

Eight, others :

1. When the contract expires, Party B will complete the sales performance of Party A, and then enjoy the priority of renewal.

2. For the returned goods caused by Party B the goods are not damaged within half a year, Party A deducts 13 yuan per box as the packaging loss fee according to the contract price, and the rest of the goods are returned in full. The transportation costs are borne by Party B.

3. If either party A or B fails to perform this contract due to force majeure reasons, it shall promptly notify the other party of the reason for the non-performance or the need to postpone or partially perform the contract. After obtaining the certificate of the other party ’s competent authority, this contractMay not perform or postpone or partially perform, and is exempt from liability for breach of contract.

3. In the course of the implementation of this agreement, if a dispute occurs, both parties A and B shall promptly and friendlyly settle the settlement. If the negotiation fails, they may be litigated in the court where the contract is signed.

4. This contract is effective after both parties sign and seal, and has legal effect. This contract is made in duplicate, and each party holds one copy.

5. This contract is effective from the date of signing by both parties, and neither party can modify or terminate the contract without authorization. If the representatives of both parties change, the contract cannot be changed. If there are unresolved matters in this contract, both parties mustConsult together to make supplementary provisions, which have the same effect as this contract.

Party A Chapter: Jilin Tianrun Ecological Food Co., Ltd.

Party B Chapter :

Franchise agency contract 3

Party A: ××× Party B :

hereinafter referred to as the headquarters hereinafter referred to as the franchise store

person in charge: person in charge :

Party B agrees with Party A ’s leading theoretical ideas and voluntarily applies for joining.

1. The joining fee is a one-time 30,000 yuan, the joining fee is not refundable.

II. The headquarters strictly implements the above regional protection policies to ensure the maximum benefit of franchise stores. The headquarters is obliged to assist Party B in site selection, store design and decoration, staff training, opening and business planning. The headquarters is responsible for the first half of the first halfTo train 2-3 chefs ie, soup soup staff, Party B only needs to pay Party A's material costs. If the chef needs to be trained after half a year, Party A will need to pay a training fee yuan / person.

3. Party B should abide by the business philosophy of the headquarters and consciously serve every guest.

Fourth, Party B is completely financially independent, bears its own profits and losses, and bears its own legal responsibilities and obligations. The headquarters is only responsible for technical guidance.

Five, the secret base material supplied by the headquarters to Party B is 260 yuan / barrel, the settlement method is payment before delivery, and logistics costs are borne by Party B. If the price of oil or raw materials rises, the price per barrel can be appropriately raised.

VI. In case of force majeure factors such as natural disasters, Party A has no responsibility, and Party B should express its understanding.

VII. When Party B purchases the base material, the minimum standard is 5-10 barrels at a time. If the base material is not purchased for half a month, Party A has the right to terminate the agreement.

Eight, Party B must mark the franchise phone of Party A's headquarters in the conspicuous position of the store signboard.

Nine, the two parties solemnly promise that all business activities are legal, and any party who violates the national law will independently bear all legal consequences.

Party A: Party B :

year month day year month month day

Joining agent contract 4

Party A: ______________ Catering Management Co., Ltd.

Party B: ______________________________

In order to quickly expand the Chinese market and facilitate regional management, Party A agrees to grant franchisees ’franchise the right to represent _______ brands in the XX City region through franchising, and the following agreement is reached through friendly negotiation between the two parties :

1. Relevant deposit: six months without interest refund

First-tier cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Second-tier cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Tier 3 cities _______ ten thousand yuan.

Second, related expenses

Construction design drawing fee: _______RMB.

Supervision fee: _______RMB.

Each authorized franchise fee is _______ ten thousand yuan.

The first phase of preparation: _______ yuan refer to the franchise manual.

Agent consultation and counseling fee: _______ yuan / month per store.

3. Other aspects

In case of national advertising and promotion, it will be shared according to the ratio of the number of stores in the country.

Party B agrees to cooperate with the various strategic operations of Party A's head office.

The relevant logistics supply are all supplied at reasonable prices in the market.

Party A should provide various services related to decoration, operation management, marketing strategy, etc.

Party B is not subject to this when it is directly operated by Party A during its regional agency in XX City.

Party B agrees to develop more than 6 _______ stores within one year of the agency period. If it fails to complete, Party A has the right to withdraw the regional agency rights.

Party A agrees to manage the operation of all franchisees in the region and exercise the rights of the regional headquarters during the regional agent's management requirements in accordance with _______ headquarters' management specifications.

The above agreement is in duplicate, and both parties A and B hold one each. It will take effect from the day when both parties sign.

Party A: ___________ Party B: ___________

Representative: ___________ Representative: ___________


Joining agent contract 5

According to the relevant provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", after friendly consultations between Party A and Party B, the following agreement was reached on the project of Party B :

Party A :

Party B :

1. Party A authorizes Party B to be a franchise chain and an agent of Party A, and operates light and beautiful projects in provinces and cities.

Second, the operating period is from 20xx to 20xx, and if the contract expires, it will continue for one year if there is no breach of contract.

Three, Party A and Party B each bear civil liability within the contract period, there is no property right and attribution relationship between each other, but must operate in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, Party B can only use the products of Party A in its franchise stores.

Four, Party A's rights and obligations

1. Party A will give Party B a market price of RMB yuan for products and equipment with a value of RMB, and Party B will sign for the delivery note.

2. Party A shall not set up other agents or franchise stores in the agent area.

3. Party A supplies to Party B according to the uniform retail price of the goods Party A reserves the right to adjust the supply price accordingly due to the price of the national market material

4. If Party A has a new product launch, Party B should give priority to agents in the region.

5. During the opening of Party B, Party A may send personnel to come to the door for training, and Party B shall bear the travel expenses and wages.

6. Party A commits to the technical package teaching conference. Until the society learns, if Party B has technical problems after opening the store, you can always consult Party A at any time.

V. Party B's rights and obligations

1. Obtain the right of the project product designated by Party A in the regional operation.

2. Party B shall provide relevant documents and personal identification certificate approved by the local industry and commerce department for operation.

3. If it is an agent, within one year of contract signing, there are less than 2 regional investment invitations in Party B; or if there is no purchase for 2 consecutive months, Party A will have the right to cancel the qualification of Party B.

4. Party B's management rights are limited to the area agreed upon in the first clause. If Party B has trans-regional operations, Party A will be disqualified as an agent and a fine of 10,000 yuan will be imposed upon confirmation.

六 、 Product receipt and delivery and expenses

1, Party A will pay the goods from delivery to delivery, according to the order form and remittance order.

2, the product is entrusted to Party A by Party B, and Party B is responsible for the freight charges.

3. Party B shall check and accept the product within 3 days after receiving the goods. The acceptance shall be subject to Party A ’s invoice. If there are fewer or wrong delivery, it will be attached to the invoice and uploaded back to Party A for verification and reissue;, Party B needs to sign the receipt, and send the documents back to Party A. If Party A does not receive Party B's acceptance documents 3 days after the goods arrive at Party B, it will be deemed that all the goods of Party B have been checked into the warehouse.

4. Party B needs to return the purchased product. If it is a quality problem of Party A, Party A is responsible for free replacement; if it is Party B's own replacement, if the packaging damage affects the re-sale, Party B shall bear the 30% packaging cost after the product discount.

VII. Breach of contract and its responsibilities

Any violation of the above clauses is considered a breach of contract; the party that unilaterally terminates the contract if the partner does not breach the contract is also deemed to have breached the contract. In the case of a unilateral breach of the contract, the observant party can immediately terminate the contract and breach the contract.The party shall pay the breaching party a ten thousand yuan breach of contract damage. Factors of force majeure may be negotiated separately.

Eight, unfinished matters

This contract becomes effective after being signed by both parties. The contract is made in duplicate, and each party holds one. If a dispute arises, the two parties negotiate and resolve, and if the negotiation fails, arbitration may be initiated.

Party A: Party B :

Legal person: Legal person :

ID number: ID number :

Address: Address :

Telephone: Telephone :

year, month and day