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Collection of 5 annual work plans for nursing

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Days pass without a trace at the flick of a finger, and a new starting point is ushered in, so we must do a good job for this Work plan But. What should be written in the work plan to be correct? The following are five articles on the annual work plan for nursing, for reference only. Welcome to read.

Nursing annual work plan 1

I. Continue to strengthen the detail management and the level management of nursing staff to ensure the safety of nursing. In 20xx, the performance evaluation system will be strictly implemented, and the responsible team leader competition system will be adopted to distribute the various quality control tasks to people and responsibilities.Give full play to the role of the responsible team leader and responsible nurse, strengthen inspection in daily work, increase the self-management ability of the staff in each department, and standardize the management of the department.

2. Strengthen business learning, update knowledge, expand service content, and increase economic income. Develop a midwife training plan, focus on training midwives to observe the labor process and judge dystocia, and add labor observation records to the nursing document to record the entire labor process in detailProgress in order to improve the midwife's ability to observe and handle abnormalities in the labor process, at the same time, all nurses in the nursing department for common and critically ill patients will conduct business learning, and organize timely nursing rounds for critically ill patients; strengthen training for new business and new technologies, Strict admission system to improve the theoretical and operational capabilities of the department.

III. Strict disinfection and isolation to prevent hospital infection

1. Delivery room and neonatal room management: The delivery room and neonatal room are the top priorities for preventing hospital infections. The midwifery class staff implements a weekly shift system, and the responsible team leader system and the head nurse are responsible.Comprehensive quality control work. Strict disinfection, isolation, and handover management, and strengthen infection control and monitoring in the hospital. Through inspection and supervision, comprehensively improve the management of the delivery room and newborn room, and complete various quality control and management of nursing.

2. Standardize the disposal of medical waste, strictly disinfect and sterilize. Do a good job of registration.

3 Strengthen the management of the ward, strictly implement the disinfection and isolation system, and perform daily air disinfection on the same room as mothers and infants and patients with fever, and perform terminal disinfection on the day of discharge to prevent cross-infection.

IV. Strengthening nursing safety management and strict practice teaching

Internship teaching is an important part of nursing safety management. One-on-one teaching mode will be implemented for interns and trainees. Let ’s not look at it, strengthen labor discipline management, formulate learning plans, and conduct transfer examinations regularly.And conduct a survey on the satisfaction of the teaching teachers to the intern students, and select the most satisfactory teaching teachers of the year.

The nursing shift of the morning and morning sessions will adopt an off-paper transfer method to improve the nurse's mastery of the “ten knows” and the language and communication skills of the patients.

VI. Continue to carry out high-quality nursing service work, continue to expand the content of services, increase the quality of service content, and improve the quality of services. Continue to provide newborn babies with the first steps of birth for free, and do a good job of health education for postnatal breast care and newborn careWork, develop TCM nursing operation techniques, meet the reasonable needs of patients as much as possible, regularly solicit opinions from patients, improve service quality, and provide a satisfactory medical environment for patients' families.

VII. Strengthen the management of medical equipment and first-aid medicines and responsibilities, and distribute the equipment placed in each area to a person responsible for management, maintenance, and regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that each equipment is in a good standby state to achieve the medical equipment.Maximum economics; strengthen the management of first-aid medicines, special personnel to manage, place at fixed points, regular disinfection, regular inspection, inspection and maintenance, and always be in standby.

VIII. Strengthen health education and postpartum visits. In 20xx, the department will record self-recorded science and education videos such as "breastfeeding" and "newborn care" and play them on the ward. At the same time, daily work must be conducted with admission and education.Have guidance, use every opportunity to do a good job in education. The midwife is responsible for calling postpartum visits 15-40 days after giving birth to learn about postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and supervising the mother to come to the hospital for 42 days after giving birth and give family planning guidance.

IX. Opening of Maternity Knowledge Lectures: "Premium Mommy Class" is scheduled to start on January 4, 20xx, and will be taught by senior doctors and midwives in the department. The teaching methods include lectures, demonstrations, interactive questions, visits, and more.And extensively soliciting opinions and suggestions to adjust the content of teaching to meet the criteria Dad , the demand of expectant mothers for health knowledge.

X. Standardize fees, carefully study the charging standards, and the department price staff and the head nurse will check the department's charge items, do not miss the collection, do not charge the collection, and do a good job of reasonable charge management.

Nursing Annual Work Plan 2

I. Strengthen nurses' on-the-job education and improve the comprehensive quality of nursing staff

I Grasp the "three basics" of nurses and the training and assessment of specialized skills according to the standardized training of nurses and the implementation plan of continuing education for nurses on the job

1. Focus on strengthening the assessment of newly admitted nurses, hired nurses and low-age nurses to strengthen their learning consciousness. The Nursing Department plans to strengthen basic nursing knowledge in the first half of the year and increase the number of assessments until it reaches the standard.

2. Strengthening the training of technical expertise: each department has formulated a training and assessment plan for the theory and skills of the specialty in the cycle, and organizes examinations and assessments 2 to 3 times a year. Theoretical examinations must have test papers and closed-book examinations organized by the head nurse.Requires practical results, not formality, to lay a solid foundation for training specialist nurses

3. Basic skills assessment: Nurses who are subject to standardized training must meet all the 16 basic skills during the year. The assessment requirements are drawn in actual work. Nurses at other levels plan to arrange an operational exam and a theoretical exam twice.

4. Strengthen the learning of relevant knowledge, organize an actual assessment of rules and regulations, combine theoretical examinations with clinical applications, and check the implementation of rules and regulations.

2 Strengthen the study of humanities knowledge and improve the overall quality of nurses

1. Organize and study the hospitality etiquette culture, strengthen the nurse's modern nursing culture awareness, first discuss at the level of the head nurse, and after reaching a consensus, carry out literacy promotion activities throughout the hospital, formulate training programs and specific implementation plans.

Arrange hospital-wide lectures and try to send out, please come in to learn the social etiquette and professional service etiquette of nurses. Carry out the nurse etiquette contest and use the "5.12" Nurses Day to launch a school etiquette and literacy activity month to organizeFestive party with educational entertainment.

3 Update professional theoretical knowledge and improve the level of specialized nursing technology. With the current situation of imbalance between the level of nursing and medical technology development, the head nurses of each department organize learning of specialized knowledge. In case of developing new technology projects and special difficult diseases,You can update your knowledge and skills by asking doctors for lectures, searching literature, and organizing nursing rounds and discussions at the nursing department. At the same time, you can plan to send some nurses out for further studies and studies to improve your academic level.

II. Strengthen nursing management and improve the management level of head nurses

1 A management seminar for head nurses in the hospital was held at the beginning of the year, mainly to update management concepts, management skills, and the cultivation of humanistic spirit in nursing services. The demand for nursing services in today's society, the outlook for nursing work in the new year, andHead nurse emotional communication and so on.

II Strengthening the management evaluation of head nurses, combining monthly evaluations with year-end evaluations, and management indicators such as the link between departmental nursing quality and head nurses' evaluations.

3 Promote learning exchanges between head nurses and departments, organize cross-checks of nursing quality every quarter, and hold work exchange meetings for head nurses to improve nursing management.

III. Strengthen nursing quality process control to ensure safe and effective nursing work

I Continue to implement a secondary nursing quality management system, especially the need to develop and improve the ability of head nurses to find and solve problems, and at the same time give play to the quality control role of the department team, identify their own quality control points, and strengthen the entire staffParticipate in quality management awareness and improve the quality of care.

2 Establish an inspection, evaluation, and feedback system, and set up a traceability mechanism. Nursing staff often go to various departments for inspection, supervision, and evaluation. The evaluation method is to assess the nurses on the spot, view patients, view records, listen to doctors, and discover nursingProblems in work, put forward corrective measures.

3 Further standardize the writing of nursing documents, starting from the details, and strengthening the three-level evaluation system of quality controller-nurse-nursing department for each nursing document, and regularly analyze and improve the defect of nursing records and increase discharge.Defects in medical records are deducted from the weight, emphasizing that unqualified nursing documents are not filed. At the end of the year, nursing documents are judged to be collective first, second, and third.

4 Strengthening safety management in the nursing process :

1. Continue to strengthen the three-level monitoring and management of nursing safety, and the department and nursing department will carry out hidden nursing safety hazards every month.

Collect and analyze the causes of nursing errors, defects, and nursing complaints. Most of them analyze from the perspective of themselves and the department. They analyze the causes, the lessons that should be learned, and put forward prevention and improvement measures. For the same problemRecurring departments and individuals shall be held accountable for the head nurse's management and personal responsibilities.

1. Strengthen basic knowledge and professional technical training, and require everyone to be proficient in electrocardiogram machines, ECG monitors, and defibrillator technology.

2. The head nurse improves the ideological and political quality, delves into cultural science, professional practice, and management scientific knowledge, strengthens the scientific and standardized nursing management work, and effectively improves the level of nursing management and quality of nursing management.

3. Change the service concept and improve the service attitude. No one should be promoted under any circumstances. Promote one-to-one full service.

4. To create learning opportunities for each nurse, through the network of the hospital, participate in self-study, and other channels, so that nurses continue to accept new ideas, new knowledge, new methods, master the development of nursing science, and improve nursing ability and level.

Three, do a good job in nursing teaching

1. Seriously organize small lectures in the department, including three basic theories and operational training. Skillfully cooperate with the development of new technologies. Mobilize the enthusiasm of nurses and encourage the development of new technologies and methods to make this year's projects more mature and reduce patient sufferingTo continuously improve the quality of care.

2. According to the department's existing staffing and new staff, our department will put safety target education first, and organize to study the top ten safety targets and the hospital's core system and working system. The demonstration project will be issued.Relevant documents and specifications are used as one of the training content of nursing staff pre-job training, business lectures, and nurse training.

3. Departments continue to experiment with nurse layered management to improve the quality of basic care and improve nursing services.

Four, reasonably allocate nurse manpower and arrange shifts reasonably.

V. Establish a sound performance evaluation incentive mechanism to motivate nurses

Principles of performance allocation for ward nurses: distribution by grade, distribution according to work, more work, more work, better labor, better pay, and fairness and fairness. Distribution basis: job responsibilities, technology, labor complexity, and degree of risk; workQuality, number of jobs, patient satisfaction, etc., and strive to improve departmental performance income.

Nursing annual work plan 3

In order to strengthen the management of nursing quality and ensure the safety of patients' lives, this plan is formulated according to the hospital and nursing work plan :

I. Improving the specifications of nursing safety quality management and clinical nursing services.

II. Strengthen the quality inspection of nursing safety and implement the nursing safety system.

III. Strengthening nursing safety monitoring during holidays.

IV. Improve first aid awareness and ability of nursing staff.

V. Strengthen the monitoring of key links, mainly do the monitoring of patients, the monitoring of time and the monitoring of nursing operations.

VI. Do a good job of training for new nurses.

VII. Strengthen the monitoring of adverse events and improve the awareness of nursing staff's prevention of adverse events.

VIII. Standardize the writing of nursing documents to reduce potential safety hazards.

Corresponding measures :

I. Develop "Nursing Safety Management System" and distribute it to each department.

II. Implementing the safety management system :

1. The nursing safety team regularly and irregularly checks nursing safety work according to standards.

2. Held a conference on nursing safety and quality once every six months to feedback issues, discuss adverse events that occurred here, and develop improvement measures.

3. For the recurring safety problems and hidden dangers in the department, the nursing safety team will follow up and improve the results.

III. Strengthening nursing safety monitoring during the festival :

1. Continue to perform night nurse rounds and pre-holiday safety inspections and mid-holiday inspections.

2. Before the holidays, the department will conduct safety and quality inspections, hold nurses' regular meetings and work break seminars, and emphasize safety and precautions during the holidays.

3. Reasonable scheduling of the department during the holidays, it is strictly forbidden to go to work alone without a certificate.

IV. Improving the first aid consciousness and ability of nursing staff: joint nursing first aid drills with medical department.

V. Formulate "Management Requirements for Key Nursing Links" and strengthen monitoring :

1. Link monitoring of nursing staff: new transfer, new Graduation , trainee nurse and thoughtful or Family Unfortunate nurses strengthen management, focus on accountability, focus on shifts, focus on rounds.

2. Patient monitoring: newly admitted, newly transferred, critically ill, patients after major surgery, patients with potential danger of medical disputes should be supervised, checked and monitored.

3. Time link monitoring: Supervision and management should be strengthened during holidays, weekends, busy work, fatigue-prone times, and night shifts. The nursing department organizes the head nurse to conduct rounds of inspection from time to time.

4. Nursing operation monitoring: infusion, blood transfusion, various allergy tests, preparation before surgery, etc. Although it is a daily work, it should be the focus of monitoring in nursing management.

5. Surveillance of poisonous and narcotic drugs and rescue drugs: hand over in shifts, the rescue equipment remains functional, and the good rate of rescue items is maintained at 100%. After using poisonous and narcotic drugs, fill in the registration form of poisonous and narcotic drugs as required.

6. Make inspection records of graded nursing.

Sixth, do a good job of training for new nurses :

1. The Nursing Department does a good job of pre-post training for newly admitted nurses, the time is not less than one week. According to the pre-post training plan for new nurses in Nursing Department

2. The head nurse of the department has done the pre-job training for the newly admitted nursing staff.

VII. Strengthen the monitoring of adverse events :

1. Encourage departments to actively report adverse events.

2. Strictly implement the identification system for inpatients.

3. Perform risk assessments, hang warning signs and monitor the inpatient departments at high risk, and monitor by the nursing department from time to time.

4. The nursing safety team monitors the risk events reported by the department and supervises the implementation of nursing precautionary measures.

5. Do a good job in the transfer management of patients in transfer department, ward and ICU, emergency room and ward, delivery room and ward, operation room and ward.

VIII. Standardize the writing of nursing documents :

1. Organize training on nursing document writing standards.

2. Two-level quality control in the hospital. The three-level nursing document quality control is performed by the head nurse-quality controller-nurse.

3. Standardize nursing shift report.

Nursing annual work plan 4

New year, new improvement, and new highlights. Once I worked hard, in the future I will follow the spirit of the hospital leadership, follow the knowledge of the internal medicine department, obey the head of the head nurse, and cooperate with the nurse.Long work, conscientiously do every job, serve the clinical well, and add bricks to the overall construction of the hospital.

I. Work Goal

20——In the year, I will improve the quality of service and better serve clinical services. I will change the previous passive service into an active service, and strive to be active and enthusiastic in receiving and sending items.Re-standardize various work specifications, refine and refine. Disinfection and sterilization are accurate and complete without delay. They all say that quality determines ability. I must actively improve quality, strengthen learning, and strive for advancement. Seriously study the various management specifications of hospitalTo assist the head nurse in her job.

II. Work plan

I Learning Management Work Specifications

Study the hospital's various management standards carefully, analyze and study sentence by sentence, ask questions if you don't understand, and assist the head nurse to complete various tasks. Master the rules and regulations, operating procedures, operating procedures, job duties, emergency plans, and do a good job of eachWork.

II Accept the latest knowledge and improve business quality

Actively participate in the business training organized by the hospital, the business learning in the department, and constantly learn new professional knowledge to improve their own business quality and do every job well.

3 Proactive and enthusiastic service to improve service concept

Proactively visit patients at home, timely and accurate. Carry out nursing operations in accordance with specifications, establish a good service image, and regularly seek opinions from patients, and serve each patient more thoughtfully.

4 Strengthen personal cultivation and establish the image of "angel"

Strengthening basic skills training, including ideological and political, professional quality, medical ethics and clinical practice skills, etc. Improve your ideological and political quality, delve into cultural science, professional practice and management scientific knowledge, and improve the level and quality of nursing management.

III. Guarantee measures

I Strengthen the study of basic theoretical knowledge

Strengthening the study of theoretical knowledge, constantly enriching their professional and technical knowledge, reading more nursing-related books in their spare time, and paying close attention to new developments in nursing knowledge.

two strengthen the operation of professional knowledge

Continuously sum up experience and lessons in the work, be bold and careful, and have obstacles in customer service. Summarize the work on a regular or irregular basis, and consult other experienced nurses in time if you have any difficulties.

3 Do basic nursing well

Standardize the nursing work, keep the patient's bed clean and tidy, no odor, no stains, neatly placed items, infusion drips are in accordance with the doctor's order, inspect the infusion patients frequently, be good at observing the condition, and solve problems in time.

The above is my personal work plan for the 20-year period, which may not be very mature. I hope to achieve the purpose I want. In the new year, I will work harder and take every responsibility seriously.Work to better serve each patient and contribute to the construction of the hospital.

Nursing annual work plan 5

I. Spiritual civilization

1. Establish the concept of serving patients wholeheartedly, further improve the attitude of nursing services, and build a harmonious relationship between nurses and patients.

2.Issuance of various nursing job satisfaction questionnaires, once a quarter.

3. On the basis of soliciting the opinions of inpatients, feedback of discharged patients or telephone inquiries, and the approval of doctors and nurses in the undergraduate department, the department has passed the quarterly assessment and annual evaluation recommendation of the department, and selected and rewarded the "nursing service pacesetter" at the end of the year.

4. "International Nurses Day" and unions organize "Nursing Arts Festival" to enrich nurses' cultural life.

Second, nursing work

1. Starting from the "three bases and three stricts", strengthen the implementation of basic care and graded care and ensure the quality.

2. Grasp the key links such as nurse shifts, nursing rounds, and case discussions to ensure the quality of care for critical and difficult patients.

3. Strengthen the study of specialized nursing business, improve the practical working ability of clinical nurses, and train the backbone of specialized nursing.

4. Strengthen the management of patients' key links, such as patient transfer, handover, pressure ulcers, etc., and establish and improve nursing processes and management evaluation procedures.

5. Further explore the vertical management of nursing and management of nursing unit.

6. Carry out three-level nursing quality evaluation, and the quality control group of the nursing department evaluates 6-7 times throughout the year.

7. Strengthen nursing safety management, establish and open channels for reporting and handling nursing insecure incidents. Outstanding departments will be rewarded at the end of the year.

III. Business training

1. Organization

Nursing study and lectures for nurses in the hospital 6-7 times.

2. The nurses will be trained in operation skills at different levels within 5 years of graduation.

3. Strengthen the professional skills training of specialized nurses in key departments such as emergency room, operating room, icu, ccu, transplantation, blood purification center, etc., and formulate the technical requirements for specialist positions.

4. The nurses will be assessed clinically for each department, once for each of the specialist business assessment and for each nursing operation assessment.

5. Train the nurses of the IV group as planned.

4. Teaching and research

1.Complete the internships, production internships, and theoretical lectures in the nursing college, vocational college, and night university.

2. Formulate the rules for the selection of outstanding clinical teaching departments, and select and reward them at the end of the year.

3. Complete existing tasks as planned and actively declare new ones.

4. Actively write nursing papers. Each person with a deputy chief nurse or above has completed one journal of three categories; each of the chief nurses has completed one journal of four categories; each of the nurses has completed one journal of more than 6 categories.Individuals published in Chinese magazines are rewarded.