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Five articles on annual nursing work plan templates

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Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. What is waiting for us is new opportunities and challenges. We must plan our future work methods well. Work plan What should be written to be correct? Here are 5 articles on annual nursing work plan, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Nursing annual work plan 1

I. Deepen the reform of the personnel system and promote the improvement of nursing quality.

The reform of the personnel system is the direction and the way out. The reform will face many difficulties, but without reforms, greater difficulties will emerge. The Nursing Department must first clarify this point and find a reasonable position.Actively participate in the reform with a good attitude. Leaders' staffs should be good, provide feasible reference opinions for leaders, gain leadership understanding, trust, and support. Use multiple channels to explain the spirit of personnel system reform to nursing staff.Thoughts and development trends, unify thinking, fully understand the need for reform, eliminate dissatisfaction and resistance. Taking reform as an opportunity, the nursing staff in the hospital will have both a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis; not only establish a sense of competition, but also enhance servicesAwareness and quality awareness, optimize the nursing team and promote the improvement of nursing quality.

Second, do a good job in the construction of the nursing team and improve the quality of the nursing team

The nursing staff in the hospital must realize that “innate deficiency” has become our motivation for continuous learning instead of resistance, and establish the spirit of self-improvement, advancement, and diligent study of professional knowledge. Only through hard work to accumulate knowledge can we improve our quality and business abilityOnly then can we gradually transform the current secondary school-based education body into a specialist and undergraduate-based nursing team. The Nursing Department will adopt multiple channels to provide learning opportunities for nursing staff.

1. Encourage middle and young nurses to take self-study, radio and television university exams, and by the end of the year, 55% of nurses will be employed.

2. Nursing staff are encouraged to participate in nursing undergraduate and graduate studies, and by the end of the year, there will be 6 bachelor degree staff.

3. Select and send nursing backbones to study short-term nursing training courses inside and outside the province, focusing on management knowledge and specialized knowledge progress.

4. Persist in holding nursing knowledge, new business and new technology, professional technical training in the hospital every month. The business study in the department is 1-2 times a month, the nursing rounds are 1 time, the operation training, etc. The nursing department focuses on standardizing the nursing check.To improve the quality of inspections to improve the level of professional knowledge and practical ability.

III. Nursing quality management is the core. Strengthen quality control.

1. Nursing unit promotes quantitative assessment of nursing work. The Nursing Department draws up a quantitative assessment plan and implementation details of nursing work, using a comprehensive assessment of workload, quality of work and quality defects. Each nursing unit carefully organizes implementation, conducts assessments, and passes workQuantitative assessment promotes the change of nursing staff's concept, strengthens the consciousness of dedication, active service, quality, and safety, thereby improving the quality of care.

2, With a rigorous attitude of being too detailed, too refined, too practical, and too strict, grasp the entire quality management of each nursing work, that is, the basic quality, link quality, and end quality, of which the link quality is the focus. The nursing department will in-depthThe department regulates the management of each link.

3. Adhere to the three-level quality control group's quarterly and monthly nursing quality inspections, assessments, timely notification of problems in the inspections and improved measures, ranking the results of the inspections, forming mutual competition between departments, year-end nursingThe top three quality departments will be rewarded, and the three top departments will be punished after two consecutive years.

4. The Nursing Department has revised the individual assessment deductions for the quality problems in the nursing work in 20xx, and increased the assessment punishment.

5. Strengthen hospital infection control. Strictly observe the implementation of disinfection and isolation, and do a good job of environmental hygiene monitoring in the ward, and the results should meet the standards. At the same time, do disinfection at any time, disinfection at the epidemic source, terminal disinfection, and daily disinfection.. The used items are disinfected according to the treatment principle, and the disposable items are managed, used, and treated as required.

IV. Nursing safety is the focus of nursing management.

Nursing safety work is unremitting, and it is necessary to combine macro management with micro management, make full use of the three-level nursing management system, perform its duties, check at each level, and do a good job of nursing safety management to reduce medical disputes and medical treatment.Hidden accidents to ensure the safety of patients seeking medical treatment.

1. The Nursing Department does a good job of macro management, supplements and improves nursing safety management measures, takes care of pre-post training of nursing staff at all levels, regularly and irregularly checks safety work, and continues to adhere to nurses' night inspections and pre-holiday safety inspections and festivals.Inspection.

2. The head nurse does a good job of micro-management. Adhere to the transfer of poisonous and narcotic drugs, rescue drugs, and materials, keep the rescue equipment functional, and keep the good rate of rescue items up to 100%. Do a good job of monitoring the nursing staff, the patient'sLink monitoring, link monitoring of time and link monitoring of nursing operations.

1, link monitoring of nursing staff: new transfer, new Graduation , trainee nurse and thoughtful or Family Unfortunate nurses strengthen management, focus on accountability, focus on shifts, focus on rounds.

2 Patient monitoring: newly admitted, newly transferred, critically ill, patients after major surgery, patients with potential danger of medical disputes should be supervised, checked and monitored.

3 Time monitoring: Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, busy work, fatigue-prone time, and night shifts must be supervised and managed. The Nursing Department organizes head nurses to make irregular rounds.

4 Monitoring of nursing operations: infusion, blood transfusion, various allergy tests, preparation before surgery, etc. Although it is a daily work, if there is a problem, it is a life-threatening event and should be used as a nursing managementFocus of monitoring.

V. Changing nursing concept and improving nursing service quality

1. Through training, train nursing staff to establish the concept of "patient-centered", take the voice of the patient as the first signal, the needs of the patient as the first need, the interests of the patient as the first consideration, and the patient'sSatisfaction is the first standard. Establishing a comprehensive nursing concept, correcting and overcoming the past patient's "headache, foot pain, footcare" nursing practices, should be considered in its entirety, comprehensive planning, integrating hospitals, families, society and other forces,The ward implements whole-hearted, comprehensive, full-process, multi-channel systematic nursing.

2. Conduct etiquette training for nursing staff in the hospital.

3.5.12 International Nurses' Day held a speech contest on the theme of "every patient as the center, everything for the convenience of patients", changing the mindset of nursing staff, changing patients to serve me, serving me, and better providing qualityservice.

4. Carry out star service selection activities in the whole hospital.

Sixth, strengthen nursing management and rational use of human resources

1. All nursing units in the hospital implement flexible scheduling. The Nursing Department formulates the implementation of flexible scheduling. The head nurse should reasonably allocate human resources according to the patient situation and nursing workload in the department to achieve quality and quantity and provide satisfactory care to patients.Services to reduce waste of human resources and avoid overwhelming situations. Nursing staff throughout the hospital are on call whenever they need to work, and take vacations when they are not needed.

2. Nursing managers should enhance their awareness of business management. The head nurse should work with the head of the department to find a way to change the income structure of the department. With the cost accounting of the department, the head nurse is both a decision maker and a participant.Material cost accounting work, carry out careful and accurate statistics, achieve planning and control, accounting and analysis coexist, and gradually explore the regularity of the department's cost consumption, so that the department's medical cost is reasonable and scientific, low consumption and effective;The burden on patients, as well as increasing social benefits, can also increase economic benefits and increase personal income.

VII. Nursing indicators completed

1, 100% pass rate for basic nursing 85 points for pass.

2. The qualified rate of special and primary care is ≥85% the qualifying standard is 80 points.

3, 100% of first aid items are intact.

4. The pass rate of nursing file writing is ≥90% eligibility standard is 80 points.

5. Nursing staff "The three basic assessment pass rate is 100% eligibility standard is 80 points.

6. One person, one needle, one tube, one use sterilization pass rate reaches 100%.

7, 100% qualified rate of conventional equipment disinfection and sterilization.

8. Disposal rate of disposable syringes and infusion blood devices reaches 100%.

9, the annual number of bedsores is 0 except for unavoidable bedsores.

Nursing Annual Work Plan 2

I. Strengthen professional ethics education and build medical ethics.

1. Establish a good professional image for nurses, require nurses to standardize their dress, use service terms, and love their posts, and have a sense of responsibility.

2, new and old nurses unite and cooperate, do a good job of helping and promoting team spirit.

3. Patients report good people and good deeds and give praise in time.

Second, strengthen nursing quality management.

1. Improve the job responsibilities and working procedure standards of nurses in each department of the department, and implement the higher-level nurses to guide, supervise and check the lower-level nurses' work. The head nurse organizes nursing rounds once a week, respectively for different diseases such as general, difficult and critical..

2. In view of the characteristics of ICU unaccompanied and short visiting time, pay attention to basic care, adhere to bedside shifts of critically ill patients, and prevent complications.

3. Strengthen the study of the core nursing system and combine the ten major safety goals of the ICU to do a good job in identifying and nursing the various channels.

4. Regularly organize nursing business studies, mainly based on clinical random training assessment.

5. Use a disease selected in the morning to learn related theoretical knowledge and nursing routines in time to effectively improve the quality of nursing connotation on the same day.

6. Carry out QC activities to solve nursing problems.

7. The quality of nursing care is continuously improved, and the quality of nursing care is regularly checked, and timely feedback and follow-up of problems arising from the third-level quality control of the hospital and the first-level quality control of the department, and proposing nursing measures to reduce the occurrence of adverse events.

8. Hold monthly department's patient safety hazard and adverse event analysis meeting to publicize adverse events and safety hazards, analyze the reasons, and formulate preventive measures. For adverse events, risk assessment, consultation, pressure ulcers, etc., follow up and verify in time., Timely revision of preventive measures to achieve continuous improvement.

III. Do a good job in human resource training so that the ability and level of nursing staff can meet the needs of quality nursing service work.

1. Develop a training plan for the department and implement it monthly by level according to the plan.

2. Do a good job in training the ability of department nurses, do a good job of learning and training of low-level nurses; organize the department nurses to participate in the study organized by the hospital.

IV. Strengthen nursing safety awareness and strengthen safety education for all employees.

1. Timely analyze and discuss the hidden safety hazards that appear and exist in the whole hospital and department, and put forward preventive measures.

2. Strengthen the "sudden independence" spirit of ICU nurses and emphasize the safety of medication.

3. Strengthen the training and inspection of nursing document writing, and further improve the content of special care orders to ensure that nurses complete electronic nursing records in a timely, objective, truthful and complete manner, and ensure the safety of medical care.

4. In accordance with the department's problems, formulate reward and punishment measures for nursing quality monitoring to improve the responsibility of nurses in each class.

V. Strengthen continuing education and learning, and use various opportunities and methods to continuously improve the business skills of nursing staff.

1. Encourage nurses in the department to participate in various academic education.

2. Strengthen the basic skills operation training for low-age nurses.

3. Pay attention to the training of specialist nursing staff.

4. According to the work of the department, the nurses in the department will be selected to study the ICU specialty nursing technology in batches.

Sixthly, the implementation of the assessment standards for the military's tertiary first-class general hospitals

Conscientiously study the evaluation standards for tertiary level A general hospitals, deeply understand the profound meaning of each sentence and word, and through the hospital evaluation work, make all nursing work reach the military tertiary level A general hospitals' work standards.

VII. Do a good job of teaching and research in the department

1. Do a good job in the management of new admissions personnel and interns, and follow the procedures of training in the admissions department, transfer of skills between departments, and the assessment process when leaving the department. The combination of teaching and use, and focus on the clinical practice of internsTeaching work, do a good job in the training and admission of the department, select competent nurses for clinical teaching work, and get praise from interns.

2. Do a good job in the 20xx ICU nursing scientific research new technology and new project.

Eighth, do a good job in the department of hospital infection protection.

1. According to the specialty characteristics of critical medicine, do a good job in the prevention and control of nosocomial infections, establish a nosocomial infection control team in the department, analyze the problems existing in the department in a timely manner, discuss and formulate effective measures to prevent infectionOutbreaks and outbreaks.

2. Do a good job of training doctors, nurses, nurses, cleaners, interns, and implement good hand hygiene measures to prevent cross infection.

IX. Complete temporary and instructional tasks in time

Under the leadership of hospitals and departments, inspire the spirit, continue to learn and innovate, forge ahead, and achieve continuous improvement of department nursing quality, gradually deepen the connotation construction of departments, and make ICU nursing work reach a new level.

Nursing annual work plan 3

I. Efforts to learn professional knowledge, improve practical ability, combine what they have learned with work, consolidate knowledge in work, promote work in study, and seriously complete various tasks assigned by leaders.

2. Cultivate a good psychological quality, do not panic at work, and orderly.

3. Nursing assessment :

1. The average score of basic nursing theory knowledge assessment is> 95 points;

2. The average score of nursing technology operation assessment is> 95 points;

3. Patients' satisfaction with nursing work is> 95%;

4. Strict aseptic operation, zero invasive treatment response rate;

Strengthening the training of basic theoretical knowledge, improve the comprehensive quality and professional ability of nursing staff, strengthen the training of nursing professional technical operations, and continuously summarize lessons and lessons in the work, be bold and careful, overcome, and actively learn about nursing-relatedNew business new technology.

IV. Strengthen the study of various rules and regulations transfer system, check system, health education system, etc., manage people with the system, and take strong supervision measures to let the system form habits and make the department a good atmosphere.To facilitate the long-term development of the department.

V. Efforts to improve service attitude: Let patients be satisfied from the heart, require each nurse to establish a good service attitude, treat each patient with enthusiasm, treat patient satisfaction as the ultimate goal of our work, and provide patients with convenience as much as possible, Patient-centered, promote humane services, strengthen nurse-patient communication, improve patient satisfaction, and avoid nursing disputes.

Nursing annual work plan 4

In the new year of XX, our nursing work should also be taken to a higher level. To this end, we have formulated a nursing work plan for XX :

I. Strengthen nurses' on-the-job education and improve the comprehensive quality of nursing staff

I Grasp the "three basics" of nurses and the training and assessment of professional skills according to the standardized training of nurses and the implementation plan of continuing education for nurses on the job

1. Focus on strengthening the assessment of newly admitted nurses, hired nurses and low-age nurses to strengthen their learning consciousness. The work plan of the Nursing Department will focus on strengthening basic nursing knowledge in the first half of the year and increase the number of assessments until it reaches the standard.

2. Basic skills assessment: Nurses who are subject to standardized training must meet all the 16 basic skills during the year. The assessment requirements are drawn in actual work. Nurses at other levels plan to arrange an operational exam and a theoretical exam twice.

3. Strengthening the training of technical expertise: each department has drawn up a training and assessment plan for the theory and skills of the specialty in the cycle, and organizes examinations and assessments 2-3 times a year. Theoretical examinations must have test papers and closed-book examinations organized by the head nurse.It is required to pay attention to practical results, not to be too formal, and to lay a solid foundation for training specialist nurses.

4. Strengthen the learning of relevant knowledge, organize an actual assessment of rules and regulations, combine theoretical examinations with clinical applications, and check the implementation of rules and regulations.

II Update professional theoretical knowledge and improve the level of specialized nursing technology. With the current imbalance between the level of nursing and the development of medical technology, the head nurses of all departments organize the study of specialized knowledge. In case of new technology projects and special difficult diseases,You can update your knowledge and skills by asking doctors to give lectures, search literature, organize nursing rounds, and discuss nursing consultations at the same time. At the same time, you can plan to send some nurses out for further studies and studies to improve your academic level.

3 Strengthening the study of humanistic knowledge and improving the overall literacy of nurses

Organize the study of hospitality etiquette culture, strengthen the nurse's modern nursing culture awareness, first discuss at the level of the head nurse, and after reaching a consensus, carry out literacy promotion activities throughout the hospital, formulate training programs and specific implementation plans.

Arrange hospital-wide lectures and strive to send out, please come in to learn nurse social etiquette and professional service etiquette. Carry out a nurse etiquette contest and use the “5.12” Nurses Day to launch a school etiquette and literacy activity month., Organize a holiday party for educational entertainment.

II. Strengthen nursing management, rigorous work plan of head nurses, improve the management level of head nurses

I. A management seminar for head nurses in the hospital was held at the beginning of the year, mainly to update management concepts, management skills, and the cultivation of humanistic spirit in nursing services. The demand for nursing service in today's social population, and the outlook for nursing work in the new yearAnd the head nurse's emotional communication.

II Strengthening the management evaluation of head nurses, combining monthly evaluation with year-end evaluation, and management indicators such as the link between the quality of department nursing and the head nurse's evaluation.

3 Promote learning exchanges between head nurses and departments, organize cross-checks of nursing quality every quarter, and hold a job exchange meeting for head nurses to improve nursing management.

III. Strengthen nursing quality process control to ensure safe and effective nursing work

I. Continue to implement a two-level nursing quality management system, especially the need to develop and improve the ability of head nurses to find and solve problems, and at the same time give play to the quality control role of the department's quality control team, and clarify their own quality control points.Increase the awareness of all employees involved in quality management and improve the quality of care.

2. Establish inspection, evaluation, and feedback systems, and set up a traceability mechanism. Nursing staff often go to various departments for inspection, supervision, and evaluation. The evaluation method is to evaluate nurses and patients, view records, and listen to doctors' opinions on the spot.Nursing problems, put forward corrective measures.

3, further standardize the writing of nursing documents, starting from the details, strengthen the three-level evaluation system of quality controller-nurse-nursing department for each nursing document, regularly analyze and improve the defect of nursing records, increaseDefective discharge weights for discharge medical records, emphasizing that unqualified nursing documents are not filed. At the end of the year, nursing documents are rated as the first, second, and third in the collective.

4 Strengthening safety management in the nursing process :

1. Continue to strengthen the three-level monitoring and management of nursing safety. Departments and nursing departments conduct monthly nursing safety hazard investigations and do attribution analysis of nursing errors, nursing complaints, and more from the perspective of themselves and the department.For the reasons, the lessons should be learned, and preventive and improvement measures should be put forward. For the departments and individuals who have the same problems repeatedly, the head nurse's management and personal responsibilities should be investigated.

2. Strictly implement the checkup system, emphasize the implementation of secondary checkups, strengthen the management of nursing students, clearly teach teachers' safety management responsibilities, and prevent serious errors and accidents.

3. Strengthen the nurse's awareness of the routine inspection of the department's hardware facilities, usually strengthen the inspection of performance and safety, find problems in time, repair them in time, and keep the equipment intact.

Fourth, deepen family service and improve service quality

I. On the basis of cultivating nurses' daily etiquette, further standardize the terms of nursing operations and nurse-patient communication skills. Train nurses to establish a good professional image.

II Focus on collecting information on nursing service needs. The Nursing Department obtains patient needs and feedback information by understanding the opinions of return visit cards, talking with outpatients and inpatients, and issuing satisfaction surveys, etc., and proposes improvement measures in a timely manner.At the same time, encourage nurses to work and motivate them to work.

V. Doing good teaching and research work

I. Designate nurses with titles of nurses or above to take charge of the internship teaching work, and regularly hold appraisal churches to listen to the opinions of instructors and interns.

two, the head nurses of each subject are the general teaching teachers, pay attention to the teaching work, often check the teaching attitude, responsibility and business level of the teaching teachers, arrange small lectures, understand the completion of the internship plan, and do a good jobExamination theory and operation exam.

3. The Nursing Department does a good job of pre-post training for interns, and irregularly drops out of the department to check the quality of teaching. Before each internship internship, an excellent teaching teacher selection activity is organized.

IV Strengthen scientific research awareness and strive to introduce or launch new technology projects 1-2 during the year.

Five, plan to make a nursing garden network, upload the nursing trends of our hospital, timely transfer nursing learning materials, make use of the advantages of the local area network to enrich the learning life of nurses.

We believe that as long as the above work plan for all nursing staff is strictly implemented, we will definitely achieve good results in our work in XX years.

Nursing annual work plan 5

In order to conscientiously implement the focus of hospital work in 20xx, focusing on "patient-centered and quality-centered", the full implementation of iso9001-20xx quality management standards, and continuously strengthen the scientific and standardized management of nursing work to promote the overall improvement of nursing qualityTo achieve the service goal of "providing high-quality and safe nursing care for patients, and strive for excellence in nursing work", in accordance with the relevant spirit of the Nursing Department and the actual situation of our department, formulate the nursing management goals and plans as follows :

1. Renew the nursing management and service concept and improve the quality of care. Be human-oriented, focus on humanized services, and carry out in-depth activities of "patient satisfaction in the department". Strictly implement a protective medical system, always consider patients, and treat patientsThe patient ’s condition, surgical effect, and surgical complications are not judged arbitrarily to reduce the patient ’s psychological burden. Effectively change the service concept and work mode to ensure that the best nursing work is served to the patient, meet all the reasonable needs of the patient and createWarm and comfortable hospital environment, achieving patient satisfaction of ≥95% in nursing work. Emphasis on strengthening communication with doctors, collecting patient information, gaining understanding, trust and support, and continuously improving the quality of internal services in order to better cooperate with treatment.Achieving clinician satisfaction with nursing job ≥98%.

2. Strengthen the nursing quality and safety management to ensure that the annual accident rate is zero. Develop strict departmental rules and regulations, organize regular discussion and analysis of error accidents, put forward rectification opinions for recurring problems, and prevent error accidents. Use morning meetingsAnd nursing business learning to enhance the nurse's awareness of service, to achieve proactive service, warm reception, and careful introduction. Each nursing treatment operation should greet the patient, adopt encouraging language, and move gently, so that the patient feels like a loved one.warm.

3. Strictly abide by the "Hospital Infection Management Regulations", and conscientiously implement the "Disinfection and Isolation System." Further improve the work system of each class, strictly control the flow of personnel. Strictly implement aseptic operation techniques, and give people and things that violate the principle of sterility.Correct in time to prevent nosocomial infections, and achieve a 100% execution rate for one person, one needle and one tube, an infection rate of sterilized incisions ≤ 0.5%, and a 100% pass rate for disinfection and sterilization of conventional instruments.

4. Do a good job in the management of first-aid medicines and instruments, and ensure that the intact rate of first-aid medicines and instruments is 100%. Carefully check each shift to ensure that they are in good condition and are consistent with the accounts. Strengthen the first-aid knowledge of nurses, rescue work procedures, rescue drugs, rescueThe training of the use of the instrument and so on has reached everyone's proficiency and application. After receiving the notification from the emergency patient, it can quickly start the rescue operation in the shortest time, and can cooperate with the rescue work quickly, flexibly, and skillfully.

5. In accordance with the requirements of the "Code for Writing Medical Care Documents in Sichuan Province", strengthen the management of the writing of nursing documents to ensure that they are written in a serious, timely, and standardized manner, consistent with the actual nursing process, and that the qualified rate of nursing document writing is ≥95%.

6. Strengthen the on-the-job training of nursing staff and continuously improve the level of business skills. The average of three basic levels of nursing staff is ≥85 points; the qualified rate of nursing technical operations is ≥95%; support for nursing staff to participate in continuing education learning and training, and continuing education credits≥25 points per person per year. Nursing staff are encouraged to participate in self-study, correspondence and various classes and seminars, so that nursing staff can keep abreast of new developments in nursing work and new theories and technologies related to nursing, and continuously improve the business of nursing staff.Level, to better cooperate with the surgical department to develop new business and new technologies. Nursing staff are encouraged to actively write papers, and strive to publish or exchange papers of ≥1 in general publications at or above the municipal level. According to the nursing training plan, arrange staff to go out for further studies and improveSpecialist nursing level to drive the technical level of general staff.

7. Charge in strict accordance with the charging standards, and receivables should be collected, and receivables should not be leaked. In case of doubt and disputes, check and handle in a timely manner. Periodically collect and receive medical and office supplies from the department to reduce waste and loss. Special persons are responsible for medical treatmentEquipment maintenance, to ensure that the performance of the equipment and the use of the state of mind, to ensure normal clinical operation.

8. Establish a comprehensive nursing quality monitoring system, the department's quality control team intensifies self-inspection, and finds out problems to improve in time; regularly finds hidden nursing hazards and conducts analysis and feedback to make various tasks programmatic and standardized. By counting the total number of inpatients, Satisfaction survey, negligence and complaints, quality control of the Nursing Department, improve and promote nursing work, and continuously improve the quality of nursing in our department.

9. Strengthen the management of clinical teaching and do a good job in teaching. Make a teaching plan according to the requirements of the internship program and arrange for a special person to teach, continuously improve the teaching method based on clinical teaching experience, and strengthen the cultivation and improvement of teaching ability of teaching teachers., Earnestly implement the "360 Project" and successfully complete the teaching work.

10. Do a good job of preparing for the relocation of the new building in the ward. Carefully implement the quality management standards of the Nursing Department, strengthen the quality control of undergraduate nursing, further standardize the nursing work process, conduct quantitative assessment and quality analysis on time, and all quality control indicators reach nursingThe quality objectives of the Ministry of Education. Organize and learn the relevant knowledge about new surgical care, and do all the preparations for the ward building relocation.

11. All our nursing staff will work closely with clinicians under the leadership of the hospital and the nursing department to ensure medical safety, improve service attitude, improve nursing quality, and ensure that all quality control indicators meet the quality goals of the nursing department.Create good social and economic benefits.